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Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CAPCOM Co., Ltd, Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th December 2017 with the latest update 12th December 2017

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


154 people have rated 1.00.01

You can download the game Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS from APP STORE.


An exciting new chapter in the Ace Attorney series!

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth takes the Ace Attorney series from the courtroom to the crime scene, leaving the legal battle behind while bringing the action to various crime scenes. This time around, the player takes on the role of famed prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, a memorable rival of charismatic legal eagle Phoenix Wright. Edgeworth actively investigates crime scenes in order to pursue the truth behind each case. By solving the challenging puzzles presented him, Edgeworth will work with the police to bring criminals to justice.

Game Summary

  • Guide Miles Edgeworth through various locations, examine and analyze clues, work directly with characters on the scene, find contradictions in suspect statements, and get to the truth by presenting decisive evidence.
  • Investigate crime scenes to search for evidence and confront other characters to find contradictions in their statements, to get closer to the truth.
  • High resolution graphics optimized for modern devices.
  • Utilize the all-new “Logic” system, where Miles can choose two pieces of information out of the various pieces he has collected and “combine” them to discover new information.
  • Reproduce the crime scene using the in game hologram and discover new information.
  • Experience the famously eclectic cast of characters of the Ace Attorney universe.

Updated on 12th December 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Fixed various system-related issues.

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS Reviews

This game is just great, Capcom has made the Ace Attorney series a irresistible series for us, but adding this new play style? 10/10.

We can’t believe it… We’re so happy this was created… We’re not sure if this was made by the same person who made the original trilogy… But we love it.

Been waiting for this to come out on iPhone for AGES! By far one of the best story arcs in the ace attorney series (with some pretty sweet easter eggs and nods to the previous games). Love going through this story every once in a while. The last episode is the best. There are also some pretty sweet tie-ins to the previous games.

One of the best ace attorney games you play as Phoenix’s rival edgeworth (:

Any fan of the Ace Attorney games will love this! We dont have a physical copy of the game, but this iOS version saved the day! We play on our iPad Air(2020), and we have no issues. It runs smoothy and the graphics are clear. Note: First episode is $0.99. Full Game is $14.99 In our opinion its a fair price considering a physical DS copy is going for a lot online.

This might be our favorite Ace Attorney game, but maybe you could take away the prices of the other episodes. Just a suggestion though. Also, since some questions we cant figure out, we have walkthroughs on youtube to help us out, and we are most grateful of their presence. (Yes, we like to say things in fancy ways to seem more complicated and mature we guess.) In other words: Its a good game!

When playing any ace attorney games we play during anytime we have free time. But when we tried the first case we realized that you must press the right corner instead of any other place.

Amazing game, however we wish Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was international…

To be honest, we were first expecting to unlock the full game by paying only 99 cents, but that only unlocks the first case. For the full series, its about $14.99, if we remember correctly, but it was worth it! We enjoyed every minute of it, we would even sometimes stay up playing a case, using logic and deductions to discover the truth. It even gave us more insight into the characters we’ve seen in the Phoenix Wright game and some references. The final case was extremely long, we were locked in the whole time and we were surprised completely by the twists and outcomes that we didnt even see coming. There were even some funny gags and situations included involving the characters. We are glad to finally place an ace attorney game that takes you beyond the courtroom and onto the crime scene, and we would love to play part 2 except its only available in the Japanese App Store. We hope Capcom can one day fully release Ace Attorney Investigations 2 on the AppStore.

When we saw Ace Attorney we wasn’t expecting it to be that good of a game due to it not being in a courtroom, but was we wrong. It was a better character choice for it to be miles over Phoenix Wright, if they had gone with Phoenix it would be more comedic based and I’d probably have forgotten someone was murdered due to shenanigans. Miles is more sophisticated and serious way better character choice for the job. We’ve only beaten part one due to the rest costing money and we’ll buy them but at this moment it’s a very great game. The graphics aren’t the best but it’s a good thing it’s about gameplay and not graphics.

While this is a good port, and as a Ace Attorney fan, we adore how they use HD sprites for remasters and not the classic sprites. Its a good thing they are bringing these to mobile and not exclusive with Nintendo like the past. However, Capcom will have to improve the port a little since you have to be connected to a WiFi connection to play. Overall a great port, but the connection bit is the only flaw.

We had the same issues at first that we have bought all episodes but the port showed we need to purchase again, then we tried the restore button on the purchase page and it worked, if you have the same issue like us, maybe try this button.

We have never played the ace attorney series, but we decided to try this game because it looked different, and plus it had DS graphics, (childhood nostalgia gets us every time). We are incredibly glad we did, the game is incredibly well done the characters are interesting and memorable, and rewards the player for using their brain Finally the business model is refreshing; this is a PREMIUM game that lets you play the ENTIRE first episode for free, plus no adds! Then it gives you the option to buy the other episodes individually or buy the full game at a discount price. After completing the first episode, (which is worth downloading the game for alone) the full game was an insta-buy for us. This is possibly our favorite iOS game right next to Wayward Souls and IMPLOSION. Now if youll excuse us we have a case to attend to.

Been one of our favorites since we were small.

Ace Attorney Investigations 1 and 2 are our favourite Ace Attorney games! But….. WHEN is Capcom gonna officially release AAI2 in the West? We need it. ;-; They really have a chance to make profit with no physical distribution cost now that mobile gaming is such a huge thing. Im pretty sure a LOT of fans would pay to have an official translation of that game in some capacity. We need an Ace Attorney Investigations 3 too! We love playing as Miles, and IMO its a lot more fun than playing as Phoenix. (Though we do like both characters, Edgeworth has a lot more substance than Phoenix/his chemistry with Kay is very cute, since its rare to see him actually open up to someone the way he has with her [and Phoenix loves Maya, but theyre both pretty open people, so thats more cut and dry than Kay and Edgey, who change each other more radically.]) we also love the peripheral characters like Franziska, Gumshoe, and Agent Lang. We need to have an AAI3 set 10 years later (like Dual Destinies and SoJ), where we see what has become of our beautiful cast. And what has happened with some of the villains/antagonists weve met along the way….. Maybe an M rating like DD, since Edgeworth is playing with the big boys now! ^_^ For as much criticism as it received at the time, people look back on Dual Destinies very fondly now (because it was a phenomenal game, and our favourite next to the AAI series), so it would be nice if we could finally get a release of AAI2 (as a mobile exclusive, maybe, or on the Switch?), and an AAI3. Edgeworth and the characters around him are an important part of the AA series too, so we think it is time to revisit dapper boy and see what he gets up to when he isnt being dragged into another one of Phoenix Wrights messes we mean, cases. :P.

We didnt know the full game was 15 dollars. We like the game though.

Game is five stars, but it was 0.99¢ on the App Store, yet it still costs money to play the entire game!

We’ve been a major fan of the PW series for a while, it’s one of our favorite series in general. The investigation games are one of the few games in the series we haven’t been able to play very much, so we were excited to see the iOS port. The game itself still seems great, but the game seems to run pretty slow, and the updated sections of the graphics don’t look great to us. The lag may be attributed to our iPad 3, but the tablet runs most games just fine. We’re rating it 4 stars because we do love the fat that companies are porting older games, such as the PW series and even some Professor Layton games. We want to encourage these ports, but we also want them to be good quality. Highly recommend this series.

We dont know if its just us IPhone users but all purchases will be lost if we start up the game without Wi-Fi but the HD sprites are all great anyways hope to seeing PWVSPL on the App Store.

Please release in additional languages such as GERMAN, thanks.

The way its advertised is as a complete game but when we open it we have to pay $14.99 for the full game. This is upsetting.

Great, but NEEDS iPhone X screen support!

Dont buy this unless you want to shell out $15 to play it. They dont mention in the description that your only buying the introduction to the game. Youll have to shell out once youve spent money to actually play the game. Very dishonest!

If you want to play past the tutorial, you have to pay per chapter. We knew a $0.99 game was too good to be true.

We unlocked the full game then loaded it a month later and all the memory was wiped! We contacted support for the game and they never got back to us! This game is fraud. Do not buy.

This is a game for a child. Terribly annoying to an adult.

We wrote a review and it was deleted. The truth hurts, huh Capcom. This game is heavy on text and light on gameplay. The worst Ace Attorney game ever.

This game is very fun, and has a lot of replay value. As such, we like to replay all the Ace Attorney ports on our iPad once in a while. However, Im not always around wifi, especially when im traveling, which means no matter how much we want to play this installment in the series, we have to wait to have internet to play the chapters we’ve purchased. Please fix this problem.

We bought the entire game, $15 in all, and even started playing the ones you have to purchase, but now it wont allow us to continue to play without purchasing the game again- Im not spending another $15 on a game we just bought. Please fix this.

We keep losing our save files for no reason. Dont buy, pirate it somewhere else.

We can read faster than a snail can move. Honest! You cant put a text heavy game out there with out the ability to tap your way through the text when its too slow. Try again, schmuck.

The 1 dollar you pay is for the first episode. If you want to unlock all episodes, you have to pay 15 dollars more.

Not for us. Cant even make it through the intro. We cant believe they try to make you pay for this.

You are welcome to come in here or do you want us a little earlier than you want us lol you.

We have never played an Ace Attorney Game for myself, and wanted to try this one out. We were really happy when we saw that it was available as an app for the iPhone. So, we purchased all the episodes, because… Well, it was a good deal for the bundle. Well, we got through the first three episodes and took a break. And then, just a few minutes ago, we went back to load our save file for the fourth episode. However… A window popped up on the game saying that we needed to purchase this episode in order to play it. WTH?! Upon further inspection of the title screen… It was the same option. We had to PURCHASE the episodes, after already purchasing the bundle when we first downloaded the app. Either fix this or give us our money back!!

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