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Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory

Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory! Developed by the innovative team at NADDIC GAMES Co Ltd., this Simulation game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 13th August 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 12th October 2023.

Are you a fan of Simulation, Casual, games? Then Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory

Over 4,251 players have rated Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory Cost?

Good news! You can download Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory on your iOS device absolutely free!

Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory Release Date

Eager to know when Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory first graced the App Store? It was launched on 13th August 2021.

When Was Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory Last Updated?

The latest version of Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory was updated on 12th October 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory?

To get started with Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory

You are now a proud owner of a cookie factory!
Are you ready to play a cookie making game with various levels?

Repair the cookie factory and hire Hamster Managers.
Then start making the world most delicious cookies!

This Hamster Tycoon game has various stages where you make cookies!

Cookie Factory Description

  • As the cookie becomes sweeter, they become more expensive!
  • Build a cookie factory, expand the factory, and fatten up the Hamsters.
  • There are no disgusting cookies here. Hamster’s Cookie Factory is filled with sweet and cute things!


  • Crafting Method Tip : Balance the Machines to create the perfect cookie!
  • Idle Game : Construct new production lines to earn more cash!
  • Hire Hamster Manager : Not only are they adorable, they also make cookies to earn cash for you!
  • Factory Operation : Set the priority of the orders to clear the stages!

You can also play on your tablet.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory updated on 12th October 2023:

Here’s some news for you!

  • Bug has been fixed!

User Reviews on Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory below:

Awesome game and completed all 60 levels very cute hamsters as well.

It was super fun at first but then after stage 3 it got super glitchy and to the point where we couldn’t click on anything.

We love this game! Its very cute and will keep you entertained for quite awhile. Our only complaint is that when we try to turn on our tracker to be able to view the videos for free peanuts or dollars, it doesnt work. We dont have the option in our setting to turn on tracking. This sets you back quite a bit since you cant really obtain peanuts any other way unless you log on for the first time everyday.

They have an option for free peanuts where you have to watch an add to get. But your child has to put on a setting that says allow tracking DO NOT FOR YOUR CHILDS SAFTEY !! Other than that .. The game is ok.

We really like this game and want to remove ads and support the developers, but the button to buy the VIP pass doesn’t work :( we can’t find where to email them about this so we hope they see this review and fix this. Thank you.

It is a cute game to pass the time but our one dislike is that they force you to allow them to track you so that you can watch videos for rewards. We dont have any of our other apps tracking. We dont even really pay attention to the videos when they are playing so we dont care if they are more personalized. Just let us play a video for the rewards. All our other games do.

This is a great game but whenever we tried watching an ad to get extra of something it wouldnt let us, and what we mean by that is it would tell us to go to settings and allow this tracking thing but when we went to setting there was no setting for it. We even deleted and redone loaded the game and it still doesnt let us do it because there is no choice in settings to do this, so really just get rid of the permissions thing for the videos and it would be better. ( Im not saying we like ads but when Im trying to get rewards because we dont have enough of something, we like to be able to watch one)

The previous version was much better and had very few ads. Once you get to a certain point in the game, its almost necessary to watch ads to double your profits or else you will be stuck on certain stages forever. Also the new event stage is horrible because its almost impossible to get even HALF of the rewards without spending money considering the few days given to get all of the rewards. Recommend easier progression and removing the video pop up ads that come out of nowhere all the time.

Trying to purchase vip package but screen freezes and doesnt show price for package.

We really enjoy this game. Im at lvl 50 and cant wait to see what the release next.

This game is very good, not only are the designs of the hamsters cute and the design of the cookies are decent, the developers actually listen to their fans to improve the game. Thats why we’ve decided to change our 4 star into a 5 star, we also very much enjoy the new heart concept and the house the hamsters live in, nice touch. Please keep it up.

We love love love this game! The hamsters are adorable and cute. But we have one complaint: we dont like how you cant upgrade the looks of the oven. We would definitely love it more but f you could upgrade the oven. We feel like its the perfect game for us. And so far it is. We rated it a five star and we downloaded it and everything. But we are also sad because in stage one you only get three or two slots for workers. But we still enjoy the game. But again the hamsters are just SO adorable. Love your game and Im hoping for more hamster included games from you guys. Please please please make more adorable cute hamster tycoon games.

Just finished all 50 levels of this game Overall very cute, but very bare from start to finish. Theres no end game whatsoever, the game just takes away the next level button and ur just watching the cookies get made on that final line until the end of time. Balancing is very questionable, Money: it takes like 40 minutes to acquire enough for all the common objectives and then DAYSS to get enough for the rare objectives?? Peanuts: a joke since they are essential and u get like 20 out of the 300 u need to beat each level. The rest are acquired by watching ads when they pop up. The peanuts thing turns this whole game into Ad Watching Simulator You beat the levels by watching enough ads, rinse, repeat. Nothing else that you do will be as effective (or even encouraged) as watching ads in this game.

Its cute but it keeps making us let it track in settings but 1. Its literally not possible and 2. It wont let us watch any ad content because we wont allow it to track (which we cannot do! Its legit not in the settings app). Its very annoying and we do not want to pay.

This game is cute but get ready to watch a ton of ads, theres not many ways to get peanuts to level up hamsters unless you watch enough ads.

This game is very cute but we are completely unable to watch ads to get extra peanuts. It tells us to turn on Allow Tracking but it is not an option in the menu of settings that the game claims it is on. It simply will not allow us to watch ads without this option being on.

The game is good we find myself spending a lot of time in it. The only thing is that the game doesnt let us watch ads to get more peanuts which are used to level up the hamsters so we end up getting stuck at a level without enough peanuts to level the hamsters up at all. Leveling up machines doesnt give you enough peanuts.

This game literally has the draws and the shop format of cookie run, which Im not sure which game came first, so we cant jump to conclusions about that. The hamsters are rlly cute though! And we like the art style overall. Not sure why there are stages, and it annoys us that every new stage you restart.

The ads dont give rewards and they dont always close. You tap the X to close and it opens the App Store, you have to force close the game to get out of the ad. All their games do this. Its the main reason we dont play much anymore.

The game is great until we hit about level 9. You need so many peanuts to level up the hamsters, and they only give you about 1/3 of what you need in the level. The rest you either have to pay real money for, or sit and wait for your hearts to stack up to get 50 peanuts (which still isnt close to enough). Make the peanuts more balanced and fix that people cant watch the ads and it would be a great game.

The games is super cute. Love the little hamsters and the aesthetic of it. But the game is super tedious. When you complete a task, a pop up comes up about claiming the task, then another pop up comes up with the reward, which then you have to wait a second or so in order to click off of that pop up to return to the game. Another thing is all the little cut scenes for promoting your hamsters or even getting new cards of the hamsters. It was cute the first time, but its annoying after the 3 stage, since nothing changes about those cut scenes. And again its tedious as you have to click in a certain spot for those two in order to skip them, which also waits a second before you can activate that. All of those, while annoying and unnecessary, we can live with. We play other idle games and they all, to some degree, do that, but the combination of those, with the fact that it requires you to level up your hamster EVERY STAGE with peanuts that you get either by leveling up the machines (but even then that maxes out every stage) or by buying them, is really frustrating. You cant possibly play this game without paying for things, or by watching all the ads that it gives you (oh, they also require you to turn ad tracking on in order to watch the ads, which is concerning to me). Even the package that removes the ads, is only for certain rewards like completing the tasks, while if you click on the floating rewards, you have to watch the ad (other idle games removes the ads across the board). All these things, but especially the pay to play and ads not being disabled across the entire game, makes us give it a 1 star. Once our paid package expires, Im deleting this game.

Awesome game!! We love playing it on our free time but what are the diamonds for? And can we spend them?

We like the art style a lot! The hamsters are very cute. Around level 11, it gets really hard to complete though. Peanuts are extremely difficult to obtain, so we cant level up and meet the minimum requirements to automate.

Im terms and condition, (8. Your rights and options) theyll sell your information as much as they like to whoever they like and remove moral rights to your privacy. Along with that, if your game crashes or glitches and you lose in game money. Even if you purchased it with your own money, they will not pay you back or care to help. Basically they are saying, if something goes wrong we dont care. Also, were stealing your information and making profit on you lol. Just because you write this as terms and conditions makes it right. Stay aware.

Its adorable and a pretty simple way to pass time, its enjoyable! :D.

We’ve really enjoyed this game. The only downside is that we could get through each level quickly and now Im done at level 40. We want to keep playing but theres nothing to do :/

Im obsessed with this game but we wish that there were easier ways to get peanuts because leveling up one hamster takes days we might end up deleting this game bc of that.

Cant watch ads at all to receive rewards. It redirects you to settings to turn on tracking, even though the option doesnt show up in options.

This game is very charming and enjoyable, but around stage 11 you will not be able to complete the stage without making purchases or sharing your info and watching ads. Im not sure if this intentional or not, but currently without spending money it would take weeks if not months to complete the stage. We can only assume this gets worse as you progress further. Unless you plan on spending (a lot) of money, you should unfortunately avoid this one.

We thought this would be a cute, enjoyable game but as many reviews point out there are so many bugs that prevent you being able to play the game very long. We cannot get past stage 2 because of the current bugs.

Love it just hate theres not a peanut only buying option.

This is the most cute game ever! The only downside is IT IS SO HARD TO LEVEL UP THE HAMSTERS! Love it.

We like the game but we dont think the math adds up when selling the cookies. Also our phone doesnt have an allow tracking section or Im blind and cant figure this out. Since we dont allow tracking we cant watch any adds . Adds pop up left and right and its getting annoying also.

We have been playing this game for weeks now. Its so cute and Im obsessed with it but we got to level 40 and now there is nothing. We finished all of the goals and Im guessing there are no more levels ready yet.

Good game but with the new update any duplicate cards give 5 hearts instead of 10 peanuts now. And it takes 100 hearts just to get 50 peanuts. Makes it such a pain to level up now.

Peanuts are really difficult to get in general, (for new or potential players peanuts are a way to level up the hamsters) and after the update it made it even harder to get peanuts with the gacha drawings. Before when you already had a maxed out hamster it would give you peanuts, but now its hearts for the home update so it takes twice as long to level up your hamsters At least you can buy some peanuts with the hearts but its still not a win win situation.

No way currently to buy an ad free app like their other apps Also cant get past level 40. The stage clear button isnt there. Is that the end of the game?

Tried to update for iOS well start then stop otherwise the game is ok. We dont like spending our time trying to upgrade This game for it to basically crash.

Overall Im liking the game. Not quite as much as some of their other games, but this is a new release and needs some work. Our one major complaint at this point is getting peanuts. Before the last update the amount we could get from the little flying boxes of peanuts was slowly going up the more levels we completed. Now its back down to only 10 per ad we have to watch. Thats basically useless since it now takes 200+ peanuts to level up hamsters. Id bump the rating up a star if they can get this fixed. Seems like Im going to be stuck soon since we cant level anything up. Edit: since we wrote this review only a few hours ago, we have officially been stuck. The only way forward is to watch ads whenever Im lucky enough to have the peanut box fly by (which seems more and more rare) and get a measly 10 peanuts for each ad. Level ups now cost 150-200 for each hamster. This is really frustrating and Ill likely not be playing until an update fixes it or Ill end up deleting the game unfortunately.

Along of fun like other game would play every day.

Hi!! We love the game, its so cute and fun! Although when we try to go to the travel destination, it stays stuck on the loading screen. We havent been able to do the last one, and it was working at first this time, but then it started to not work again :(. We hope this issue can be resolved!

Us love hamsters. Us love game.

You must play this vibrant and beautiful game it is filled with cute animations and many characters to explore we hope u enjoy this game as we did.

So we love Kawaii and hamsters!!!! And cookies!!!! So all three together awesome but one thing we wish when u go to the next level we want the coins to stay the same amount but they dont but this game is AWEOME!!!!!

This is 5 stars it is so cute and wonderful graphics and best of all no adds.

We’ve just started playing this game and right off the bat we have almost no complaints whatsoever. The in-app purchases seem reasonable and they arent in your face at all, the art is adorable, the Gacha system is a bit confusing, frustrating at worst, but still absolutely a great game, 9/10.

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