Bring You Home

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Bring You Home


Bring You Home is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alike Studio S.L., Bring You Home is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st February 2018 with the latest update 28th June 2019

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


493 people have rated 1.0.4

You can download the game Bring You Home from APP STORE.


From the creators of Love You to Bits, Alike Studio presents BRING YOU HOME

BRING YOU HOME unravels the story of Polo, a humble alien hero who will traverse all kinds of worlds in a frenzied chase to rescue his kidnapped alien pet.

BRING YOU HOME is a cute and accessible, purely visual, family-friendly puzzle adventure… with a twist in the gameplay. You don’t control the hero, you control the level ITSELF! How? Change and rearrange the pieces of every level to unveil the right path for Polo!

With this innovative mechanic, even failing can be fun! If poor Polo finds a deadly but hilarious fate, just go back in time and rewind the level.

Venture into oodles of worlds stuffed with magical characters, bizarre surprises, and many treacherous dangers – all to catch the captors of your missing pet. Will you get to the bottom of this mystery?

Explore a mind-boggling game mechanic that allows you to control the environment around you!

Jump from world to world in dozens of levels all around the universe. You never know what’s gonna happen next!

Discover all the wacky pitfalls in every level – you don’t want to miss them!

Find and collect nostalgic pictures you took with your lovely pet! Oh, sweet memories…

Updated on 28th June 2019

-Minor bug fixes

Bring You Home Reviews

Loved the game, but no matter how many times we play the endings, we cannot get this to unlock. It shows up on the screen each time we play an ending, but it never unlocks.

We love this game (and Love You to Bits) and will gladly buy any game released by this team in the future. As far as game style, we liked LYTB a little more because it was more intuitive, but Bring You Home has a lot of charm and entertainment value. Bring You Home also has one of our favorite endings to a game ever.

This game is so beautiful and extremely heart warming. Many say they find this a disappointmentcompared to love you to bits but they dont have a good idea about this game. We have played the entire game 5 times! Even though we breezed through the game,I still love it to bits!

PLEASE make another one like this! We just played All Of You, and it was good, but Im not the biggest fan of of switching frames and how slow the character moves. Albeit, it was still a great game, but would love another like Bring You Home! Thank you, developers!

The versatile art styles, the gameplay, the music, the nod to the amazing game, Hue. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Its a really good game and very very cute but the endings are cute and sad so maybe there could be a 2nd game if you did that we would like that or just a a third ending.

The creators of this game as well as their game Love You to Bits… Well, they know how to make you cry. A beautiful soundtrack, story, and animation, their games lack nothing. It definitely gets you more emotional than you expected too While Love You to Bits was a click/wandering game to collect items to solve the level and get you to the next level, this game surprised us. Bring You Home is more of a mix and match of options that gets you through the next level. No wandering around here, the items are provided- you just have to pick the right combination of panels to keep going. We ended up liking this style along with the Love You to Bits style. Im gonna go ahead and say that we will get any future games these people come out with because we love them.

Its goated, if the developers ever see this PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE there arent any bugs Im aware of but itd be nice for more levels.

After playing love you to bits, we decided to try out this game. It was so cute just like the other. We were glad to get a new buddy in the ending. Love your games alike.

Could there be a third option where all three stay together? At least visit each other on weekends please.

The graphics, music, memories and gameplay are great, and we would give it 5 stars for that. But the two possible endings are sad: get a new pet, or give him to the bigger mother/queen. We just wanted to Bring you home like the title! Please, please add a happy ending!

We thought the game would be more interactive like love you to bits… But its not. The new style is interesting, swiping through panels is a interesting change. But its not as enjoyable as the puzzle/treasure hunting aspect of love you to bits or tiny thief! Overall we dont think it was worth the price. We finished the game rather quickly and it left us wanting more levels.

Honestly we liked this game, love you to bits, and tiny thief and ever since tiny thief got removed from everything we wanted more games like it and love you to not came out and we bought this thinking it was gonna be like those games not a trial and error game that is finished in less than a day. We want more love you to bits and tiny thief games or heck just bring tiny thief back but we cant truly love this thing if its just a completely different game with the same art style.

Level 43 does not work please fix.

Amazing but we completed it in 1 day and we want a story of the next pet and it’s should be no true ending but besides that it was the best game ever.

Much like Love You To Bits. Love the funny animations and witty puzzles. A game where trying the wrong paths is highly entertaining. Relaxing game and a blast. A Hit!

Amazing game we just want to say good job to how make this game and please please please we want part 2 or more like this game.

Im notorious for never finishing games because we love them too much to see them end. Our heart broke when we came to the end of this one! We wish it didnt end! We need more! Going to go buy LYTB from the same developer.

Amazing game, , but we have one problem. We want more! The games you make are just amazing, and Id LOVE to see more! Good job, Alike.

This game was very fun the puzzles were great. We always laughed when we did the combinations that did not work. The only thing we did not like is that there needs to be more levels.

Us and our kids want more levels!

We love this everyone should give it 5 star rating.

This is a humorous, light hearted game that’s just perfect for a silly break. Love it. Will keep watching App Store for entertainment like this.

Its a little short and we completed it in three days but its so cute! Love you to bits is a little harder and longer but they are both amazing games. We have all the photos and Im just going back playing our favorite levels again and again. We love this game.

So initially we were a bit bummed. We were expecting Love you to Bits 2.0. What we got actually requires MORE brain power so once you change your expectations you get an equally enjoyable, albeit very different game. Cant wait for the next one. Thanks for the hard work on this beautiful game.

If you’re a fan of Love You To Bits, then you already know you’ll love Alike’s second game, Bring You Home. Everything in it is reminiscent of LYTB in all the very best ways.

Thank you for the fun and sweet game! Do a sequel please, Im all in!! Also, its just so great to see games for full purchase and for fun, instead of a psychological slog to get you to spend more and more money on in-app purchases!!

We always wear our headphones when playing this game. The music is equally as good as the gorgeous game itself.

Its super fun and entertaining. Each level is unique and has a wide variety of different art styles. Though some of the puzzles arent that challenging, we still enjoyed running through all the incorrect combinations to see the outcomes. Highly recommend!

This is a true masterpiece. It clever in its puzzle design with a veneer and polish that is not easy to attain. Everyone should play this game… Twice.

This game is a bit different from their other ones, but it still has loads of charm. Some of the puzzles are a bit more trial-and-error, but there are quite a few really good logical ones as well. And the characters ooze charm. Not to mention that the ending is again a highlight just like their most recent entry.

Cute, charming, and funny from the very start. The objective of each level is to slide the panels on the screen to change the scene to make a clear path for our hero. But half the fun of the game is failing. Seeing what funny things happen to you when the chain reaction of things go wrong. Still its very satisfying when the combination is right, and you pass the level. The levels are a little challenging as you go along, but not to hard. Im glad we finished the game, but we still wish there was more . Hopefully theyll come up with a sequel. Either way Ill keep our eyes out for other titles from these game developers. Top notch stuff, keep it up!

Very cute and fun, just too short, hope have more in future.

We keep looking back over our updates to see if this game had one that mightve included more levels. Hands down our favorite game, but it was so short. We need more! More levels!

Bring You Home is fun and challenging with cute and hilarious moments. The story line is entertaining and even offers alternate endings. We are very hopeful that there will be a second edition to this lovely game!

Charming little game. Just wish there was more to it. Played through in about an hour.

The best game ever. Im a nanny and we can say that this game is an awesome way to teach choice and consequence. The final is amazing. We just love this game….

We honestly have so much fun playing these games we miss tiny thrift and wish they would bring it back, Im hoping you make more apps soon!!

This game is very fun! The puzzles arent as hard as the ones from Love You to Bits but the concept is unique. Id highly recommend this game. Great job devs!

Finished in one day. Great game.

Right amount of difficulty, length, and design. Loved the game from start to finish, it is a true gem that others should aspire to. Thank you for letting us experience this!

We loved this game and all other games by this developer. The game is a bit short but still worth the cost! Try it, you wont be disappointed.

The story is heartwarming and the picture you collect throughout the game are amazing.

For starters, we have to say the graphics are still good, but at the same time, maybe they could be changed a bit to differentiate itself a bit more from Love You To Bits. Remember that game; Im going to be comparing this game to that a lot. We guess we should get this out of the way first; yes, it is still cute and charming in its own way. We love the fact that the level itself changes by you swiping to suit your fancy, and we do love all the original and creative ways you can fail by setting up a path in so many different ways. We can tell they marketed this game to be made for the purpose of seeing all the unique animations they have for each level and its failures. Also, Ill try not to spoil too much, but we do think this game has a better ending than Love You To Bits, at least if you get your pet; it actually shows the main characters personality a bit and its honestly very charming. Also the music is great; we really wish they released their soundtrack for iTunes. But Im saying all of this just to warm it up before we say this; we think this game is actually a bit disappointing. Mind you, if this is your first game you played that game from Alike Studio, or if you want to spend a bit of money on a quality game than this game wont do you wrong in any way. It will still be a nice, fun, cute adventure. However, considering they made Love You To Bits, a game that we unironically consider to be one of the best GOTYs last year, this is a major step down. (As the final update and android version of the game launched last year, Im counting it as such.) Personally we found the relationship between Polo, the main character, and his pet to not be as deep or as interesting as Kosmo And Nova. We just see Polo playing ball with his alien pet, than night falls and it gets petnapped, and Polo just sort of just goes to get it back. He doesnt stop by to check out the scenery or anything; hes just in one portal and out another, only stopping if the environment forces him to stop and pay attention to his surroundings, like the room where he was about to drown in (which was surprisingly dark and intense not gonna lie, but that was a good thing) or the alien spaceship where he had to stop some incoming meteors from hitting the ship. Compare this to Kosmo And Nova, who had their first character interaction had Nova using Kosmo as a hostage, pointing a gun to his head to force him to drive a getaway spaceship, with Kosmo having heart eyes with doing so. Or Novas first instinct when getting a flashlight that could expand things was to get a mischievous smirk on her face and size up her own lizard/chameleon pet and ride them like a wild bull. Or Kosmos first instinct after losing a game being to rage quit. What Im saying is that Polo and his pet doesnt have that much personality as Kosmo or Nova to make us wish they would get back together. Even the shockingly little secrets they had in comparison to Love You To Bits didnt reveal much of Polo; just that he could sing, loves catching fireflies and loves his pet. Granted its not the worst game that handles rewards poorly, but considering that Love You To Bits has rewards for finding secrets essentially being that you get to see a short clip of Kosmo and Nova interacting with the item you gained, the photos feel rather underdeveloped (pun unintended). Despite these intense situations, a good quarter, or even half of the obstacles and failures that occurred had us saying Ouch, that must sting, but you can still keep going or STOP AND TURN AROUND. Maybe the next game could have both this level of gameplay interaction as well as the original point and click adventure? Who knows if that could work. Personally, our favorite level was the one with you having to get a polar bear back to his mother. That one had Polo show a more soft sensitive side that made sense considering his own pet. Overall, while we cant say we didnt have fun, we still feel a bit robbed. Theres nothing here that would make us not want to recommend it to new players or Love You To Bits fans that want a new game, but Love You To Bits still holds supreme in our eyes. Our biggest problem with this new game going in was is it going to be as similar as Love You To Bits, and gameplay wise it wasnt, but overall, it was not as good, so, we guess our fear wasnt granted objectively speaking. Think we just got a case of the Monkey Paw. Well, we may be inviting that curse to happen again, but we were hesitant about the idea of Love You To Bits continuing; we thought the ended was fine enough, but maybe a sequel game could work with the gameplay style taking form of something like monument mountain 2, where you control both Kosmo and Nova to put a stop to Dr. Eros plans, could work out. Im still optimistic about Alike Studios future, but we are also watching with concern.

Lovely music and colorful episodes. This is a great mind puzzle. Please add more levels!!

Just like love you to bits, we hope you make more like bring you home, loved everything about it !

The animations are so adorable and silly that we found myself intentionally making the wrong choices just to see what happened. We played the entire game through in one sitting because it was that much fun! A few of the levels were very challenging but the animations kept it just this side of frustration. Great game!

Fun, funny, creative, challenging, pretty, smart and just perfect!

This game was so well thought out, and had such unique gameplay! It touched our heart. Highly recommend.

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