Ultimate Cat Simulator

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Ultimate Cat Simulator


Ultimate Cat Simulator is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gluten Free Games LLC, Ultimate Cat Simulator is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th February 2017 with the latest update 8th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,053 people have rated 3.0

You can download the game Ultimate Cat Simulator from APP STORE.


Pounce into a brand new adventure as a graceful Cat! Hunt down food and find your place in a massive realistic world! Survive on the streets of a busy city, get adopted and be a house cat, and raise your family as you experience the thrilling life of a cat!

Brand New Features
You’ll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while exploring city streets and vast forests!

Test your skills against SIX thrilling boss battles! A rabid neighborhood foe patrols the streets looking for a fight! A oversized rodent lurks around every corner in the sewers ready to defend his territory!

Dominate other cats or bring them a treat to recruit them to your family! Customize and play as any cat in your pack and create a powerful family!

Raise babies that will grow into powerful members of your family! Care for you kittens while they are are young, finding food for them and carrying them in your mouth!

Choose your animal’s name, appearance, skills, and attributes to complement your pack members and become a more powerful group!

Gain experience by catching and eating your prey, caring for your family, and completing missions! Level up your kitty to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your stats, and increase the size of your pack!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Run Speed, and much more!

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Meow and Hiss Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your cat when active!

Your prey now realistically dangles from your jaws as you carry them!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sun, stars and changing seasons!

Explore a massive world with a wild forest, a rocky mountainous island, dark and dirty sewers, peaceful neighborhoods and a busting city!

Hunt down animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, deer, birds, crab, fish, raccoon, fox, cats, dogs, rats, lizards and many more! Become a house cat and get fed by your owner!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Cat Simulator and live the thrilling life of an adorable and graceful kitty!

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Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

Updated on 8th March 2023

  • Improved Texture Resolutions
  • Raise the max level to 200
  • Improved Audio Memory Usage
  • Fixed Unfightable Bosses
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Upgraded compatibility with newer iOS versions

Ultimate Cat Simulator Reviews

How it works: you spawn then immediately it shows the clans thunderclan riverclan ShadowClan windclan kittypets and loners and rogues. If you pick tc you spawn in a thick bush. Riverclan behind a river. ShadowClan in cardionplace. Windclan in open plains. Kittypets are a house. We will make what our story would be. We would spawn, click ShadowClan, then we run out of carrionplace before the rats get us, then sprint for the camp. We would open the menu, we would appear as ______kit. We type in bright. Then we made brightkit. We choose our character a battle-scarred she-cat with amber eyes and thick red fur. Our queen was sandstorm. We ask the med cat (spottedleaf) for a moss ball to play with. When our leader (cherrystar) called a clan meeting, we were 6 moons old, and ready to be an apprentice. Cherrystar would yowl: brightkit, you are now 6 moons old, you will now, until you get a warrior name, be known as brightpaw. Cats would chant brightpaw! Brightpaw! Then cherrystar would silence them. Graypelt, you are ready for an apprentice. You will mentor brightpaw. Cherrystar would continue. Graypelt the next day took us training. We learned to hunt. We caught a frog and took it to the camp. The next day we uhh go to jungle game for a story.


Pleasee add a ultimate cat sim 2 pleaseee we love realistic games and we love cats please Tysm.

So this game is AMAZING but not to much to do except hunt and kick around balls your owner gives you. But amazing and realistic animals but two things you should add, -make cat toys to play with. ( not balls ) – make attacks more realistic. Like grabbing the animal by the neck and tossing it around. Thank you guys for making this game and keep on making more!

Ok, we love this game, but here is somethings you need to work on. First, when there is storms and we are inside the house the storms come inside, and it bothers us. Second, could you maybe make it so the human moves and does things? Third, can the doors close faster? Thanks! Love your games! Bye!

So, we’ve been playing this game with our daughter for a long time. Then, at some point, it just started crashing the momemt we opened the app. We were heartbroken because we’ve built a number of cats based on cats we’ve owned over our lifetime, cats whom we’ve loved dearly but have sadly passed away. We reinstalled the game, but the crashes persisted. We tried playing on an android device, but the cats wouldnt behave properly. They wouldnt come to the aid of other cats or follow correctly. And the bugs were worse than ever. We decided to stop playing and wait for an update, but an update never came. We would reinstall the app periodically to see if the issues had resolved, but they hadnt. The crashing continued. Yesterday our daughter ran into our room and demanded our tablet. She wouldnt tell us why. She said it was a surprise. When she handed our tablet back, we were speechless! The game had loaded! The cats were acting properly. We cried we were so happy! Now you can call us crazy, but this game is important to us. We love it, and to have it back after so long is just amazing! We did notice that the golf course isnt working right. We mean, our cats cant swat the ball anymore. We wish that was part of the update. We love the golf course, but cest la vie! We have our cats, and thats more important. Thank you for fixing this game! Im so happy to have our cats back!

Can you make a ultimate cat simulator 2 and can make the cat to be able to climb up trees.

We really like this game but we say there could be a few improvements like its a little bit glitchy at times but besides that we have just like one suggestion; we think that you should be able to create landmarks or markers on the map that way, like if you find like a really good food source, you could be like oh, its over here! Or other examples: You find a sewer entrance Etc.

We love this game and we want you to make a really good version of warrior cats game, because on Roblox it always kicks us off, and Im not allowed to play it it would mean so much to us if you made a warrior cat game, since recently Im not allowed to play on RobloxI would be happy for the rest of our life if you did.

This game is amazing and so cool but we just want one thing. Why do you have to level up to become a house cat? Why cant you just make the decision when you first play? This is all we have to say. TYSM FOR THIS GAME we IT! BAIIIII.

Hi we were really upset when we realized it wouldnt work. So we got rid of it and did not get it again, until now! We LOVE it! Once you get this game working its amazing! The graphics are just great, we love the animation! Cant wait to play more!

We love this game cause we love cats. We think its funny that we glitches. Please make a sloth sim. We definitely recamend this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

We own the arctic one the forest the dog one the farm one the lion one the fox one the ultimate wolf 2 an lot by far this is the best sim made by gluten sim.

We love this game so much its the best game in the world! We play it every day and all day and its also a little bit hard to play, though Especially when you meet up with the bear! And some of the prey are really fast so its hard to catch them. We have other Cat Simulator games and theyre not the best are usually give them four stars or three or and or games such as stray, cat adventure, and cat simulator when we found this game though we were like OMG we want this game!!!!! The only thing we wasnt very happy about is that it cost money at least it wasnt like $19. We had to pay for it though. Usually our mom pays for stuff she wont let us know her password so she had to do everything else! And it was just the best game ever though, and it was very worth it! But yeah, it was the best game ever and we are never deleting it!!! This is one of our favorite games so far so far!!!! The only thing we could really change about is that we wish that there was new pieces of land every day that we seen games like that but we’ve never had one of them before though but we wish we did have them we get to pick out one app per month and its the best we’ve been reading other peoples reviews and they love it too!!!!! And we have to agree with them.

This game is the bast game ever because its also funny because your cats can drive cars and the rating is fake our little sitter plays it and she is 3 and it is kid friendly because you can turn off the blood and you can also customize your cat. One can see why this is the best game ever.

We love cats and we love this gameI love that you can be a actually be a CAT. But we dont like how you have to spend money to get the game but anyways we love that you have to lvl up to get the cooler skins for your cat we mean you not your cat because your playing as the cat and that you have to find the home with you humanwell thats all we have to say about this game.

Overall it was a good game but there were some bugs.

This is a really cool sim but we would evolve it more ,you know?

Been playing the tutorial for like an hour waiting for something to happen. Did we miss something? Am we just stupid? Does the tutorial end? Or does it just turn into the full game without warning? Maybe the player could be informed one way or the other? Running around in circles in an empty field killing the occasional randomly generated mouse just doesnt do it for us. A tutorial is supposed to be short, and with explicit directions. And we should know when it ends or if its ever going to end. Maybe we might even be given the option to skip it? Might have been a good game if we ever made it out of that empty field. But after an hour of boredom its not even worth the $.99 we paid for it.

Hi! We love this game soooo much! We have four cats so far. But we have a suggestion. PLEASE make a wolverinesim just like this one. PLEASE Anyway, Id put 1,000,000,000 stars if we could! We love your games! Keep it up! Cant wait to see what you do next! (PLEASE MAKE A WOLVERINESIM LIKE THIS ONE! PLEASE! )and please make a worrier cat sim, and shrimp. (Optional) And a tip: on the dog sim, we wish that if you get defeated by the dog catcher, you get taken to the pound and get adopted, and you can run away or stay. But one more thing; Id like a monster one. You know, you can be a werewolf. (Because we want to fight and hunt the people!) Thank you for your time Add on: we cant fight the wildcat! Please fix this!

Why do humans run away… You meow they run=_=

We love the game but we think you should make the quality a little better and you can choose different patterns to go on your cat and decorate the fluff patterns.

Thank for making this wonderful game but can we please have clans like wind clan,shadow clan,river clan,etc. And another thing we need is more cats and in the packs so we can start our own clan ,we also need an option to join a clan. Other than that UltCatSim is a good game no bugs or anything . Thx for looking at this review and have a nice day.

So we have no problems with this game!!!!! This game is awesome and so cool we love how you can go on the skateboard and in the car!!!

First we think you should have a warriors cat sim. Second, we LOVE THIS GAME! PLEASE GET IT PEOPLE YOU WILL NEVER PLAY ANY OTHER GAME AGAIN! And also when you mate it is a random gender and you can turn a girl into a boy or the other way around! Also this is how you get two kittens. 1. Have a mate with your first kitten. 2. Delete the mate. 3. There should be a button that says breed 4. ENJOY YOUR NEW KITTEN!!! Also, this is weird. In kittens you can make a fur color you dont have. One time we got a black cat and white paws which we didnt have at the time.

This game is a really realistic cat game that people from all ages can enjoy. It gives you a option to be a wild cat in the forest, Or a stray cat in the city, and be a house cat! It is so worth Its price.

Ok ok ok, this is the bestseller game!

We know it crashes on some of you guys (including me) but dont blame it on gluten free games they tried to make you guys happy wheres the proof you may ask? The proof is in the GAME People. How we know it? Because they put so much hard work to their game we know it because of the graphics and the controls and the houses EVERYTHING!!!! Why dont you guys get that inside your head!? It might be your devices or the WiFi. But please dont blame it on gluten free games. Thanks guys. And also how to get adopted is you find a house that you can go inside and you go inside and you might see that marking your territory thing or they might just let you go inside. After that your adopted!!! And thats how you get adopted! Thanks once again.

We love this game we have played it for a long time now but can you please make a warrior cat game we are a huge fan please!!!

First: Some may not be entirely accurate due to us not reading all of the books yet. (Im on The New Prophecy, Moonrise.) Story: a young rogue named Hawthorn finds it hard fitting in with the other rogues. As he grows older, he becomes a more aggressive and vicious fighter. But his rogue family leaves him after a mysterious leader beckons for them to join them. Hawthorn: a rebellious rogue cat; brown calico tom with grren eyes and a long, plumy tail. Fern: a kind and fun-loving silver she-cat with amber eyes. Oak: brown calico tom with yelloe eyes; brother of Hawthorn. Briar: stern but motherly gray she-cat with green eyes. Echo: quiet and small ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. Thorn: cunning and bold yellow tom with green eyes; carries Micahs resemblance (if you read Moth Flights Vision youd know). Elmcutthroat and murderous black tom with dark blue eyes; killed his own parents; ambitious. ~~~Thats All of The Descriptions~~~ Hawthorn could scent fresh-kill outside of his heather-scented den. His tail rose up and he jumped in delight, following the delicious scent. Hawthorn! Briar narrowed her eyes. You wont get a bite of our mouse! Not even for what we did for you yesterday? Hawthorn meowed innocently. Not even for a morsel of the mousetail you gave us seasons ago. Briar spat. ~~~story still in progress; we tried its 1:09 AM here.

Our issues with the app: The app is good, our most favorite to be level 60. We have nearly almost collected all the breeds. But theres and issue. The car glitch. So the glitch would knock u out of the world when a car hits u, then when Id eat a mouse, the game would crash. We dont like that, maybe u can fix those glitches. And the mice are too fast, so are the raccoons. And we live in the sewer and we dont like the way u cant drink the sewer water when ur thirsty. U have to leave the sewer just to get a drink. And when the prey goes in the water, they are extremely fast and ur slow. We want it so the prey swim too and not just you. Suggestions: Can u make it so u can drink the sewer water. And we want it more realistic. Like where u get sicknesses by eating certain things, and the people take u to the vet. We think that will be cool. Also, we think it would be cool if u make a ultimate sparrow sim. Anyway, the game is perfect. Another suggestion is the people run away from u and its weird. They run really fast and theres no killing them! Why does that happen? In ultimate dog sim, theres that same issue. Can u make it so all the houses u find, u can come in? Story time! Angel withered out of the dark sewer, Honey. What are you doing? She had asked her brother, Honey. Sadly looking at the water. You? He sighed. Grooming, and going to hunt. Whats sad? Angel had snorted, wrapping her tail around her brother. Our mate had died remember?! Honey slashed angels face and pushed her away. To be continued…. Go to YouTube. Com/gingerwarriorstories.

Hello our name is Florence and we really love love love this game but we would like you to make it easier for you to level up and why couldnt you make a good ocean animal game when you dont crash The ocean animal game is so hard and could you make a raccoon game now that would be fun oh and a mouse game please oh please oh please and we want you to make a deer game and a squirrel game these all would be fun and our brother in savanna simulator got two mats its really weird so we would love if you made all these games.

This game is pretty good. We played it a lot when we were younger and we downloaded it because Im in the car and Im bored. We rated this because hopefully rating it will make us stop getting pop ups forcing us to rate it.

So first the guys who made this u never update theses games its like ur like this oh were not going to update thease games so they will be sad and u do! Its not fair! But to the update parts. Ok so its kinda weird but its normal for mammals so when u have a baby mammal we should drink the milk from the mom bec thats normal in life. And can u make it have a mate at lev 1 and a baby at lev 4? Any way u want all the skins unloked at lev 5 and the hummen in the house only goes places when ur somewhere for so long and make her do more things and mabey even a whole fam and make the owner have a job. Thats all and really would like the dog game. Bye we came back and one more thing make the house bigger and have like those scratching poste toy things and if you do make a fam make it have and upstairs that has kid rooms hi its an other day we have one more suggestion make there be a pound and a pet store! U guys never update its not fair! Bye XD.

This is the bast game in history we love how your cat can really make you feel like you are in the game it is so cool PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW DO we GET TAMED ACK PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PUT NOTE IF KNOW HOW IT WONT LEMME GET TAMED AAACCCKKK edit: we were looking at alll the reviews and someone put how to get adopted tamed sooo heres a more better rating :3.

This game is so much fun pls make an app about warrior cats ten million stars only one request can you pls make things like wing for cat hats various types of tails battle scars etc great game.

We think this is an awesome game and we really suggest getting it. But there is a problem… We cant find any other cats !,Ive gone everywhere and we still cant find any other cats. Game is really cool we like how theres so many dens and you can be a kitty pet although we wish theres was more to the game but other then that its cool except it glitches a lot.. We swear if you guys fix this Ill change our review to all good things and give 5 s. Thx for reading. We have one last thing to add you should be able to get as many clan mates as you want and be able to breed any time if you cant do that can each player like your mate kit kits mate should be able to bring new cats in . And the time you can do that should only be 5 levels apart at max.p.s plz make a warriors simulator. Thx so since our last review we’ve been able to find other cats and the only reason we’ve not given all five stars is because we’ve said this every Single. Time Gluten Free you should be able to have clan mates any time the warriors dont wait till theyre level 40!!! They always have new clan mates. Fix this on your games and Ill give 5 stars every game . Plz make a warriors sim . So at the beginning of the game it will ask you questions so like are you a kitty pet , rouge , clan cat or if you have your own clan . If you are a clan cat that lives in the original clans, you can be in wind clan , shadow clan, river clan , sky clan and thunder clan. If you are not from an original clan you can name your clan. Then you can choose to start out as a kit or an adult cat and then you choose male or female then your name and then choose your role, Medicine cat , warrior, leader ,deputy and finally you can play multiplayer or not but you shouldnt loose progress when you switch and the people could talk to each other while playing . We think thats it and we hope you make this game . Thx for reading. ( p.s, if you dont know what warrior cats is its about wild cats that live in clans ( we named them in the review,Thunder , shadow etc. Each cat has their own role , leader , deputy helps the leader and will take over if the leader dies , Medicine cat takes care of wounded and sick cats and cant have kits , the warriors are hunting cats border patrol cats and the apprentices are the younger cats who get assigned their role and help the cat theyre assigned to . Shadow clan lives in the pines , Thunder clan lives in the forest , sky clan lives in the forest , wind clan lives on the moor and river clan lives by the river ( sorry super long review keep adding things)

The only reason why we gave it 5 stars!: It is a great game! But it used to be for 9+ years old and then it changed to 12+ years old! Not fair! Its over reaction! You can only turn the blood on when you want to! Fix it! Please!

This is the best game ever keep up the great work!!!!!!

So this is one of the most AMAZING games we have ever played! We have a lot of the other simulators and have read almost all the reviews for each one. We know that you work very hard to make these simulators and all their absolutely SPECTACULAR graphics, but we think you could fix a few of the small bugs in this one. Like the falling through the ground and sometimes the bond button comes up randomly after we kill some prey. Otherwise its a really AWESOME game and totally worth every single cent we spent on it! Like we said before, we’ve been reading the reviews to the other simulators and agree you should make a Warrior Cat simulator. We understand if you cant because of copyright troubles though. It would be the only Warrior Cat simulator though, Im a huge fan of that series. We also saw some references to the Survivor and Guardians of Gahoole series. Those would also make really cool simulators. (And we congratulate the people who have read those books). We think a chameleon sim would be pretty fun too. An interesting idea we had was if you could make a fae simulator with different elemental fairies, goblins and gnomes like in European folklore. You could fight hard bosses and unlock different outfits and elements at different levels. That was just an idea though. We understand if you dont want to do all that research on old folklore and such. We bet all of those simulators would be a really fun experience for all of the players, seeing as you provide high quality games with epic graphics for a low price and no adds and commercials. Im sorry this review is so long. We really hope you can make those simulators ! We really enjoy your games and the FANTASTIC graphics that you work so hard to perfect! Wishing you the best of luck!

So we got this game because we couldnt find a warrior cat game and we LOVE THIS GAME! 1 question though, does the creator read warrior cats? We played for a bit wishing it was more like warriors and then one day, our new kittens name was Firestar! A week later a different kittens name was Longtail! Firestar and Longtail are DEFINITELY Warriors names. So does the creator read warriors? We HAVE READ THE WHOLE SERIES AND we AM NOW REREADING IT. P. S. Can you make it more like the series warriors plz?

We think this is a great app. But when you go in the city it gets really weird. Like there was a man getting pushed by a car. You should really fix the city.

So we love this game so fricking much. It is perfect but the limit for number of cats in your clowder (a clowder is a group of cats) is three and we want at least five please add more cats to the group limit please then we will give five stars and we would recommend this game to even cat haters. Okay now to the good parts. We love how you can drive a car it sent our twin into hysterics when she saw us driving (she was watching us play) and rolled on the floor laughing. And we think its cool how you can hunt, even when youre tame. We have three current worlds, Sasha, Zane, and Zara the Riverclan, Lorlrie, Pickles, and Gemma the Stormclan, and Butter, Peanut, and Toast the tame cats. Its a really good game and the reader of this review should download the game.

Hi we were wondering if yall were ever going to make a Ultimate cat simulator 2 ? We’ve always wanted a game that is the life of the cat! Running around the forest! City! Neighborhood! Maybe like something where an animal could sneak up on you and attack! Also maybe where you can smell prey/Predators and your hearing for your cat could be better where you can hear the same length like a real cat, and maybe also where the humans/owner have a little bit more activity like walk around do dishes get keys to go out to the car maybe also where in the morning you can see that other humans walk out also and the dogs bark when you get upwind of them and maybe also sneaking up on prey/predators, also carful the owner might have a dog/cat also or the humans walking down the streets might have a dog! Also where the cats can climb trees and jump higher then the first UltCatSim and farther more real like jumping? Thanks for reading! We love yalls games!

This game is awesome. Rag doll physics are hilarious . We like how you can climb up a sheer cliff just by jumping how do you get adopted?

We love your games but… We think you could make one more come back and do a warrior cat one where the four clans and you have different skins for your cat and invite your friends to play so you arent alone but not strangers idk but you can battle, hunt and get your nine lives to be a clan leader you could invite over 50 friends in your game we think you could make a really good game of warrior cats.

This is a really good game but we have a few suggestions. Can you make it so when you have kittens, they can misbehave and you have to punish them or something? Also, we think you should definitely make a warrior cats game. Im a huge warrior cats fan and want to see a good warrior cats simulator.

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