Yatzy – Classic Edition

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 09:25 pm

Yatzy – Classic Edition

Yatzy - Classic Edition

Yatzy – Classic Edition is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Loop Games, Yatzy – Classic Edition is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st August 2018 with the latest update 19th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Yatzy – Classic Edition ?

7,435 people have rated 1.58

What is the price of the Yatzy – Classic Edition ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Yatzy – Classic Edition released ?

Yatzy – Classic Edition was released on 1st August 2018.

When was the Yatzy – Classic Edition updated ?

The latest updated date of Yatzy – Classic Edition on 19th March 2023.

Where can Yatzy – Classic Edition be downloaded ?

You can download the game Yatzy – Classic Edition from Apple Official App Store.



This dice game got various name over the years and continents : yatzy, yacht and so on, but what does not change is that it is very simple, fast to learn and fun to play!

Keep your brain active and sharp, analyze all the possibilities and try to get the best score to win over your friend or your opponent!

Yatzy is a 13 round game. Each round you can roll the five dice up to three times to achieve one of the 13 combinations. Each combination has to be done once and only once. The objective is to achieve the highest score possible at the end of the game.

This fun Yatzy Classic dice game has 2 modes:

  • Solo game : train yourself and improve your best score
  • Play online : challenge an opponent online!

And more features and game modes to come in our next updates!

Updated on 19th March 2023

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements.

Yatzy – Classic Edition Review

We have one wish, we wish that we could play with friends online. Otherwise, simple and easy UI. Reasonable game to ad ratio. Ill keep coming back.

We love playing Yatzy with our family and now we can play it without having to clean up after and we can practice how we should play everything out.

The best Yahtzee app but hate the ad after EVERY game. Would be willing to pay for NO ads!!

It is great that some things stay the same. Played it on pads when we were kids. Made our own cards in our 30s and now in our 60s playing it on our phone. Relaxing and easy.

Love it and wouldnt change a thing.

Im a fan, playing all the time. Filling time in the car waiting for whatever great game !

Does anyone know how to find this music outside of the game itself? Its so soothing and emotional!

We love this app but the last two days, our Norton has been telling us they dont recommend this site. You might want to check on that. Make sure no one is misusing your app. This app we use all the time, Id hate for something to happen to it.

Yo yo yo best game ever. For a 11 year old like us bro.

It takes just as long to play a game as it does to sit through all of the ads before and after the game. You decide.

Between each game you have to click out of an ad half a dozen times before you can get the game to come up.

Great app when you actually get to play. But loooong ads after each round. Some you have to close and reopen the app as no way to close them after theyve run. Need a paid ad free version.

We wanted to like this but it is too bot driven. The algorithms are simple and not favorable. We’ve played Yahtzee for 29 years and am quite good. With app we went 3-59 win/ losses averaging only 185. In 59 games we got 2 Yahtzees and opponents got one EVERY game, half of the time, 2 yahtzees and two time ms they got three yahtzees in one game. No fun. Based on the scores, speed and patterns, there is no online opponents, they are all bots, that was disappointing. That was the main thing we wanted. We give it 1.5 stars.

Play against the bot and youll find that the program cheats. In order to win against you, it will suddenly roll a large straight and then, miraculously, one.. Two, maybe even three Yatzys. If the computer suddenly starts rolling improbably great scores, just start the game over. It wont let you win that match.

We have played the game of Yatzee since we were a child ( Im in our 60s) and we have never seen a program/game give out as many Yahtzees as this one. It is an impossible mathematical statistic of Yatzees that are given out. It feels unrealistic and rigged. Great feeling if you are the recipient at the time, but it still feels unfair either way. We feel the programmers thought more people would play if they gave out more Yatzees. We dont mind losing, if we are beaten fair and square. Ill be looking for another game of Yatzee.

We were really loving this game until we got the iPhone 11 and we cannot longer see the score we’ve tried settings and everything but it just seems to not quite work with the goofy way iPhone 11 cuts the top of the screen.

If you like losing, this app is for you! We’ve never been one to play against online opponents, and we’ve always like playing against computer/bot. However, this game is ridiculous! IF you get slightly ahead, the bot will roll a slightly higher point, or a Yahtzee every game, etc.! We have yet to win. We win a lot of games against the computer on other apps. Why would you want people to leave and delete your app? Which is EXACTLY what Im about to do! Bye!

Love the game hate the adds really do we have to endure advertisement after ever game? Deleted after use.

On more than one occasion the start up ad goes so long we lose the game because the timer runs out before we get to play. It looks like the developer has messed up.

We have had more than one occasion, the opening ad takes so long that the timer runs out before we even get a chance to move so we lose before we start thats insane.

Not only are they obnoxiously long without a clear path to skip through but they have some nobodies talking for forever. You cannot skip and it takes 4 stops to get through the done, no, skip, no f**ing thank you.

Just wish we could buy no ads. Cant find that option.

The game is pretty good (its standard Yahtzee, with pretty normal controls). But the full length ads before each game are a bit much.

Okay, we are enjoying the game but there is a definite flaw! We go to play online and most of the time it is fine but several times today we click play again and it puts us into a video then when we can x out it takes us to game where we get a pop up that says we have lost the game because we ran out of time. What!!?? Why is it starting the game and counting down before we get back from a commercial that you all throw us into? That is not right and very unfair. It is marking us as a loss and we dont get to play the game! This needs to be fixed!

This is a very good implementation of Yahtzee. However, the stupid Royal Match ad (god, we hate those ads, which prevail in mobile game ads) kicks off after we finish a game) and then, without us directing it, the game starts playing, and as the ad featuring the moronic king slowly proceeds, we hear the game timer in the background ticking the seconds off. Then we get a screen saying You Lost! This has happened a lot to the point that win/lost stats are totally incorrect. Im logging losses without actually playing because of the egregious ad interference. This is a deal breaker. One more instance of this and its time to jettison this game.

Love this game, but cant give more than one star to game with such intrusive ads. This is a timed game and when an ad runs after the start of the game and runs for thirty seconds, it is quite ridiculous. The ad takes up half of a turn. Beyond frustrating. Will never download any of the games advertised while playing and will never play again until this gets fixed. Goodbye Yatzy friends. It has been a pleasure until this started.

Love it. Lots of fun and we dont need to wait for someone to play with us. We recommend it for anyone who wants to play a fun game alone. Im 75 years old.

This is fun and simple .. And NOT bogged down with repeated advertisements as many game apps have. Thank you!

We have an iPhone 13 activated May 24 and that bugged us but not enough to dump our favorite game. We have two. The other is a hidden object game. Eleven turns and youre done. When we want to see the score, we simply take a screenshot, look at it and delete it. THERES A WAY AROUND EVERYTHING! Just use common sense. They say the update listened to everyone but for now, Im keeping our original version. We didnt see new pictures.

We love playing Yahtzee! So this game is a amazing! It has not a lot of adds so thats good.

We love this game. It lets you play endlessly and doesn’t keep asking for money like some other greedy games are set up. Good job developers! Awesome!

Its a general Yatzi for this app. No ads in between. Ads to start a game, we mean, its free, and it helps with in between moments. Dont mind the ads, as Im not gaming that much anyhow.

Play Friends-Play Online-Play Solo Traditional Yatzee without the gambling making it kid friendly. Auto score. You control teams, matches or progressive wins.

We love playing this. The ads are tolerable.

We never have problems or slowdowns with this game. Love it!

The game is fun to play on the phone and with our family.

Such a great app. Im hooked. Takes us back to our childhood playing Yahtzee with our sister.

We love this! Especially if youre bored or cant go to sleep! Its perfect!

We loved Yatzy as a child and enjoy playing this game now! We’ve had no issues at all. Great game.

It is a great game to play at Any time. Weather its in the morning of the after noon. It is not stressful and is an over all great game.

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