Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 05:25 am

Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes

Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes

Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by EGO NINO GAMES SL, Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 16th September 2020 with the latest update 10th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes ?

1,727 people have rated 2.1.3

What is the price of the Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes released ?

Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes was released on 16th September 2020.

When was the Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes updated ?

The latest updated date of Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes on 10th May 2023.

Where can Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes from Apple Official App Store.



The new way to play Bingo has arrived!
Experience the thrill of a bingo room from your mobile phone and win real money prizes.

Join people from all over the world who share the same passion for Bingo as you! Have a blast playing Bingo while winning cash.

The game is fun, easy and free to play for everyone!

Even if you are at home, you can invite your friends and climb your way to the top of the leagues where big prizes will be awarded every week.

Cash tournaments are available in about 70% of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following States AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, LA, MD, MT, SC, SD, and TN. If you don’t live in a cash-enabled region, you can still play for fun with our virtual currency.

Challenge people around the world with eGoGames, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, Cash or free virtual currency prizes.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Any questions regarding the eGoGames system or cash tournaments system please let us know.

Updated on 10th May 2023

  • Game Optimization
  • Bug Fixing

Bingo Money: Real Cash Prizes Review

Cherrybomb, Joelle05, abuelamari, dian0305 and ana2073 are bots. Rated 5 stars so they would post the review. We would give 0 stars if we could. Im contacting an attorney. Its illegal not to post critical reviews. We screenshot EVERYTHING. PLAYED THIS GAME TO LEVEL 40 something then decided to invest a little money. As soon as we won our 3rd game it kicked us out. Now app closes immediately as soon as it opens. We still have money too. Funny how we can log into all your other in app games use money but we cannot play your bingo game. These people are horrible. We hope your smiling now because after Im done you will not be and you will wish you fixed this simple non-costly issue while you had the chance. Im besides myself. Sad because game was perfect until we added real money UPDATE 5.15.23 – we reinstalled the BingoMoney game and was allowed to play out what money we had left. Was never credited the money we lost from the app force closing. We lost every bingo game since. No response from costumer support. Just horrible! Update 5.17.23 we had issues with game closing and we contacted support in which they promptly addressed our issue and even credited us for a game. Getting better. Now if you could just get rid of the bots the game would be mostly fair playall and all the game is definitely NOT FairPlay. Its a shame because it has a nice interface but bots are way too obvious.

Lets see if we understand this correctly. We just completed a blackout, with a large time bonus included but no 2x score, we got about 52,000. We’ve been beaten before with a blackout but not by 30,000 points. If we got near maximum how could someone get 30,000 more points? Ill watch the replay and get some tips but guess what? Our opponents video was not available. How convenient! We smell something fishy. The app crashes when loading. 3 days and counting. Fix please.

Platform has been improved! Withdrawals are being processed on time!

Este juego us rob $50 pesos de mi cuenta trate recuperarlos y no puede.

We cant withdraw our money… Its scam.

Why isnt Bonus Cash an option in the store anymore?

We love the game but you need too fix your glitches !!!! Aggravating!

They dont respond to ur emails and the app is full of bugs DONT DOWNLOAD.

Every time we try to play it wont open.

Our family have played this game from 2021. And we played the game with same wifi because we are FAMILY. They let us play normally during when we made deposits. So we thought we can play game with each account(even we submitted our ID for own account each). But now, once we made cash out, they blocked our accounts with saying we detected you have multiple accounts. What ? We played each account for about 2 YEARS but you guys are saying they have a same user now ? No its 100% not. So we emailed them for explaining we are not a same person. But they are still IGNORING our emails. Its really weird, even they havent blocked our accounts for 2 YEARS when we played game with DEPOSIT but once we made a WITHDRAWAL, they blocked ours ONCE WE MAKE WITHDRAWAL with unbelievable reason that same wifi means same user. We had about $ 8K in our account, she had about $ 16K in hers. But they are still ignoring our contact, stole our money totally $ 24K we guarantee that they wont react our accounts and will NEVER reply our email. And we guarantee 10000% they will steal our money $ 24000.

We have been trying to withdraw for over a month and we have emailed with no response and we emailed the support team with no response. Its been months and no response from anyone. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GARBAGE.

No us abre la aplicacin y us rob lo que deposite que hago.

We like how this app gives the option of 2person matches as well as multi player games. Improvements there are only 2 that we’ve noted so far. 1. Game results take too long. We understand play is asynchronous, but 12 hours to get matched is beyond the pale. 2. Need more entry fee options. For 2person games it jumps from $0.60 to $12!! We need some 3, 5, 6, 10 dollar entry options.

The game starts to load then kicks us out and Im back at our Home Screen. Please fix this issue asap, thanks!

We think its so funny how you give black outs in order for us to lose cause you know that we will win lol.

We have been trying to withdraw for over a month and we have emailed with no response and we emailed the support team with no response.

We’ve won money with this app and requested a cash out over 2 months ago. They simply take your money. It is a total scam!!

We have been trying to withdraw for over a month and we have emailed with no response.

We’ve been playing this game for the last 3 days. When we opened the app today, it just disappears! Thats some bull.

Look stop complaining its a strategy game you have to use your brain and you have to be fast sometimes you win sometimes you lose. We’ve been playing this game for a while and its our number one go to game we wont play any other game but this one keep up the amazing work your games are the best.

Would love this game even more if we actually got paid for doing it or should we say ?

This game is amazing we absolutely love it.

Esto es una prdida de tiempo no paga nada no s porque son tan estafadores.

Played for a short time bc almost immediately we saw the signs of fraud scam game. Same issues as everybody else game shuts down steals money, losing by incredibly impossible higher score with blackout and lots of time like 50k our score to 98k bot fake player score, replay button doesnt work when gameplay seems fishy suspected bot fake player and score seems impossible or if game doesnt give you the 2x bonus or when game shuts down in middle of gameplay and steals money.. Our experience feels like Im just echoing everyone elses awful experience that does not get response & resolutions from customer service. Bottom line. This is Another fraudulent scam game that should be canceled and all their games deleted.

This game is a scam we have been playing for months and before the new update everything was fine but now its crashes right in the middle of gameplay or it will freeze then close you out of the app and you have to reset the app and then it wont let you back in. So dont waste your time on app stealing your money Im uninstalling this game.

This is the worst there is unfair gameplay going on here this is crazy we know how to play bingo very well and we are not a sore loser no you tell us we how we had one number left on our board and used all our perks in our doubles and our extra time and all that and our score was 23,000 a little over 23,000 and our opponent was 97,000 over 97,000 then you tell us how thats possible that is ridiculous we still have money on there that we put on there we dont want the money you guys need to keep it yourselves and do something about your crappy game we will not recommend this game to anyone is matter fact we will tell everyone we can to stay away from this game and we dont wanna hear any excuses! Because there are none and Im not saying Im the best player out there but like we said we are not a sore loser well maybe we are when the other persons scores 70,000 more than we do thats not possible we wonder what you have to do to get that kind of favor from this game whatever it is Im not gonna do it! And the only reason why we even put one star was because we had to to even put a comment on here!

Entre a jugar y tengo otro nombre y us quitaron mi dinero y mi perfil esta app no sirve ! Hay hackers no es seguro !

Not here to complain about rigged games or strange scores. We actually did very well and withdrew a few thousand within a few days. They never paid us, and then suddenly froze our account for an "investigation." They never updated us on their so-called investigation and refuse to respond to any of our emails. It’s been about two months, so there’s about zero chance they’ll follow up now. Don’t waste your time on this app! They’re scammers. And eGoGames, please don’t bother replying to this review telling us to contact your support. Everything we send to that support email gets ignored, since y’all are scammers that don’t pay what you owe.

How come it doesn’t show the amounts in U.S. Dollars?

Juego de .60 y ganas 1.00 y cuando ganas no recibes el dinero ni sube tu cuenta??? No entiendo, hasta cuando ponen el dinero que uno gana en una partida???

This game is crap , gonna uninstall . They say your gonna get money if you win , but its a scam. Never won cash but we did win at bingo . DONT WASTE YOUR TIME !!!!!!!!!

So we were loving this game we are a avid bingo player been playing everyday of our life for the past 8 years had an account opened and yea we had to re download it bc it kept shutting off but it was so big deal then we try and log in after we were number 27 And we cant then we email them and the email we got back was. Your account has been banned for cheating in games. WOW can u say bull crap they didnt like that we had played 20 or 30 games and we had lost once bc they had put us against literally 4 players we dont even think its possible to cheat in bingo!!!! We will be contacting the BBB and a lawyer bc this is WRONG and bc we have the money to do that! Bc unlike what they say we play bingo on a lot of other platforms and we win bc Im good!!! They didnt like that so they ban accounts that dont put thousands of dollars into an account!!! Liars and scams and they should know not to accuse someone of cheating unless they have evidence which they dont bc we didnt cheat!!!!! Im coming for you eGoGames!!

This games is the worst. It tells we I won money and it says we have to wait 7 days. After the 7days it all goes away. Never received any money at all.

Very smooth game play, and not a long wait searching for opponents! Great game!

So far so good, have won all our games.

We’ve played a lot of eSports skill-based games over the past six years, but have only played eGoGames for about a week – and so far our experience has been mostly positive! PROS: our first impressions of eGG were slightly mixed – we thought we were literally playing one of the Skillz platform games at first, but then we realized everything was in and not $, lol. Unlike Skillz, however, we have to say that we prefer eGGs Tournament because with having fewer players on the platform overall makes it significantly easier to place high on rank, so its actually fun to play! What makes eGG superior are the insanely lucrative Tournament prizes! Also, we like that its cheaper to trade-in your Stars (similar to Skillz Ticketz) for Bonus Cash and other prizes, despite only earning a max of 4x Stars per match (opposed to 6x on Skillz). We deposited $20 and received $40 Bonus Cash ($60 total), but the concept of using it is not transparent at all. We found zero information about it on the app nor eGG website. Aside from common standard practice of Bonus Cash (being non withdraw-able and is forfeited upon making a withdrawal), its definitely not treated the same in our total balance as with many other eSports platforms. But after using $45 (of our $60 balance) to win a quick $75 match and then using $60 of that to win a $100 match, it kinda seems like it gets converted into actual real cash winnings much simpler, but we could be mistaken? In about five minutes and playing just two matches, our balance is now at $130 ($100 is allowed for withdrawal and $30 is Bonus Cash). Ill continue playing before attempting to withdraw (+update review). CONS: The very beginning of the match, usually within the first few balls, might experience minor lag. The Golden Ball will always show four numbers. Frustratingly, one of those numbers will also likely be the same as the current ball. Another issue with the GB is that it ALWAYS shows four numbers. So if a GB is activated and you have fewer than four playable numbers remaining on your board, you better hope that you remember which of the four number(s) NOT to select. Also, if a GB is activated after youve managed a full blackout board-and-before youve submitted it, youll have to wait for the GB timer to expire (as you board has zero remaining open numbers) before you can BINGO. The match doesnt always pause while the Bonus balls are being activated – the match can suddenly end before getting a chance to actually use the bonus. The biggest issue right now is that the BINGO button feels very sticky/sluggish. We have to tap it repeatedly for it to register our bingos – but tapping too much incurs a penalty. Fortunately, only a small handful of our matches ended without our bingos counted. Unfortunately, the majority of our total matches all have incurred penalties. Finally, Im not able to refer our friends because our account referral code and personal referral link is missing. We emailed support, but havent heard back. Right now we are unable to earn Bonus Cash for referrals. Will update after withdrawal process.

Lets see if we understand this correctly. We just completed a blackout, with a large time bonus included but no 2x score, we got about 52,000. We’ve been beaten before with a blackout but not by 30,000 points. If we got near maximum how could someone get 30,000 more points? Ill watch the replay and get some tips but guess what? Our opponents video was not available. How convenient! We smell something fishy.

This is a new format for us. Very interesting and heart racing getting to 3 cards.

So we downloaded the app and was able to play the .60 entry game and won to the point we were able to now have the balance of 110 and we go to withdraw and we have to make a deposit to receive the money? Am we wasting our time with this game?

No money always wants deposits.

Last update with time bonus 1 sec = 1000 pts is an insane we cant believe it. This is a luckiest bingo of all time, this is not skill based game!

We are totally agree with some other reviewers dont ever waist your money or invest to this game app or companyIts scammers they will never let you win!!! All the people on the top of their weekly cash tournaments was totally fake!!!

Estaba jugando, e intentaba entrar a una partida y us deca que no poda intentar ms tarde, y luego entr y no tena nada de dinero no us parece justo.

As soon as we try to open the game it crashes & kicks us out. We’ve accumulated some money from playing games but not much. But you guys needs to sort this problem, every single time we get kicked out of the game. Its been going on for month now. Im going to delete the app.

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