VR Escape Game

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VR Escape Game

VR Escape Game

VR Escape Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kouichi Kanaiwa, VR Escape Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 26th June 2020 with the latest update 4th July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of VR Escape Game ?

1,964 people have rated 2.7.1

What is the price of the VR Escape Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the VR Escape Game released ?

VR Escape Game was released on 26th June 2020.

When was the VR Escape Game updated ?

The latest updated date of VR Escape Game on 4th July 2020.

Where can VR Escape Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game VR Escape Game from Apple Official App Store.



Escape from the room.
Short Escape game.

Watch the spots where the point becomes the circle.

You can play with VR goggles and without VR goggles.
When you play, you do not need to touch the screen.
You can goal by only watching.

You can move in some stages. You can select move mode "Teleport Mode" or "Walk Mode". "Teleport Mode" is recommended because you will avoid VR sickness.

Images or sounds by

  • Silhouette Design

  • ZENRIN City Asset Series

  • Arrows Design

  • Balloon Design

  • Sound effect lab

  • Maou damashii

  • Sound dictionary

  • Amacha music

  • Play with free sound effects

  • Free BGM, sounds MusMus

  • Flat Icon Design

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Do not play this game with standing.
Please be sure to sit down and play.
When you wear VR goggles, you cannot see your surroundings.
Make sure there are no dangerous objects around, and that it is safe to look around with the VR goggles on before you play.
The developer is not responsible for any disadvantage incurred by the user by playing this application.

Updated on 4th July 2020

Fixed a bug.

VR Escape Game Review

Great game no need for clicking on the screen.

The puzzle in the first level is so good and its kind of hard we got this cause we dont have a google cardboard we have a different mobile headset we are so excited to get the extra five levels.

We dont have a regular vr set at home so we use the one for our Nintendo switch and we downloaded this app from the App Store and it works like magic its the best that we’ve seen so far and we really love this vr game.

We like this game a lot and we like the feature that you can use ur cardboard grab headset it has many levels and there is a lot of steps to complete each level get this Fun game.

Luv it! Bring on more escape games!

We love the game it just needs more levels.

We love this game put the problem is that what do u do at the end when you go outside.

Amazing, great if you like puzzle games, we dont, but this is great.

The Vr Escape Room is fun super duper fun.

So fun def would buy it if we had not allready.

This game doesnt look good at first but its pretty fun because we bought a headset from Goodwill a while back and we couldnt find any games and this is the only game we could find so its pretty cool pretty fun.

This was such a great find. We bought a cheap VR set at a shop in town today and have been trying to find apps worth our while. This game, we feel, is a quick demo of what this creator has to offer. It is well worth downloading. It is relaxing, simple, and we dont want to spoil it but we had a pleasant surprise twice and we feel like Ill play it more than once just to get to the end and chill there a while. We just bought the next game for 99¢ after seeing a nice review of it & after having a pleasant run on this game!

We needs more lvels please y love the Cat.

This game is so hard but fun and the levels dont cost that much.

First game we found that actually worked for iPhone 7.

The first one was a fun thing that took us like 15 minutes to do. If youre bored at home and have a be set download this app to use up some time. The one problem is that all the extra levels cost money. Its a great game overall though.

It really good and fun but we cant get past extra 4 Im confused on what to do if you can help us our TikTok is itsyourgurlcarissa7810 pls reach out and help us and Mabey something to add could be a hint or help button.

Its a pretty easy game but fun we enjoyed about 10 minutes.

Okay we played this with no head set and with head set it needs to have a warning thing because its not safe for kids but the GAME ITS AMAZING good story and best part of the game is when you beat it its amazing the view was amazing im 8 btw sorry that we didnt listen to the age but whatever we love the cat CSTS ARE BETTER THEN DOGS BOO DOGS! GOOOO CATS!

We wish there were more levels for free.

So we have a phone be head set and beat the game and when we found out there was. DLC we immediately bought it but it is fun but not the best but anybody reading this if you have any phone be headset get this game very fun.

We want more maps and we need longer maps including this map.

We dont get why the extra levels are free. Its stupid.

We like it but there is only 1 lvl so 3 star but we like cat he so cute plz make more lvls so we can play more but your game is good.

This game was super fun to play and we really enjoyed it! The only problem was that it was hard to turn our head in 360 degree directions . Otherwise, this game was great!!

At the end the was a cat and we were on a board obove the rode and we coldent do anything.

First of all, we like that it has an option regarding if you want to use a VR or if you don’t. We chose VR because we wanted to use our new headset because we mean who doesn’t? Ig was quite hard looking for game and we came upon this one. We looked at the reviews first and if majority or them are good we download it. We honestly had higher expectations. We don’t want to seem like a person who always points out flaws but to be honest we thought this game was boring but not boring. As a person who always wants to finish something they started,I was up for a game that was good for Headsets. We didn’t really like this game because the only thing you could really do was to turn your head and pick up things. If you don’t have a remote then it let you pick the stuff up. We honestly thought that you could move an walk but you just stood there. We found it really that the only thing you could do was basically rotate your head. We honestly don’t want this to be based on everyones experience, but our experience was not very impressed. Great Idea, but not made to the highest quality level people like us would like to have. We hope you have a good day and consider this brutally honest review. Stay blessed!

Play the same game over and over.

You only get to play one game until you pay.

There is only one level without paying 5$!!! We were disapointed when we found out that we had to pay for more levels!!! The first level is pretty fun though!!! We got a VR for our birthday, and this was the first game we played… Just a heads up!

This game is awful it doesnt even work.

The 3D does not line up correctly using FeebZ headsets and iPhone 13 Pro Max phones.

Just read the title and u will know.

#1 thats no even how VR goggles look we have our own pair! #2 graphics the couch looks like wood #3 yes the levels are very cheap but still why do you need to basically BUY fun #4 humor we know this is nothing to be mad about but its just embarrassing how games cant keep up with today #5 broken we tried to enter the code the paper gave us but it didnt work #6 when you dont have VR mode on why do you still haft to move your device it really annoying especially when seated #7 please add a joystick because its annoying having to hold our phone down constantly just to switch rooms Please get your own VR and fix your game.

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