Colorscapes® – Color by Number

Last updated on December 1st, 2022 at 11:05 pm

Colorscapes® – Color by Number

Colorscapes® - Color by Number

Colorscapes® – Color by Number is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fuero Games Sp. z o.o., Colorscapes® – Color by Number is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th March 2020 with the latest update 31st August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Colorscapes® – Color by Number ?

149,298 people have rated 3.14.1

What is the price of the Colorscapes® – Color by Number ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Colorscapes® – Color by Number released ?

Colorscapes® – Color by Number was released on 24th March 2020.

When was the Colorscapes® – Color by Number updated ?

The latest updated date of Colorscapes® – Color by Number on 31st August 2022.

Where can Colorscapes® – Color by Number be downloaded ?

You can download the game Colorscapes® – Color by Number from Apple Official App Store.



Draw it! Enjoy your daily coloring book time, relaxing with TOP happy and fun color by number game.

Looking to relax or unwind? It’s coloring book time. Colorscapes combines fun, stress reduction, and beautiful art into one awesome app.

The app goes above and beyond to bring users a premier coloring experience. Check out these powerful features:

  • Enormous variety of beautiful artwork, including Animals, People, Landscapes, Mandalas and more.
  • Amazing art from our featured artist
  • Simple controls, smooth interface, and eye catching notifications
  • New artwork added daily
  • Library of more than 3000 works
  • Editor’s Choice: popular works suggested for you
  • Tips and tricks throughout the app to help you create flawless artwork

Colorscapes is here for you. Whether you want a brief distraction, some relaxation, or just to kill time, take a moment to create a masterpiece. You won’t regret it. Try Colorscapes today.

Colorscapes Premium

  • With Colorscapes Premium you can subscribe for removing ads and watermarks, unlimited hints as well as 4 VIP pictures every day.
  • Yearly subscription is $69.99, after the 3-day free trial, automatically renews.
  • This purchase is an auto-renewable subscription. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase.
  • The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
  • You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings in the iTunes store after purchase.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Updated on 31st August 2022

What’s up, Colorfans!? Our updated version has been released!!
Check out these NEW features and fixes:

  • Bug fixes to make the app run smoothly.

Colorscapes® – Color by Number Review

We do not like the Colorscapes logoTake it away or we will go away for ever,

Going to do the word bar challenge!!!!! Yes you can get it to us in the next couple weeks and then Ill get it out to the library tomorrow morning to get the stuff done thanks so so we can make it for tomorrow thanks so we will see if we have to be in a meeting tomorrow or not we will be home in a little while thanks for your call thank us love love ya thanks so we hope you have an amazing night and love love ya love love miss love love you love ya thanks love love ya love love miss love love you too we hope you have an awesome night thanks for your help love you!!!! Yes you are still in the gym we will see if we have.

We love it! It is soooo relaxing!

We love this app! However we have completed over 90% of the pics & our phone storage is full & now we cant even update it. Its probably true that most people dont utilize the app as much as we do. Its therapeutic for us. There should be a way to offload the completed pics because thats the storage issue. On a different note: how do you choose the new pics for a new day? Anime is mostly what we see each morning. Its not that we dont like it but we havent seen a mandala in ages. Just wondering. To end we would say with respect there should be a fix for this other than deceit he app & starting over (with ads). Thank you.

Hi there! So we’ve been playing for quite some time. Basically since we got our new phone. This game is great! Honestly, we had pretty high expectations seeing the ads and our expectations have been plesantly met!! We love the pics and the new update on doing puzzles to makes it even better!! However there are a little more ads than wanted. Like if we wanted to do a puzzle we have to do an ad. But on the bright side ads are just ways to find more cool games!! Do tone down the ads though. We just wanna say great selection of pics! Like they have so many catagories! Animals, nail art, easy, paterns, scenery, and even wallpaper that you can actually download and use!! (theres a lot more catigories btw) The only thing we wound tone down is maybe the ads, otherwise we would recomend this game and recomend it!! ( srry for the long reveiw)

Its so satisfying and the drawings are so pretty and beautiful we love the gloss they add, we TOTALLY RECOMMEND.

This app has different things to do and we get bored when Im just plain one thing and we love coloring in these things and making them our background.

Color Scapes is by far the best color number games we have ever played, there is apt of detail and you dont have to do All of it! We especially like the new bucket Feature they added where you can click one spot and it would get all of that color- it makes paintings so much easy and it takes a lot less time now to make a picture. We only have one suggestion though could the creators maybe add a little search bar so you dont spend 10 minutes trying to find a picture you like you can just go to the search bar and search what photo you want to color! This is just a suggestion though. All in all THE BEST COLORING GAME EVER!

Hello we love how much you can get from this app but we hope that you can use it for your time to be free and good.

So relaxing and fun its easy too. We always play this when Im bored. Cause its so fun!

You should add a Camera so you can make a picture of the Colorscapes so you can color it!!

We love and adore this game it has made all our stress go away and it keep s us relaxed thank you for playing this and we hope you have a good rest of your day.

This game is the best day ever that is why we gave it five stars and it is so relaxing Im going to be an artist when we grow up we told our parents that that is why we downloaded this game and we love this game already and we just downloaded it we think that everyone who has this game should leave a five star view if there was like a a 100 out of 10 for this we would literally put 100 out of 10 even if its 10 out of 10 that is how good this game is we love this game so much.

This is great! It is so fun, relaxing, and cool. This is awesome.

Colorscapes have some of the best pictures on the net to color. Pretty women, BUT why not some sexy cute MEN to color??? Thats why we gave you a 4, along with the ads being too long.

We love the game a lot its so easy but there is a lot of adds but u need to pay to get rid of them and u need vip to its so annoying buts its a fun game and easy but still a lot of adds -.- .-.

Great start. This app would be perfect if you reduced the ads- way too many adds.

The art In this game is beautiful we love the inclusiveness in all people and the pretty landscapes and things but, sadly we feel like you try to hide the spaces so hard so we have to watch ads so you can make profits at least thats how it comes off Id appreciate if you make it a bit more obvious. We were working on a cute picture and we got really stuck on like 10 pieces because they where like 2 pixels! We really want to give it a 5 star but sadly we cannot. We hope to see some of these problems fixed in the future.

Its very fun and satisfying, we really like the game too, but there are way, way too many adds. Every time we finish a couple colors an add pops up and every time we click on one of the pictures, an add comes up. All Im saying is its very fun but too many adds.

We love this game! We just have one question for the developer: is there going to be a new update on the game in the future?

This game is amazing we really love it but there just to many ads, everytime we press on a picture a ad pops up when its done loading ,when Im done coloring the picture a ad pops up . Almost anything we do a ad pops up ,please remove some ads so they dont pop up so much.

We have been coloring on this app for over a year now and we love all the different pictures! The only downside about it is that there are way to many adds. Adds are popping up before and after each picture!

The game is quite simple: you just color ina picture using color by number. Its very fun and a relaxing way to waste time. Its great and all, but its also very easy. Not really much to say about this one, to be honest.

The pictures are pretty and we like the fill in options but we really hate having two watch two ads for every picture. Cant we just cut it down to one?? Think Im done with this app.

When we watch an add in the middle the add will freeze for 10 – 20 seconds.

Ok hear us out, this is a nice game, but every time we would try to fill in a spot on the drawing, our screen would freeze every time. We know it was not our internet or our phone because all our other apps work just fine. Also, when we would exit the game just for a second to turn off our alarm, a add would pop up every time. It gets annoying, but if you dont mind adds or lags, we guess its a good game.

We like it ig but we hate how it interrupts us while im coloring to watch an add.

Love the pictures, unfortunately it doesnt allow the deleting of finished pictures. This uses so much space on our iPad. Also, am tired of same pictures coming back over and over. Dont think we will be renewing our subscription!

Too many ads one before one during one after its just way too many ads.

The amount of ads is seriously ridiculous! We cannot even hardly color because theres so many!

We have been paying the monthly subscription for a several years now for this. Our payments was made on the 24th like always and on the 25th we have all commercials. App support is NON EXISTENT so forget that. We have cancelled our subscription and will be deleting the app. We are very disappointed with this app and their so called appreciation for their customers.

We love this app so much because it has snake pictures and no other coloring app we have played had snake pics.

This app is good when Im stressed we play it we highly recommend this coloring game its the best.

Get this game right know we mean it is so educational and creative.

Thank you for making this game.

Ok we L-O-V-E LOVE this app but theres just one thing, Im like really into the painting and then this thing shows up and it says halfway there take a break and Im like AGHHHHH cause sometimes we use this app to calm down and then that happens and we blow up and thats why we only left 3 stars.

Mi like this app since its fun and that it has easy and hard drawin.

If you are a kid and you like app that you dont have to pay for here you go! Expect. The 4E pictures are so freaking ugly we know some very pretty black people and the artist makes them look like aliens!

We like it its just our cat food always dies because of it so ye.

We love this game but to much ads but this game has been so much fun and we cant wait to play this game again we love it so much and Im glad you made this game so much.

Todo app for us and we have been using it to get a few things from our iPhone and iPad and our phone has to work on the app and our computer has been updated so Im trying to update it to the other one we just need a new update on the phone with our computer and computer computer so we have to restart it so we will take our calls to update and update the computer update so you can help you out with this one and you have for the next week or two and we can update you at wit we will do that one day thank goodness we will do that for sure and we have a great day at work.

We love there are different types of things you can draw we just got this game and we hope you will enjoy this game as much as we do you can draw people and lots more and we like how you can dare your drawings with your friends and family members and you can draw amar there might be some bad spelling and that is our fault because we are just 8 years old and we do not know how to spell that well.

You can literally color anything so amazing.

We like this app more than quite a few other coloring apps because this one has a paint button. We have little patience for tapping all of the tiny squares but we want to see the pretty picture afterwards, and this button that theyve added lets us do that. We very much appreciate this new feature and the app in general. It is fun.

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