Tricky Track 3D

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 08:50 pm

Tricky Track 3D

Tricky Track 3D

Tricky Track 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Tricky Track 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th September 2020 with the latest update 25th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tricky Track 3D ?

21,408 people have rated 1.10

What is the price of the Tricky Track 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tricky Track 3D released ?

Tricky Track 3D was released on 26th September 2020.

When was the Tricky Track 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Tricky Track 3D on 25th October 2022.

Where can Tricky Track 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tricky Track 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Race your opponent and play fair… or dirty!

Updated on 25th October 2022

Performance optimizations.

Tricky Track 3D Review

Fun game could play it for hours we would get this game.

We first we were like this game is trash but when we played it we never stopped its so fun we are rating it 5 stars.

Level 31 has us stuck at the start. No matter what we do (power our phone off, try to exit, update, etc.), it wont go. Other than that, we love the game! Very fun and entertaining.

This is actaully a hard one. We expected a crappy 54 ads at once 2fps game. But this is hard. Nice job on this.

This game is pretty good but every time you lose or finish a game you get a ad its annoying but you have to deal with it please fix it oh and at the beginning of the game to many ads.

This game is really fun but .. Im having a major issue .. When we got to level 19, we just kept walking in place at the start. Not to mention, we’ve tried for over a month.. We will try redownloading the app and seeing what happens.

We can no longer load into the game on our iPhone 8+ Tried using multiple WiFi connections, cellular connection, and no connection at all. Nothing works.

This is honestly a great game. Great.

Im on level 241 and stopped playing before you last update we went to go again and seen the new add on finally something for the coins but all of our coins are gone we had over 5000 for when this feature was added you get a 2 star until fixed.

We need our money back because when we updated the game it wiped away our coins. Give us our coins back all 12000 of them!!!!

We worked our butt off to get 30,000 coins and then we updated and it took them all away. Zero. Thats what we had.

Unless youd like to win coins for nothing, this game doesnt really have a purpose. Also, the obstacles are repetitive. Other than that its a great game for killing time.

Only that it needs to chill a little in the ads.

The game is ok its just not fully developed theres a coin system but theres nothing to buy in the game theres only 3 maps to play on and, you have to 2.99 to get rid of ads or before or after the game theres an ads we do not recommend.

Theres a coin system but theres nothing to buy in the game. Theres also too many ads.

Entertaining enough as a concept but when diluted with ads after every run it get old quickly. Just another quick game to play for a day or so and the delete. You have a run and an ad, no matter what. Either you get the default ad or you choose your own fate with a reward ad that give you coins that do nothing. There is no point to collecting coins at this stage in the game so why choose to waste your life on an ad. 1:1 is a horrible ratio for game:ad, whoever agreed to that should be in jail. Theyre the real criminals.

Before the update it was ok. But now the CPU can just move to were every you are so its nearly pointless to stop them from doing anything. They give you coins but nothing to buy. So with the cpu being able to go were ever you are even if you are blowing them out they can just like get super speed and get back. But with that if you have 2 obstacles to their one near the end. You have close to no chance because you cant catch up fast enough. Plz dont get this game.

This game is so esay we win ever level!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi AQUA HQ for you we love the game we will play it for Me.

This game is pretty cool. We saw it as an ad for another game we were playing but theres just one thing we dont understand. We get coins but what are they for? Theres no shop, so youre basically collecting coins just to be collecting coins.

This is a great concept for a game with a pretty good execution, but hopefully in a constructive way we want to give a few suggestions as to how we think that the game could be improved. We think that if you could add more variety to the different levels and add a larger amount of different kinds of obstacles to the levels than there are currently than that would make the game even better. Also we enjoy the part past the level where youre trying to hit targets on the walls, but we think that it would be better if it were to come in not at the end of every level but after every few/several- perhaps after every five levels you could have that as a bonus. Those were a few suggestions that we wanted to give but we enjoy the game and we think it had a unique and great concept. Also we wanted to mention that on Level 49 there is a major glitch that we cannot get past where it shows the CPU very strangely with a small red target on his back and he does not move in the level at all and then when we pass the level we cant get past to level 50. We hope that this is only brief, but yeah, just wanted to make you aware about this glitch. But yes, all that said, we enjoy the game and think you have something good with the concept. Thanks.

Is literally has a great concept and would be better if you fixed the bugs. When the other person hits the board that opens if yo we hit it right after it stays there and lets the other person win.

We luv this game but there is one thing. You need to make something to do with the coins. Seriously anything. But overall this is a good game.

Great game overall. We like the fact that the opponent is actually hard to beat, sometimes we even get beat by him! But the problem is that there is way too many ads, like after we won an ad would play then when we went to play again, you guessed it another ad. But one thing that bothers us the most is that they give you coins but you cant even do anything with the coins! All in all it is a great game just needs to be fixed.

While playing the game on our iphone 11 it will play good for a little while but after that it starts freezing up or it will crash.

We dont know if its just our game but we dont see whats the reason of giving us coins if we cant use them. Again, we dont know if its only our game that dosent let us bye things but if not yall should fix that. We saw in a ad the play had a different skin or character but we cant find a shop in our game so the coins are kind of confusing. But we like this game tho, thats the only problem we have with it.

We play the game when we wanna turn our brain off but whats the point of collecting coins? We cant use them for anything.

The game is so much fun and very addicting to play… Thought theres adds literally every 10 seconds which makes this game unplayable. We had to delete the game because there was just SO many ads.

Would be 5 stars if there wasnt an ad every single tome you finish a 30 second level.

This game isnt very good. Its hard and makes us angry! We would not recommend this game to anyone. Waste of time.

Its a fun game to play but it gives you way to many ads even in the middle of the game and thats why we rate it two stars.

We love the game. It is really fun, but the levels are kinda the same. Also, you collect coins but you cant use them for anything. We would love to see skins or something like that. Im the ad we saw it had basketballs and basketball hoops. That is not an option when you download the game. In the ads they show different skins but we dont see them in the game!!

The run is 30 seconds just to get another advertisement.

We really enjoy this game. Good concept; fun to sabotage but wth are the coins for. Makes no point winning. We have all these coins for noting …. Whats up with that? Seems just lazy.

Game too easy and repetitive. After you play the first 10 it just is the same thing over and over.

Ads make this game unplayable and im not spending $3 to remove them just to delete the game later, dont download, irritating more than anything.

The game is fun but it is too many ads. They are freaking annoying.

To many commercials interrupting the game.

GAME is FUN but to many ADS , every 30 seconds a AD how is that enjoyable !!!

Do upgrade on more characters and do more levels and in different locations its same place everywhere do upgrades we collect coins but dont upgrade anything do updates so we could buy more locations and obstacles and characters if you update we will give 5 star rating.

We dont usually write any review for games, but this game is one of the best games we’ve played we enjoyed it eventho Im playing with a computer * it wouldve been great if it can be played online, so our friends and we can play it together*

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