Blob Runner 3D

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 05:20 am

Blob Runner 3D

Blob Runner 3D

Blob Runner 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Blob Runner 3D is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th December 2020 with the latest update 11th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Blob Runner 3D ?

190,136 people have rated 5.0.40

What is the price of the Blob Runner 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Blob Runner 3D released ?

Blob Runner 3D was released on 30th December 2020.

When was the Blob Runner 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Blob Runner 3D on 11th November 2022.

Where can Blob Runner 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Blob Runner 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob Runner 3D will be your favorite runner of all times!

If you like slime games you will love this blob of slime running around! Your goal is easy – Watch out for the obstacles, push them off and collect all jelly to become a GIANT blob in a giant rush!

Forget all the other blob games. This is not just another one of the running games! This is a run of life and death! If you can’t escape from the super deadly obstacles and lose a limb, or a few, worry not! Our friendly jelly can continue the running for you, no rush, just clash all jelly particles and sculpt your Blob from scratch! You will love the hilarious animations which makes Blob one of the most funny games or even addicting games.

Remember, the price pool at the end will be determined by your ability to get your Blob bigger if you can move your blob to blob merge 3d. Get bigger, stronger, make jelly jump and super jelly run to collect special rewards! We may also have some surprises as you slide on the roof :)

New Feature! Customize your blob like slime! You will find yourself in a slime simulator customizing your blob using so many cool colors and making your unique blob! Game on!

Wait! Did we mention you can also make over your Blob with jelly toys like super cool hats and plenty of color matching skins?! Join this epic race and show your unique style by customizing your Blob Runner :)

Updated on 11th November 2022

Blob hates bugs and so do we! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience!

Blob Runner 3D Review

This is an entertaining game and made us happy when we downloaded it! But we quickly found out it has way to many adds you can barely play the game but we still have it and you it frequently. You should try this game you might think it interesting.

It is a really fun game and super satisfying but it is one of the top glitchiest dang games we have ever had!

The game lags so much to the point it crashes its trash.

PLEASE Get this game its sooooooooo GOOD!!!!!!! You can play this offline love it so much, and its so addictive GET THIS GAME!

It resets everything now it wont let us unrate our stars.

This game is actually pretty good. IF THERE WEREN’T SO MANY ADS! This game would be really good if it didnt have ads. In fact we might even rate five stars if didnt have ads. The levels in this game are pretty fun though. If you dont like waiting through ads you probably wouldnt like this game.

Its so funny how they just fall apart and we think you should give it a five star rating to its really fun you just have to move around but sometimes when youre playing at the end when its that we like the last part of it when youre flying out you kind of run out of breaks sometimes you will but like you ran out of like blobs.

Its not that bad but we dont like it that much.

Fun game but the app cover changes way way way too much .

This is a great game we play it when Im bored, tired, etc. But one tiny problem, we cant play it on our iPad. Yes we know we got a iPad Air 1 And its not up to date but we would still like to play this game so please change it to where we can play because it would always kick us out for no reason.

We have been playing this for more than an hour and it has been so fun!

We definitely love this app so much because that we definitely really love to to get slime.

Sooooooo amazing 100/10 would recommend we it.

Our progress was reset. Pretend like you care.

The game is pretty fun but the ads each time u finish a level a ad comes.

Not enough game play between ads.

This game stinks we loved it on our old phone but it wont let us get past the loading screen it freezes up every time we try to play it.

We hate this game its super bad and dumb we would rather play Pokmon go.

We are currently on level 724 and having a lot of fun with this app we love being able to customize the shape and color we love all the hats and boots and love all the different modes it is an amazing game and we really have fun with it.

Ok so we were in the middle of a competition and it went to an ad which was fine the not fine thing about it is that the ad was just a black screen with a tiny x in the corner but it didnt work until we pressed it a million times but apparently it was playing the game while we pressed that annoying little x and it made us lose because we stayed still while the other person just went ahead and won so we pressed the try again button and watched an ad and actually got the game but anyway we did this like 20 times and it did the same thing with the same silly black screen and annoying x but besides that its a great game we think more people should seriously get the game bye!!

This game is JUST ADS and if accept the notifications THEY WONT STOP . Wish we could give this zero stars bc its not worth anyones time.

We like the game but whenever we watch an ad our screen goes black.

This is probably the best game we ever played. It never gets old and it is so much fun! We are on level 115 and the levels get more and more challenging (nothing much anyone cant handle). We do wish that they added in new obstacles for our blobby boy to doge. This game has cool blob colors, cool hats, and you can create your own custom blob(with 2 ads). And there are cool events.

Sucky but Ill rate 5 stars bc we like the fat blobs in this game kinda like ur mom.

We went into this game off an add from Talking Tom and we seen there was a very cute blob dance and when we went on the app and we won no blob dance Im in complete utter disappointment and now we have aids and depression because there was no blob dance , Im 34 with no job no wife or girlfriend and now no blob dance. Curse you game!!!

Keep having adds cut off the game.

So the problem with the game well not a problem but this will make the game better so you know the new things like umm the changing size like feet hand all that stuff we want to like but on a hat and fashion shoes that we have but we cant so Can you pls fix this or make it better pls reply.

Its soo satisfying when you grow no bugs cool hats colors events constantly updating and the updates are never bad and we used to have a lot of mobile games and we deleted them all because they were boring BUT NOT THIS ONE! We LOVE AND we MEAN LOVE this game.

We love you too babe we i we are doing okay and we dont t re we yet we i is a good one thing wewwww we dont know what to do with this one thing we i dont know what to do with this one iphone we dont know what if we just said pools outside the house yeah yeah thats why we dont know why you cant believe us lol but yeah thats why she didnt have it to our face so she didnt like us too but she just said yeah thats why im didnt get a hold for you too boo lol she just wanted you guys too but im just told us that we and her we dont want her. /love scarlett a.

We saw ads for this game while playing other games, and we thought we would give it a try. This game started out pretty fun, and we would have given it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 at the time. The only problem with it then was that there were so many ads. Want to buy a new skin? Heres an ad. Want to get a hat? Watch another ad. And when the new version of the game came out, there were more features to the game that you could only access after watching multiple ads. And now the game is kind of boring to us because we’ve earned so many gems that we can buy anything we want from the shop (after watching an ad or two) without making much of a dent in the amount of gems we have. So, basically, this game have lost its meaning to us and become a waste of time. This game is still fun, just boring after a while and not complex. Thats why we just deleted the game. We hope this review helps people searching for cool games!

Aside from this one issue, this app deserves a much higher rating. But this one issue is serious enough that we need to take a stand. We paid $3 to remove ads, because we saw a bunch of stuff locked behind ads and didnt feel like sitting through them. But now, none of that has changed; its still making us watch ads to unlock stuff. If the remove ads only applies to the random ads, and we still need to watch ads for some stuff, then thats fine, but you need to be upfront about that. When we see remove ads, our assumption is itll remove all of the ads, not just some of them. Ill change our rating when either 1) the app is changed to indicate not all ads will be removed, and we receive a full refund for our purchase, or 2) the app is changed so the $2.99 purchase really does remove all ads (with the possible exception of the 400 gem reward one which wouldnt make sense otherwise) at which point no refund will be necessary.

Please make scaling your blob a option which does not make it bigger but makes it look different.

This game is addicting to play and whenever Im bored we just play this game all day long! Im definitely playing this until Im 89 years old! Who ever made this should get a reward.

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