Mini World: CREATA

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 08:00 am

Mini World: CREATA

Mini World: CREATA

Mini World: CREATA is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SHENZHEN MINIWAN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., Mini World: CREATA is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 2nd March 2021 with the latest update 28th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Mini World: CREATA ?

5,271 people have rated 1.2.32

What is the price of the Mini World: CREATA ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Mini World: CREATA released ?

Mini World: CREATA was released on 2nd March 2021.

When was the Mini World: CREATA updated ?

The latest updated date of Mini World: CREATA on 28th April 2023.

Where can Mini World: CREATA be downloaded ?

You can download the game Mini World: CREATA from Apple Official App Store.



Mini World is the ultimate dream game for you to let your creativity fly! Create and build anything you can imagine, a house, apartment, castle or even a city of your own! This is the best free game for teens, join now to play and have fun with millions of players in the Mini World global community.
Your adventure begins now!
Explore an expansive sandbox world with a variety of unique cute monsters, blocks, materials. Survival mode, creation mode, epic role playing mode, and various mini games created by the community.
Jump into a friend’s game with friendly fire turned on, or start a new world on your own. Chat with your friends’ game buddies online using private chat or group chat. Share your game with friends, or join other players from all over the world. Colorful boys & girls skins to customize your own character.
Various types of mini-games available, from parkour, to puzzle, to FPS, to strategy etc… all can be built by our powerful game-editor that is available even on mobile devices. You can truly build your own world anywhere.
Twitter: @miniwantech
CS email: [email protected]

Updated on 28th April 2023

[Ocean] New Ecology is coming
Two main lines:
1.Navigation: Shipbuilding→Go to Sea→Naval Battle→Island
2.Treasure Hunting: Fishing Village→Shallow Sea→Deep Sea→Wrecks
Four core gameplays:
1.Explore: New ecology, settings, items, roles, gameplay and mechanism
2.Create: Ocean style items; Basic blocks: 3 types of triangles&blocks
3.Simulate: Fishing, shipbuilding and drift bottle making
4.Survive: Underwater&naval battle; New View
5.Treasure Vault Event: related items can be claimed.

Mini World: CREATA Review

We know there is sets that used real money for it but can you at least make all of them permanent when bought with ads ? Since people normally have problems with it and always had hard time knowing what to do. Also it takes forever. And being a beginner who doesnt want to spent money and earn on their own but it is so low to earn things and things and sets and outfits that is bought with money but what the point of it, yes its permanent but why make it expensive and worth money then why not just make people earn it? Btw the game is good but making the beginners still have same outfits and forced to not to be able to buys things, since there is a low percentage that to be bought with beans that you earn daily. We are sorry to write this, sometimes people just didnt want to buy with real money, they want to used the beans instead,Im not really sure of the point of using sets and outfits. We know there used for dressing up but why not make it to beans. And plus this is tiring. Thank you for reading. And we are sorry to write this.

Get this. (im talking to u developers) we played mini world like 2 years ago it was amazing. But now so much stuff has been added and its so different it ruins the fun. Like u need twigs to make tools? And stone? Please bring back the old. We think that will benefit all of us.

We were lagging so we had to delete and get it back and it was not showing the work that we built with our friends and then we tried to update it but it still didnt work.

It is just a pirated version of Minecraft. Every Chinese knows that Miniworld is the worst game they ever played. We’re a Minecrafter (A bud who plays Minecraft, ofc) Apple should be responsible. Please ban this game.

Great game overall ish but the ocean update is hard to use and kinda ruined it but we love it , and one of our friends we have played with from the start we cant play with them bc it always says ( client version not available)

Hey Mini World developer and mini world communities Im a normal survivor player who play survivor mode only. We want to talk about the survival mode situation. Right now that the diamonds and some other items are remove, it cause some machine/map unavailable to play. We personally wont blame on you guys but there are some improvement to make survival mode better right now. The first thing we want to talk about is raining, it pretty much rain 5 days on of 10 days and it very annoying, please make the raining chance lower or even delete raining. The second thing is the durability , you guys should make the durability higher than other games and not to make your own players to have hard time. The tools break so fast and there are limited amount of material to make or repair tools. The third reason is that the building materials is too hard to make,in the older version it easy to make building materials and now it just too hard to make a large amount of materials for building you dont have to change it back but make it easier to craft.

We can swear that that game copy the game of Minecraft and in China , people hated this game called mini world and it dont even dont have a copyright!!!

T chs iphone 6 vo game mi we c bi bc li vng game. Kh chu tht s.

Rt nhiu li , bo li ti NPH khng tm fix li m l player lun , 1 sao nh.

Our little sister like this game and we ,too.

Tere is no more transformers or anything from tv shows anymore what happened to them plz add them back.

It starts crashing. Sometimes we enter the world and there is only the background showing. We had to re-enter so many times. After several times of crashing, we deleted the game and re-download it back. Everything we created in our world was gone. Im very certain that we have turned on saving. When we download the map back, our house was a teleportation site and all our crafts inside and outside of our house is gone. The bamboos were the only thing remains. We spent the whole night to build that house, and because of the bug in game it is gone in 1 sec our 120 stars are gonemy pets, our armors, our tools, our foods, our rewards for defeating the sand bossI am so disappointed. We were enjoying the fishing and was about to buy the new fairy outfit but now we just hate this game.

Phin bn mi rt t ch sinh tn , yu cu xa Hi u v kh nng trm cc k kh chu.

Recently we made a Godzilla mob. But then we wanted to tame it but then we realized that you cant do that. So please add that feature so we can tame things (And make it when you summon things you can summon them for infinite time) (and make it that you can make things grow up into other mobs) thank you.

So we just updated the game and when we joined it told us to download a additional feature thing in the recourse gallery but when we did it wont load for some reason. If you see this please fix it.

We don’t think this is a bad game, but he did plagiarise Minecraft, which is very bad. We hope the company can make its own sandbox game and stop plagiarising our world. This is not to take the heat, it will only make you go astray. Finally, we sincerely wish your company better and better in the future. Thank you!

The game used to be very fun in block art version. We believe you guys have hired a new crew for creating this game assets Long ago the game had great performance and almost no bugs. It was easy, fun, nostalgic but now barely anyone joins your multiplayer room. It is bad because of popular maps taking all the players away and nobody can really be creative if they are not creating their own world with enough motivation of other people joining it. For now we quit this game. Please fix multiplayer join system and switch it back to the Maps section. Also dont add too many things because it kind of ruins the original feel of the game, also leaving many bugs that you have yet not fixed. We miss the old version of this game, so we have moved onto playing roblox.

Yes so many heckle and game is to snow to play.

Chuyn l tui c mt ci map tui b miniworld thu hi mt ln ri nn tui cng s, hm tui ti miniworld v iPhone thit ra l tui c mt ci trn laptop ri nhng tui mun chi c hai nn tng nn tui ti v iPhone nhng tui u c bit khi tui v nh m laptop ln tt c 15 cng trnh ca tui bit mt v thy vo li l map ca rt rt mong miniworld thy bi ny ri tm cch gip tui 1. Thu hi map 15 cng trnh 2. Thit lp cho chi c hai nn tng trong 1 acc Id:70504261 Gip tui ci please!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mini world is a pirate edition. What are you doing with it? Delete it quickly.

This is pirated game, plagiarize Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont download it.

Please make the custom model editor work like it used to before christmas update, the game kept messing with parts of the model while we try to animate it.

Sometime bugs is annoying so please fix some bug, that we write below, – usually android 12 cant play the game in single player mode – sometimes when uploading map to public, it failed and the game said To keep the game healthy, please click again that thing keep happening when we repeat like 10 more time. Good game.

Hey miniworld! You know how you can post a status? Well can you please add a update where you can post a video status like we know you can post a photo status but can you please add an update where you can post a status but its a video where people can watch the video that would be a really good update for us cya! Mini world!

Tui chi game cng lu ri m ci li mua goi lu pin ko si c mong game x.

Mong nh sn xut ra thm tnh nng cu c v nhiu th hn v nhiu loi c hn.

Ci li m mnh vo phng bt k bn mnh chi s ngi l 1/6 nhng m game li hin phng y ngi mong admin sa li.13/02/2023.

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