Blackjack Strategy Practice

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Blackjack Strategy Practice


Blackjack Strategy Practice is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WFT Productions LLC, Blackjack Strategy Practice is a Utilities game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 15th August 2013 with the latest update 7th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Utilities, Card, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


339 people have rated 2.3.3

You can download the game Blackjack Strategy Practice from APP STORE.


We will help you learn perfect Blackjack Strategy in one week! Our innovative design allows you to easily practice & memorize the winning blackjack play for every situation.

Play every kind of hand or just the ones you want to improve on. Get immediate feedback on each and every move. Automatically track your accuracy, hot streaks, and detailed stats.

  • Learn perfect strategy
  • Fast and simple
  • Detailed stats
  • Immediate feedback on every move
  • Practice everything or just what you need to
  • One tap access to standard black jack strategy card
  • Customize hand types
  • Customize table rules
  • Choose number of decks, black jack payout, dealer hit/stand of 17, and more

++ Blackjack Plus! Subscription Features

Premium cloud-based statistics will allow even more advanced features:

++ Focus deals based on an analysis of your specific strengths and weaknesses
++ View a record of every hand you’ve played
++ Accuracy and frequency for every part of the strategy card
++ And more…with your subscription!

Questions? [email protected] or @wftllc

Full Terms & Conditions:

Updated on 7th November 2020

Add single deck rules! Blackjack Plus now available! Questions? [email protected]

Blackjack Strategy Practice Reviews

Lots of customizable features!

We have made some good money thanks to the basic strategy charts taught by this app. Its method and concise instructions are very effective. With enough practice you can be sure your blackjack games are left purely to luck making them as fair as possible.

We love this app. We’ve been trying to learn the soft hands and splits for a long time. Simple design and easy to use.

The perfect app to tailor your practice to the rules of the tables you want to play.

Besides Pro blackjack trainer by Blackjack Apprenticeship this app is the next best thing! Highly recommend and give it a 5 star rating. Enjoy!

Just what we were looking for. Thoughtful design.

It is a great app for learning what to do on the opening move against the dealer!

This app is the best we have seen an have used it for more than two years. It is for beginners to advanced players and a must for those who want to learn basic strategy well and to move on to advanced play. We use the app almost every day to focus on the hands that give us trouble, has a features to allow you to just focus on that. The other feature that is awesome is that it keeps track of your hands in a table with a break down of how good you have played a specific hand. If you want to go to the casino and have a fighting chance of wining learning basic strategy is a must!! This app gets you there. From there you can dive into other advanced strategies to make you a better player, something the casinos dont want you to be!!! Get this app!!

Iota as fast paced as we want it to be, simple explanations. Im improving quickly!!!

We love this app and use it for a couple of weeks every time Im about to go to Vegas. This being the third or fourth time we’ve used it with consistency we were interested in buying pro maybe Id get a cool feature and Id support the developers. But a subscription? $5/mo seems way out of whack especially since the last update was two years ago. Our suggestion is give us a onetime pro purchase option for $5-$15 and ditch the sub. Edit: Also update your App Store listing. Your images arent showing up and your app is waaaay better than the competition.

Tried to use the Contact feature but the email bounced back :(

This is a great app. The interface is snappy and easy to learn. The statistics are useful. We love the ability to change rulesets, focus on certain hands, and review hand history. A few things are keeping it from a perfect five-star rating. First, an error: Basic strategy says (under most rules) to surrender a 15 against a dealers ten. But the app says to surrender against a dealers ace, which is incorrect. Please fix that error. Second, it would be super useful to let users create customized basic strategy cards. That feature would be ideal for advantage players (a.k.a. Card counters) who want to practice certain deviations at a given count. For instance, we could create a basic strategy card for when the true count equals +4, and practice the deviations that arise in that situation. It also would be a nice workaround for any unintentional errors that the developers made in creating the stock basic strategy cards (like the 15 vs. Ace surrender error above). Third, and relatedly, it would be great to have a feature that shows a random true count and expects you to play the correct deviation. Again, this is a feature that would really appeal to advantage players. All in all, a great app, with some room for improving the features that card counters would find useful. A bit more focus on those users, and you might grow (and retain) a dedicated base of fee-paying subscribers.

Takes too many steps to see the cheat sheet. They should let us play out the hand to completion.

This used to be a five star app until it started crashing every time you looked at the strategy card and tried to go back to playing. Most annoying.

We got this app because reviews stated you can focus on weak hands, but unfortunately most of the features this app has over any other app is behind a monthly subscription paywall.

If the app is paid we dont expect to pay more for full features. This app is free on android and you pay for full features (which makes sense) but if we pay $3 up front we expect a full game/trainer.

We wrote an earlier review about the new version where we gave the app one star. This is a correction. After contacting support, we were directed to the features we thought had been removed. This is the best training app we’ve found.

We think that when you get something incorrect, it can tell you or show you what the dealer can get and how you can improve.

It needs no time to practice and learn Great app we suggested an idea Hope they read it :)

Just ready to hit the table. Lot to learn but this helps. We give this on a 5.

You can literally get through hundreds of hands in an hr. Drills basic strategy right into your brain.

Practice for 15 minutes per day and you will increase your bank roll at the BJ table. Very good learning tool for even the seasoned player.

Working on the app brought us closer to a flawless strategy in one day than a week on our own! We were missing doubles and splits that the app would catch! Really interesting learning tool Valuable app.

Have been a poker player for years. Wanted to learn Blackjack to change it up a bit. Spent a few days practicing with the app and now know the right decision for most scenarios. Used the strategy to win on play sites online until we were comfortable, now using it with real money online (so far successfully). One suggestion for future development… Would like the ability to exclude certain hands. Otherwise, love this app!

We’ve played blackjack since we were 5 years old with our parents and grandparents. We thought we were pretty knowledgeable when it came to the game, but after going through a few rounds on this app, we found that we were making more than a few mistakes. Our top scores so far is 69, but in the beginning we made it to 13. This app does help.

Great for learning the first hand of when to hit, stay, split, and double for every scenario.

Appreciate all the effort that went into creating this app. Its helped us tremendously!

We’ve played 10,000 hands now. We really like the ability to look back and see where youre strong and weak. It helps to be able to narrow the focus of your training to specific areas of weakness like soft splits or soft doubling. Citing theory to explain why what you decided was right or wrong is a big help too. Im very happy with our purchase.

The app easily allows you to set table rules and see the resulting recommended play strategy. It doesnt waste time playing hands. It just presents a dealer up card and your two dealt cards. You can practice 70-90 hands per minute. Its easy to switch back and forth between viewing the play-strategy tables and practicing. We got slaughtered the last time we went to Las Vegas but at least we know it wasnt because we played the hands wrong. ;-)

Totally worth less than the cost of losing a single hand.

By far the best trainer out there. Ignore some of the older ratings. Many of the issues identified, like adding surrender, have been addressed. Other poor ratings complain about not allowing hand to play out. The only downside we see to this is that it does not replicate the feel of casino play. Blackjack is all about the totals on the table so we dont really think thats a valid complaint. This app allows for adjustments to rules and payouts depending on where you plan on playing. If you want to work on your basic strategy just spend a week with this before you play and you will be good to go.

Way to use. Like that you can adjust the # of decks and rules as well as select only certain scenarios to be dealt. Also like that it mixes in random hands outside of he scenarios you may have chosen. Excellent app.

You degenerates will spend more on a side bet than this app. Just pay for it.

Works excellent on our iPad and iPhone.

This app has really helped us memorize basic strategy. We still have a ways to go but this has help us get the hang of the patterns.

We really like this trainer but often when we have a question as to what to do, we look at the cheat card and make that play only to be dinged by the game as wrong. If its wrong, you need to change the cheat card to match the game.

If we could get memory down to know the numbers we could win at BJ. On the other hand this does not help with card counting.

Great cheat sheets and learning system.

Overall good but could be more challenging. Deals too many of the same easy situations over and over, like when to split As and 8s. Not enough when too double on soft 15 or 16, the tricky stuff. But overall good app for beginners.

Plenty of casinos still offer single deck. This app is worthless to us until it does as well.

You think if you paid $6 for the app they would teach you some strategy.

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Fun way to memorize blackjack strategy. Not sure it should cost $6 but itll likely save us at least $6 on the tables.

We hadnt played blackjack in years. We knew we were going to a casino so we downloaded this about a week before we went. The app is amazing. We quickly went from novice to pro and had fun doing it. Worth the $.

We’ve been to the casino several times but Im no pro. With this app we’ve been able to brush up our skills and improve our basic strategy. We really like how you can choose which types of hands you want to practice at. This app would be perfect if it showed each hands winning percentage but, still 5 stars.

Its excellent! Ill double down and say its great too! We know… That was corny but we couldnt resist.

Somebody put a lot of thought into this. Im far from qualified to say but to us the strategy seems mathematically sound and reasonably easy to learn. We’ve always hated casinos (Im old enough to remember when the white man got the red man drunk and took his stuff not the other way around) but the wife plays slots so now we’ve got something to do.

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