Water Sort Puzzle

Last updated on January 10th, 2023 at 05:00 pm

Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by IEC GLOBAL PTY LTD, Water Sort Puzzle is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th June 2020 with the latest update 26th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Water Sort Puzzle ?

332,870 people have rated 10.0.1

What is the price of the Water Sort Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Water Sort Puzzle released ?

Water Sort Puzzle was released on 26th June 2020.

When was the Water Sort Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Water Sort Puzzle on 26th November 2022.

Where can Water Sort Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Water Sort Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!


  • Tap any glass to pour water to another glass.
  • The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass.
  • Try not to get stuck – but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time.


  • One finger control.
  • Multiple unique level
  • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

Updated on 26th November 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • New levels updated.

Water Sort Puzzle Review

Hi we were wondering if we purchase no ads so we get free extra cups or would we still need to watch ads even after purchasing.

This game is really fun and relaxing it has s couple adds but not a-lot like other games and it lets u get through levels without adds there is no glitching and no bugs we recommend.

We dont normally play mobile games but this one has us hooked. Just passed game level 3000. For some reason the ads use lots of battery power. Definitely worth it to purchase the no ads upgrade.

We absolutely love this game! We play it at least once every day and never get tired of it. Each level is challenging without being insanely difficult and when we had an issue with our save data not transferring, the support team replied within a few hours and fixed everything. Absolutely love this game!!!

It is so incredibly nice to just enjoy the game for what it is, a simple straightforward puzzle game that helps our anxiety immensely. So far Im on puzzle 250+ n Im still super pleased with how much Im still enjoying it. Theres some hard levels n some easy puzzles Too often these days things are filled with micro transactions, or things progressing so fast and hard that the game feels impossible n you can no longer play it. But we keep returning to water sort because it has a super satisfying mix of all sorts of level difficulty.

This is our fav game on our phone!! All of a sudden theres an express advertisement that stops the game LITERALLY every 3 seconds. It floats on the bottom and then will just pop up to play a video. On top of the advertisements in between games (which we dont mind those)! Please fix!

We love it. It is so satisfying and fun. We just wish that you could replay previous levels because the level we are currently on is too difficult for us to complete.

You spend more time being forcefed ads than playing the actual game. They make you watch like 4 in a row.

Love this game. Its just enough of a challenge that we dont get bored. No ads.

We’ve been playing Water Sort for awhile now, Im on game 2070. We like the new way you give one fourth of a tube when we get stuck and need an ad, it seems to be enough to download just enough to finish our puzzle. We paid for no ads but we use one when we absolutely get stuck.

We love the feeling of creating order out of chaos. The only complaint is the repetitive ads. Ads by themselves dont bother us (I downloaded 3 from the ads) but dont keep showing the ones we downloaded or other games virtually identical to the one Im playing.

You nEed to have the level restart atoMically when you no mOre moves thaT cAn be maDe Please answer Thanks, Tyler.

We love this app so much! It is our go to stress reliever, and overall is such a fun app. For yall saying that theres too many adds the app literally just has to make money-and theres things you can do to not have adds like airplane mode. But seriously this app is so much fun and we love how every puzzle is different! It really makes us feel so relaxed and we played this game for like an hour straight! So as we said, its so much fun, but theres some new update that is very very annoying. Normally when there was a level that was really difficult we would watch an add for an extra bottle. But now we have to watch 4 adds for a whole bottle and it only gives you 1/4 of the whole thing. This is really irritating and it is something that we and other might feel should go.

Made it to lvl 100 without using the extra vial feature. That rewind is your friend, use it wisely. Bare with the ads, they arent that bad.

Im on level 1073 so you could say we like the game a little bit.

We love this game its the B.E.S.T BEST!! Im on level 83 theres barely any adds maybe 2 or 3 adds a hour 4 at the most we LOVE this game.

We really really enjoy this game, we play it for days sometime hours at a time. For us its soothing and relaxing. We just love it. Now recently we noticed we didnt really have any coins and had the chance to buy different backgrounds which is awesome. We also saw you could buy different jars. Now this is where Id be disappointed it was so sad, we built up coins to buy the dice to get a new jar, we were hoping for old milk jars, old classic bottles but all we got was some sort of flute type cups. All of them are similar. No other jars or tubes but flute glasses not even the jars you have in the ad is a part of it. Can you please put what is advertised in the ad in the game. Some sort of different bottling. We were excited for that but with every flip we were let down. Can you please add more bottles and no more flute glasses. Thanks.

We tried to go to app support but we cant access it because we do not have a Facebook account nor do we want one. We just downloaded this game and Im really enjoying it but the screen goes black, the screen locks up or it lags as if we were playing on dial up. We’ve never had this problem before and its very frustrating. It takes longer in between each game than it takes us to complete each game. You really should shorten your ads. We’ve paid before to remove the ads but all they did was shorten the length. We hope you can fix this problem because we really am enjoying the game when we do get to play.

We love this game! Its fun and relaxing and gets us to stay focused. Theres one problem though, there is a lot of adds. When we try to go to another level sometimes, an add pops up when we dont need it to. But otherwise the adds, it is a super fun game . Have a good day.

We rarely ever find games we actually enjoy in the ecosystem of mobile interstitial ads. Mostly because when Im getting advertised to by a low-effort game trying to push microtransactions on us, the games being advertised are typically lower effort and even more purchase-driven. Water Sort surprised us, though; after paying for the ad-free, we found a surprisingly challenging, yet soothing collection of puzzles. A simple premise with surprisingly complex, cognitively engaging facets to it. The way progressing through it, we came up with little bulletproof strategies, then find out Id need to tailor it as the puzzles got harder. Its not without its faults (the bounding boxes on the leftmost beakers on each row seems a bit off), or its low-budget moments (theres one sound effect for pouring the water. We think the devs might have underestimated how satisfying it is to hear when you finally make the last pour of a brutal level). And perhaps most damningly, it does have a pretty craven ad-driven power-up system: watch an ad for 5 undos (far too little help for the disruption) or 2 extra beakers (way too much help with too little catharsis; it essentially allows you to finish the puzzle without the satisfaction of knowing what the actual answer was. At least when we look up the solution of a sudoku in the back of the book, we find out what solution we were missing.) But thats about 5% of the experience. The core takeaway is a genuinely engaging, intriguing, challenging-without-being-frustrating puzzle game. A splendid way to kill 5 minutes in the checkout line or unwind with cold drink on the couch.

Would be a five star game but the constant watching of ads to refill the undos is quite annoying. Please add Infinite Undos to the shop. Id pay for infinite undos. Name your price.

Im only up to level 72 and the levels dont seem to be getting harder, especially with the addition of an extra 1/4 empty tube. After being annoyed by the intrusive adds in other games, we paid the $2.99 for this one. Other reviews mention levels over 900 so Ill keep going for a while. It is fun and addicting.

The button to watch an ad to add more backtracks doesnt work.

This is a great game but they DEFINITELY over due the ads! There will almost 90% of the time be an add after you finish each level! YOUR MAKING ENOUGH MONEY ALREADY WITH THE ADS YOU DONT NEED TO OVERDUE THEM. If they just had one ad per 5 level that would be good. We will say they lose 30% of there players because of these ads. If anything your using money by over doing ads. You might be like. Just buy no ads. Okay let us go see then. 2.99$! REALLY! BRO! THIS GAME IS NOT LIKE MULTIPLAYER! WHAT THE HECK! LIKE DEFINITELY LOWER THE PRICE TO 1.99$ No one is probably gonna read this but hopefully they do! Bye!

Theres just to many adds. Thats all we have to say.

We seem to have an issue because Im not able to play. Its like the app is hanging. We cant loose it all now, reached a good level so far so good. Keeps us preoccupied as we think. We actually solve a lot of problems while at it. Engaging.

This is an amazing strategic puzzle game, but we feel like they need to reduce the number of adds. We say this because every time we reset we have a new strategy but instantly we get bad township add, and township makes the WORST adds.

Im on level 784 and its still the same sorting puzzle as it was in the lower levels. Ad shows very different things than are actually in the game.

Love how its simple yet addictive, works w/o Wi-Fi, and isnt just another rabid cashgrab. (something painfully rare these days) Issues/Ideas; -add more colors, beakers(you only get 13-15 MAX), and a higher difficulty setting where there are more then 4 parts to sort or limited moves. -enable the personalization of containers and backgrounds. (Its already shown in their App Store pictures so itd both fix the false advertising issue and make ads more tolerable) -add in more puzzle mechanics then just hiding the lower color parts in each beaker. Btw we like the recent update where you only get a fourth of a beaker per ad, helps make it less of an op boost! Thanks for making this.

The game is very relaxing, and fun. And just amazing overall. However, the game constantly glitches and freezes, and the game has way to many ads.

It’s a good game, great graphics, challenging, etc. However it’s needs some fixes like, we wish they could fix it so that if you select a tube it would keep you in that selected tube instead of it deselecting every single time you pour something. When you get to level 120+ it becomes ver challenging, so much that it takes 20-30 minutes to finish one level, we do not mind this but some people who play might be bothered by this but we do wish to keep that. Overall it’s a great game so if your up for the challenge download the game.

Hi Im Sophia we rated this game a 3 cuz like we dont really like the game it doesnt really let us put the drink or what ever it is called where we want to put it we like u are telling us that we are doing it wrong its just that Im very confused and mad about that Im srry if this is not a good rating and well yes it it but as the title says Im srry[]reason we atleast gave it a 3[]I thought this is a relaxing calm game so we tried it! Turns out we were right correct us here we think this game deserves 4 or 3 stars cuz theres not much adds and annoy stuff like if you have seen roblox u see theres freaking no adds and stuff and we love it just like this we think u need a bit of a touch up to this but we like ur game calming relaxing game for us no one has to believe us for this Im just srry If ur the creator of this game and reading our reviewAnd yes of couse[]reason why we didnt fully give 5 starts is because[]I like games that color and stuff u dont have to like apps that color to we just like it its a bit more relaxing calming and stuff like that if u dont believe us its totally fine as always people like diffrent stuff but if u want and if we were u if ur reading this right now we would down load many apps for coloring but Ill also do what u want to do but please listen to parents big sister big brothers they are adults that can help u as always even teachers! Who also loves art?[]hopefully its u![]And as always{}have a great/night/day everyone or who is reading this !{}bye !

However, the ads get stuck, and we cant dismiss them. This happens so often, the game becomes a frustration. We often get a blank white screen instead of an ad, and it just doesnt go away. When we close out the app and reopen, it restarts the level from the beginning. Im willing to sit through a reasonable ad, but this is testing our patience to a point that Im considering deleting the app.

We enjoy the game a lot but it makes our phone overheat and get really slow and we have a fairly new phone. It would be nice if you could turn off animations.

Its fun in all but after you complete each round you get a 30 second ad, and Im not paying 3 dollars just so we can sort some water without getting ads 24/7.

We just downloaded this game because it had high download numbers and we figured it must be a great game. We like the actual game but for every level theres a ad for at least 30 seconds. Its just really annoying. At least let us play a few levels before playing another. Looking at the other games like this now to see if maybe one of them has less adds.

We havent gotten a chance to play this game much yet; there have been too many ads. Thats okay, though, as in the middle of the third or fourth ad we started thinking about the meaning of life and what to do with ours. As they say, you only live once. While in the middle of an ad, we zoned out, wondering, where am we going with our life? Thats when we decided to start doing something and work harder. The ads gave us time to realize that we need to be productive and start making our mom proud. After the first several ads, we started studying the causes of Alzheimers and many forms of dementia. After several more ads, we found the cure for cancer. We ended world hunger, stopped animal abuse, and created world peace. Id like to thank this app for providing us with all those ads that led us in the right direction. Definitely recommend this app. What actually happens in the app? We have not a clue. The developers were genius to provide us with this once in a lifetime opportunity, though.

We admit that this game is really good but it makes our phone hot and it freezes up after only a 2 or 3 rounds. Besides that its a great way to calm our nerves if we are having a bad day. Please fix this bug soon.

Alr we don’t usually leave reviews but there has been something that always bugs us when we play this game. We absolutely love it and it’s great to pass time cause you have to really think on some levels, but it can get annoying when you get to a point where there are literally no possible notes to make without taking back a move (of which you have limited times to do unless you watch an add) or restart the game, and sometimes when we get to this point we won’t realize it until like 5 minutes later. It would be really helpful if there was a feature added that told you if you needed to try and take back a move or add another tube to keep playing because there are no possible color switches available to you. It would make it less stressful and frustrating for us when we think im in a roll but instead have unknowingly backed myself into a corner if the game told us that instead of having to check for 5 minutes to figure it out. Otherwise it’s a great have that we love playing.

We like color sort puzzles and started out loving this game. However, once we got to the level where the colors beneath the top layer are blacked that changed. The thing we like about these games is the ability to strategize by identifying the best order to sort the colors. When the majority of the colors are hidden its down to dumb luck. Its not a bad game but Im not sure if we will continue playing this game or not.

Its definitely addictive. In a brain dead sort of way. It kept getting harder till about level 120, now it alternates between hard and easy levels. The really weird part is that this and TANKS our battery. We doubt we could play for a full hour without being plugged in!! We’ve played FPSs with less battery consumption!! We have no idea why such a simple game should use so much power.

Enjoy the app a lot except the fact you cant replay the previous level, doesnt have any way to let you access the levels you passed.

We are irritated with this game it freezes up. We have no idea what to do for it. We cant play it like this.

The game Stops allowing you to look at ads for extra bottles but on some levels it is basically impossible to pass without at least one extra bottle.

There are long ads after every level which makes play a little frustrating. We appreciate that developers need to make money but maybe group the ads so they appear after every 5 or 10 levels instead. We reluctantly deleted this game after just a few levels because it was so annoying.

We enjoy the game but it has way to many ads. Not worth sitting thru all the ads just to play a few seconds.

Ok spent time playing this game since we got it a while back. Was at level 2700 something and got a new phone. Because of an issue with our managed networks we could not restore from backup and had to set up as a new phone. Despite having Game Center active and having app data backed up in iCloud we still lost all progress. Bummed with that, we know not the end of the world but just a bummer as not just the levels but also had the tubes and backgrounds unlocked and now everything has been reset. In this day and age this should not be the case.

Good game but WAY too many ads after each level.

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