Undead Horde

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Undead Horde


Undead Horde is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 10tons Ltd., Undead Horde is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th October 2019 with the latest update 3rd December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


169 people have rated 1.0.7

You can download the game Undead Horde from APP STORE.


You’re a necromancer – a re-animator of the dead. Undead Horde is a necromantic action game with elements from action RPG, strategy and hack’n’slash. Re-animate almost any enemy and build an army of dozens of undead minions. Take command and send your undead war machine against the living and their leader King Paladin Benevictor. Equip your necromancer with endless amounts of loot and lead your army to ultimate victory!

  • Explore and conquer a fantasy world filled with creatures from humans to giant scorpions
  • Re-animate your slain enemies and make them part of your undead army
  • Endless number of new weapons, trinkets and magical items
  • Level up and create the necromancer of your nightmares
  • Sell and trade your loot with various merchants
  • Manage shops with upgrades

Updated on 3rd December 2021

  • Fixed upgrade card hp amounts after Garfield reset
  • Fixed text overflowing UI on some languages
  • Fixed other localization issues
  • Disabled statue unlock announce for goodhelper, which doesn’t have a statue

Undead Horde Reviews

What an amazing game. We couldnt put it down. So worth the buy. We wish we could play more! Please devs. The replay mode is too easy. Without a challenge we’ve lost interest. Allow us to skip multiple eras. On era 2. We spawn just a few paladins and they destroy everything.

Totally worth $6. UPDATE: Im now 2/3 through the game and its still so. Much. Fun. Polished, quirky, simple controlsthank you Devs!

This game is fresh, and definitely worth the small investment. Fun, challenging; best iPhone game we’ve played in quite some time.

Would love more eras! We like playing through over and over and trying out different builds. We enjoy the increased difficulty and the different mobs/groups placed throughout the maps. Please consider adding more eras and different types and variations of weapons/rings/skulls etc. We would also like to see differing types/variations of the green items you get for competition of certain quests. All and all a very fun, challenging and enjoyable game! Keep up the great work and thank you for bringing us this game! Updated review Game needs an update, its been almost a year since theyve updated. More content please! We sincerely hope the developers have not abandoned the game.

We think the game is great the only problem is your playing as a necromancer but its not scary the graphics are block graphics but thats not realistic like the graphics that you have on cover is super good so we think you should change the graphics to the same graphics as you have on the cover.

We’ve beaten the game and cant wait to play through again. We experienced no bugs. Our only complaints is the bag is too small and the market is so expensive that we didnt use it, we saved our money to buy heroes.

Great gameplay, amazing music, challenging and complex. Loved it! Please do more games like this!

Wow. You made crimsonland! Fantastic game!! Havent played this game yet, if we need to adjust the stars after playing, we will, but we have high hopes. OK so we played, and yeah its super good, totally deserves five stars. *edit. Okay, been playing for over a week now. Still a very good game. Only pet peeve… If you get a text or a call, or any alert from your phone, the effects sound cuts out and wont come back on unless you quit and reload the app. Music works fine, just effects get cut. Also it would be nice to have a storage chest.

We’ve almost played through. Before uninstalling the game Id love to backup our progress. But how? Thank you.

These are the kind of mobile games that feel like actual games and not just short satisfying filler. Gameplay is solid, loads to do and many different routes to play. We went for a command build to have as many units as possible and theres so many loot options and skills that we feel any build would work. We legit filled the entire screen with our chicken horde to the point we were shocked the game could handle as many chickens as we had, and somehow it still worked well! We bet a juggernaut build where you solo with health and damage upgrades and turn yourself into a one necro army, is a totally viable path as well. Absolutely worth it and we highly recommend this game! Beware the chicken horde!

Our best iPad game to date. So much fun if youre in search for a Diablo-lite. Also works with Xbox controller even in menu! Fantastic controls and polished.

Very fun if you like playing in Diablo 2 as the Necromancer. Tons of cool undead creatures like bears, peasants, chickens and fun quests to go on. Im having a blast!

We seriously love this game and think the devs need to put more into this game. We love that we can recruit an endless amount of units. Our largest army tested the limits of our brand new iPad! LOL. So many great things about this game that we hate to say anything negative about it. It does have a few of bugs we found. Like the king scorpion cant cross bridges and blocks all our units from crossing the bridge. Lol. Spawning units get trapped in houses. Wish the graphics were a little better also. But all in all this game is amazing!!! Replayable for sure! Its fun restarting the game but keeping your XP. Just endless fun. We recommend this game to all.

How can anyone give this less than 5 stars. Of course, it helps to play this on an iPad pro with a controller so it feels like an actual PC game but Im sure its fun on smaller screnes. Hours and hours of fun.

Neat mechanics, nice graphics, not much of a storyline, but good gameplay. We suggest picking it up.

Great game! Okay, its just a few bucks first off- we’ve already spilled a few hours into it and im still in era 1. It has a fast travel system that confused us a bit. We didnt realize only areas highlighted w red orbs are fast travellable to via those torch portals. Tapping your map doesnt give you fast travel access. We think keeping the map in the upper right corner the same as the fast travel map is a tad redundant but no biggie. Just thought id clear that for noobs. This game also has a revolutionary fix for slow walking to every different spot. If you arent in combat, you do a ghostly hover- dont toggle it so that your troops are in attack mode to do this. We wish there was a way to upgrade inventory slots. Im a necomancer monster warlord or whatever- theres no good reason not to give more inventory space! Regardless a fantastic unique game that is perfect for killing time. Although it can be a bit grindy once you reach the desert.

Hi developers, this game is great as Far… We would have given a five star, however, Im at lvl 179 and the lvl bar is frozen when we would have been lvl up to 180. SO we THOUGHT we HAVE HIT A LVL CAP! Low and Behold, we got a lvl 180 WEAPON! Then, a lvl 180 SPELL BOOK! AND THEN LVL 180 NECKLACE! What gives?… We cant use these items but cant! And its taking up our inventory space. We dont want to through it away because of good stats… Is the game lvl capped at 179 for now? Or is this a bug? Please fix THANKS!!!

This game is awesome and well worth the money! We’ve put plenty of hours into the game and we’ve enjoyed every second. The only bug that we’ve run across is in the very final boss battle, after you kill him, if you kill one of his towers, the game crashes and resets to right before the fight. But other than that we’ve not ran into anything that makes this game less enjoyable. We would highly recommend dropping the couple of dollars on this!

A very fun game. Especially at the beginning. But the strategy is extremely limited, upgrades are random as you level and not different enough to make any real difference. We spent every single level focusing on command cap upgrades to not have a hero different than any other. Battle strategy is also very limited. The large variety of units is wasted really you are so limited in the numbers you can summon. Inventory space is too limited to allow for equipment strategy and theres really not any real decisions that are hard despite the large variety of things you are given to possibly equip most are quickly passed over. Keep trying to crack the Diablo 2 code though developers (hint it wasnt cracked in Diablo 3!). 3 starts but you can see a vision here. We urge the developers to follow that vision. The potential is strong in this one.

Having to spend money just to play a game that gets repetitive in 30 mins is a shame first mobile game we’ve spent money on just to play and within 2 days we never touched it again to repetitive its like Skyrims side quests u go here kill this building and these guys repeat oh look a boss dies in 2 mins no special moves the game is just bland tbh.

We love this game it is great intuitive and nothing like we played on the App Store. There is a bug that has stopped our progression. We’ve sent a email about this issue a month ago and we’ve heard nothing back. Great game with few bugs and apparently lack luster customer support, that is our review of this game.

The compatibility section of your app wasnt set up right it lists our phone as compatible. We have a old iPhone 6+ with iOS 12+ & it crashes constantly making gameplay extreeeeeeemly slow. Other than that the game is awesome!~ Kinda wish you would add a first time warning pop up when purchasing hero’s in the crypt though but its fine we guess … People will find out when they notice all their money is gone lol.

The sound stopped working and we cant listen to the game while we play. Gameplay is ok, but not that engaging. We only played for a bit and it was already becoming repetitive and a bit boring.

Sorry we tried to like this game, truth be told we do not know where these race reviews are coming from. No real tutorial. No clue how to play the game. Can not get past 2nd quest without massive deaths. We simply uninstalled. If you want a game to simply play and have fun. This is not the game.

We are very particular about which games we choose to invest our time in. We wont ramble on, but we must say this game is worth EVERY penny. If you enjoy RPGs, or dungeon crawlers, take a leap of faith. You wont be sorry.

This is about the most fun we’ve had with a mobile game in ages. Fun addictive gameplay. Fair challenges. Rewards for exploring and really digging in. NO IN APP PURCHASES. Really well done! Honestly, Id like to see this on Xbox or PlayStation! Its that good!!

This game is great only jut started playing and Im so into it totally our kind of game we highly recommend.

Great game, its a must have. We know what Ill be doing for the next few weeks XD.

Probably around 10 hours of content. Theres a prestige system if you want to play endlessly. If youre interested in the concept of this game youll probably enjoy it.

Fun gameplay, good music/atmosphere, quirky humor, cool loot and equipment. No bugs so far, runs smoothly. One thing is that Id like to be able to reset our stats and rebuild our character later in the game, Im not sure if theres a way to do that.

Looks great, plays great, works fantastic with a controller.

We were hesitant about the price, but we truly enjoy this game, very similar to Overlord from way back if you played that. We have played it for several hours and have found it to be challenging but fun, and just enough mundane tasks to keep us hooked on the main story line.

We love the game so far. We have a couple problems with it though. Quests, sitting at the top of our screen block our view from seeing whats coming up when we walk upwards. Its annoying. Let us minimize these or something. Also, why the hell no Game Center integration? We wanted to pickup on our iPad but found the game asking us to start a whole new game.

This game is simple to play but hard to master. We have been playing RPG style game for many years and this one is fun to play. The graphics are great but the frame rate needs to be improve. We still rate it 5 stars and its worth more than $10. We are level 10 and every quest is doable you have to keep going and think outside of the norm to complete some quests. They just dont give them to you. You will have fun if you enjoy a good RPG!

Very fun, havent experienced any game breaking bugs, and we’ve found the replay value to be great. That said, something Id like to see change is the vendors and the items they sell. Id really like to have a way to purchase purple items. Seems like every purple item we come across (well not every, but most) has just one bonus we’re looking for, along with two bonuses we’re not. But Im only on era 3 and hoping we see more purple items with the stat bonuses Im looking for. But thats still a very minor thing and we still find this to be a great game.

The player can control undead hordes but the game is not a cake walk, its a bit difficult but still fun, a new and refreshing game, but great gameplay from 10 ton is what we expect and this title is on par with all the other 10 ton games.

This game knows the limits of iOS and doesnt try to jam a PC rpg into a phone. Superb concept, love the gameplay, very few bugs. Story is not great but thats ok.

Excellent Diablo-style gameplay with just enough strategy and character building to enjoy multiple play throughs.

We are having a problem with getting to one of the skeletons that is in the old citadel dungeons. In the dungeons there are two gates. One gate is opened by a lever and another we dont know how to open. It shows on the level map that there is another entrance thats lead to the area we need to be but when we look on the overworld map it does not show another pathway to dungeons. We need the find this skeleton in order to kill Benevictor and get into the keep.

This is a great game and we’ve enjoyed so much. However, there is no challenge after Era I, all because of an item Great Ring of Shielding which can block 100% of all damage, thats means our horde is invincible. This ring should be removed completely, or at least cap at 50%, otherwise there is no fun. Also, please release Era 6+, Im done with Era 5 and we have nothing else to do.

We’ve gotten a level 7 necro so far the the game is great. Only problem is there isnt any cloud save feature so we cant trade between our phone and iPad :(

We’re giving this game four stars for being a decent and fun game with no IAPs. Unfortunately we ended up deleting this game after spending a cumulated several hours trying to get past 4 open quests, with no direction on completing any of them. We can only run through the same levels so many times and finding nothing before we get bored and move on.

The game is extremely fun, unique, and entertaining. We would have given it 5 Stars, but this game a lot of bugs. We’ve had to restart twice for different reasons.

Fun game. Played for an hour or so on our iPad. Later planned to pick up our game on our phone and found no save data. Forced to start over. The app description screen even shows Game Center support? Dont see myself sticking with this game much if we cant switch between devices and pick up our save. 3 stars until this gets added.

To start off, we love the concept of this game. We play a Necromancer in D&D, so playing this game gave us some interesting ideas. We also love the aspect of having the book of horde and creating so many undead chickens that our phones lags. Truly magnificent. However, today we went to play and instantly saw the beginning cutscene. We closed the app because and when we opened it, our save was overwritten by the new cutscene. Very disappointing that the hours we spent on this game that cost us money can just get reset for no reason. We wont ask for a refund, but beware new buyers, your progress can get deleted.

So far the game is good and we are enjoying it. However, there are two issues that need to be fixed to bring this up to a 5 star game. 1. The home indicator on the screen is constantly displaying and then disappearing. Its incredibly distracting. 2. The bigger issue is the stuttering. We’ve played around with the graphics settings quite a bit, and no matter what the game stutters. This is on an iPhone X. Doesnt seem like the graphics should really be so intensive that it would cause this kind of stuttering. If those two issues can be fixed in a future update this game would easily be 5 stars. Great start!

The game itself is really well made and fun to play but the fact that we cant play it across all our iOS devices is a deal breaker.

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