Squad Alpha – Action Shooting

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 01:10 am

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Squad Alpha – Action Shooting is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th July 2021 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Squad Alpha – Action Shooting ?

24,089 people have rated 1.6.25

What is the price of the Squad Alpha – Action Shooting ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Squad Alpha – Action Shooting released ?

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting was released on 20th July 2021.

When was the Squad Alpha – Action Shooting updated ?

The latest updated date of Squad Alpha – Action Shooting on 31st May 2023.

Where can Squad Alpha – Action Shooting be downloaded ?

You can download the game Squad Alpha – Action Shooting from Apple Official App Store.



► Squad Alpha – are you up to the challenge?

Looking for an engaging casual shooter that’s easy to get the hang of but offers engrossing action and real tactical challenges? Squad Alpha is a top-down shooting game with intelligent mechanics, loads of cool upgradeable guns, and addictive gameplay that’ll have your trigger finger itching and tickle your strategic brain.

Duck, dodge, run and take cover, then pick off multiple targets to complete endless levels of thrilling action and get awesome rewards so you can upgrade your gear and prove your agents worthy of the elite Squad Alpha!

►The alpha and omega of mobile shooters

  • Think before you shoot – Squad Alpha is a blast and a half, with intuitive top-down gameplay that’s easy to get into. But you can’t just go out with all guns blazing. The clever mechanics and carefully designed levels mean you’ll need to pause your trigger finger, plan your moves and play the angles to take out all your enemies and reach the end of the progressively more challenging levels.

  • The action never ends – over 200 unique levels, each requiring its own tactical approach and ever more ingenious strategy to master, as well as nearly 20 different bosses providing extra challenges and awesome rewards for your elite agents.

  • Get the squad back together – progress through the game to gather all the elite agents of Squad Alpha, each with their own unique style, skills, and 4 different skins to collect and wear.

  • Bullet points – over 30 different guns to collect, cherish and upgrade, including pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and much more. Earn cash in levels and reach game benchmarks to build up your arsenal and find the gun that suits your shooting style, then fine-tune it in the workshop to create a truly awesome weapon that will strike fear into the heart of your foes. And that’s not to mention grenades…

  • Banging sounds – Squad Alpha boasts simple but stylish graphics that are light enough to play on any device while also looking sleek and cool, as well as a fantastic and atmospheric soundtrack to enhance the action and adventure.

►Guns, grenades, and gumption…

Plan your moves and let the bullets fly in this edge-of-your-seat action game that’s fun to play for 5 minutes or hours on end. Looking for a new take on a top-down shooter that combines tactical challenges with really engaging gameplay, stylish looks, and super-cool sounds, and a huge amount of collectible to ensure there’s always something new that’ll keep you coming back for more and more fast-paced shooter action?

Download Squad Alpha now for thrills, adventure, and guaranteed trigger happiness.

Privacy Policy: https://say.games/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://say.games/terms-of-use

Updated on 31st May 2023

New tactical loadouts are here! 4 new perks, 1 new weapon attribute and the new legendary sniper rifle – Doubletap!

Some perks were changed to favor of balance, providing you many ways to be the strongest agent out there!

New event starts on June 1st! Play Campaign, Hunt and Missions to collect Arcade Coins from enemy drops and chests. Use Arcade Coins to Boost prizes for legendary rewards!

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting Review

Finally u can upgrade and downgrade any weapon u like without any cost like previously!

Yes you do have to pay for the VIP every month to completely enjoy the game but since its only 9.99 Im willing to do it to enjoy this awesome game! Gameplay is amazing and the difficulty of the game increases as you get better weapons and update your hero as well so we’ve been loving this game since we got it and will recommend it to any true gamers out there looking for a good challenge every day! Enjoy!

A very welcome update allowing downgrades to obtain equipment and cash back that were earned without having to pay to get them back. Thanks.

Ok we love this game and its very fun and rewarding but sometimes unfair because we lost when the enemy was late and that made no sense so please make this game more fair.

On top of a monthly membership option, there are season passes and event passes, all sold separately. Events are apparently being made in a fashion that require either $150 or 9 hours a day of serious gameplay (the words of the moderators on discord). Also support seems to come from discord, so far in the form of moderators that seem potentially less than civil. Its a fun game, but when you add up the monthly, season, and event, its very expensive. All this from a game that so far has less features than RuneScape. We hope to see this change in the future, it has a lot of potential.

Love this game, very dynamic and challenging.

Do not waste your time! Its and absolute money scam. You wont be able to level or get any further without spending an insane amount of money. Absolutely ridiculous. This developer should be ashamed of themselves, and actually make the game fun, not a money spending keep you on an impossible level unless you spend an obnoxious amount of money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Please add controller support would make it a bit easier to control your character and not be so awkward.

We really Enjoy this Game , Thanks to the App Creators.

Iv been playing this game for 2 years now and we’ve noticed how its becoming a pay to play. Way too expensive when we buy the elite pass and elite pass+ we expect to get a 5t weapon but it has never happened. Its impossible to upgrade our guns past lb3. They give you bolts for chest to get upgraded parts but constantly get base parts. Needless to say this game has let us down time and time again. Just a warning to the player its impossible to get anything wether its guns, upgrades or gear good luck.

We are so glad that we downloaded this game! Funny thing about ads on another game! Well long story short saw it on another game we play and was intrigued by the video. Downloaded it and now we cant stop playing. It has become our number one game over the other ones we play on mobile. Great graphics, easy movement and its pretty self explanatory on what gun to use. The only major concern above other concerns is the fact that if we pay $20 for the elite pass plus then we should get the elite pass along with our elite pass plus. We understand it but its annoying. Overall Im glad there are no ads! Still a great game but come on creators. People will pay and play, just make the in game purchases reasonable with what you get! As for the little wrenches, give us more than one at a time. Its ridiculous to how we only get one at a time when upgrades for each gun cost 5 wrenches when you do the limit break. The games modes only gives them randomly. Also, what rewards do we get for the rifts at the end of the season?

For its size we think its got the best action in the kill field. Smooth & fast movements we can actually dodge hits from enemies. Id like to see a run burst button. Just loaded the update, lets see what we got.

Cant what to see what more they add to this.

Great game so far. Too early to tell. Its fun though.

Having to update this game every 12 days is not worth it now.. Its fun and all but not worth our time and storage its taking up our phone.

We think this is a good game, but your progress can stagnant. And maybe its just our opinion, but if you make your game pay-to-play or we guess semi-pay-to-play in this case, then when someone pays they should get a higher chance at getting the featured weapons. If not a guaranteed chance to get them.

This was our favorite game now we cant play it anymore after the update. The app wont even open.

We’ve been looking for a game to replace our current lineup, and we think we found it. Support: we started with a bug where we couldnt link our cloud, which meant we couldn’t access certain features. Not only did support respond within 2 days, they also offered to go above and beyond to have our issue resolved. Gameplay: Like many stop to shoot game, this one has a few bugs. But they seem to have adapted to most of them out of the gate, probably from other games like them. We haven’t had any true issue with the shooting design. The weapon upgrade and availability could use some work, as it can take forever to limit break a specific weapon. This issue we feel they are working to correct without giving obscene advantage to the first person to find the glitch when they do revamp it. Community: we find the community is fairly new, with clans being newly introduced and such, but we feel they have bug plans for it. We cant currently view each others bases, for example, but thats obviously in the works. Ill update our review as new updates come out, but definitely not a missing star yet from us!

We are going to recommend that the boxs you get should be reduced from 2 hours to maybe 1 hour or 30 minutes.

Idk our son said that love this game . Son takes it out of our hand and he can play.

We love the game but the developers are definitely making this pay to win and its slowly ruining the great game they had.

No ads whatsoever, except if you want you can opt in to watch one in order to boost a crate you get with rewards once in a while. But without a boost the crates are still filled with rewards and no ads interrupt the experience. Fun gameplay too.

So this game is so good and we are on level 100 already and this game is so fun that it just blew our mind. You guys have to download this game. Theres subscriptions. Theres VIP passes everything. You dont want to miss this download it now.

Not a bad point and shoot, levels and opponents are somewhat variable. But after some time it gets stale. Not enough Novelties and the upgrades become unreasonably hard to get. Overall the level design and amount of detail put into this game is great. All of this was obtained without paying so that is another added bonus Solid game 4.3/5.

This game is awesome, but is it possible a sword could be added. We give this game 2 up.

Thoroughly enjoy this game. But now Im waiting on new levels. Was advertised as a no Wi-Fi game, and for long car rides. This is not the case. No internet no play.

The game is basically pay to win and you need to give the game some money to win in the battles or you what multiple days to get the free item and other things there to s other ways to get items but what would think would be a good add on to the game would be based on your level you get curtain graded weapons,and leveling up needs to be a tad bit easier,now going back to why your level should be what graded weapon you need because in the game Im a level 14 which took us multiple times playing and we have a very free time in the battles and hunts we still only get basics or silvers and we will go an entire level with out getting hit and not get the best rarity of the ramndon gun for example we will look at the best things we can get in this level and its a blue so we will go and entire game with getting hit once but still not get that and its kind of annoying now dont get us wrong it is a fun game but you have to put a lot of time into this game when you play it we dont know if its a marketing thing or they just made it like that but still its a good game. Thank you.

The is very good and it has decent graphics and all the things a good mobile game should have but it is laggier than COD mobile itself. We honestly couldnt even pass the 3rd level because of this issue. We dont even own that many games. Thank you for your time.

Great game, but when are you to release the clan missions. Its been like 6 months and no update related to this.

Its so cool and has great guns too we love dis game!!!

We love this game because its a great time filler,I play it all the time when Im bored. And we just LOVE it It equals $

Why doesnt the agent slide anymore? We looked forward to that. It was one of our favorite things about this game its still great none the less but we wish he would still slide on the ice.

Fun game while you are waiting around.

Love the gameplay loop – though on some boss fights or with certain enemies – we lose a ton of frames and sometimes have a hard time playing. Would be nice to have some options to cut down on some of the larger visual effects (such as the orbital beam) for players with older phones. Keep up the great work!

As the title says. The game is fun but the touch controls are terrible. We dont know if its done on purpose, but your character will sometimes stop running while youre still holding down the control, without you knowing. So youll get blasted and die sometimes because of this. We dont get why developers are so trash that they cant add simple controller support. Also its free to play, so expect to spend lots of time grinding to slowly progress through levels, or eventually uninstall, if you dont spend big money.

This game is perfect if you are bored.

This game is great in all shapes in forms. Cannot wait until clan missions are here. We just hope the developers can more quickly release new content or events because this game is amazing and we play it to the fullest.

Been playing for around an hour, not been shown a single ad. The paid content is shown at appropriate times, and isnt impossible or make the game less entertaining without paid content. Those are the two things that we will instantly delete a game for. Then, comes is it fun to play? The developers deserve big props. The style, control, and feel of gameplay is spot on. Difficult but endlessly engaging. We rarely write reviews, and almost all of them are games we highly recommend checking out (as if our opinion matters to anyone ) – get this game.

In the ad on tiktok it says that im able to make weapons but in the app, there is clearly no way you can make weapons.

We like the fact that the levels go quick and upgrades are easy enough as well so it gets a 2 thumbs up.

Yeah its fun but its also impossible because the enemys get harder and harder and to be fair this game is really fun and it has like no ads thats good to ok back to the game soo said hard and bye UwU.

This game is a blast and we found myself really addicted to it. Lots of fast paced arcade style shooting which turned out to be lots of fun. Rewards are always given though not great rewards sometimes if Im being honest. The biggest issue and we mean the biggest is the weapon upgrades! There is common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, and mythic or legendary. You ONLY get common parts and very very rarely you will somehow stumble across an uncommon part. You have to grind for weeks just to get parts for a weapon and heres the 2 part kicker the part you get is random and it cost a lot of in game money to upgrade these weapons parts! This is a serious flaw with the game and we wish they fix it soon! Until then Im basically stuck at a point where we cant progress.

We dont appreciate getting to enforcer 1 then Being downgraded to the one below that, we would really appreciate if you put us back at enforcer one.

Uninstalled this game and it has reinstalled itself about 6 times now.

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