LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 03:30 am

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes


LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Warner Bros. Entertainment, LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 25th April 2013 with the latest update 3rd October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,525 people have rated 1.9.0

You can download the game LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes from APP STORE.


Please ensure iCloud is enabled in advance in order for purchases to be restored. To enable iCloud, go to your device’s “Settings,” then “iCloud,” then “Documents & Data.” If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us at

Legends Unite! Batman and Robin join forces with other famous DC super heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more to stop the notorious villains Lex Luthor and The Joker from destroying Gotham City. Batman fans everywhere will enjoy this original story that’s filled with classic LEGO videogame action and humor as players fight to put the bad guys back behind bars!



Justice League favorites such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash can be unlocked as you progress through the game or accessed at any time through purchase via our in-game store. Have Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg and Hawkman help keep Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and Catwoman in check!


Master abilities of suits such as Robin’s Hazard Suit equipped with a Pressure Cannon, gadgets such as Batman’s Batarang, and soar through the air with Superman as he fights crime with his Freeze-Breath and Heat Vision!


iPad Retina display compatibility takes LEGO games on the iOS platform to the next level.


Switch between “Classic” and “Touch Screen” controls to find the play-style that suits you best.


For the first time in a LEGO game for iOS, mini-figs talk and bring even more life to this original story!


Unlock achievements and connect through Game Center to get the full experience from your Gotham City adventure.

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Updated on 3rd October 2022

  1. Added support for iOS 15.6.1;
  2. Added support for new iPhone and iPad devices;
  3. General improvements;
  4. Updated Privacy Policy/Terms of Service.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Reviews

We have played this game since we were like 6 and it is still our favorite mobile game.

When we were four or five, we played this game so much please dont update it.

As soon as Im about to beat it our game crashes we are on a iPadOS 15.6.1 please help us :(

Love this game but missing controller support.

This game is probably one of the most nostalgic games we played when we were younger so to the creator thank you for giving us memories that we will never forget.

Honestly its really really good game and our kid really really likes it.

We really love this game because we love DC. This game is really awesome thank you so much!

This is a certified hood classic.

When Im on the last part of the batmobile successfully defended its self, Im kicked out the game. We love this game, but we havent been able to pass this part for a day or two. We would just like to get our moneys worth please.

Keeps crashing on juggernaut level cannot progress due to issue. Patch please!

Our son enjoys this game but he gets to a certain level, beats it and the app crashes or it sends him back to the beginning, not saving the progress or ever getting through it.

We love this game so so much!! Please make it backbone controller compatible.

Please add controller support to the game!

It was all good until we got the next to last level. There was a glitch where Green Lanterns main ability wasnt working and we had to delete it.

It Glitches Out After The Car Mission Making It Unbeatable.

Great game, truly one of our all time favorites but it would be nice to have controller support.

Our first complain is that there is a bat-mobile and a bat helicopter but you never get to use it. Plus after you earned a character you still have to pay for it. Also once you get into Superman’s invincibility it’s like you can’t live without him so you get really mad when criptnite gets on him. Speaking of that lex luther is almost impossible to defeat . If that was not there we would still rate it three star’s. We just hate it.

Whenever we go into the app to play a loading wheel comes on the screen and doesnt disappear when we play. Also the game doesnt let you jump while moving your character in the x or y plane making some things in levels impossible.

Our son loves this game. We purchased the in app purchases to access all of the players and other special features but if you accidentally swipe right at the beginning to New Game you LOSE ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES. Again, this is a fun game but there is no way to restore purchases so not only have we lost all progress we lost our money as well. Honestly if there was a way to restore the purchases it would be 5 stars.

We get it. Its only $5. Not like spending however much it was for Lego Batman, and Lego Batman 2 on PlayStation. But for comparison Lego Star Wars TCS is on the App Store and all levels, mini kits, arcade mode, bounty hunter missions, story mode and free play, the entirety of the game the same as it would be on any major console is $7. This game was majorly disappointing. No levels where you can use vehicles, no batwing, bat boat, motorcycles, anything. You cant earn gold bricks, they can only be purchased. No mini kits. The mini kits unlock characters. No bonus levels. The extra Justice league levels arent even levels. Its just waves of enemies coming at you. We expected another half of the game to be playable with the justice league. You cant unlock all the characters, they have to be purchased. Fortunately you dont need to purchase any one character to finish the game. There are only 14 levels. Some are very short. Theres a formula to follow for these Lego games that make them great, the developers for this one really dropped the ball. If you have a kid that loves Batman, great, keep this on your phone or on their iPad. For Batman fans, avoid this game, save your money. Story is not worth it. Lego, just give us an iOS port of the first Lego Batman game. It was the best one.

Can this plz have controller support.

We played this game 1 year ago and we thought it would save but It didnt!!! And we were almost done!!! And the controls are small like we are pressing jump when we want to do our power! Would not recommend.

This game is more or less indistinguishable from Lego Batman 2, besides it being absolutely riddled with glitches. We were unable to finish the game because we ran into a glitch that hindered us beating the final boss. An over all frustrating experience, and we wish we could get our money back. We cant recommend it to anyone, because a game like it already exists, and isnt nearly as glitchy.

Ill give 5 starts if yall make it controller compatible.

We want a refund because the the controls in the game arent functioning.

Please support backbone controller we use it for our games.

This the best game ever we have never had any bugs ,definitely worth the money.

Excellent game… It was.. But now, it crashes every time.. Maybe some problem with new version of iOS.

This game is The best Game ever you should download this game too bad but you have two pey it:).

We spent sooooo long playing this, and we got sooo far. To where you can ride in vehicles and fighting lex. We were disappointed when we left the game, came back, to figure out that it didnt save! If it would just save, that would be great! We even had Superman!

When we were little we would play this game that was 8 years ago.

This is the best free batman game because batman Is the best game series ever we really love this game.

Im not a bad guy Im going home and Im just going to go home to go get to go to get our house and then Im going to get our house and then we can come get you and.

We already passed the game but since its so good we keep playing it over and over again. GREAT GAME!!

This game is awesome! We dont understand all the hate. You can do everything without paying in the game but you have the option to buy things if you want. This game may not have a city to explore but the many characters not in the console version of this game makes up for it. If you are looking for a challenging but action packed Lego game, this game is PERFECT!!

The game is good and all, but how do you get new ABILITIES??? Plz send us a note back.

Love the game, but would appreciate support for backbone controller!

Can we get an update for newer devices. The game is made for the old type of screens.

We like you can go to that elevator and just put one person there and we wont bother you at The bat cave.

An amazing game by Warner Bros.

This game is epic when we were a kid we kinda got stuck on the riddlers part but ITS good needs to be best game of the year yall see this u smell stinky like yo mama.

We need controller support!!!! Please.

This game is so fun because y There is so many levels to complete and there is great deals on the character packs so if you guys are gonna get this game totally get it it is not inappropriate.

They made a movie 1 year after the release of this game. Awesome game! We love being Batman, meeting the justice league, stoping The Joker and Lex Luthor, save Gotham City from Batmans rouge gallerys, and most of all Kicking crooks butt. We highly recommend this game.

Its a great game and it is similar to the console, but we dont feel like Im getting our monies worth out of it. It would really be a lot better if you could add free roam like in the console. That would be so awesome.

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