Blob Runner 3D

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:49 pm

Blob Runner 3D


Blob Runner 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Blob Runner 3D is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th December 2020 with the latest update 2nd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


174,343 people have rated 4.6.50

You can download the game Blob Runner 3D from APP STORE.


Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all times!
Your goal is easy – Watch out for the obstacles, push them off and collect all jellies to become a GIANT blob!
If you can’t escape from the deadly obstacles and lose a limb, or a few, don’t worry! Our friendly jelly can continue the running for you, no rush, just clash all jelly particles and sculpt your Blob from stracth!

Remember, the price pool at the end will be determined by your ability to get your Blob bigger. Get bigger, stronger and super jelly to collect special rewards! We may also have some surprises as you slide on the roof :)
Wait! Did we mention you can also make over your Blob with super cool hats and plenty of color matching skins?! Join this epic race and show your unique style by customizing your Blob Runner :)

Updated on 2nd May 2022

We’ve added a special Mother’s Day offer!

Blob Runner 3D Review

We love this game but today we opened the just to see that we cant even play like when we tap the screen its like Im not even doing anything.

Ripoffffffff of other racing games not fun.

We love this game because of the swag you can put on your blobs. And because we always try to get the biggest blob. Those are the good parts, but there are down sides, too. When we are in the middle of the game and we are trying to dodge an obstacle, the game freezes and we hit the obstacle and die. We Wouldnt suggest the game, but the people who like to beat their own records would love this game.

We think this game is a really good game it has detail and a lot of good stuff in the design but the reason we didnt give it 5 stars is because we cant play it for to long or we will get bored Tobit thats the end of our review so plz consider adding more fun stuff to your game!


It is not like we do not like this game it just NEVER LETS ME IN so we cam not play it so if you thinking about getting this game than consternation this annoying little detail and the game has repeating game play.

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The attraction for color enthusiasts.

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The game is not working when we tried to touch the screen. We even deleted it and then downloaded it again and it still doesnt work. Theres nothing wrong with our phone either but maybe its a bug?

This Is False Ads It Looks Like Ooo U Can Cusumaze Ur Blowb Oo we WANT IT NOOOOOW!!!!! Apparently Nope. We Fell For It ThoHow Embarrassing It That?!? We don like wold Not recommend Unless Ur A Newb.

Basically the thing is theres an iCloud but you feel like you havent had it in is this a glitch or did we actually have it we hate when that happens.

When we first try it we got addicted right away its really good and its a little hard like a pinch hard but its really good so we recommend to anyone.

Very addicting game. There are some ideas we have though. We love the DIY option but we think it would be better if you could combine any color together. For example, light blue and gold. Thats all.

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Its a bad game because they just stole ideas from different games and they just gonna still more stuff and call it there idea so they can say they made a update its just a game with 0 effort in it we think its stupid and you know it to games that still ideas should not be in the App Store, play store, or the mikersoft store.

It keeps kicking us every time we go on it.

You guys needa quit just turn off ur stupid Wi-Fi idc if your like oh then we wont get diamonds! Nobody asked yall need to quit judging theyre work. Now Im talking bout the game Honestly we like and you guys cant change it OK Im tired of everyone judging someone elses work when they werent talking to you were they NO so Quit. Sorry, now Im actually talking bout the game we like it even if its unavoidable like SOMEONE said In the reviews AHEM we still like it its a lovely game Have a lovely day! ;)

We just got this game but its the best game ever! We would just enjoy if there was not so many obstacles.

Just please add the body customization like for the size and body shape please, we wanna make an adorable slime character we love the game but sometimes it gets old with the levels and we wish you can add other obstacles like flamethrowers or cannon balls we want to customize the character more by letting us draw the design of the pattern onto the blob character and also adding more designs and colors.

This game is sooooo bad because it glitches all the time and it is not our internet but we hattttte this game sooo much!!!!!

We luv this game, even though we just started playing,its great we try to avoid the ads though because we do not like ads we would give blob runner 3-d a try beacause is our opinion we like it.

Very good game but you can get bored a little playing so yeah its okay.

The game is really fun but we can say it could be better. If your really into games like this, there are optional fees like if you want to like delete ads you can pay for it but other than that no fees otherwise so yeah. Good game but could be better.

We dont know what youre supposed to do at the end.

Really fun game! Although, waaaay to many ads, and glitches. Our phone gets all hot after we use it, which concerns us. Please try to fix it up a bit, and not so many ads. Otherwise, pretty good!

When we first looked in to getting this app a lot of people were saying it is a great game with not a lot of problems. But we have got so many of these kind of games that are made by the company that made by the Company that will NOT EVEN LET ME IN THE GAME TO PLAY!! Mind you we at least tried to do it 50 times in an hour! You are probably thinking how did you only try to play the game 50 times because it took like 5 hole minutes for you to just try to get on this stupid game! Ok lets calm down people we did get to play 2 times out of the 50 but it was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO glitchy it would not even let us control it we cep on disappearing and we tried to buy a skin but it bought us a hole another skin! You people probably think Im crazy and have too many games or we need to clear all our apps we have been on no apps every time we tried to get on the game we cleared it again! We deleted 5 of our super cool fun games that took each 15 mins to download each of them we loved them so much we deleted them so we could have this stupid game! And now you people are probably thinking that we have a old iPad we got this last year it works just fine never had any problems with it! Now we have to go to bed we have 2 hours before we have to go to bed and we spent one hour trying to get on this stupid game and one righting this review for you guys! Instead of watching Alexa and Katie on Netflix! Pls don’t get this game it is a waist of time and very disappointment bye!

The game always would work with our grandmas phone and not to be a rotten tomato the game wont let us even get loading screen dont get us wrong we love the game but for some reason it dont work so right now im.

This game is pretty fun for a little but is filled and if not filled flooded with ads and its too much.

They didnt even let us enter the game.

The game is so fun you should try.

A couple weeks ago the game would not let us play this game. It would let us to the waiting screen and then closing us out. Please fix this game.

If you want an example of what to do to ensure your customers are as frustrated as possible, and delete your work, this company has mastered it. Our daughter loved the game but got so annoyed at the constant ads she deleted it the first day. They literally make you sit through 3x the time in ads you spend playing. Its sad as this is a cool concept we might have actually paid for if it wasnt done in such an anti-consumer way that we deleted it before even getting into it. This company is now banned from our devices as we dont trust them with our kids attention.

First of all, it looks gross, second of all, it sounds gross, third of all, when we get more blob stuff it says yum! Not our favorite game, we have been playing it for a little while, and we dont recommend it if you are looking for a fun game. Its not that fun, its free, but yeah, its not very fun. Thats all.

First of all there are too many levels and we just HATE it !!!!!!

The thing we wanted we were the kid named jujujujujujuhu and we want to change our reveiw why can we not make it taller that would be nice then yeah thats all we need is never send us anything in out look your anything else and we will give another saying 5 star even on this one please do not send us anything any where ever.