Woodturning 3D

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:33 am

Woodturning 3D


Woodturning 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Woodturning 3D is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th December 2019 with the latest update 20th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


181,909 people have rated 2.1.0

You can download the game Woodturning 3D from APP STORE.


The best woodturning simulator.
Complete customer orders.
Turn a piece of wood into the given shape.
Cut (carve), polish, paint and add a stencil to your work.
Earn money and improve your lathe room.

Updated on 20th April 2022

Big fixes

Woodturning 3D Review

Its really good we like Im ok with the ads because we see the ad and the game looks cool so we get that game so it seems like a fun game to me.

It freezes a lot a lot of ads but totally therapeutic lol.

The game is good but theres way to many ads.

We were just trying to see what well happen but when we were finishing it off and then it just stop. We know why but that we are not going to talk about, but when we closed the app we reopened it and then it showed the person who made the game and then black was only seen on the game/app and we cant play the game anymore but dont worry l can still play and do other stuff it just the game/app that stopped working.

This game is really addicting and good but it keeps glitching and kicks us out sometimes. This is really annoying and could you please fix this soon.

It is good but it crashes a lot.

Its fun and all. But it keeps closing unexpected. As soon as Im almost finish and then we have to start over. Wish it would stop.

This game is pretty fun! Simple and calming. But we do find a few pros and cons. Pros: 1. Over all, the game is really fun, it’s easy to just relax and play the game. 2. Theres no in-app purchases. (Not that we could find.) we like the freedom of not being nagged to buy better stuff with realm money. Cons: 1. The game was glitching a lot. The screen would freeze up and not work. And let us tell you a story: we downloaded this game on an iPad and thought it was pretty fun! Until one day, we would click on the app, it would flash the voodoo logo, and just sit on the gray screen! For minutes at a time, it would just sit. We downloaded and reinstalled the game multiple times, but it would do the same thing. So after about two days of that, we decided to try it on our phone. And guess what, the same thing happened, AGAIN. At that point, it just gave up on the game, that to this day, still wont work. 2. The ADS. The ads are the worst part. Theyre constant, you cant do the simplest thing without there being an ad to follow. It drove us crazy. Thats all. Always read reviews before you download an app. Have a great day!!

Before we got the game we thought it was better! But the only thing good about the game is that you buy new tools? So we feel like the game should be upgraded a little and it may be better! But it think that it can get better than that!

When we saw the add it looked fun so we tried it out and turned out to be amazing. We recommend buying this game if you are always/usually board out of your mind.

The app keeps making us leave and then when we go back into the app our progress is gone.

It keeps on quitting itself, and whenever theres an ad, the screen turns black.

We love this game its so awesome but the thing is the age its also for kids than 12yr because we use it and it feels like a kids game.

Good game but keep randomly shutting down please fix we’ve paid for no ads the game was so good.

Okay so our mom feels sick so she played this and now she died thanks.

. Thanks to whoever made this app.

This game is Really fun Please download this This app.

This game is very satisfying and helps calm us down. This game is rewarding and encourages creativity. Along with that, this game is completely appropriate for all ages from when your kids learn to use the phone to when you turn 98.

This game is sooooo entertaining! But the only problem is that there is way too many adds. Even though, this game Is very entertaining and so satisfying. Download it NOW! But not if you hate adds.

5 stars there is no better game.

We’ve seen a lot of people give 1-4 star reviews because of the adds (I WILL TALK ABOUT TURNING THEM OFF LATER)I think this a a great game with a lot of opportunities for a great game! How to turn off adds!: this is a free way to turn off adds that works with all games! First go to settings. Second turn off wifi. Third enjoy! Thanks for reading have a good day!

We just got it and it is already so fun and amazing it is also very very good for a FREE game! It is also very satisfying and extremely exiting we hope you get it and enjoy it.

This is a really great, Satisfying game and we think it was awesome! However, one day, it stopped working. Now the screen is just black and you cant play it.

If uftdgfhgjnfsfjxmhfnzz Ngmdlkc Kkjg N.

Ok so we just put 5 stars to see if it would get on the front page if you are reading this is probably is. Ok so for 4-5 weeks it was so good. And then we got on and it took us to App Store to a different game so we went back to Woodturning we pressed play and it took us to THE APP STORE again. It did this over and over. And it drives us crazy. So we dont get it maybe its a glitch but we have gotten so far and we dont want to delete it and try again. But 100 if you want to try it go ahead but we dont advise. Also drains your battery. – invisible internet.

Cure our boredom and satisfaction me.

Want too many more people who have a boyfriend or us to go to get the money and get money for us we can do stuff like we wanna is the day you want us we love love and love love our dad dad and dad mom and we have dinner with dad mom mom and we love love dad and mom and we wanna is that we love love you is our birthday we want you and mommy and we y to us right after dinner is a little bit more.

We love this game its a really good game but theres one little problem after every single level in this game theres an ad right after it if you watch an ad to get it fixed you have to watch an ad when youre done again in our opinion we feel like the game developer should remove a lot of the ads because we just we dont know shouldnt be that many ads in and theres a ton of levels but we guess they have to add ads but like theres tons and tons of ads and we want the developers to pick up on this and remove a lot of the ads but overall the game is amazing we would really suggest getting this game.

Whenever we complete a level, our rank doesnt go up. And whenever we start a level, sometimes, the sponge only shows up.

We are addicted to this game! Sometimes it does get boring but overall it is super fun!

Best game we love it sooooooooooooooooo much we want this to be our job when we grow up.

Many, many people have been looking for a good game recently bc they cant do it at home bc of the pandemic. Its this one. Its always been our go to game. Its cool to play online or offline. (For when youre on the go.) there is a loooong line of adds tho. But on the bright side they are only when you ask/click the option to. Tbh its probably better than (I cant believe Im about to say this but here goes!) Roblox actually Uhm thanks you guys for reading.

IDK we dont know why we made it for star we dont know why we kind a like it But we just dont know why we added . Made it a.. Four star.

Its a good game just to many adds.

Great way to kill time and keep this in mind we downloaded this again to make sure it wasnt our phone. We played for a couple level then our phone started heating up. After deleting it stopped. To make sure we deleted and installed again and same thing happened. Im not sure if it happens to every phone but all we know is that it happens to ours.(I have an IPhone 12 btw)

We love this game,Butwhen you use the sponge it smoothens out the edges that are supposed to be sharp. And thats a bit of a problem,But we do love your game Love,Cecilia / little random.

Please fix the ads! Every time theres an ad it takes all our money away. And Ill be almost finished with one of the levels and our game will just randomly quit out and go to the home screen. This is very annoying because it also takes all our money and makes us restart the level. PLEASE FIX!!

This game is very nice, and we would put 5 stars, but some of the ads are you cannot x out of and have to close down and reopen.

The game is great for consuming time and very creative. Problem is it will force close on us every third or fourth client, please fix it asap. Dont wanna play something that closes when its fun and creative. So Ill give it four stars!

It very addicting but theres a lot of game on figured out how to get rid of it but of course we cant say or theyll remove this review. Also we found a way to get infinite money which is too op and a little annoying we also cant say this. But otherwise great game we would just like them not to have so many adds a fix the infinite money glitch.

Overall good game, lots of adds.

Yeah ok so we like this game it is satisfying too, the problem is it makes our phone extremely hot, equivalent to stepping bare foot on concrete on a 90 day.