Ultimate Custom Night

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 02:55 pm

Ultimate Custom Night


Ultimate Custom Night is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CLICKTEAM L.L.C., Ultimate Custom Night is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th April 2020 with the latest update 18th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,154 people have rated 1.0.4

You can download the game Ultimate Custom Night from APP STORE.


NOTE: A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome to the ultimate FNaF mashup, where you will once again be trapped alone in an office fending off killer animatronics! Featuring 50 selectable animatronic characters spanning seven Five Nights at Freddy’s games, the options for customization are nearly endless. Mix and match any assortment of characters that you like, set their difficulty from 0-20, then jump right into the action! From your office desk, you will need to manage two side doors, two vents, as well as two air hoses, all of which lead directly into your office.

This time you will have to master other tools as well if you want to complete the ultimate challenges, tools such as the heater, A/C, a global music box, a power generator, and more. As if all of that weren’t enough, you’ll also need to set up laser traps in the vents, collect Faz-Coins, purchase items from the Prize Counter, and as always, keep a close eye on not one, but two Pirate Cove curtains!

Other features also included:

  • Challenge menu including 16 themed challenges
  • Voice acting from returning favorites as well as from new arrivals to the franchise
  • Unlockable office skins
  • Unlockable cutscenes

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


Updated on 18th April 2023

  • Fixed an issue related to death coined characters in challenges

Ultimate Custom Night Reviews

UCN has a perfect match of characters , but there is some dumb decisions. Trash and the Gang instead of Nightmare Chica and Withered Freddy? El Chip instead of Withered Foxy? We honestly think these were confusing.. The game is still great! We love doing custom challenges and getting new offices.

The flash light button got a bit bigger. Before the button was tiny now they added new things like bigger flashlight button and silent ventilation which only used to be not on mobile.

We love FNaF, we’ve been in it since 2014! We love that in custom night we can play whatever character AND hear the voice lines. Now we are sad that it doesnt have ALL the characters (not on our device, Im using an iPad to play this) now putting all the characters, finding voice actors for the characters, AND adding their jumpscare, etc is a difficult thing to do so we understand why all of them arent in there. But other then that its a great game!

This is the best can you please add security breach characters would be the best but can you have Freddy kind or say when he kills something nice but not brutal like the others and congrats for getting the movie trailer done!

Before the update the ui was impossible, but this update makes it so much more manageable. We need more updates like this!


We’ve been always wanting this game for three years and its so fun to pick characters and go and play its so cool when de de spawns in secret characters to Scott From Jason.

Well This Game Is Fun But On Mobile Theres Cheats we Dont Know Why But Its Weird And Makes The Cheats Make More Fun.

Want to learn how to multitask? This is the perfect way to learn. With all its complex constant, in game, changes. It is painfully fun trying to win!

We love the game, love the characters and jump scares, but, we think there need to be more characters? We mean, the fan made version ultra custom night, features almost EVERY FNaF character. So, Im thinking you should add some of the book characters. Like ITP spring Bonnie, Elenor, CTW Funtime Freddy, etc. So, please can you add some of the book characters?!?!

We love fnaf but with the new update we feel like toy Freddy is much more aggressive we had no problem before but now we feel like Freddy is just more aggressive.

We would 100% give this A five star but it KEEPS CRASHING At first we thought it was just because we dont have a lot of storage so we lowered it down but it kept crashing please fix this bug.

Great game wish there were more gameplay options like Fnaf 4 type of game.

We really love this game but there one problem why Bonnie doesnt have a jump scare true he has one but why not in the office. Bonnie is our fav character in fnaf games and franchise. We will love that Bonnie dose appeared in the cameras just like Freddy but both ways and add lights buttons like in then game. Plzzz Scott give Bonnie a jump-scare:(

What is a good game but we would like 50 or 100 more characters because we thought he be in all of them and 20 so can you please add a few more characters?

Hello, this game is truly amazing and so fun it holds so much lore and its so fun the new update making the buttons better was truly amazing for mobile we really like this game but there is one problem Mr. Hippo we were doing challenges and putting random characters on and we died to Mr. Hippo and we decided to just get off then we got back on after almost a whole month and bam Mr. Hippo appears it is funny the first few times until you die to him more than about 5 times we love the lore he wields and his jokes but it gets annoying quickly maybe make it where you can skip it or choose if you want to not skip it. Please take our idea it actually gets pretty annoying.

We really like UCN probably one of the most fun fnaf games ever in our opinion but ever since this game got the new update for the controls it makes it almost completely unplayable in our opinion so plz put the game in which it used to be in.

So we all know rockstar foxy, right? One that helps you sometimes. So when his level is on 0 his parrot comes and we click on it and it automatically jumpscares us. HES ON 0!!!

This update was amazing but the most critical thing was the controls. It is much harder to play on than before, our friends and we who love this game all agree that the controls are almost impossible to reach a new high score. We would love if you made it so we could customize our ideal button placements.

The new update ruins the fun, we cant believe Scott would make such a downgrade. We have been playing this game for so long yet its ruined. Therefore, Im deleting this app. Its just a terrible update. Id rate it 0 stars if we could.

Im so upset with the new update and its even more confusing and hard now for mobile. : (

Scott, please answer can you put weathered Freddy and all of the characters like the newer versions like glam rock, Freddy or the glam rocks or like all of them like weathered foxy weathered Freddy please Scott that would make the game a lot more better.

Game is good but in our opinion they should add the security breach characters also.

Ok, we got to admit, this is the best fnaf game ever! Its fun,challenging,and kind of scary at sometimes, the only reason we do not rate it 5/5 is because most of the jump scares are kinda bad.

We love fnaf but with the new layout l just cant stand how there is no space and how everything moves to a different place. We died over and over again. As will the mask we just swapped our fingers down but now we have to tap it and some the mask doesnt even go down.

Well this game is the best and honestly we dont have that hard of a time its just how first you cant just flash the flashlight because it has a delay which is hard and dee dee appears way to often we think she should tone down a bit but otherwise this is a great game and we love playing it.

This is a FNAF masterpiece that SUPER hard Mortimer, but cool! The only thing we dont like about it is that if we beat our record, This japenese anime thing called Toy Chica High School Years And its so cringey we had to put our iPad under our pillow and let the game do its thing. We cant do that, because anime ruined pokemon, ninjago, SMG4, and all of that for us. So Scott, we feel like an exorcist watching something that feels like it came straight from one of shivers miyaotos workers, and ported into fnaf. Other than that, it is really good. Im giving it 5 stars, and probably 6 if we can in the future and if u delete those anime fnafs.

So if we were Scott. We would fix the Lights out thing. Because everytime power goes out. Our screen goes dark and we cant see anything. AT ALL.

It is a great games they need to either move the mask the mask button because we died from golden freddy so many times or they need to make it bigger.

How do we get rid of our last review.

Really fun yet sad we cannot get the ultra custom night on mobile. Really wish we could.

We’ve been a big fnaf fan so when the series ended people were saying its not coming back and then we see fnaf vr help wanted and THERES BOOKS!? Its so crazy that we didnt know this and fnaf was the first ever game we played we would always get stuck on night 3 hehe lol but bye.

This game is amazing for iPads. We don’t know about phones, but if you have an iPad and you like FNAF than this is a must play. It has great controls and fantastic graphics. Best game on the App Store.

When we shined the on nightmare balloon boy when he was not active he jump scared us. Please fix that. Also best Fnaf game we played 5 stars.

So we I give it a 10 out 10 so its amazing game you get to choose your Anna Tronic then you could put it how much difficulties as much as you want and how much robot you wantAnd its the biggest game in FNaF its a good game and you can choose your office by take caring the The characters more characters more difficulties more office you unlock and its amazing game.

Its sooo fun plus you can change the background! And u can choose random characters like rockstar Freddy and toy Bonnie!

Fnaf means our life so if you leave fan games are prob ded.

We love this game but not when we die in the game. Our favorite in all five nights at Freddys games is Foxy.

We love this game a whole lot but if there is anything that need to be fixed is more stuff we suggest on putting the full version on pc and mobile so we can experience more animatronics and also the clicking thing the flash light is really hard to click sometimes so it is easier if u put the flashlight icon a bit bigger and putting on the Freddy mask for the toy animatronics and add more withered animatronics and also golden Freddy circus baby and nightmare mangle golden Freddy is a good character just to fast we put on the Freddy that is when he comes to jump scare us and circus baby and nightmare mangle they are on the right hallway we buy there you but they still get us anyway there are some tips hope we were useful and also one more thing if u want the full version go setting then add a buy icon so at the end u will see full version for 4.99 so there is going to be about 400+ if u get the full version 50+ if we only download the mobile one thx we hope it was good and useful have a great day/night.

Dd is the most annoyingIm sorry to say it but she keeps saying oh how unfortunate oh how unfortunate we know how much you like to fight so we had a new problem to your night or she says oh how unfortunate oh how unfortunate Im going to do a sneaky thing and throw a new contender in the ring like we just want our shift its just so sad also are the three balloon gals triplets?

We are a huge FNAF fan,in fact,this is the only fnaf game we’ve ever played (besides the ones on Roblox)! There is one problem tho,some characters are missing,here are the missing characters : Withered Freddy,Withered Foxy,Golden Freddy,Phantom Foxy,Phantom Puppet,Nightmare Foxy,Nightmare Chica,Nightmare Cupcake,Grim Foxy,Jack o Bonnie,Dreadbear,Choco Bonnie,Freddy Frostbear,Funtime Freddy,Security Puppet,Plushtrap,Toy Foxy,Fredbear,Spring Bonnie,Bidybab,Electro bab,Shadow Freddy,and Phantom Chica and even if this game is outdated it would be cool if you add those characters. Goodbye and thanks for reading! PS,I know you guys wont add the security breach characters because they are brand new so we are not requesting them. WHY DID YOU REMOVE FUNTIME FREDDY!!!!!!!?????

When fnaf Security comes out for everyone will they/the new animatronics also be able to play against?

We love this game so much! Its just missing some characters we cam name one its Withered Freddy please add the characters ! By :me <3.

This game is be very great and we love it its so fun everything about this is pretty much fun we recommend to download it its truly a great fun game!!

Can you guys add more characters like all the fnaf characters? We really miss Funtime Freddy. And we miss all the fnaf 4 characters please just add them all back we bet most of the people on here miss all of the characters. Just like us! And if you add new new characters like the the rock star wons add thos too! We also have bad spelling please dont judge.

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