Like a Pet

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 01:40 am

Like a Pet

Like a Pet

Like a Pet is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Phan Le Thien, Like a Pet is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th July 2021 with the latest update 2nd January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Music, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Like a Pet ?

426 people have rated 2.4.2

What is the price of the Like a Pet ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Like a Pet released ?

Like a Pet was released on 4th July 2021.

When was the Like a Pet updated ?

The latest updated date of Like a Pet on 2nd January 2023.

Where can Like a Pet be downloaded ?

You can download the game Like a Pet from Apple Official App Store.



Like A Pet brings the best of both worlds – music and your happy little friends.

Challenge yourselves and your pets with exciting beats and rhythm. Collect as many music notes as possible to become the master of melody. Your pets bring so much joy as they turn into funny characters when they collect many notes.

  • How to play

Hold and drag to collect as many music notes as you can. Let’s see how you can team up with your pets to win this fun music game. Be ready! The game will speed up after every round to challenge you and your pets.

  • Game features:
  • Relaxing and upbeat music
  • Multiple levels of increasing difficulty in each song
  • Cute characters for collection

Are you ready to join this exciting musical journey with your pets? DOWNLOAD NOW to see how your pets can really surprise you with music.

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Updated on 2nd January 2023

  • Fix bug may cause app stuck on loading screen.
  • Adjust pets movement.
  • Fix minor bugs.

Like a Pet Review

We shouldve write a review when we played it for a while,bcuz we love this app. Love how you can pick a song and characters,well some. And we would recommend this game for some fun,relaxing.

It’s colorful and has amazing music ! If you like music games then we think you should get the game!

Its really fun and we think its cool and it is cute. You can download songs and have fun.

We have had this for about a year and we play it every once in a while there is last Christmas and dance monkey and others we think these are really good songs! You should get this it is mostly free to play.

There are a lot of ADS on this game. For example when you mess up it gives you a option to get another life but you have to watch a ad. Even if you say no you STILL have to watch a ad. But otherwise its a really fun game. At first it might be hard but it gets easier.

We are a lot disappointed about the add problem but everything else is perfect so 90% as a rating :) :(

Bro this is a copy of like a dino seriously?? Man but still we love it and we wish everything was free super cute characters and gorgeous graphics. But still it is a freaking copyright and one song has bad words do you seriously want kids to learn bad words, seriously???!! But overall, love It!!

This is glitching we can drag our character but the game wont start and it says drag to start while Im moving! Sorry hard to explain.

A lot of things are copyrighted. Overall, this is a fun game, but stealing someones idea is not okay. So we think you should make it more original. Also, we have a few recommendations. Add more animals. Like axolotls, hamsters, etc. Also, add more songs! BUT NOT COPYRIGHTED, ORIGINAL BY YOU!! And maybe you could add like customization of the animals.

We were playing all we want for Christmas is you but you didnt add the first part of the song can you fix this please we are disappointed right now.

It’s an amazing app a little copyright but still good, we just witch it had pastel like purple but over all.

It had no music and it may christmas is over and its the next year.

It makes us press the add button to keep going. And It has so many ads.

We would not recommend this game at all first of all there are some copyright music Another reason is that It cost money for almost all the charactersand when the pet reaches the note it looks choppy not satisfying at all. Also its hard to drag the pent to hit the note. Like we said WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Everyone knows that like a pet stole the concept from like a dino, but we had no idea they stole music from like a dino too! This is unacceptable and we hope they dont steal anything else from other games.

Hello, youre full copy, r right copy his brother, you copied like a Dino music. Make your own music every single song you have is not your music. Also you have to pay for the rest of the characters thats not like no . Boy. Bring us to.

Its DEFINITELY a copyright of Like a Dino. The game is glitchy and is very slow, you have to BUY all the rest of the animals, and the music is not the best. Dont totally recommend this app.

You basically copied off of Like A Dino. This isnt fair to the actual creator of Like A Dino. This is absolutely unacceptable.

This game has unoriginal music and it copied Like Dino, dont play this game, play the original.

First you copyright butter by BTS which is illegal to us and then you copy some songs from Like A Dino! And then you copy like a Dino . You must not know how a little girl worked A couple of years to make the game and then you just try to steal it from her. And the game has so many adds like every second but like a Dino has like no adds. And it takes like 12 – 20 minutes to join! Thank you if you read all of this and have a good day!

We downloaded it, and when we went in our screen was black forever. We also think this is just like, Like a Dino. So we had understood that oh our game doesnt work so we were getting ready to delete it, our game literally doesnt delete. It just automatically teleports to remove from home screen. We dont understand any of this.

The gameplay is fine but COPYRIGHT TO ALMOST EVERYTHING ON IT (the songs, the name is so similar to like a Dino, the touch sensitivity, etc) so delete.

PLEASE make death bed free again because we loved it.

Good game. This reminds us of bang dream and pj sekai. Make more games like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! We love the game soooo much if you play it but its a little tricky but if you practice you will get better.

We love this game but we were wondering if they could add Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez.

We love that you can unlock a few skins and so fun and the music is fantastic!!! Sopoaiclise recommend this!

We love this game we have a great time playing this. But can You add more music because we only have free and there only alittle bit of songs . But we really like this game.

Our brother help us find this game and then a Half a year ago later we forgot about it and then we found it in tiktok! And it was fun and we LOVE dogs! And this is our second favorite game ever!

Its so fun bc its just u swipe and hear part of the song and u get to hear any song u want we recommend u get this if u like hearing music and kawaii animals.

We love this game and the cute music it has to offer! Though it wont let us watch a add to revive myself we dont know if its just our WiFi but it wont let us. And we love how it has the cute colors and we love the graphics they arent bland like other games. And we like how it has such cute animals but what we dont like is the premium thing cause some people do not like to spend money on games even though they really want it like us we love how you did the animals though you did a very good job on them! But please fix the adds! Thank you very much!

We love it the cute animals and everything Im obsessed with its just make us feel like Im at home whenever even whenever Im not its really nice having this app and it makes us feel so secure we love everything about this whenever we text our friends we stopped to play this app you usually we do that just kidding every day and we love the songs on it our favorite song is on it good for you really nice and you guys all of you who are reading the reviews should get it.

So we’ve played this game called like a dino and this is copyrighted from it. 1. People are saying there is to many ads but you can just put on airplane mode. But that still doesn’t mean you get to copyright someones game (like a dino) that they probably make for years so please don’t copy other games like that.

So its a great game, accept its copyright kinda. And it would be cool to have pastel colors and create original songs like the creator of like a Dino did. Instead of using there songs create your own with some random music notes. But some good things about this game is it has adorable animals and great songs. When we got the app we were expecting it to be bad but we were surprised it had all our favorite songs. Its overall a great game but its copyright and it could use some more detail. Thanks for reading. (Creators note the game is good just maybe add the things that we wrote and make we more original.)

We love this game, dont get us wrong. But we have ran into the issue about the ads. THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADS!!! But the game is super fun and cute. If you dont mind ads then this game is awesome for you.

This is a very fun game that we played on our friends phone, and we decided to download it. When we got into the game our screen just froze every time, preventing us from playing. We dont know if this has to do with a glitch in our phone, but we reset our wi-fi, phone, and closed all of our tabs multiple times. The game will just not budge and will not allow us to even swipe the screen. Was very excited but it let us down :((

This game is fun and all but the songs are copyrighted and it shouldn’t be money for a different pet! Please fix this. Of course it’s our opinion but you could get sued for copyright!

Its a fun game and all but its honestly like a diseased rat. Its always stressful and we keep losing This is our opinion people, Im completely cool with people liking this game. We just wanted to state our review on this game.

We see so many people like this game and if you do please just get like a Dino. This game is a rip off of like a Dino plus Like a Dino does not have ads (unless you want one for coins) and the music is original. It is also SOO cute and their is different skins for your Dino. The young girl who made like a Dino spent years on that game so please dont get this one.

This game is Not a good game for four year olds because, this game has songs that are not clean. . Kids would think this game would be a fun game until one of the kids hear a cuss word. And this game has WAY TO MANY ads. Like every time you fail a part in a song a ad shows up, like what kind child would want a game that has a ad every second! This game is A COMPLETE RIPOFF. DO NOT GET THIS GAME! PLEASE.

  1. There are way to many adds and its to the point where we cant enjoy the game. 2. Love the pets but not worth the adds.

Cant even use every time we go on it, it freezes the game cant even use it. Dont recommend.

We got into game and it said swipe to start and well we were swiping and well nothing happend.

A copy of like a Dino. Like u couldnt be a little different.

Hello, developers our name is Tymber. We going to tell you about this app. Ok first of all songs we mean first you copy butter, which is illegal, copyright and you copy the songs from LIKE A DINO. Which is our favorite app. It really breaks our heart because we know how hard the person worked to make LIKE A DINO. And taking work from a LITTLE GIRL, because you have no ideas is stupid. A LITTLE GIRL IS BETTER THAN YOU!!! Adds LIKE A DINO has no adds. This game has ads every second. No one will play it whith all the adds!!! We would recommend you stop copying LIKE A DINO and actually put some work into your own app. Please read everyone playing this game is thinking the same thing.

This game is a copy of Like a Dino but worse. First of all, the game idea is exactly the same as the original one. Some songs are direct copies with the same name as well. The rest of these songs are popular songs but no credit goes to the singer. Secondly, there are way too many ads. After every break an ad pops up. When given the choice of continuing with an ad or not, both require you to watch an ad. Finally, you have to pay for other animals to play with. It is supposed to be a free app, but there are in-app purchases, which just makes children sad. Please support the maker of Like a Dino , not this.

A rip-off of Like a Dino and stolen songs, and half of the cute animals cost 1 dollar! Please get Like a Dino instead of this, its horrible! Plus theres an add every fricking second! And its copyrighted, and it shouldnt be 4+ because half of these songs have cuss words in them!

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