Chess – Offline Board Game

Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 02:25 am

Chess – Offline Board Game

Chess - Offline Board Game

Chess – Offline Board Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gamovation B.V., Chess – Offline Board Game is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th October 2021 with the latest update 25th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Chess – Offline Board Game ?

17,657 people have rated 2.1.1

What is the price of the Chess – Offline Board Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Chess – Offline Board Game released ?

Chess – Offline Board Game was released on 30th October 2021.

When was the Chess – Offline Board Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Chess – Offline Board Game on 25th March 2023.

Where can Chess – Offline Board Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Chess – Offline Board Game from Apple Official App Store.



Install and play Chess Club now for free!

Chess Club has the following features:

  • This offline Chess app is free
  • Play Chess vs COM
  • The board game offers 8 different levels of difficulty
  • Do you want to learn chess or need some help? Use the Hint function in the game to see the best move possible
  • When you made a mistake you can undo your move and try again
  • How many Chess games did you won? How many were a draw? View your personal stats and try to improve it!
  • Amazing graphics and low app size
  • Play with 2D or 3D pieces

How to play Chess Club?

Playing a real game of Chess has never been so easy. Simply install the free board game and start your journey to become the king of Chess! Select which color you want to start in: white, black or random. Define the difficulty level. In total our engine offers 8 levels. Tap on the PLAY NOW button and start your game. The goal is to eliminate the pieces from your opponent and checkmate the King! Thanks to the amazing controls it is very easy to play. You will see the possible moves you can make when you select a piece. When you are not happy with a move you made, you can Undo it. We also offer in the Chess game a Hint function, this will help you to learn Chess and become a better player over time!

Install and play the best Chess app in the store now!

Updated on 25th March 2023

Hello, have you beaten our Grandmaster yet? Our team is trying every day! Although we have not added any new features on this version, we have made some improvements that will enable you to continue playing chess without any problems! Have fun!

Chess – Offline Board Game Review

This games great when you dont have a chess board(or friends). We are not the greatest at chess but Im still trying. We love playing it and you should to!

This game is sooooo good we play almost everyday.

Improving our chess by the game.

We havent played chess in so long, a friend of ours kept encouraging us to play again. We love it, its been a lot of nervous fun so far!


Realistic and chess is a good game. One thing it could add on is having an online option.

!(!.<~!.?,!,,>zfm vmhxkgzjFjfkxgkszgkxhkxg.

They give us players that are all on our level and helps us practice!!!

Basically (in our experience) you can completely destroy the whole game and have nearly every piece on the board then the computer will make it so their last piece regardless of what it is, is impossible to get to. We’ve played about 10 games, all different moves, always the same outcome.

Even after you buy the full version they have a claim reward which you have to wait to be able to not claim. The reward requires you to watch an ad.

We’ve played on multiple difficulties and have not been allowed to win due to the games stalemate settings which you cannot disable. After methodically removing all of the computers pieces and then going for the king the game will stop and say its a stalemate even tho we clearly will win within the next few moves. Its very frustrating to play an entire game and finally have the win within reach to then be robbed at the last few moves due to this stalemate setting. We’ve played several games like this and still havent had a win only draws under the games statistics.

It claims its a draw after every time Im about to win. Doesnt know meaning of draw.

The game is inaccurate with wins and draws. There for if you want an accurate game pick a different one.

This game has this annoying issue where there is a 50 move limit per game! How absurd is that! After it prematurely ended 3 games that were perfectly winnable we uninstalled it. The game is not a draw until it is a draw! It doesn’t matter how many moves there has been! Other than that it was a great game. Please fix this. We would suggest offering a draw button that is usable after 50 moves instead of just ending the game. Its honestly infuriating!

Muy buen juego para ejercitar tu mente.

Downloaded when we first started playing and it helps so much best chess game you can get fr.

Good game. Our only complaint is that too often, when the user is close to winning, the game stops and is called stalemate.

To be a computer program, it does the job.

We like it, but it doesnt let us castle.

Rigged to always be a draw when its a clear CHECKMATE. Computer refuses to accept defeat. This is why we only play chess in real life. These online games are trash developers have odd fixation on creating rigged cpu.

An ad after every move in the puzzles! Not fun at all.

We recommend it for anyone that want to improve their games.

We wish you guys can add online version playing f&f.

Best chess game so far, we recently downloaded a few chess games but this one is addictive. It has amazing puzzles, you can play in 2d or 3d. Against computer or a friend, and it has 10 different didiculty levels. Im learning to play chess and so far this is our best tool at hand with us on our phone and iPad. Definitely 5 stars. We pay for adds free.

We love it and Im learning. We have the table in our IPhone.

How many of us Mid 2 High level game. Its straight up table n pieces just add to its enjoymentits just Chess But, nothing can compare to playing down by Lake front Chicago tables.

Amazing game so fun best chess game on the App Store.

So this app has many different levels such as beginner , easy Ext. But the best part part is that each level you can go for as long as you like , you can you go 100 rounds on beginner and it would tell your percentage of victories. In overall it makes sure your ready so it wont let you go straight to champions league. OVER ALL GREAT APP You should 10000% get it Hope it helps.

The game has reinvigorated our love of the game after a 45 year hiatus Thanks.

If ur in Houston Texas call us for some code and a game ladies only.

Very good game but it is to ez but still fun tho.

This is better than any other chess app. Better graphics and when you click on a piece it shows you where you can move.

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