Wacky Run

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:15 am

Wacky Run

Wacky Run

Wacky Run is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Wacky Run is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th October 2020 with the latest update 2nd March 2023

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Wacky Run ?

41,854 people have rated 2.3.1

What is the price of the Wacky Run ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Wacky Run released ?

Wacky Run was released on 13th October 2020.

When was the Wacky Run updated ?

The latest updated date of Wacky Run on 2nd March 2023.

Where can Wacky Run be downloaded ?

You can download the game Wacky Run from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Wacky Run, the ultimate obstacle race in 3D! Challenge other players in hundreds of insane levels!

LEARN to play in 1 second!
DISCOVER new levels every week!

Updated on 2nd March 2023

Performance improvements

Wacky Run Review

This game is amazing and so fun but the only thing is to many adds like every single time you lose its a add.

Make it more easy its tooHardHi.

We love playing Wacky Run cause its so fun and plus also relaxing and therapeutic.

Cant really enjoy the game when at the beginning and end of each race is forced ads.

This is a fun game but annoying the npc are faster than us and when Im a foot ahead of them they win and when we get to the finish line and they are behind us they automatically win its unfair and annoying.

To much ads we were in the middle of a race and then they showed us a ad we got so upset and turned off Wi-Fi and guess what it doesnt work without Wi-Fi.

We love the game it is addicting and fun. We just wish there was levels and a little more challenging. You should also let the people buy different characters with there diamonds in the game.

This game is very fun and very interesting we love this game.

You completely changed the game, it used to be single player and had a kitchen background now it looks like one of those rip off runner games.

Im on level 275 & we havent gotten a new character in a long time & we have so many jems & we cannot do anything with them & there is no new obstacles to over come.

This game is good so far we downloaded it so we can be a part of the 1%

Love the game pleeeease update add some more bosses.

This game is amazing and we always play it everyday and everywhere it is just amazing and we love it so so much.

This is an addictive game Este es un juego adictivo.

Maybe if you want you can have other games like escape the house where they escape the obstacles in the house.

We all no morethat does not look like a hotdog.

We love this game and this game is the best.

Five out of five or if it was 100 out of one we would say 100 because this game is amazing we love this game and more levels please.

Hello fellas reading this but any hoo this game is amazing but it just needs to update so please UPDATE PLEASE.

This game is pretty good for those sessions on the toilet. We also think its a bit of false advertising to say that 1% reach level 99. We’ve been playing for a little over a month and Im almost on level 500. Does that make us the #1 player? Dont get us wrong, the toilet isnt the only place we play. It would be nice to see longer tracks and more challenging AI. We think the AI should get the same Near Miss boost that the player does. Its too easy to win. It would also be nice to earn points or prizes and change the color of our hot dog. Otherwise, this is a fun game. So, Im on level 2706. When do we get to change out our hotdog?

Great game but the only problem is not enough levels and depth. There is only like 19 characters and 50 levels, and Im not the only one who knows this. Just needs an update and more levels and sound then it will truly be fantastic.

The game is fun but when we finish a level an ad comes on every time we finish a level and voodoo has a lot of ads so please fix that but super super fun.

We like the game but we are on level 298 and still aint unlock the characters but other then that its a great game.

Its a good game but it has a lot of ads. Every time we win or lose the race it shows us a stupid ad. We cant even go into airplane mode because the developers coded a feature that when you have no internet you cant play. If voodoo is reading this then fox this. Its driving us crazy.

Im on level 1025 and none of our outfits have been unlocked. Whats up with that? There needs to be a serious upgrade but overall lovely game.

We have nothing to say but cool game with a lot of adds.

Every ad that comes on freezes and we have to force close it to play the game again.

This game is very fun before you get all the skins and cant do anything than play and not challenge and buy things.

We love this game, great game on the pooper. But even if your maps generated 4-10 puzzle pieces instead of the usual 2-4 in the higher levels it would be a lot more enjoyable. We dont care that our gems mean nothing once everything is maxed out, but it would be nice if the game got a bit more difficult. In fact in some levels when we screwed up the AI just waited for us to catch up removing that after unlocking everything would make this game 4x better.

We got hit by the little knife first then the other one did but they got up first so we would give a five but no.

Hi guys please add some new map Im tiered of playing same map for while.

Its great if you want to watch more adds than actually play. 30 seconds of play time and like 3 minutes of adds. Not kidding.

We need to play with the internet on, we cant just turn it off, which means ads, yes we love ADS, theres ads everytime you push the restart button a couple times. Playing with internet is the laggiest and broken thing in human history. The bosses only give you a skin and some gems, which the skins arent that bad but come on, there could have bee something else. The near miss thing barely does anything. That moment when you make it to the diamond rush but just as you make it to the trophy the rush ends. The levels are very easy and arent that complicated. Still a bad game, we only wear the basic skin because the other ones look awful. Swimming in lava like its water, that makes sense. Thats all we got to say about this absolute trash. There are barely any skins, any upgrades, and the skins have no rarity, and one of them is a ripoff from A Bug’s Life. Great job Voodoo, youve made great games but this is the worst one youve made!

And they recover faster its not a good game.

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