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Veritas is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Glitch Games Ltd, Veritas is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th February 2020 with the latest update 27th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


409 people have rated 1.2.1

You can download the game Veritas from APP STORE.


Veritas is a game of mystery and discovery that poses the question; what is truth, and does it even matter?

Having volunteered to take part in a study conducted by Veritas Industries, you now find yourself waking up in a small room with no memory of what happened the day before.

The last thing you remember is signing on the dotted line and following some nice people wearing white coats, but they couldn’t have been lying to you could they? They were doctors for goodness sake…


  • A first person point and click adventure game.
  • Trademark Glitch humour and puzzles that will leave you screaming at us.
  • Absolutely no adverts or in app purchases.
  • The Glitch Camera to help you solve puzzles and keep track of clues.
  • Lots of clues to find and puzzles to solve.
  • A beautiful soundtrack and immersive sound effects.
  • A full Hint System to help you if you get stuck.
  • 8 save slots, share the game with your family!
  • Auto-saves your progress!

Glitch Games is a tiny independent ‘studio’ from the UK.
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Updated on 27th November 2022

Small fixes and changes.

Veritas Reviews

We are a big fan of these types of puzzle games and we expect a lot. The Glitch games are almost on par with Rusty Lake which we love. The puzzles are challenging without being impossible. We had to use a clue on a couple of places where we were stuck because the particular puzzle just didnt make sense, but it was only twice. There was plenty of game time for the price. We were not disappointed and will buy more if they keep putting these out.

Its impossible to say which Glitch games are our favorites, but we think Veritas and all the Forever Lost ones are unbeatable! We nearly made it thru the entire game without hints or walkthroughs, until we hit the very end. We’ve played every Glitch game more than once, and Im so happy to have this one now! Well, Im CRYING right now because its over.

We really like Glitch games in general, but this one was hard to get through. The lag is horrible (Im on the latest version as of Dec 2022) and it turned our iPad into a heater. We were seriously starting to wonder if it was finally time to replace the iPad until we saw that lots of other people were having the same problem. The atmosphere was mostly effective (though we could do without grating, repetitive sounds you cant turn off, such as busted electronics crackling) and the puzzles were good, but Id advise steering clear of this and trying a different Glitch game.

Sorry – just our opinion, its a clever enough game, it got tedious and we deleted it. Things like the piano – hitting the right key wasnt enough, you have to hold it down. Finally got tire of trying to figure out what to do with the bedroom access card and punched out.

Eerie without being over the top. Challenging puzzles and a good hint system. A story that kept us engaged at every step. The graphics and sound design were excellent. We cannot wait to see what Glitch Games does next.

Updated July 2022: appreciate the response from the developers. We reported the issue on December 2021, and after some research found out that it had been reported by others. We received a response about a week ago. We enjoy the games, the lack of response when we encounter a problem not so much. Bought the game but now it wont let us restore the purchase. Play once and then repay for the game? Seems like a scam. Contacted developer and never heard back. Apparently so have others. Love their games but we will not spend on any more until this is solved.

We love escape games. Have been playing them for decades. This is the first we’ve played from this developer. For the most part we enjoyed the experience but there was a couple things that make us hesitate trying another. What we love: -Having a storyline that is pretty easy to follow. -The puzzles were mostly logical and medium difficulty. -the hint function was helpful from time to time. -the camera to take screenshots of things you want to remember -the ability to write on the photos you take What was not enjoyable: -the edit function on the photos was buggy on our iPhone. It would often close the photo you were writing on. We eventually just used the screenshot function of our phone. -it was tedious to get around the large world. We spent a good chunk of our time wandering aimlessly around trying to find a certain clue or object that was many rooms in the past. Then getting back to where you needed to go. Was just so tedious. We found we greatly prefer games that keep you confined to 1-2 rooms only for ease of accessibility. Sure it was a little more realistic, but it got old, fast. Overall a good quality game. Not sure if Ill try another though just due to the tediousness of it.

Fun story, game play was intuitive, puzzles were challenging, but not impossible. Love your work. All we can say is please keep the games coming!

If youre new to Glitch games, Id strongly recommend the Forever Lost series. Those are some of our favorite escape room games ever. We found this one to be more tedious and less accessible. For one thing, its a much bigger game world, which means lots of backtracking. Couple that with a time delay every time we load a new scene, and something as simple as movement becomes a chore. There are also some extra complicated and obtuse puzzles. Finally, the story didnt really build up to anything, with an anticlimactic ending. Despite these flaws, its got the same just-one-more-puzzle addictiveness that the other Glitch games have, so we would recommend it to someone who has played the others and wants more.

The game is a good idea & all but running this app makes our phone overheat HOT! And run through battery like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve played all of your games. Im out of games. Please Make more as the are some of the best ones out there.

Very intricately detailed storyline and graphics. The hints dont give too much away at once and are nice for when you get stuck. The plot is interesting and the details make the scenes and puzzles more interesting.

This was by far your best game ever! Story line, puzzles, length and graphics very good and smooth and just the right amount of degree of difficulty! Please make more like this one! Well worth the money!

The interface is excellent. We really like what can do with the photos you take in the game.

There were a few times where we got stuck in a screen and the arrow to get us back out wasnt working. They only way we could get out was to delete and restart the whole game when we were already on A later chapter.

We love the game. Easy I. Some spots and challenging in others. We made it half way through the game (maybe). We opened the game today and it started us back at the very start!!! We still have alllll the photos from the last place we were really at clues that still need to be solved. We dont want to have to start over. Help! And we can give it a 5 star.

Veritas has fun puzzles and the story starts out as intriguing. The tone of the main character dialogue and some of the puzzle answers are off compared to the games pleasingly tense ambiance. Be funny or be creepy, but don’t try to be both; it pulls the player out of the game because the humor is jarring instead of amusing. The last chapter seems like it was phoned in and the ending is disappointing and unsatisfying, Im sorry to say. It left us feeling irritated with a game that we had been enjoying.

We’ve played all the other Glitch games and was excited when we started this one but we were only a couple of levels into it when we deleted it without finishing. It was just too gross. A lot of blood and gore. When we found myself looking at human feces that was the last straw.

So frustrating. The first time we got to Chapter 2 and all our progress disappeared so we had to start over again. This time we were having a lot of fun and got to Chapter 4 and all our progress disappeared again. Love the game but Im not starting over again, The game is on an iPad. Hopefully you can fix so other people can enjoy. Never had this issue with any other Glick games. They are very entertaining and the right amount of challenge.

We paid for the full game when it first came out and we wanted to replay this game and now its asking us to pay again. If we need to pay every time we wish to replay a game we will not buy any more of your game. What a rip-off. Be warn everyone. Youll need pay if you want to replay this game and other GLITCH games.

Game keeps crashing. Not playing again. Waste of money!

It was challenging for sure! Best one we’ve played in a while.

We were halfway through chapter 2 when the game crashed and when we reopened the game it played the prologue and had no progress saved. We are not going to go play it again from scratch. Please refund us.

We bought this game and it was fun until we had issues. Deleted it and downloaded again and it was fine, until in chapter 3 we have the drum sticks and try to play the foot drum (2 pizzas ) and it wont light up second light. Very annoying!!!!! How can you fix this?

We played the game again after time passed and in chapter 1 around the time of solving the red box, the game throws us out. We try to go back in and it starts at the very beginning. This has happened twice. It doesnt back up the progress in the game and for some reason just quits. We really enjoyed the game! We did keep getting a message during the game that it was backing up our progress. We had to leave the game and then resume to get past that screen because it didnt resume on its own. Other than that, it was awesome. Thank you!

Love how its just hard enough to keep you interested and if you get stuck there is help if you want. Love how there are many missions you can work on at same time.

We love the mystery behind the games. The ending of each game gives us that, wow kinda feeling that we love- like the super twist in a mystery mental thriller movie. The puzzles are not impossible and sometimes we have to put it down because Im overlooking something simple. Glitch is on our top 5 list! Keep doing what you do!

Waited not so patiently for another another Glitch game. Veritas is another outstanding game. If you are on the fence about purchasing this game, do not hesitate because it is worth every penny. Highly recommend this game along with all the other Glitch games.

Incredible valuehours of fun for only a few bucks. Our wife and we have played many of the Glitch games, and this is the best so far!

Forever Lost 1,2,3 and Alices Cabin were the best games we’ve ever played, even better than the Room series because the story is so much better (I felt like we knew the characters personally). Veritas is another masterpiece. As with their other games, the puzzles are not too simple and arent spelled out for you, but the Aha!! Moments are so worth it when you finally solve them. The in app hint system works well too, gradually giving leading hints before finally spelling it out if needed. On top of all this Glitch has a subtle sense of humor that adds to the enjoyment of their games. You cant go wrong with this game or any of Glitches games. Cant wait for their next one.

We’ve been a fan of Glitch Games for years. This might be the best one yet, and that is saying something considering the Forever Lost series. The puzzles are sufficiently challenging without being totally obscure; there is a logic behind solutions, with only a few instances where you feel guessing is the only way. The hint system is nicely done. It doesnt give away the game if you need just a little boost, and you can always delve deeper into the hint if you are completely lost. The atmosphere is incredible. Immersive graphics, appropriately moody music, and a storyline that just wont quit. We mean that literally; there are computer terminals that provide depth to the back story that is an easy rabbit hole to fall down if you arent careful. We had to go back and replay the ending a couple of times to make sure the game didnt glitch and skip to the ending. It was that abrupt an ending, which was disconcerting. Our only other quibble is photos arent stored in the order you take them, so if you have lots of pics (which you will, guaranteed) you need to search through them to find what you are looking for. And if you take multiple pictures of a single view (which you will, guaranteed) they are dispersed throughout your collection and more difficult to find. Minor complaints though, for a truly outstanding game. We are already impatiently awaiting the sequel.

We’ve enjoyed each of their games, the next more than the prior. This one was no exception. We were laid up in the bed nursing a bum foot and we were quite glad that we had endless hours to immerse myself in this game. We felt like a whimp every time we had to access the hints but we were SO glad they were there. Only a few hints were so obvious after the fact hat we felt dumb for having cheated. Great game, with a great sense of humor.

Its an excellent series of point-and-click puzzles. Very well done. But something was not quite right with the saving options. It has been some months since we played it, but we remember not being able to finish because as we closed in on the last bit, we lost all of our saved data or progress. And now, we simply dont feel like going through the whole story again to reach that juncture – thats how close to finishing we were. That said, it really is an engrossing and aptly, adequately challenging game. And we are hoping the saving options would have been sorted by now.

While playing the game right around chapter 4 something occurred when the game just closed out. We went to restart the game and the beginning prologue started. Went to load game and there were no saved points. We had to start over. The odd part is all the photos we took previously were still on the camera. Besides that the game a nice long point and click. Well worth the money.

Really good story and game play. There are a couple of bugs (green screens have a tendency to keep moving to top of the screen, at least one instance of loss of game state, a few black screens). They have a backup feature that is off by default. We are enabling it and then playing again.

Been playing this puzzle game for a while now, very much enjoying the game got to the color coded button puzzle and thats probably all the further Ill get, very frustrated because Im color blind grrrr. Cant finish the game …..

We have iPad Air 4 and really enjoyed this game but 3 times it crashed and deleted all save progress. We had the cloud backup option and still could not recover save progress. Very upsetting. Would love to leave a positive review but cant since we get so far and it deletes everything. We would like some feedback please.

We loved playing the Forever Lost series years ago, so we were excited to learn they had a new game out. Today is our second time trying to play, but it has twice now crashed and all our progress was lost. Time wasted and money wasted… :(

We would love to give this game 5 stars. Graphics and game play are on point as usual with Glitch Games. However… The game force closed when we started chapter 2, we sucked it up and started over, we wasnt very far into the game. Just happened again in chapter 4. Now we are more bummed out and unwilling to start over. Fix the glitch Glitch Games! Love your previous work!!

We’ll start this review by saying quite honestly that we couldn’t get into the Forever Lost series. We’re a big fan of escape-style puzzlers (The Room, House of Da Vinci, Eyes of Ara, Rusty Lake, Isoland, you get the picture), so when we saw everyone on Reddit talking about Forever Lost, we were excited to give it a shot. We found the flow a bit too nebulous for our liking, so when we saw Veritas was released during our weekly scouring of the app store for new puzzlers, we were hesitant. Obviously, we did end up downloading and played it pretty obsessively over the following 2 days. The puzzles are varied and just the right level of difficult (thought provoking, not enraging), and we only got frustrated with one puzzle (wires/knobs puzzle in the sim), which is to be expected and to be fair, we mostly got stuck because we were sure we knew how to solve it and couldn’t unstick that being the solution even after it didn’t work. Rookie puzzler mistake on our part. The graphics are very good and we thoroughly enjoyed the story. We definitely felt like they struck the right combination of an obvious, linear path to follow while also including a good number of interesting clues/puzzles that tie back to previous or future areas — really encouraged exploring every nook & cranny but didn’t make us feel like we were just wandering around looking for something that might work. Hoping Glitch Games will develop more like Veritas! We’ll be waiting very impatiently to give you guys our money we do have feedback about the camera system — please ensure that photos appear in the order they were taken in the camera roll, and that when you open the camera roll right after taking a photo, it opens to that photo by default. We’ll give you a million high fives in return! The feature that remembers the last photo you were viewing in the camera roll is great (and imo should be the default), but searching through photos to find the one we just took drove us bonkers when we were close to a solution. Also, oddly, sometimes I’d be writing on a photo and the editor would close after every other stroke of the pen tool. Couldn’t find a pattern in what caused it, and it wouldn’t happen too often so no big.

We’ve played just about every escape game in the store…. And very few actually kept us challenged and interested… And this game went above and beyond. The story, graphics, game play, etc… All great. Highly recommend for anybody looking for a fun & challenging escape like game(:

Hands down one of the best creators of escape game out there. All of their games are amazing and Veritas went above and beyond! 5++++ Stars!! Way to go, Glitch!!

Well-done Glitch Games. We love how it ties to the Forever Lost series and the art gets better with each new game. The puzzles were very challenging. Our only quibble is the ending was very abrupt and there was no commentary.

The puzzles are not easy. But, such games are amazing when, although difficult at times, the puzzles CAN be solved without hints. And as for value, there were moments we wondered if the game was ever going to end. OK, we may have wanted to punch the games architects over the refrigerator and the radar screenbut we eventually did solve them.

Another terrific game by Glitch! Clever and engaging and just plain fun. This one is their best yet. Keep em coming, please!

We’ve been a big fan of the Glitch Games team since the Forever Lost series, and this is quite possibly their finest work! Same compelling storylines and theming, great puzzles, but something even more immersive about this episode. What we particularly like is these are much longer than many of the escape-puzzle type games out there. Well worth the price for the entertainment. Great work! Looking forward to the next episode!

Very well-done point-and-click style puzzle game. The puzzles were fun and engaging (though often a little easy compared to Forever Lost). For the most part, they are well-constructed and the designers avoid falling into the guess-what-Im-thinking trap that is not uncommon in puzzle/logic games. The story is pretty good, though the ending a little abrupt (leaving the door open for Part 2?) our only other criticism is something common to pretty much every point-and-click style game we’ve played on a mobile device: it can be difficult to determine what is clickable and what isnt, especially with a somewhat finicky touch screen. There were places where we found myself double-checking with hints because we were pretty sure we knew what we were supposed to do, but was having trouble with the mechanics of it. Unfortunately that sometimes reveals more of the solution than we wanted to see, so we would love to see a game developed that takes this into account somehow.

This is a great game like Forever lost 1-3. Different puzzles and skill levels. A few things that would be great if they were changed 1. Keep the photos in the same order as they are taken. (You spend so much time looking for the pic that you just took) 2. A map 3. The ability to move quicker form place to place (again you spend a lot of time getting back and forth) 4. We though in Forever lost you could write on the photos when you zoomed them. But Im this game you have to zoom then close open again to the regular phot then write what you wanted. We did like that you could open more then one phone at a time and keep them open while moving around in the game. The sounds and graphics are great. Puzzles are all skill levels we did have to use a walkthrough later in the game. Mainly because we hadnt played in a few days and really couldnt remember all the rooms. Also the game had a glitch and we had to delete it then use the code provided in the help to get back to chapter 8. By doing this we lost all the pics that we had taken.

Pun intended? We’ve played all of these folks games and loved them. Im a little annoyed that they moved on to this one before continuing all that remains, but so be it! We were really enjoying this game, but then one day, poof, our saved progress disappeared. So we had to replay to catch up. Then it happen again. Dutifully we replayed. This time they added a backup feature which we used, though not sure why it was necessary since they have made umpteen games with no problems. Then it happened a third time, and it said it couldnt retrieve the backup. So we gave up. All well.

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