Water Sort Puzzle

Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 06:00 pm

Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by IEC GLOBAL PTY LTD, Water Sort Puzzle is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th June 2020 with the latest update 14th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


331,724 people have rated 3.0.28

You can download the game Water Sort Puzzle from APP STORE.


Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!


  • Tap any glass to pour water to another glass.
  • The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass.
  • Try not to get stuck – but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time.


  • One finger control.
  • Multiple unique level
  • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

Updated on 14th June 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • New levels updated.

Water Sort Puzzle Review

Hi guys! This game is very fun!!! Also very addictive! We have been playing this nonstop and am we are on level 100. Um. This game makes your eyes bleed!! Its also very funny recommend !//. We got attacked by a Byson in Yellowstone park because we were playing this game!! Its danger! We got eye cancer because we were playing it too much! P.S playing it on our death bd!!

Im on level 253 and Im still playing with only two rows. How do we get more? Also, screen shots show other variations to the game such as jars with spouts. How do we get those.

We’re on level 3,715 and we have no signs of stopping. Have played for three years off and on, 10/10.

We like it and we definitely enjoy playing it but after 257 levels we have been waiting for more rows. When will it get more difficult? At this point we feel like we’ve played the same puzzle over and over again. The ad that brought us in was 4 or 5 rows of bottles and we want to have that. There arent many ads which is very nice but if you want to restart a game they play one (understandably so) but it does get frustrating bc it can throw off your groove. Im going to push on until 300 and if a third row isnt added then Im probably going to cut sling load with this one, not enough space on our phone to have the groundhogs day experience.

This game is actually pretty good for a mobile game and it has barely any ads this is pretty rare for some mobile games.

Fun and intellectually stimulating.

There are a lot of ads (I’m at level 1664 so we have probably seen 1000 candy crush promos) but this game is worth it. Very enjoyable.

Ok so this game is really fun and addicting but we do have a request that we feel like should be fixed to much commercials every time we press the re set button cause we messed up it gets and ad and ever time we sort u guessed it an ad! But we still gave this game five stars for being really fun! Update: So its been bout a month since we wrote this and dont mind the emojis but Im still in love with this game and we feel like at least everyone in the world should try it out. It relives stress like every time we come back from school its wash hands snack the water sort! Be back in one month Update 2: its been one month and still really enjoy we got all our fam to play so yea dont wanna make this to long but yea really recommend u try it! Byeee.

Im on level 15300 and we honestly cant get over the game. It never gets old, its a great brain teaser and time passer. Hopefully the levels continue lol.

Please offer a premium membership with absolutely no adds.

This game is a great game to play while relaxing or trying to take your mind off of something. The set up of this game is great and it is really fun to play! There are next to no adds and you dont have to play on Wi-Fi! Have fun playing!

This game is super addictive but it needs less ads, because anytime you need to start over it pulls up an ad. But over all we give it a 5 star review.

We usually dont write reviews but we just wanna say that we would have rated the game 3 stars but we need you too see this review. First off there are a lot of adds! You click undo it gives you a ad, you click pause, it gives you a ad, you click restart, it gives you a AD! Luckily there are no timers during the gameplay. When you start playing it just puts you on the level instantly and there is no sound unless you pour the liquid if you can because you need to pour the liquid with the color. Otherwise, IEC developers you just need to add some music in the background or just remove SOME of the ads but otherwise. It could be better there is a lot of improvements to make but like we said. A near perfect game From, Arianna.

We just passed level 1700 and we still seek this game out in our downtime. Its a perfect calm down game but it also keeps your brain engaged. Perfectly done!

This game should really be changed to test tubes we always get science when we play.

We love this app so much! It is our go to stress reliever, and overall is such a fun app. For yall saying that theres too many adds the app literally just has to make money-and theres things you can do to not have adds like airplane mode. But seriously this app is so much fun and we love how every puzzle is different! It really makes us feel so relaxed and we played this game for like an hour straight! Keep it up!!

We are mentally unstable because of this game. Yes! We really am. But not because of the ads. This game is a offline game btw (wink wink iykyk.) Even though we enjoy this game very much, it is very painful. (People can agree with us on this one like the person who wrote the review, Whoever made level 933 is a sadist. (I really like the review because it is very accurate.) This game is literally killing us everyday & every second & moment we play this game, Im not even complaining even though Im mentally unstable because it is just so fun. We would literally delete every game for this game if we had only 135 mbs of storage on our device (the 135 mbs is the amount of storage it would take from your storage to download this game.) This game is painfully fun and we would literally recommend this game to every human being. Thank you for reading this review if you are, and thank you the creator of this game because its so fun.

We admit that this game is really good but it makes our phone hot and it freezes up after only a 2 or 3 rounds. Besides that its a great way to calm our nerves if we are having a bad day. Please fix this bug soon.

We love the game but the ads is nightmare, so with all respect to the creators here how to disable the ads , Go to settings Scroll all the way down to the game and disable internet to the game and dont connect to Wi-Fi you will be able to play the game without ads but if you want help like adding another tube you have to connect to internet so you can get it .

This is a game that we play when Im stressed like when we are not in a good mood we play this it does not need internet which is good anyway all in all this is a good game.

There are some random levels that have a ? Instead of the bottom 3 colors at the start of the game. Its actually kind of fun and challenging to do it that way but also frustrating so Im not sure if its a bug or is supposed to be like that.

We love this app Im on level 329 and its great, fun, and we can help each other and be competitive. But sometimes it just doesnt do anything. It just freezes and we have to restart the app. It happens all the time! Makes it hard to enjoy/ play.

We absolutely love this game, but we cannot stand the amount of ads we receive from this game. We have to play this with our airplane mode on just so we dont have to receive an ad after hitting next to go to the next level, but overall its an amazing game!

We really do enjoy this game, but in order for us to REALLY enjoy it, its by turning off our wifi and data so that ads dont play. They play when you go to the next level, when you restart, and wanna use other tools. It gets annoying after awhile but we just turn off our wifi and such then we can enjoy the game.

Fun to play and pass the time, but our God the ads we deleted it before making it to level 3!

Do you ever get as many bottles as are in the screenshots above? Plus, why are there different shaped bottles in the screenshots? We actually bought another one of their apps because it showed a screen of them. Nope. Bummer that we bought two for no reason. Otherwise, its addicting.

This game is very relaxing when youre looking for something simple to pass time. We usually beat these levels fairly quickly so the Ads are overbearing. You get one when you reset the level, trying to add a new tube, or when you complete a level. Too many. We can understand an Ad after every 5 attempts but no. Heres a tip for everyone: Place your device on airplane mode when you play and you wont have to worry about an Ad after each level you beat.

This game is really fun but our only problem is it has way too many ads. This game is really addicting to play like we cant stop playing it but the only thing we would change is the ads we play it for hours but there was 100 ads in a hour!!!!!!!

It’s a great game but it started overheating our phone after two games each time we opened it and made our phone run super slow.

While we enjoyed the game (and it had features we really liked) there were too many ads. We downloaded and played for 10 minutes. In that time we had 8 ads. Yes 8. That is almost an ad a minute. In addition, there is an ad bar at the bottom of the screen. You could pay for no ads if you have $2.99 to spend. Long term, Ill probably end up deleting the app. It like so many others these days are really just channels for ads with a little bit of playing in between.

We like to play this game as away to tune out and relax. However, we’ve hit a dead end at level 3145. Searching online confirms that it is impossible to solve without adding an extra empty tube, but our button for this feature does not work. We cannot add another tube, therefore our time with this game appears to be over. It was nice while it lasted.

Game itself is fun and calming. The amount of ads is a serious bummer. Shortening them or expanding the amount of play time between ads would be nice. We understand the purpose of them but the ad time has now very much outweighed the play time.

Okay so low key kinda of addicted to this game but the ads are super annoying. You get used to it though. What Im dealing with now is that the screen comes up blank when we open it and we cant navigate anywhere. We were thinking of deleting it and reinstalling but Im worried itll set us back at level 1. Im at 700+ right now and dont want to lose that progress.

This is a great game, and we can handle reasonable ads, but the ads are becoming longer and longer. Some of them are up to a minute long. Others have a countdown but dont start counting down when the ad starts. Do you want us to play your game or are you just trying to kill our battery? Annoying!

ADS AFTER EVERY SINGLE LEVEL! We dont have a lot of patience but these are 30 second ads after every level and it makes us really agitated.

We think the goal of the game is actually just to irritate the players until they snap and pay to get rid of the ads. Theres an ad after every single puzzle (most dont take long to solve), theres an ad when you reset, and there are ads that they at least warn you about in order to get extra undos and an extra bottle. The ads make the game run slow, and we’ve hit one ad where we could not for the life of us close it. We had to quit the game and reopen it. If youre going to be so insufferable with the ads, could it not be a paid game with a free trial or something? At this point, we refuse to pay them anything. When we do snap, Im uninstalling the game. We have no desire to reward them for that garbage. Its a fun game otherwise.

The game is fun but there are too many adds and the adds are too long and drawn outgonna have to find a game like this with out so many adds they are annoying.

We like the game but HATEyes HATE that some adds suddenly blare sound. HATE! Totally inappropriate when all sounds are silenced!! STOP!!

The game is fun, but it was too hard to get into as there is an ad after every single puzzle. We were getting ads every thirty seconds we were going through the puzzles so fast. There is a feature to get no ads but it still shouldnt have that many, it could be based in time not after every puzzle.

Very glitchy when listening to audio while you are playing. Constantly freezes from ads.

The game is fun but there is an ad every other level, which is a lot but would be tolerable if the game didnt heat up our phone so much!! Our phone is over heating and the game lags within minutes of opening the app. Totally lame.

Fun game but an ad after every level is a bit much. We understand a free app is going to come with some ads but Im at a point in our life where we have zero patience for them. Game is suppose to be relaxing and fun and pulling that stuff just makes it infuriating! Done and deleted after six levels. Bye!

This is a fun game. We liked enough to pay to remove the ads. Unfortunately, that payment doesn’t remove all of the ads. You can start a new game without any ads, but if you click the button to add an additional bottle you have to watch an ad, and most of the ads are long ones that you cant skip. This is dishonest. We paid. The ads should be gone! There appears to be no way to get rid of them. We think we have been cheated.

Really was enjoying this game and was looking forward to the harder levels. We are on level 1629 and we are still only have 14 bottles. So disappointed to not have a lot more bottles. We are done playing it.

We paid for the ads to go away and still see them, we want to the bottle shape and all we have is tube shapes, how can we get the bottle shape?!