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Tropico is one of the best $11.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Feral Interactive Ltd, Tropico is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 18th December 2018 with the latest update 9th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,652 people have rated 1.4.2

You can download the game Tropico from APP STORE.


All hail El Presidente! The proud nation of Tropico is now in your hands and badly in need of modernisation!

As the freshly elected leader of an underdeveloped Caribbean island with untapped resources and enormous potential, hopes are high that you will deliver Tropico into the glorious future its people deserve. The opportunities are boundless in this humorous city-builder with a political twist.

Develop and manage every aspect of Tropico, from its roads, buildings and people, to its military, trade and foreign policies.

Transform Tropico into the country you want it to be: a booming tourist paradise, an industrial powerhouse, a police state, or all three!

Recount elections, calm unruly elements, manage public opinion and reward your loyal followers…

Exercise complete control with an intuitive touch interface and gameplay mechanics designed and refined for mobile gaming.

From printing your own money to growing your own fanclub, Tropico includes all the extra edicts, missions, landmarks and leisure facilities of its popular expansion pack, Absolute Power.

This game requires iOS 14 or later and just under 3GB of space to install.

Supported iPhones:

  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus and later
  • Any iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch (7th generation, 2019)

Supported iPads:

  • iPad mini (5th generation, 2019) and later
  • iPad Air (3rd generation, 2019) and later
  • iPad (5th generation, 2017) and later
  • Any iPad Pro

Copyright © 2022 Kalypso Media Group GmbH. Tropico is a registered trademark of Kalypso Media Group GmbH. All rights reserved. Developed for and published on iOS by Feral Interactive Ltd. Apple, the Apple logo and iOS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Feral and the Feral logo are trademarks of Feral Interactive Ltd. All other logos, copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Updated on 9th June 2022

Fixes a number of minor issues

Tropico Reviews

Just a suggestion, we think with how powerful M1/M2 IPad Pro or any iPads why havent you guy implemented keyboard and mouse support? We would love to play your game with our M2 IPad Pro and magic keyboards and mouse.

One of the best games we’ve ever played on iPad. Feral has become our favorite game producer.

Thank you Feral Interactive for porting this Classic gem!!! So many bad predatory games in the App store. Tropico has saved us from boredom so many times. So Grateful!!

We have played Tropico for YEARS!!! We love it so much!!!

Please keep adding missions packs ! As many packs as you can and you can charge extra for mission packs.

The music itself is worth the purchase. As much as we despise Castro and all communists this game has us making our own island hellscape. The Cuban in us is conflicted. We love and hate this game. Lol.

Tropico is a awesome and extremely fun game. We have been playing Tropico for a long time.

We love this game. We beat all of the campaigns a few years back. Recently opened the app to show a friend and was surprised to see new campaigns released for free! We would pay for more levels 3 or 4 times over.

Kudos to Feral for another great PC port to iOS. This is basically Tropico 3 adapted for iOS. We would give it 5 stars if not for the following issues: 1. Everything is visually muted and dark, even in daytime. There should be more video settings sliders for brightness and gamma. 2. The original problem with construction builders acting worthless and spending 75% of their time not building has not been improved. This was a major fault in T3, corrected in later versions. 3. The need for garages for people to drive places remains in place. This was also a major fault in T3 and was greatly improved in later versions. 4. CPU / GPU use is so high it overheats our phone. Maybe this is normal for a PC port of this magnitude. Still, it would be great if there were a CPU throttle slider that trades processing power for fps or some other tradeoff. Again, great job Feral. If you can improve the above this will be a much improved game and we can give it the 5 stars it deserves.

Please add Chinese to this amazing port.

Love the game but 20min in and we hit the construction button and all catalogues are locked, theres no function and no way passed it. So we cant build anything.

We dont like the layout idk a better layout on the spot but Id definitely say we know it can have a better layout and for the designs of the buildings are from old Tropico games style why not the the current design in Tropico 6 or 5 but we own every Tropico game and this has our least favorite layout still like the game in general its just that, If we could see just one change it would be to have a layout that shows you the boundaries the farm would need as it has it in all the most modern Tropicos.

Really fun game, but our game has permanently crashed a number of times. It will not open unless we delete the game and reinstall it. This unfortunately deletes our save data. Ugh! Will update if this is fixed. Otherwise, really not worth the hours we have put into it.

Game needs to support controller.

Crashes every time during the first tutorial after the most recent update. Ipad pro 11 2021. Doesnt anyone test this before unleashing it on the public?

This is a great game, highly recommend. But we are having an issue with loading the save games from our iPad to our iPhone (8). No saved games show up on our iPhone. How do we ensure theyre connected, help?

We wasnt sure how well this game could work on our phone but wow Five stars, no doubt.

Are used to play Tropico on our computer years ago. Its even more fun now in the mobile version. Im so glad that this game is back!

We play this every night to help us fall asleep we love it so much. We just wish they would come out with more missions!! We wish there were more games like it.

Seria divertido tener cosas como desfiles militares o meetings electorales, inaugurar edificios con su excelencia cortando listones rojos, poder gastar el dinero del banco en suiza para cosas personales de su excelencia tener ms vehculos como tanques o ms variedad de vehculos. Esto es solo una sugerencia, el juego es muy divertido de por si. Espero lo lean. Feliz noche.

As the old sim city used to be! We wish that we could handoff between iPad and iPhone – would be nice to not always have to play on iPad and Id like to go back to our city on our iPhone during breaks or waiting around.

Definitely got our moneys worth on this game. Kills the battery a bit fast but this game is a must if youre into city builders.

Please update. Ill pay we miss playing this game a lot. We wont delete it and check 3-4 times a month for an update.

Played all versions so far on xbox. Recently lostuse of hand and was happy to find it here. We still miss the newer stuff tho. Please update and port new versions.

We were looking for strategy games and this was one of the best strategy building games and was very highly rated. It is very fun but it does take a while to get a handle on all the controls and how to manage the budget. Our main tip is if your between Total war and Tropico, Total War is more hands on and has strategic battles but Tropico is much more detailed on how to actually run a civilization.

We really enjoy this games it gives you a lot of different challenges and keeps you focused its a great time passer, But one problem we always seem to have is the Starvation problem in our islands no matter how many farms,markets,or restaurants we add once our population goes over 100 citizens starvations starts to become a problem we thinking this problem could be solved by adding a system to manually manage how much you export or even import. This could also be an easier way to manage your economy since youll have control of how much you export As a cool feature you can add a building (a World Trade Center or something) that you have to buy in order to unlock the export/import management system.

This game is great. But its been years and we want the next game in the series to be ported already!

Speaking as a player and a game developer – excellent game and superb value… If its in your genre, dont hesitate to purchase.

Im an old school Tropico player. We loved the first game and didnt need all that fancy graphic stuff. That being said, gameplay is still essentially the same and we can sneak and play this when our kids are playingwhich was a lot harder to do on the PC or Xbox. Too much to ask for a Tropico Paradise Island release? Eh. We tried! Thanks for being awesome!

Really fun just needs to be updated more.

We Need Chinese please we Need Chinese please we Need Chinese please.

We’ve played the PC version and this game is so well developed for an IPad. The graphics, the storylines. Everything is top-notch! Our only suggestion would be for the developer to add more campaigns.

Hello Tropico is the excellent and exciting game for nation builder. We also request for more and more upgrade fr troico like tropico series in PC , tropics 6!

We absolutely love this game and its our favorite game on any portable device that we have tried. The only thing we want to be added is a game mode that has unlimited money thats a evolved type of sandbox.

Very basic problem. We have no idea how to start a new game.

Can you tell us how to import goods? Such as the Fe ours etc.

We loved this! We’ve played all the islands and Im wishing there was more. Sandbox mode is ok but its not the same. This game could be big as a mobile game if the base price was dropped, but added more content you could unlock for more money. Its worth it, anyone whos played it knows its worth the money. We just wish it wasnt over.

Im not Fidel but we rule the game.

We played PC versions of this game for years, and it was always a favorite. When we bought the app, we were excited but not especially hopeful that it would match our previous experience. We could not have been more wrong! The game is the same challenging city-builder/strategy simulation it was before, but the attention to detail, the shockingly beautiful graphic production, the intuitive controls just make this a must-have. Id have payed five times the price for this game and called it a bargain. Viva Presidente!

Love the game Only problem is advance tutorial keeps glitching and wont let us pass a certain point, idk really what to do about it. So we have been just winging it. Do you know or recommend any guides we can get online or on YouTube for the iOS platform? We appreciate it and thank you!!!

Its the only game we play every day. The amount of different successes and failures is amazing. We’ve never mimicked the same scenario twice. We gave it a five star for that reason, graphics are amazing, and the overall value is great. However, there hasnt been any updates for awhile and it would be nice to get some more options with buildings or update a newer timeline. Tropico has a great console game lineup, would love to see some love given to iOS gamers.

Such a fun, well done game. We need more challenges. Heck Ill pay for more. Im sure many will.

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