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Chess Online @ shredderchess

Chess Online @ shredderchess

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Chess Online @ shredderchess! Developed by the innovative team at Eiko Bleicher, this Sports game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 29th June 2014, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 20th October 2020.

Are you a fan of Sports, Board, games? Then Chess Online @ shredderchess is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Chess Online @ shredderchess

Over 20 players have rated Chess Online @ shredderchess. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Chess Online @ shredderchess Cost?

Good news! You can download Chess Online @ shredderchess on your iOS device absolutely free!

Chess Online @ shredderchess Release Date

Eager to know when Chess Online @ shredderchess first graced the App Store? It was launched on 29th June 2014.

When Was Chess Online @ shredderchess Last Updated?

The latest version of Chess Online @ shredderchess was updated on 20th October 2020, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Chess Online @ shredderchess?

To get started with Chess Online @ shredderchess, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Chess Online @ shredderchess

Enjoy playing chess online on

Play and meet your friends at this lovely place. Always find opponents that are of similar strength. Play a fast timed game, or chose a slow-paced offline game.

Participate in tourneys to compare to others. Take a look at in depth statistics of your results, and examine your finished games, and see what others are playing.

Chat with your fellows, and opt-in to receive notifications when a new move or message arrives.

No matter if you’re a pro player or a novice, if you like to play bullet-style fast competitive games or casual move-as-you-like games, if you want to play your old friends or make new ones, we got you covered.

Nice people, challenging games – let be the venue for your online chess experience.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Chess Online @ shredderchess updated on 20th October 2020:

  • Bug fixes

User Reviews on Chess Online @ shredderchess

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Chess Online @ shredderchess below:

This app is riddled with cheat engines and users are very mean and racist we dont recommend 99% of users are using chess programs and developer is a hacker.

We must say that this is a truly great chess app for competitive and casual play. That in addition to great Shredder AI make this a great app. We do have a premium membership, which we will no longer continue. Im not into blitz/bullet wars or restricted time limitations. We throughly enjoy correspondence chess and am having difficulty finding other players, who will accept challenges. Sure, Im no reincarnation of Fischer but we dont want to pay to wait around for a game. We hate having games aborted. Its way too frequent.

This is a great app. It is functionally simple yet capable and looks great. The Shredder chess engines creator is a well known chess engine and also the co-creator of the UCI chess interface, universally used for interfacing chess engines and GUIs. The cost of premium membership is reasonable, which allows you to download your games using their web interface. The web interface allows you to play from any browser and looks pretty much the same as this app and is functionally otherwise identical to this app. What is missing is an analysis link between games completed here and the other Shredder app by the same author.

Can you send an update to make the clock a little bigger other than that this is a beautiful chess app one of the best we ever used. Also send an update so we can put in a new avatar.

Clean pleasing design. Really like the top view wood pieces, looks great on a iPad retina display. You can try it out as a guest, but definitely register as a member to track your rating, it’s free, and no ads. This is still a new app, so not as many players as others but it’s growing steadily.

This is a superbly well thought out app but it has developed a couple of problems: 1) A few months ago latency increased considerably. We’re guessing the servers were moved to some new location, far away from the US west coast. 2) After we updated our iPad to iOS 10 the app has become unusable due to a 1-2 seconds latency after many moves. Annoying in a 5 mins game, impossible in 1-3 min games. PLEASE fix these problems so that this will again be the best online chess game on the planet.

Hello chess fans, let us start by saying that if you are looking for a chess app to play online with a world wide band of chess-opponents along with Cpu to play with then please purchase this app. For starters the app owner/developer is a stand up guy who will respond to all your questions and concerns, even if you have questions before you purchase this app which we did and he is the main reason why we purchased this app. Believe us we had many many… Questions before we purchased this app, heck the owner/developer even responded to one of our questions on Thanksgiving day, that shows commitment to all of his app users. The app itself is very user friendly and the people that you challenge are also nice and professional while chatting and playing your chess match. There are many was to start a match you have options like.. Playing from many different Elo ratings or you can choose from many different times of play there are tournaments going all the time you can pick an opponent that you want to play and look at the opponents bio to see the games that they played and the players they played against also with this option you can see who they won and lost to in every match, you can also see who is the top ratted players if you do challenge another player they have to accept the challenge keep that in mind. The same goes if another player challenges you there’s an option that lets you accept/decline the match. If for some reason your device blinks out or if you close out of a game when you log back into play all games will resume were they left off, unlike other apps were you either have to start over or even lose the match. We’re not one to write reviews but we’ve spent much to much money looking for a good chess app and if that is what your doing now we highly recommend that you give this app a try. So to sum things up the customer service is outstanding we really can’t say that enough at the quality of this app and the choice of options you have to play a game are limitless. If you have any questions please submit them to the developer heck tell him Apawnaylpse sent you then you’ll be sure to get a response (sorry dude). Hope to see you all on the board. Apawnaylpse.

Shredder is by far the best chess app available. The online experience with the shredder brand is as wonderful. Shredders reputation does attract the best so the quality of games is pretty solid. Just need more people to sign up!

Where to start… Okay, you get time controls, a great community of players, lots of options, it’s FREE, the server network seems to never stall, lag, or crash… We wish people would play more here and less on that wonderfully popular, yet most basic of basic chess apps, Chess With Friends (which we play all the time). This is a vastly superior app.

Been having the whole family on this app now and we all enjoy it, both the inexperienced and experienced! Great interface and easy to use on the go!

… But really don’t need the display of coordinates on the board. No feature in "settings" to turn it off. Thanks for this app though, great environment.

It’s a great pass time. Its challenging. There are many challenging opponents. It’s a great set up.

We just installed this app today but after playing one game we had to uninstall it every time we made a move it said we lost connection and then when it was our opponent move the clock would still count down on our end and stay the same on his end we eventually timed out graphics are horrible everything about this sight seems rushed we are a professional chess player and we will not be revisiting this sight ever again don’t waist your time.

Don’t waste your time and very misleading. First off The app never allows you to win regardless of what your rating Secondly when you’re close to winning it will offer a draw or second option to decline the draw (which never works so you simply opt out to except the draw) however, when you except the draw the app just allows your time to run out and you lose anyway. We are a 2400 grand master and we never won one single game and it gave us a rating of 1300 and we still couldn’t win a game the moves were so fast with no thought process whatsoever so it obviously was a computer don’t waste your time downloading this app.

This app is fantastic when it works. Unfortunately we are constantly getting disconnected during games now. Our wifi is great and it’s only this app that loses connection. We emailed support so if they fix it we will change to 5 stars. Unplayable as is now. :(

This app is very good to play chess online. We highly recommend it to every one.

Finally we have an app that support Premove in Live games!

This is the best chess app we have ever seen. We can play anytime we want, very well designed, no problems at all. This app has renewed our love of chess.

Good app with a bad interface and usability. What we do not like especially that there is not a move confirmation. In blitz its very easy to drop a finger accidentally and make a wrong move.

We love the app itself do far, but it keeps logging us out at random times, especially when we’re watching games. It’s really disruptive.

Many bugs and holes in this program. Basic features like showing captured pieces are missing. We bought a premium membership and got locked out trying to use it. Wasted our money.

Pros: Tons of features, love the game!! Cons: When playing a rated game online, the game looses connection and you and up loosing on time! The work around is to "kill" an app and then start it again. These way the app will reconnect. Some games we have to do it every 3-4 moves!!! Final thoughts: Please fix this bug!! You cannot use the app, doesn’t matter how great it is!!! We will try and re-rate after the new update.

This is a great game we love shredder against the computer but online it’s just as good plz come out with new shredder improvements plz.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tourneys, correspondence, live and blitz games, Elo ratings, lack of ads, and incredible polish make this the best chess app we’ve ever encountered. Highly recommended.

App works perfect. Join in and play some chess.

Other chess apps are correspondence style only. Shredder is the first we’ve seen to offer live games. Users can be rated, which helps match your skill level. This app is well designed and feature rich. We’ve been looking for something like this a long time.

We can’t play a 5 minute game because we wait 2 minutes for our opponent to move then they move and their clock goes up in time and it’s our clock that’s been going down for two minutes when we couldn’t even make a move!

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