Wordscapes In Bloom Answers All Levels

Last updated on May 25th, 2019 at 07:10 am

Wordscapes In Bloom Answers All Levels


4 thoughts on “Wordscapes In Bloom Answers All Levels”

  1. what happens after you reach the 3500 level. There is no other solutions for the additional levels

    1. Maria Fonseca

      That only discourages people from playing further, if they hit a word that they cannot figure out. Not fair

  2. I thhink some of the other answers show answers that are not on the game which helps with points and receiving extra bees and stuff. Would like some of the non answers on your page also.

  3. Your choices of whether or not I like this are not good. Both hands are sticking up. I would have pushed the hands down choice if there was one which I think others thought the second one should be sticking down. These are WAY TOO busy and hard to read. Just simplify the whole thing and correct your choices of whether or not this is liked. I don’t like it!!!

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