White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2

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White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2

White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2

White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Shanghai Uquadro Network Technology Co.,LTD, White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th September 2016 with the latest update 6th February 2018

Whether you are a fan of Music, Casual, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 ?

10,478 people have rated 5.9

What is the price of the White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 released ?

White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 was released on 10th September 2016.

When was the White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 updated ?

The latest updated date of White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 on 6th February 2018.

Where can White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 be downloaded ?

You can download the game White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 from Apple Official App Store.



◈ White Tiles 4 now has 300 awesome mini games. More games is coming. ◈
◈ White Tiles 4 is totally free forever.◈
◈The only thing you need to do is just Tap. Tap to start, tap to have fun.

【Game Features】:
◈ 300 Awesome Games in 1 App.
◈ Customize Your Own Games.
◈ Music system
◈ Theme system
◈ More Instruments : Piano, Guitar, Drum, Dubstep
◈ Amazing Color system
◈ Easy to play for all ages.
◈ An unparalleled gaming experience
◈ Social Share Support.

◈ We keep adding more addictive games in White Tiles 4. It’s free forever. If you love our game, please rate it. Thank you!

◈ Contact Us◈ : [email protected]

Updated on 6th February 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New mode: Stairs
New mode: Jump

White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2 Review

We have an idea we think would be cool. What if you could use a slingshot and shoot down something like piano tiles. Please give a response.

This game pushes you to the limit to be better and faster with all the song available.

We like this app a lot because we are really good at piano and this app helps us work on our finger speed. We want to make a suggestion. We want there to be a basketball hoop game and when you shoot a basket and it goes in, you keep working your way up until you miss the basket. Can you please add this suggestion in the next update. We will enjoy this app even more.

Do we like piano tiles four? DO I? We love it- it is amazing. There are so many games to chose from. For example 2048, triple, flame, etc. All the games are super fun! Once we even spent 4 hours on a ride trip playing the games. We did not get bored at all. And It doesnt use a lot of battery. It take a while to go down battery, its true. And you would even think we were sponsored!

We love this game it is the best game ever we love how many games you can play in one game!!!!!! Definitely try this app if you like tiles yayauay.

We remember playing his game constantly on our kindle fire long agoi could be biasedbut we love this game. We’ve always had this appealing fidgeting satisfaction playing these kinds of games. The combination of music, finger-movement, and eye coordination, is something we like to consider an exercise for our brain. ** [ it allows us to have multiple tasks at once]. ** and, yes, there are frequent ads and the game may have some glitches, but we dont mind it. It just fits the authentic cheap accent to the touch. Id rather it be there to add the flavor. . +almost a unique concept with the adjustments you can make with the app. we love how there are so many options to how you want to decorate your display! You can add your own photos, select solid colors for the tiles& so much more! Its so much in playing this game; we enjoy it whole-heartedly. .. And hopefully, this was helpful, even from a biased opinion. Sulli.

Its so fun make another one white tiles 5.

We love the game but our favorite game in it is the rapid sooooo much fun but we like all of them you should definitely download . We hope you like it once you ttry it. And theres very little commercials.

We love this app its sooooo much fun.

We love this app so much and our friends love it so much.

We love this game so much because it has so many games that you can play. We LOVE This Game SO Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love it so much. We’ve finished all the songs on all of our devices, except for this one. This game is AMAZING for when your in the car or anything. Its also a great way to annoy your parents. So 5 star review lol.

We love this game its so much fun it has so many awesome and different games like we said this game is worth it (very fun)

The game is soooooo relaxing and the music is nice. Recommend it.

This game is awesome but we had trouble with the sound so if you have trouble with the sound go to the first page where it says start then there is a button that says settings and if you press that button you can get your sound on by pressing sound on and then you you have your sound back. We love this game we hope this message will help yall get the sound on again.

This game knows how to kill boredom. We did buy the ad free version and it was worth every penny.

This game is our Cocain meaning we could do it all day and get tired after.

It is so much fun to play. The music options are great and their is always enough gems to buy stuff. The only thing is that you have to pay for V.I.P things which arent that good any way. We love playing the music that you can play and all the mini games that are included. It test your speed and makes you feel good when you get a good score. It makes your reflexes fast which is awesome. We would like to say thank you to the makers of white tiles four THANK YOU.

This game game has sooooooooooo many games and it is so addictive and we can sit here and play this game 24/7.

This game was so good and delicious, we almost fainted while playing.

This game is so fun and we think everyone should have it because there are so many games to play and its free so why not try it out!!


We have been playing for hours on end and it so fun.

We absolutely love this game. Its fun, simple and offers all kinds of simple and entertaining activities. For a free game, this is one of the best in our opinion!

This game brings good old memories when it first came out, this is an awesome and addictive game.

We would like if you can abbey add rope mode where you have to climb a rope in 100 seconds please.

Im an adult an we downloaded this while at the dmv . It was so fun and made the time fly 12/10 would recommend.

We love this bc it has many games in one and we just love. We think it is neat and we dont have to have so many apps when this app has many games we love. It leaves us with a lot of storage still left. We LOVE this app.

This game is so much fun to play and we love that there are so many games to choose from. It honestly just makes you love music more and more.

We have so much fun playing on this game. It is is a fun way to pass the time. Also, if you are competitive like us, it is a great game to compete with yourself. We hope you enjoy this game as much we do everyday.

First for all the best game ever. This is the first time we downloaded I. So long and the adds are omg! The adds are so long! We are playing game halfway through the afternoon.

We think they should make a category on it called infinity An infinite hold square.

We think this game is very fun and love to play when we have time and sometimes it is peaceful because it is playing music but it is also using your brain to do it. Defiantly a five star game!

Its a really cool concept, maybe add a swing game mode wher you swing from things.

We’ve played this game since we were little. It is awesome in every way, there are different so many games. Big thanks to all the people who put it together :)

You can play any game you want and not be bored all the time we especially like that there is not only piano games there is other games so we rate it a 10/10 best game we’ve ever played since we were small.

This game is so fun we almost forgot to rate it.

Great game, fun time waster, big selection of modes (including modes of modes). One of these modes is Flow Line, one of our favorites. One problem, there are some stages in Flow Line that are actually impossible. No, we dont mean hard or challenging, we enjoy the challenge. These levels are actually faulty and cannot be completed, and the will break your streak. Please look into this, and keep up the good work! Very fun!

We love this game but needs to be compatible with iPhone XR!!!!

This game is amazing. There are so many different options unlike some of the other piano games and you cant be bored.

We cant figure out how to get a good score. There should be instructions. But we love the game.

There is to many ads that is all we ha be to say.

Overall, game is fine (I guess). Lots of Fun game modes (almost too many). But, when Im trying to beat our record on classic mode (which is 2.34 for anyone wondering ) it lags and pretty much makes it impossible to beat the record. We dont know if the other game modes are as laggy because they dont seem as much fun. But, the game mode that we LITERALLY downloaded this for is being annoying which makes it almost impossible to enjoy the game overall. If you enjoy really laggy games, with endless game mode options (half of which you probably wont even play) than this game is totally for you. Overall, this game is dumb just keeping it.

One of our favorites because It has so many different types of games! Always play when we are bored and you do not need WiFi!

This game is amazingI like that that theres more stuff to do.

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