Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 05:30 am

Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Guru Smart Holding Limited, Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th May 2020 with the latest update 14th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles ?

32,434 people have rated 6.3.0

What is the price of the Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles released ?

Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles was released on 12th May 2020.

When was the Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles updated ?

The latest updated date of Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles on 14th May 2023.

Where can Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles be downloaded ?

You can download the game Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles from Apple Official App Store.



Enjoy the Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzle Games for Everyone!

HD Jigsaw Puzzles to play every day! Try to put Jigsaw Puzzles together! Download and start the Jigsaw Puzzles Challenge!

Jigsaw Puzzles game contains high-quality HD pictures in a wide variety of categories, such as nature, amazing food, interesting people, art, lovely animal puzzles of dogs, cats… a large number of beautiful pictures that can help you relax and have fun during your Jigsaw Puzzles gameplay.

Playing Jigsaw Puzzles is a great way to train your brain and to relax! The game difficulty is based on the number of puzzle pieces, and you can put these pieces together in the app.

Key features:

  • Tons of free, beautiful HD puzzles from a variety of collections: Flowers, Animals, Landmarks, Oil paintings and more!
  • Daily Puzzles. Get a free puzzle every day.
  • Mystery Puzzles. Challenge yourself to complete unknown pictures.
  • Coin system. Play, earn coins and unlock new puzzles.
  • Freely choose from 4 difficulty levels. You can be a Jigsaw master!
  • Rotation mode. Turn on rotation to explore more challenging puzzles.
  • Custom background. Choose a comfortable background for your puzzle challenge.
  • Work on multiple puzzles at a time and see your progress.
  • Use your own images/photos to create puzzles by yourself.
  • A mode for you to show the pieces in the borders only.

A large number of HD pictures for the Jigsaw Puzzles: Browse from the library with HD pictures in different Jigsaw Puzzles categories, including lovely pets, delicious foods, famous landscapes, beautiful illustrations…

Every new puzzle piece is unique and beautifully realistic!

Download and start solving beautiful free jigsaw puzzles!

Play jigsaw puzzle and see all of the new puzzles we’ve added! Create your masterpiece with just a puzzle!

Privacy Policy: https://jigsaw.fungame.studio/policy.html
Terms of Use: http://fungame.studio/termsofservice.html

Updated on 14th May 2023

Hi Jigsaw Puzzle players,
More items are on sale in the store now. Go select what you need!
Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
Thank you for playing our puzzle game!

Puzzle Games: Jigsaw Puzzles Review

We paid to have the ads removed… And it didnt! Then there is no way to contact the developer! Also, Apple is no help either!

We almost want to delete this app its not great. Every 5 minutes theres an ad. Want to double your reward with an ad? No? Well Im just going to ignore that and give you and ad anyway. Sound affects are so annoying had to turn them off. No dark mode so its just annoyingly bright. Would not recommend. Also NOT offline.

Why does this game freeze? Can we reload?

Sounds with every move whether a correct or incorrect piece move.

Im ready to delete this puzzle because the ads freeze our page and its been like this for hours . You dont really want to hear from anyone.

Updated last night and now have no sound effects.

How soon will ads stop appearing after we paid Apple Store cause Im still getting ads. Lately, app has been freezing and locking up that requires we shut down our device and restart. There are also weird duplicates of pieces that require placement twice. There are also pieces that stick and moving one drags the other stuck pieces. Have to shut down device and start over. Before these freezes, we would hav3 rated a 5.

In spite of having a great selection of beautiful puzzles, and an infectious coin gathering challenge, the advertising makes the app unplayable. We are extremely offended by the overload of fraudulent ads. Oprah hawking weight loss gummies? Give us a break. Worse yet, many of the ads wont just finish and go away. You often hit exit, only to have a variation of the ad pop up, often 6 to 8 times. Ultimately it just isnt worth the inconvenience.

Adds have pictures we dont care to see.

We love these puzzles, so relaxing for the mind.

You can choose the level of difficulty and it is like doing a real jigsaw puzzle with out the mess on your table. Love it! Skip Bo Lady.

Love the piuzzles from Africa and around the World!

We’ve really enjoyed these puzzles. Some were more challenging than others, however thoroughly enjoyed solving them.

We love solving puzzles but the puzzles can sometimes not have all the puzzle pieces to solve the puzzles but other than that its fun and frustrating at the same time but you can choose different types of puzzles you can make your own puzzle and choose how much pieces you want.

Great puzzle site. Lots of really nice puzzles and you can choose the number of pieces.

The puddles are so beautiful! The variety of subjects really make it hard to choose each day. We love them!

We love your puzzles so much! Our mom loves them to! Have a good day!

Our wife and we love playing jigsaws. We have numerous 1,000 piece puzzles weve completed and even framed and hung up on our walls. This game is a great way to scratch that jigsaw itch. There are numerous modes you can choose from, that make the games easy or difficult. For example, you can increase the number of pieces, which will of course make the games more difficult. Those games play better on tablets than phones. You can also enable rotating pieces, which makes the puzzles exponentially more challenging. Great for those that want a super hard challenge, but if you want something more casual and relaxing, just turn that off. One of the things that we really love about this app is the simple designs, and how we can pick pictures we like. They even have puzzle packs, and we found a few we really enjoy, like ones by the beaches. We also really enjoy farm scenery. Overall, its just a really smooth and relaxing experience that both our wife and we enjoy (we share an iPad) and she also plays sometimes. Would highly recommend for those that enjoy jigsaw puzzles!

We loved this jigsaw puzzle it has beautiful pictures.

Great teaching game for a 3 year old She does most of it on her own now.

We enjoy doing these puzzles and the variety of them but you have to wait to long for commercials.

We have played this a year or so and lately its nothing but interruptions and advertisements. We barely play 10 pieces and it stops us for break time. Really? Im about ready to delete it. Not much fun anymore.

We love puzzles. Its how ii relax. BUT how can we relax when we open our puzzle we’ve started, ready to work on again, and find 45% of it that we completed the night before missing?! So darn frustrating! And this is our second complaint! Please. Talk with the developers and fix the problem! Its always on the two highest piece puzzles for ME. Those are the ones we work on. We dont know about the little ones. Having to redo pieces that already done the night before defeats the purpose of why we do them- relaxation! We start off tense and mad and end wondering if we are going to have to do it again the next night. Not good, not relaxing. Please fix.

Its an okay puzzle game, but the images are totally different from what they show in their ads. The ad we clicked on showed gorgeous painted-style images. The actual puzzles are mostly the same stock photos you see in other puzzle games of this kind. We mean, the identical images. Theres no in-game help to explain what the controls do, so figure those out by trial and error. We still havent figured out the difference between magic zoom and regular zoom. No landscape mode. Too many ads. Tries too hard and too often to get player to connect Facebook Tiles mode (all pieces are square) is wicked hard but doable. The best thing about this app compared to others like it is the ability to import your own pictures to make puzzles.

We have finished several levels in different catagories and it doesnt show them finished or awarded and badges or prizes. Getting frustrated with this because some of those puzzles are very hard to do on an iPad.

The puzzles are 5 out of 5, but the incessant apps are so annoying the game is a 3 out of 5. An app to open the puzzle, another app to open the puzzle, a other app to close the puzzle and again a fourth app. We understand the apps, but 4 apps to do 1 puzzle.

Too many ads in between puzzles. Very frustrating.

We really like this app and the beautiful puzzled but it DRIVES ME CRAZY that sometimes it saves your puzzle progress and other times it doesn’t save at all. We started a puzzle earlier got the whole outside out together and a good amount of the inside pieces. Went back just now to do more and NOTHING saved. We have to start ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

There appears to be no way to turn off the annoying sounds.

The ad said no annoying ads and works w/o Wi-Fi but NO! We tried to use it w/o Wi-Fi and it needed it, and there WAS ads. Disappointed.

Love the puzzles. However in about 3 minutes a note comes up and says time for a rest. Then an ad for a new game comes on and you cant get it off. We have to get out and go back in about 5 minutes later. Frustrating.

Can not do nothing with the Puzzles.

We do our puzzles like the fellow Coke Zero. Its so much easier but we also find we cant space our colors out. They always overlap and jump together. Also now we have our first puzzle 25% finished and it freezes. We tap and tap to get it working or just leave. Its too frustrating for us. It was bad enough with the jumping pieces. We cant understand why this happens.

Why on earth would you develop an app for puzzle lovers and not make it functional for how those people work? You should not have to leave all of your pieces on the board to save their organization. Every puzzle person we know sorts their pieces according to some attribute, often color. The scroll bar of pieces should be included in the save feature. Anyone should be able to sort their pieces and be able to scroll to the section where they sorted a particular kind of piece as they work on the puzzle. This is logical and efficient. Having the pieces in the scroll bar not save their location is utter nonsense. The app was running slow a couple of different times, so we exited and came back to it only to find that not only did our organization of the scroll bar not save, but the last several pieces that we had solved and left on the board did not save either! We love the pictures included and how the pieces lock into place, but the lack of saving features is frustrating and we will go look elsewhere. There has to be another puzzle app that has better functionality for people who love putting together puzzles.

So we were playing a game when this ad made its way on our phone screen and it said download this game for no annoying ads when we were also looking for a game with no ads but a couple minutes ago an ads popped up on our screen this is false advertising.

1 seemed to use a lot of our iPhones battery life. Unless we completely closed it out the battery would die very quickly. Had issues with the battery dying while do the puzzles. 2 While doing the puzzles the game would freeze or lag constantly not for just a few seconds for almost a whole minute every time we would do something.

So we’ve got several of these apps think you might be from the same developer because youre very similar. But this particular one we have issues with we may be considered a little OCD and the sense that we like to put all our pieces together by type and by color before we start doing the puzzle itself this particular app when you close it doesnt remember that so when we came back in this morning to start on the first puzzle innards all of our pieces were mixed up and we were like we spent hours putting them in order because we always do the highest number of pieces so we were quite frustrated and we thought to myself do we start over or do we just move onto one of the other apps that we have that are like we said exactly the same offer so we decided just to delete this app possibly Ill come back to it. There are things we like about this app. It has a higher peace count and some of the other ones we use. We also like the fact of it has a black background option where we dont think any of our other ones do we think theres a dark gray but we dont think we have a true black like this or not so thats all we gotta do you know maybe theyll fix it maybe they wont but for now its a its a no for us.

Of course, the commercials are a bit much! We mean every single time, AND break times Geeze. But other than that the puzzles are great and the colors are on point!

Fun way to pass the time and really good for eye and coordination. Love all the nice pictures.

Very relaxing and enjoyable to do your puzzles.

Estoy muy contenta con esta aplicacin, su contenido es variado y us gustan las opciones que tiene para armar.

We wanted to use our own photos for puzzles, but didnt know what we were doing wrong. Cathy was AMAZING and we learned what we needed to know!! Thank you Cathy!!

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