Bricks n Balls

Last updated on September 25th, 2022 at 07:55 am

Bricks n Balls

Bricks n Balls

Bricks n Balls is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PeopleFun, Inc., Bricks n Balls is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th January 2018 with the latest update 24th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bricks n Balls ?

74,038 people have rated 3.13.1

What is the price of the Bricks n Balls ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bricks n Balls released ?

Bricks n Balls was released on 6th January 2018.

When was the Bricks n Balls updated ?

The latest updated date of Bricks n Balls on 24th September 2022.

Where can Bricks n Balls be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bricks n Balls from Apple Official App Store.



We have got the brick-breaking challenge of the century, are you on it? Bricks n Balls is an extra fun and challenging brain game, which comes for your logic, sharp attention, and problem-solving skills. Let’s see what you’ve got to break all the bricks with one shot!

Bricks n Balls is the classic brick-busting game, made ten times more fun, relaxing and challenging. Soon, you won’t want to put it down. The goal here is to find the perfect angle to clear these boards with a three-star score. The major trick is to use the series of exciting power-ups to tilt the odds in your favor. Even in case you’re stuck, don’t worry! The earthquake has got your back, just shake these blocks & break them all!

Bricks n Balls is the most satisfying & challenging gameplay, you will play the game non-stop! Unlock a series of fun and fabulous game balls to bust those bricks in style! The challenge is to break all the bricks with limited moves, so you need to put your witty logic power to work. To make your brick-breaking more fun, we’ll bring you lots of items to help you to wipe out all those bricks.

The bricks come with beautifully designed interesting shapes, such as fish, hamburgers, and more! You’ll discover new shapes & colors every time you level up!

Main Features

► Bricks n Ball is FREE to play.
► Challenging & fun brick-breaking gameplay.
► You’ll soon play it non-stop it’s so very addictive!
► Swipe and launch the balls to break the bricks.
► Find the perfect angle to clear as many bricks as you can.
► Unlock new interesting shapes with brick every time you level up.
► Endless fun with gravity mode and endless mode.
► Get amazing rewards and enjoy fun games with tournaments.

Break all the bricks to pass the levels and increase your score, the higher, the better! Let’s take this challenge and show the bricks who’s the boss here! Download & start having fun for free.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Terms of service:

Updated on 24th September 2022

  • Improvements to user experience
  • Optimizations
  • Bug Fixes

Bricks n Balls Review

Best game ever literally addicted.

This game is fun but you cant even get to the Home Screen without watching an ad. Its ridiculous. And half the time the ads lock up the game and it has to be restarted so you lose your progress – annoying. And a lot of the ads are offensive and degrading to women -common theme in free games.

We’ve played the game for about 4 years. We really like it. We bought the no ad deal and we’ve spent more money than we care to admit on rubies to help pass levels. As of the last few months we noticed the daily reward first auto populate which means you have to remember to go get and if you dont you lose out. We also have noticed in the same time frame that the cost of rubies to delete 3 lines has went to a flat 200 versus 120. 160 and then 200. We have to imagine the developers of this game were making enough – Im not sure why they would feel the need to risk the customer base so they could squeeze a few more bucks. Spent enough and Im out for good now. Hope the greed paid off.

We enjoy this game but it is freezing after our most recent iOS update. Please update this game to fix the freezing issue.

The game is fun. Love the game. That being said, the ads are out of control on a number of levels. There are a ton of them, they are constant, its annoying, fine. But the ads themselves are sexually explicit, degrading, salacious and frankly, disgusting. We cannot imagine a single woman was in the room to approve these montages where one plays brick breaker to remove what is covering breasts that defy nature and physics on women. The woman whose watermelon boobs are covered by a slice of pizza looks like she was roofied. We dont care about watching ads generally, but we feel like Im watching cartoon women get sexually assaulted by lecherous perverts every time Im in between levels. For a game thats marketed for ages 4+, this is especially appalling. Its gross. Do better guys.

We love the game. The boosts are great but the game has some issues. It randomly freezes and crashes which is super annoying. We want to keep playing but may delete soon.

If you like ads this is the game for you. Including ads about cheating on your husband and in a sexual nature. Not a game for young kids just because of the ads. So sad!

Game hasnt changed in years. Nothing new except greed lowering daily rewards for watching adds. Support does not respond to programming issues or glitches. Programming is amateur as best.

First of all support nonexistent. Game will drain your battery in minutes. Freezing and lagging is normal. Our IPad gets so hot and drains battery after 2 games. Ridiculous.

We have been stuck at this level for probably a year now. No matter how many boosts and jewels we use, we dont think its beatable. We love a challenge, it this is just stupid. Im about to delete this app and move on the greener pastures.

Hey People Fun- this was a great game until you took over. Since the start of your updates the game glitches and freezes. And now you are forcing people to buy boosts which used to be free is the height off greed. Dare you to publish this and reply with something other than the pathetic canned response you give everyone…. Update-you replied with the canned response. Wow, helpful. And oh look, another update. Wonder what you will take away this time?

This game has longer, and more frequent, ads than we’ve seen in any free game before! Its so unbearable, that the only reason the game is still on our device, is so that we can warn you to STAY AWAY from this exploitative game! Do NOT recommend. Showing ads to support app development is an accepted practice in the modern landscape. However, this game abuses the user with so many ads that even accessing the content of the game itself is nearly impossible. For this reason, their ad practices seem predatory; their business model coercive; and, the developer fails to deliver even minimal value to the consumer, lest the target customer persona is an ad-enthusiast!

Was great for several years, but recent changes make it impossible to get past levels without $$$. Now its garbage, unless you enjoy playing the same level over & over again.. Id been stuck on level 652 for weeks now, until we finally deleted the app today.

We were in a emotional toxic relationship and we were really depressed when we played this game but we downloaded it with the intent to get our mind off the relationship as we did we felt such a connection to this game and it made us feel like we could eventually be happy again. We started playing it all the time and our pookie got upset with us because we no longer payed attention to it because we only payed attention to this game we got to level 1000 over night and felt free for the first time in a long time and getting the balls to break the bricks showed us that we should be the balls and break up with our bricks (my lover) and we feel better than ever and im now at level 7789 thank u bricks in balls we wouldnt be here without u.

Fun game once you pay to go ad free, except there are more ads if you want some boosts or rubies. At least give back the 10 daily opportunities- 3 is horrible. The same with the weekly, bring it back. By all means though please stop with the game ads that show women in porn or being cheated on by their husband. Our niece plays this game and its horrible she has to see that. Its a horrible message for all actually.

This game used to be fun but we have literally been stuck on the same level for months now and we refuse to pay to buy the Rubies needed to earn the extra help. And the ads have gotten ridiculous.

Enjoyed the game enough to purchase with no ads. So now ever few minutes we have to say no we dont wish to subscribe to the game. If you want to give a subscription options, fine, but dont throw it in our face every other level. Very disappointed.

Fun and challenging game. However, the ads are excessive. We certainly have no desire to watch a repeated 30 second annoyance for a game we currently have. The game is now experiencing a technical glitch where the ad loops with no return to the game. While annoying when starting a new game, its downright ridiculous when electing to watch an ad which will allow completion of Level 532 after many dozens of attempts. It has happened twice; im out on the third strike. Get this stih straightened out.

We have loved this game and eventually purchased it to avoid ads. We’ve been stuck on the same level though for a month and this isnt the first time. The only way its passable is to purchase coins. We deleted it. All of the daily or weekly prizes have been cut or completely removed. Its almost like they took it away to force us to purchase on that level since its not doable. We have loved this game, but Im moving on.

We’ve been playing this game for years. Im literally on level 978. While we wasnt happy that we would get stuck on a level sometimes for a couple of weeks, we were still enjoying it. We would play every day, watch the ads for the free rubies, and keep at it. Now, in the name of enhanced user experience they have finally taken away the daily ads for rubies completely. Which was the logical next step for them from changing it from the previous 10 ads for 200 rubies to 3 add for 5-40 rubies. And now, the game is unwinnable unless we want to pay actual money to get through each level. We really loved this game. We played it every day for the last four or five years. And now theyve updated it beyond play ability.

The game is to expensive who charges 20 a month for no ads and accessibility to coins they make you watch ads and wont let you clock off the adds making you restart the app and loosing all progress.

This is not a game! It is a sales and marketing app! Who builds in so much marketing into a game that you dont even get to play the game until you watch a video/add! Also, this app has such a crazy interface you cant even figure out what is going on. This is why people who love marketing like this are scum of the earth and why our planet is going to crap! We would recommend going to a competitor for a game similar to this. Not sure if there are many out there but we are definitely not recommending this app! Do better!

Kind of hard to play when the screen freezes on the ad so we had to delete it.

We dont know how long we’ve been playing this game, but Im up to level 523 if that means anything to you. There used to be a lot more free boosts that you could get daily and weekly and theyve taken all of them away. Every single thing that made the game a little easier so it was a little more fun and you could actually get through the levels, they decided to take them all away. Youll get tired of repeating the same level over and over again and having to watch ads to do anything. We havent spent any money on the game and never plan to but its like theyre slowly taking everything free away so youre forced to give them money. Its a waste!!

This game used to be such a great way to kill time and have fun, but this latest update has been so terrible for the experience. We’ve seen multiple reviews that say it already but the newest update has made the game almost unplayable. More unprompted ads and no more free rubies or power ups, where did that weekly free power up go? We’ve been stuck on the same level for a month now and we simply feel defeated because we know when the week resets we wont have any free power ups. We used to occasionally spend some money on extra power ups because we knew we could get somewhere with them, but now we know this game has just become a money grab and we have no desire to put any money into it. Please go back to the old method.

This game is awesome! We played this for 10 hours straight! We would get this and its free! Tell your family about this game and tell them to play it for FREE!

This game is so relaxing and fun. The sound the balls make lol paired with the visual chaos makes the game into ASMR. Its also super easy to gather rubies by playing the 100 ball mode for a while. Our only request: please add volume control. We love the game sounds but its either full volume or off. Let us turn the game down! We have to have our phone volume all the way up for work notifications, so it would be great to turn down the game volume. Thanks.

We really love the shape of the balls. They fit perfectly in our jawls.

We updated last night (2/12/22) and the game crashes constantly. Please have developers fix this. Other than that, love the game.

We have reached 500+ levels and the longer the level, the lord the game glitches. We were almost finished with a level but it kept freezing and then closed! All that hard work for nothing. Love that the game is free but hate the glitches.

Fun but it doesnt let us watch a video to get the weekly power ups for like an hour. We’ve been stuck on one level for months now bc we cant use power ups unless we pay. We dont want to delete and install again bc then it will restart us.

We’ve been playing this game for a long time. We enjoy it and it has been very stable. With the latest set of enhancements, it crashes all of the time and the daily and weekly rewards are basically no longer even worth it. Please revert those changes back and focus on just making the game as enjoyable as it was.

Got to level 44-, and the app started shutting down mid-play. Would restart at the next ball, but without clearing the bricks from the previous turn. Uninstalled/reinstalled, and lost our entire game. Restarting on level 46 not happy. Dont know if we will continue to play.

We have loved this game for years. Im at a level now that is just impossible to beat. We will save red crystals for weeks to have enough boosts and it is still not enough. In the end- disappointing.

They stopped adding the bonuses that make it more interesting. You have to earn about 2000 rubies to make it past each level past about 600 so you end up having to watch a ton of adds.

After the last update, Rubies are just 15-20 per day! They used to be 200 daily.! Im on level 934 and for most of the levels now we need to collect these inorder to be able to win. Please change it back !

This game is very fun, but with each successful game, it gets harder until finally you simply cant win anymore. Theres no way (that we can find) to just pick a level and play. Every game moves you up to a more challenging level. Its disappointing because Id like to continue playing it.

Im in the mid 500s and after the recent update we noticed our phone would get scarily hot. Im on a 12 pro and never had this issue with any game. Even the other games we play which are far for demanding than this dont cause our phone to overheat. The other issue is the great reduction is perks given. You used to be able to play ads if you lose and get 200 gems. Its less than half of that most of the time now. Also, it used to be that your first failure would cost 120 gems and Increase to 160/200 etc. Now it starts at 200. The constant need to buy gems has gotten more in-your-face and we’ve had enough. Normally ads would just mean we put phone down and let them run. But their increased numbers plus the risk to our phone isnt worth it. Time to find something else to entertain me.

We’ve been playing this game for years and we loved it. The recent updates that took away daily rubys and weekly perks have made it way less enjoyable.

Very fun game. Unfortunately there are problems with this game. It makes our phone extremely hot and it freezes up. It drains our battery, even if our phone is plugged in and charging while we play. It also shuts down other apps on our phone. We listen to audio books while Im playing and it frequently stops our audio book. With the battery issue and overheating of our phone, Im very concerned about what the app is doing in the background on our phone. We sent a message to support but got no response.

We have played this game ever since it has come out. We purchased the no ad thing even though it still has plenty of ads. We get that its how you make your money. Our problem isnt with the ads, it with poor customer service. There is a mystery button at the bottom of the screen that we still dont know what it does. It cost 200 rubies to hit it and we have done it numerous times by accident. Its the only one you can use while the game is actively in play. We would guess we have hit it by accident at least 50 times over the years we have played this game and we decided to finally ask what this button does. The answer we got was that they try to make it small enough for it not to happen. We wrote back and the answer we got was thank you for your feed back. We still dont know what it does and we dont really care anymore. The answer we should have gotten should have been we are sorry for the problem. This button does(whatever it does) and here are a couple of hundred rubies to make up for it. We were not looking for freebies, just a explanation of what it does and a little compassion to make us feel like we matter. For this reason we will be deleteing this game and will find one just like it to play.

Love the game but it constantly freezes. Very frustrating. Unplayable.

Absolutely a horrible app every third click theres and add and its incredibly laggy often just crashing. But it is mildly fun so thats why we gave it two stars instead of one.

There are some things about this game we love. It is challenging without being impossible, once you work your way through the lower levels. There is a way to earn rubys that though very dull after the first 20 or so games can earn enough rubys to assist in some tough spots and get to higher levels. If you choose to buy a few they start at only a buck. Great! What we hate are the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS prices they charge for anything meaningfully helpful$20-100 for pretty minimal boosts. Even worse, if you work at it and win higher games, thereby earning (supposedly) large amounts of rubys for each win (1500 or more at a win) THEY WILL NOT LET YOU HAVE THEM!!! They are locked up in a piggy bank held for ransom till they disappear after a couple of days. Unless you pay them $20 to buy the piggy bank you are not allowed to use or keep the rubys it holds!!! We are sorry but that is highway robbery to gain possession of that which you have earned by winning a game!!! We absolutely refuse to pay extortion to get what we have earned!!!!! Maybe if the bank was a couple of dollars but $20? Asinine! So, fun for awhile but extortion to get your earnings. Very bad faith and NOT WORTH IT!

We have been playing for years, currently at a level 880. Have subscribed for a monthly fee but now that the daily rewards have been cut by 2/3 we think it is time to delete the game. At high levels you have to purchase tools to continue on. We think the developers must have gotten greedy.

Cutting back the number of rewards you get for watching ads has ruined the game. We cant accumulate enough rubies quickly enough to get past the difficult levels. We’ve been playing for years, but youve lost us. Im going to look for another game to play.

What happened to the daily rewards? Really considering deleting the app because they were taken away.

We loved this game! Literally have been playing for years now! We never miss our daily rewards! Im on level 538however, the recent update decreases the daily rewards to almost nothing meaning that the game is now impossible to excel at without paying significantly!

Recent changes to the economics of the daily bonuses, as well as whats available in the shop, and the removal of less expensive tiers for extending gameplay have succeeded in driving us away from this game. We used to spend an irresponsible amount of $ every week in the shop to keep making progress. No more. Zero. Nada. We havent played in weeks either. Your greedy moves have not gone unnoticed and we hope it tanks the profitability to teach you a lesson. If it aint broke, dont fix it. Im hitting send on this review and then deleting this game we’ve played on a daily basis for years. Bye, idiots.

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