Bracelet Tycoon

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 02:35 am

Bracelet Tycoon

Bracelet Tycoon

Bracelet Tycoon is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Synthify Inc, Bracelet Tycoon is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th May 2021 with the latest update 29th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bracelet Tycoon ?

64 people have rated 1.5

What is the price of the Bracelet Tycoon ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bracelet Tycoon released ?

Bracelet Tycoon was released on 10th May 2021.

When was the Bracelet Tycoon updated ?

The latest updated date of Bracelet Tycoon on 29th March 2023.

Where can Bracelet Tycoon be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bracelet Tycoon from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready to become one of the best bracelet designers?

Start from the bottom with a simple storefront, fulfill custom orders, or use your creativity to design bracelets to sell.

Earn diamonds and upgrade your boutique, unlocking new aesthetics and working your way up to the world’s fanciest jewelry business!

Your inventory is one of the best, with amazing bracelet beads, very cute charms, and letters to spell out whatever your heart desires.

Updated on 29th March 2023

bug fixes

Bracelet Tycoon Review

So we saw this app on TikTok and we downloaded it but when we go to make a bracelet the beads wont show. What we are doing wrong?

We tried to play it but it wont let us press start . Im on iPad A1701.

We saw this game on tiktok and wanted to download it. We thought it was gonna be a great game. But every time we wanted to click something, it was frozen the whole time. We’re sorry but uninstalled it. It was difficult to play. It kept freezing. This is why this game gets a 1 star from us.

We gave this game 1 star because every time we go to make a bracelet the beads dont show pls fix your app thank you!

We got so mad a bit our ipad. It always glitches and doesnt let us move our screen literally hate this game.

So we think its bad because we downloaded it when we saw it on tiktok and when we opened it there was no tutorial nothing that Said if we needed help or not so its a 1 four me.

The reason why we gave this app one star is because when we got on the first level it was just frozen the whole time. You need to fix the app, this even happened with our sisters iPad.

The app works great but we have a few suggestions, 1: the time thing to be able to sell should either be shorter or there should be no time at all because sometimes we want to sell our bracelets right away so we can get the beads we want. 2: its a bit glitchy but its not to bad.

We love bracelets making and we have our own business, and we wanted to make some online. Its fun but its very laggy and we think it got an update so mabye thats why but overall please fix the lags in this game thank you!

So we saw sm ppl in our fyp playing it so we decided to download it so we made a bracelet but we dont see any beads am giving a 5 dtar cause sm ppl play it it look cool pls tell why it wont work?

We recommend it its pretty fun.

Its a good app but. It glitches too much.

Its a fun game in fact us and our friend play it.

We downloaded it and it came with no beads but then we saw someone on our fyp take fake orders to get diamonds we see the orders but we are stuck on welcome to your new shop.

This game is so fun to play, whenever im bored and im on our phone we go immediately to this app!

This is a fun game and we got this game to make a little girl happy.

Its a good game we would recommend it.

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