Fit and Squeeze

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Fit and Squeeze

Fit and Squeeze

Fit and Squeeze is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Fit and Squeeze is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd October 2020 with the latest update 29th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Fit and Squeeze ?

20,951 people have rated 10.4

What is the price of the Fit and Squeeze ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Fit and Squeeze released ?

Fit and Squeeze was released on 3rd October 2020.

When was the Fit and Squeeze updated ?

The latest updated date of Fit and Squeeze on 29th March 2022.

Where can Fit and Squeeze be downloaded ?

You can download the game Fit and Squeeze from Apple Official App Store.



"You’ll love this fun thinking game!

You need to fill your jar with all of the colorfull marbles. Remember not to block your next move! Think wise and try to solve which balls should go first!

Free and easy to play!
Tap and hold to release the balls. Are you stuck? No worries, just tap a ball to explode the area!
Hundreds of levels with various jar models and different sizes of balls. Come play and challenge yourself!"

Updated on 29th March 2022

Performance optimization

Fit and Squeeze Review

It used to be fun even with all the ads but now if you go over the red line for even a second it says you fail. Its so annoying.

The game is fun and everything, but theres way too many adds when we go to restart it an ad pops up every time but, besides that this game is pretty fun and a good mind game.

Every update you say that youve added more levels when its the same 15 levels over and over again. We’ve been hanging on for more levels but its now clogging up our screen. Add your new levels like you say you do in the updates or quit updating it.

This game could be fun if it wasnt for all the ads. Theres literally a 30-60 second ad after each game. Its too much waiting around to play for 3 seconds then sit around for up to 60 seconds.

Would love it and would pay for it if there was a version with no ADs!!

We have been playing few weeks we think now love the game. Only problem we have when we finish the levels to get bonus balls they dont show up so we can see what they are, we used to see what they were and would get them instantly, now the dont show and we have to close game restart They are on the shop but we dont know what they are anymore. Can You please fix this issue. If You want we can play a game again and take a screen shot so you can see what we are talking about. Thanks Deb.

The game is really fun but after the recent updates it keeps kicking us out after a few minutes of playing.

Game is fun – have been enjoying it but … When we get to the end of a level (just happened for 3rd time, between level 120 and 121 again) the new balls appear but we cannot select them and the game locks up. Only way out is to shut down completely and re-up our phone. Im about ready to delete the game!

Its fun and the challenges can be challenging, but our god this game is constantly crashing. Pretty much every other level it freezes, crashes or just shuts off. Very frustrating.

Was fun at first until levels started repeating, we get the same levels over and over, and after receiving all of the themes for the balls, on the last one that we haven’t unlocked every time we watched the video to open the gift it would open, show the theme we won, an freeze then we would have to restart the app and the same things would happen over and over so we eventually just bought the last theme and now when we open the gift its empty and it freezes and we have to restart the app, getting bored of playing the same levels with the same problems.

Tons of ads every time you complete a level and they are short. You end up spending more time watching ads then playing.

Its a great game but has a glitch that wont fix itself. The background disappears. Guess we will get rid of the game a buy something similar that works.

Love the game play for hours. The only thing wrong is that when you get a gift and tap to get it, it wont give it . And freezes screen.

Fun game and a great way to keep busy if youre bored but the ads are incredibly annoying, and it doesnt seem like theres a way to get rid of them. Usually a purchase does the trick but for some reason we couldnt find the option.

The game is too laggy and the areas where you might need instructions dont have instructions but the areas that dont need it have it.

Things were fine until latest update. Now there is a Progressive banner covering the top of the bottle. Going to remove the app soon if not fixed!

There’s a game didn’t pass us. No a fence but there’s no game. Every time it would glitch and kick us out please fix this. We will keep it for when hopefully you fix it. Also will you please when your fixing it make some changes. Like make a slot to where you can design your own level and put it out there in the game? Because it would be cool and you could make it in your adds! Also it would get you alot more people and when you fix it it will be more common. Also if your reading this far you could make an online slot to conpeat an rewards for what place you get that would be really fun for people amd or kids. And you could make an easier slot and a harder slot that way its not to hard or to easy for other people or you could make a scale for how easy and more slots. PS Hope you read the whole thing your review.

Paid for no ads and still have to watch ads.

We deleted it because of the ad banner. Dont get us wrong, we dont mind games with ads, but when the ad banner is right over the jar and blocks the finish line so you cant see it, its time to go, because thats just a blatant play to make you buy the ad-free package. NOPE!

We do not like that you have a limit of balls.

Game looks fun, but unplayable. Locks up during ads. Have to shut game down and rerun. Not worth the effort to sit thru an ad and the time it takes to reload. Disappointing.

Okay hear us out we think you should be able to tilt your phone and then the balls will move to that would be amazing-thanks.

Every round, even before you get to the point of watching a video to triple your coins, you have to watch a video. Im deleting it because its so annoying.

We barely even downloaded the game & its already glitching & im barely on level one.

When theyre not covering up the game board with ads so you cant see whats even going on, theyre giving you impossible challenges where a human cant even tap fast enough to release all of the balls, much less solve the puzzle. This should be taken off of the App Store.

Honestly, the game is really fun but after every level there is an ad and its annoying.

We’ve literally finished this challenge 3 times yet the timer just runs out all the balls will be under the line we’ve used all of them and no matter what we do the timer keeps going its very frustrating that a level so easy keeps failing us even tho we shouldve passed it already.

It is an ok game. Im not saying we dont like. You should try it maybe you like. We do recommend it. Whoever made this did a really good job. If you like satisfying and challenging games you should get . AIt takes your time wisely. Like if your bored Play it. If you dont like it put it down below. And the only reason we put 4 stars is because we just started. We really dont like when it did that. It asked us right away when we just started! Well we hope you like it.

We been doing very well so far a bit of a challenge but we tried many ways to pass level 61 its been almost a. Entire day since we cant pass this level please fix if you think im wrong try for yourself.

Mucho anuncio eso desconcentra al jugador cada vez que juegas una pantufla tienes que ver un video obligatoriamente.

It is a great game just too many ads.

You dont get rewards once you hit level 100 and then every 10 level milestone after that. The game freezes and you have to force quit the game.

Not nice and satisfying Needs more fun and crunch and excitement.

We love the game but it sum times has a glitch. It is the best game and really fun and fantastic.

Really? If youre going to have an ad on every level, put in the $2.99 no ad option.

We cant get the x3 money after each level. The button looks like its loading and doesnt end. Same with the option to shake and the bomb.

Fit and Squeeze we thought would be another fun game from zenka? Not! The adds are so many you cannot enjoy the game. Glad we did not but it fir $6! Not worth it. Finish a game. Get an add for 15 seconds, fine. If you are interested in the add, you are going to click on it. Any longer you are going to delete this game. Which we are about to do!!!!

Good game enjoyable but ads every freakin game makes it no fun anymore annoying every game we have to wait 30 secs for an ads.

We were greatly enjoying the app until the advertisement in between the levels was so filthy we had to quickly move our screen out of view from our young children. We understand ads allow this game to be free and have no problem with that, however this particular ad was extremely inappropriate. Sexual content and well as partial nudity.

The game is not really fun but it doesnt ads have any ads so thanks for reding bye.

When we were filling in the last 10 smallest balls on a difficult level.

It’s kind of fun but frustrating when the game constantly shuts down & goes back to the homepage then won’t load to start a new game.

Its a really good game but the adds dont show how the game is supposed to be played. Like those Cant win! Adds, they make it so hard to tell what the games are, we used to think you had to fill the bottle but not be too low or too high. And for that we never got the game because we didnt understand what you did in it!

Someone needs to learn to spell!!

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