Twisty Arrow!

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 10:20 pm

Twisty Arrow!

Twisty Arrow!

Twisty Arrow! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tastypill LLC, Twisty Arrow! is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th February 2016 with the latest update 10th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Twisty Arrow! ?

232,184 people have rated 1.44

What is the price of the Twisty Arrow! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Twisty Arrow! released ?

Twisty Arrow! was released on 26th February 2016.

When was the Twisty Arrow! updated ?

The latest updated date of Twisty Arrow! on 10th June 2022.

Where can Twisty Arrow! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Twisty Arrow! from Apple Official App Store.



Twisty Arrow is a simple tapping strategy game fun for users of for all ages. Shoot arrows at the spinning circle target but don’t touch the other arrows. Use the right strategy to improve your accuracy and hit the bullseye on the circle as it twists every time. The more arrows you shoot, the harder it is to be accurate and hit the bullseye. Can you beat this impossible rotating wheel? What level can you get to? Download right now and spin the wheel to find out.

How to play

> Tap your screen to shoot arrows at the spinning wheel
> Hit the bulls eye with the arrows without touching other arrows
> Each level requires a certain amount of arrows to hit the bulls eye to complete
> Different levels spin, twist, and rotate in different directions and at different speeds


  • Quick reflex twitchy tap style gameplay
  • Over 100 levels to master with more updated weekly
  • The most addictive casual spinning circle game
  • Funky fun soundtrack to jam to

Updated on 10th June 2022

◉ Bug fixes and performance improvements
◉ More new stuff coming soon!

Twisty Arrow! Review

Very cute game but btw there r a lot of ads but its still good because its such good gameplay and graphics that ads do not matter all the levels r good and if u have not downloaded we recommend doing so because this game is just amazing.

And thats all we want to say lol bye.

We love the app its so challenging and we could play it all day… If only we had time.

We dont see any problem with it and it does not make us pay one digger sent so we think you should get the game.

This game is realy fun and can find myself striving to play more and overcome more levels however we do tend to see a bit of excessive adds after every level or to.

We really like the game but we think you should start the game a little easier, but not like super easier. Other than that the games really fun.

Good game its hard sometimes but overall good game.

This app is amazing but there is to many ads. For example, every time we are dont with a level it goes to a ad. Sometimes its 2 levels, but still!

It is such a fun game but its soooo hard.

This game is so fun BUT sometimes you will rage quit but very good fun game!!!!

Too much ads and games that you have to see and play ! That will make users avoid playing the game itself! Recommend too eliminate the extra ads. Thanks.

Ok, we have to admit this game is super fun but has a lot of ads. It has so many ads that you do t really want to play it because you watch more ads than you play the game. Might as well pay a dollar to remove the ads but over all this game is pretty good.

There are too many long ads between tries. Its alright if there are small skippable ads between every few levels. But an ad for every retry is too much.

It needs something different, bec you just keep doing same thing.

When we get on the app while listening to music from Spotify on our own, it turns our music off and we chose to remove this app from our phone cuz we like listening to music while we play our games.

It is a fine game itself but it glitches a lot and it wont let you listen to anything while in the app. Its an ok game but not sure if Id recommend it.

To many ads. Its like 2 ads every five minutes appear.

. The game was pretty fun we got to level 140, however the game is such a cheat. We screen recorded us playing and then played it back in slow motion and even though we didnt hit an arrow it would fail us. If they fixed the game to actually play fair and it would be a good game.

Level 19 will drive you crazy.

It was a great game until we saw this cover and name of the company or people that made it which was taste pill this is WHY people die everyday and should be banned or make them change there name and we hope these evil people know what damage they are doing to the already scary world.

Played 2 lvls then an ad popped up so we deleted it.

Adds ruin the game completely find a different game.

Way too many ads. Great game but deleted because of inane amount of ads.

Too many ads. Im deleting the game.

This game is so fun but the only thing that is bad is how many adds there are. It gets a little annoying. But all around this game is fun and entertaining. We recommend this to everyone, young and old.(Im a god at this game) :)

Im not even going to lie in just about 4-5 days Im at level 700 pretty fun man.

So awesome love playing it you should also try it.

THIS GAME IS AMAZING and there is nothing wrong except one thing. The app uses way to much battery on our phone, so we can’t play it for to long when we’re at school or a restaurant or something.

This is such a good game like its our favorite Game on our phone and like we have a Lotta games:)

This game is so much fun! It is very addictive and we love to play it when we’re bored, and if u want to get mad this is the game for u. It is very frustrating when u can’t get it the first time, but u give a big sigh of relief when u finally finish it. We love playing this game with family as well! We love to see who gets the higher score, sane with us and our friends.

We can tell they put in a lot of work into this game! :) we enjoy it and we think its a really enjoyable game! We definitely recommend this!

It keeps you busy for a WHILE..

We just wanted to review to be out there.

Play this game the graphics are amazing.

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