A Game of Thrones: Board Game

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A Game of Thrones: Board Game


A Game of Thrones: Board Game is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Asmodee Digital, A Game of Thrones: Board Game is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th April 2021 with the latest update 8th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


48 people have rated 1.1.0

You can download the game A Game of Thrones: Board Game from APP STORE.



“We’ve Finally Got A Great Game of Thrones Game.”

“An excellent experience in both single and multi-player.”
4/5 – Screen Rant

“A must-buy for any Game of Thrones gamers or fans. Excellent all-around.”
4.5/5 – Hey Poor Player

In this turn-based strategy game based on A Song of Ice and Fire novel series by G.R.R Martin, experience the wars and intrigues of Westeros by playing as one of the 6 Great Houses. In A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition, the ambitious Lannisters, the stalwart Starks, the cunning Martells and other Houses are struggling to seize the crown. Lead the Greyjoys on their pillages or consolidate your forces as the Tyrells, the choice is yours. In this war-torn land, where alliances are made and broken, armies clash and the royal court is filled with schemes; will you be able to establish your dominance?
Conquer fortresses and castles to solidify your claim to the throne, but beware of your neighbours.
Will you be able to seize the crown for yourself?

LEAD your house, muster your troops, plan your next move to raid the enemy lines and conquer territories.

WIN strategic battles with the help of well-known characters such as Jaime Lannister or Eddard Stark.

MASTER diplomacy and deception. Forge alliances with the other Great Houses but be ready for the inevitable betrayal. You cannot survive alone in the game of thrones, but only one will be crowned ruler of Westeros.

Gather INFLUENCE to claim key positions in the royal court and take the initiative, crush your enemies, or cunningly outsmart your opponents.

UNITE against the Wildlings north of the Wall or face the consequences of your failures…

Adapted from the acclaimed Board Game and built for a great mobile experience.

Face up to 5 other players online with a cross-platform Elo ranking and leaderboard or play offline against AIs.

Asymmetric gameplay with unique start and combat cards for each house.

Experience 10 unique solo story challenges to master the game and delve deeper into the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire

Play asynchronously online and conquer Westeros, one order at a time.

Multiple variants, such as the vassal system from the Mother of Dragons board game expansion, to drastically change the strategy for 5-players or smaller games, or the Tides of Battles which introduce a random factor in fights.

5 Languages available: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

« A Feast for Crows » and « A Dance with Dragons» DLCs are now available!

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Updated on 8th February 2023

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when using the March order on a region with a power token.


  • "Asmodee Digital Splash Screen" has been replaced by the Twin Sails logo
  • Asmodee.net text has been replaced with "AsmoConnect"

A Game of Thrones: Board Game Reviews

We like it so far, but Im disappointed the latest expansion doesnt seem to be part of the game. Im hoping an update is coming soon. When it does Ill update our review.

In game sound or music doesnt work. No option to not use an order token in planning phase, you must give every army an order or use all available order tokens.

We love the game, we enjoy playing it so much. However, we purchased the Feast for Crows expansion, we played it once and now it prompts us to purchase it again Let us use what we have bought.

After initially giving this app an overwhelmingly positive review, we must begrudgingly change it to a one star. After purchasing and playing the Feast For Crows DLC for months on-end, the app inexplicably removed our download, and asks for us to pay for it once again. We sent a screenshot of our purchase from Apple to the developers, and we’ve yet to get an answer or have the problem revolved. In regards to the game itself, after attempting to play online, we experienced some of the bugs that other reviewers were talking about. In single player games, attacks will sometimes result in our units sharing a territory with enemy units without engaging in any combat. We truly believe this is the greatest strategy game on the market, and the sky is the limit of the developers get this digital version right! Hope to hear back & have our issue resolved.

This is a fantastic board game and the app plays well. Unfortunately, the computer ai is so poor, even on hard mode, that the game is not a challenge, removing the fun of a skirmish against bots. Online play is good against human players.

We havent hit a lockup bug since the last update. Still visual bugs, but now regions lock blue or red, or units dont vanish after they are destroyed. Happens less than before last update, but still problems. Looks nice mostly. Without bugs, our only complaint is that we have to zoom in and wear our reading glasses to tell the dark samey units apart.

We reviewed this game as a 1 star near when it first came out, it was nearly unplayable. Now however, they have fixed many (not all!) of the bugs. This game is playable and somewhat enjoyable now, but there needs to be some more effort from the developer. Instead of game breaking bugs, there are bugs like not being able to see the end of the game score in async games, sometimes the game pauses for a day or two and then randomly continues, sometimes the game decides to play your fight card for you. The worst part, however, is the 7 day player turn. This badly needs to be upgraded to at least 14 days, if not 45 like many other async board games. Most of our games end due to player timeout because if they stop earlier than the other players at night and work most of the day then they inevitably run out of time. This is how most of our games end, to someone timing out and being replaced by a bot.

Have attempted two asynchronous 3-player games, and we were not able to finish either without the game getting stuck on no ones turn or flat out disappearing. Seems like a cool game but we wouldnt pay for it in its current state.

UPDATE: v0.9.5 didnt appear to fix much. 1st async multiplayer game got stuck trying to bid on Turn 2. Still a 1-star release. Great single player experience, terrible and broken multiplayer. When it works, its awesome, and when it inevitably breaks, its super frustrating. Our group of friends have yet to complete a game because of the horrendous sync issues. Most turns involve restarting the app to fetch the latest updates. Or maybe it wont fetch updates and youll just have 2 players stuck in combat with the game telling each player its the others turn, but nobody can actually take an action so the game just stops. Or maybe the AI bot wont know how to break ties when bidding and kick everyone from the game. Or everyone will just be kicked out for no good reason at all. This game is yet another example of terrible software design practices where they ship a product without proper testing, and use us, the paying players, as their QA. We dont recommend buying until they release a proper patch that fixes these unacceptable bugs.

Great when you can play and pretty slick on iPhone but buggy at moment.

Learned a lot with the tutorial and was able to jump right into skirmishes. Lot of depth, will be playing this a lot.

We enjoy the game, but whenever we try to log in to our Asmodee account, it tells us to check our Internet (which is working fine). Problem has persisted since game launch. Other than that, we highly recommend it.

The game is a great one to one representation of the board game and makes games so much faster and much more enjoyable. However, there are some glitches in this game. The most notable is in the Searoad Marches where the game refuses to play the AI moves or your moves (especially if you are supporting). Nothing you can do, even a reload, can get the game to progress. We have also seen direwolf cards pop up on the base game? Very strange, plus Stark was not even being played. There is also a visual bug that incorrectly counts siege engines in defense, but correctly excludes them in the final tally. The result is a confusing number that says you won, causing you to alter the cards you will play. Then, once the final tally is concluded, you lose because the siege engine was counted and messed with your internal math. We should not have to look for bugs and then subtract them from tally while also adding numbers from our deck.

You spelled it wrong in the ad.

This is a fun game and a good adaptation. However, we’ve run into a few too many game breaking bugs to recommend it right now. The AI frequently freezes permanently, and the game doesnt seem to tally up combat totals correctly. We’ve lost several combats where we had a significant final strength advantage and the AI doesnt play a leader card. Should be worth another look after a patch.

We love the game, and love the board game. However, game frequently freezes up during sea battles and the AI is a little illogical, such as asking for support to attack regions you control! Clean up the bugs and youll get 5 stars, but right now its luck if you can even finish a game :(

Multiplayer is broken. They said it would be fixed in April, havent seen one update. The interface is great, basically any multiplayer doesnt work. Solo still works well if you want to play vs CPU.

Every single time we try to play a game of SKIRMISH it ends up freezing on a ship to ship battle. The ships just sit there and continue to shoot at one another and that’s it. This needs to be fixed. This game is too expensive for it to be completely broken on ANY of it’s areas.

Before we give a review, Im having an issue with syncing our DWD purchase between our iPhone and our iPad. We purchased DWD (and the app) on our iPhone, and then launched it on our iPad. However, while we have an Asmodee account which is synced on both devices, its requiring us to pay for DWD again on our iPad. Is the intent that we have to pay for DWD multiple times or is this a bug? Follow-up: Unfortunately, our issue was never solved. While their team tried to help, it felt nominal at best. We paid for the game twice in the hopes of getting MoD as our way of investing in this game. Review: Im sad to say that this version just isnt as strong as the free version on the internet. Until they release a bug-free game with Mother of Dragons, we believe the other free versions online are far superior to this paid version. The animations are nice, but Id rather see a much simpler and more strategic overview of the map rather than scrolling just to see what other players are doing. There is hardly any online presence, and it seems difficult to keep games in a PBEM state for a group of friends. Im rooting for this team because we want to see MoD, but we’ve been disappointed so far.

Looks good but havent been able to complete a single game as it keeps losing our saved games.

Game constantly gets stuck on cpu turns and basically ruins the games. Happens at any point in the game.

Bought the app to play with three other friends, turns out in addition to the game you have to buy the expansion pack and have exactly six players.

Just freezes up in a navel battle and nothing will allow moving forward. Unplayable when in this state. Update – A game vs AI players. Navel battle begins, shows initial battle values and then stops. It never loads options to select a battle card to resolve battle, its just stuck looping the battle graphic. Saving and restarting the game loads to the same place unable to select cards to continue. Game had to be abandoned.

We havent been able to get past round 3 in any of the scrimmages we’ve tried. The app simply doesnt work. We generally dont have any problems on the pc version on Steam, but this iPhone app just wasnt ready for primetime.

Sync issues make this impossible to play the async multiplayer mode. Avoid.

Havent been able to complete one multiplayer game. Game is always out of sync with different results being shown to different players. Numerous other bugs (why does a battle only resolve at a certain zoom level??). Do not recommend.

Decent game, follows the board game but has lots of bugs. For example we played over an hour on one of the challenges and the game is stuck on this step with another house choosing support. Cant get past it. Bummer to have that game wasted. And had times when we win a combat and it acts like we dont. Very buggy, needs lots of work. Really expensive app to have bugs like that.

Our friends and we live the original and were very excited to give this a shot. We attempted 3 Asynchronous games, one with just the five of us and two games with a bot to fill out the 6 houses. We couldnt finish any of them. Eventually it bugs out so bad that we all get kicked from the game. We get to turn 2-3 and thats as far as it goes. Maybe someday this game will work, but for now its not even worth a free version, least of all dumping $10 on a game that apparently never went through any type of QA testing. If we thought we could get a refund Id ask.

Never made it through a game without it completely locking up. Id like our money back as we didnt sign up to be an Alpha tester.

What a mess this game is. If is so utterly mired down in complexity that even the tutorial makes no sense. Really upset that we spent the money on this.

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