Critical Strike CS: Online FPS

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 06:00 am

Critical Strike CS: Online FPS

Critical Strike CS: Online FPS

Critical Strike CS: Online FPS is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by VERTIGOGAMES OU, Critical Strike CS: Online FPS is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 14th November 2019 with the latest update 11th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


10,487 people have rated 11.501

You can download the game Critical Strike CS: Online FPS from APP STORE.


Critical Strike is a fast-paced modern multiplayer FPS counter terrorist game.
Are you a fan of the good old counter terrorists battles? Enjoying online shooters and multiplayer gun games? There is the best 3D First Person Shooter in real-time.
Take the part in the vanguard at the battlefield of Critical Strike!

Play with your friends, you will love the multiplayer PvP shooting experience on your mobile device! Compete with people around the world and show your skills.

Fight against real players around the world over multiple game modes with 10 seconds of matchmaking and battles under 4 minutes.


  • AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls!
  • 8+ maps to try different tactics!
  • 40+ Weapons: pistols, snipers, assault rifles, shotguns, grenades!
  • 5+ combat game modes to play with your friends and worldwide players!
  • 250+ Skins with Unique Styles: AK47 Flash, AWP Comic Boom, Golden Deagle…
  • Perfect optimization even for weak devices!
  • Clan: Create your own clan and invite your friends to play together!
  • League: Gain trophies as you get victories and move on to the next leagues.
  • Global Chat with your friends and other players to socialize
  • Arms Race Events: regularly updated themes and rewards for each update; Halloween, New Year, Easter..


  • Team Deathmatch : Team vs Team battle (counter terrorist VS terrorist team)
  • Free for all : It’s kill or be killed. Kill the other players as many times as you can.
  • Defuse the Bomb : Terrorist team plant the bomb. Counter team defuse the bomb.
  • Arms Race Tournament : All weapons are FREE to use. Competitive game mode to counter your enemies strike
  • Private room : Call your friends to play together in same room.


  • Chat with your friends and other players
  • Great 3D graphics and sound, so perfectly adapted for New Action Games
  • Up to 5vs5 multiplayer online PvP battle mode, fair fight!
  • Use less mobile data in real-time matches
  • TOP 10 Online PvP FPS gun game!
  • Many teams for counter (SWAT,GIGN,Spetsnaz,Seal…)
  • Many teams for terrorist (Anarchist,Gangster,Balkans…)

This year’s best graphics 3D First Person Shooter experience will make you spend your time playing Critical Strike!
If you are dead don’t forget where you get hit for counter attack get your revenge!
Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS!
If you always wanted to play a great multiplayer shooter on your mobile device, your dreams are now true!
You can enjoy the improved graphics and enticing sound effects of this free online FPS game!
Are you ready to strike counter enemies?
Awesome Multiplayer FPS CS game GO!
First person shooter and multiplayer shooting game made with Unity to optimize online FPS gun experience.
Become #1 in the worldwide CS leaderboard.

Regular game updates and new features are waiting for you!

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Updated on 11th August 2022

New event:Summer Vice!
"Reward Road" with new rewards!
Special consumables helmets and armors
Katana & Knuckle are here!
New event character!
Tricky Montana Helmet
Two new skin collections
3 new gloves
Don’t miss the new offers during the Summer Vice Event!
Performance improvements
Bug fixes
We are ready to make your game experience even better! Enjoy it!

Critical Strike CS: Online FPS Review

Just make the button to fire on manual mode bigger.

We love this game and its just like csgo but we have one issue… HUD CUSTOMIZATIONS!!! Every game should have a hud customization man….. Also can we have more graphics options? Like frame rates and video quality? But ignoring all of that a absolute 5/5 best game out there! Keep up the good work!!!

Reminds us of counter strike. Thanks for making this game.

Love this game its so fun its like csgo.

This game is a mix of every game we’ve played on the IOS platform. But this game here is by far the best one we’ve played yet to this day. We love the feel of the gameplay and the voice announcements when getting kills headshots etc. Thank you so much for a very fair not pay to win game thank you for being fair and a number 1 topped played game for us!!

Critical strike is a fun FPS game we love games like this we tried out a lot fps games but we didnt like them then we saw downloaded this one and we love it critical strike is the best FPS game we tried out.

This game is great and all but please make it more challenging.

This game is so fun we love it and it is a game we will play 24 7.

Its a cool game its like ccgo for phone 4 stars.

We cant custom the movement pad, we would play this game more but customizing needs some work. We would like more options.

Y cant you change the up and down reverse? Cant do up and down we do down and up for our aim.. If u can fix that Ill give u 5.

Love the game, but we were wondering how do we opt out of premium status?

The game is great good graphics and pretty good guns but we would like it more if there was grenades.

We really like it it is very entertaining and very fun!

The game have good graphics they should put more gamesmode.

We like the game but when the game ends and we click skip, it freezes and we have to delete the game and open it again.

We think this game is ok except for the fact you cant buy cash with gold. We think gold should be used to purchase cash.

Im really good at this game witch is really sus. Im not good at shooter games. Plus every time we play we see the same people witch are fake its not even online and more evidence to back it up is that im always on the same side don’t you think thats weird any ways this is overall a ok game but actually make it online please but for now. DELETE.

Nothing but a good time. There are ads, but you can pay to not have them.

We love the game it so fun and you can do a lot of stuff that is whit we like the game so we give it a 5 out a 5 the game is so fun.

Critical strike is the best game ever so fun lots of weapons 5 out 5 star game.

Although when your in a group some ppl dont know how to even aim overall the game is amazing we play it everyday day it lets all our stress out lol.

Critical strike is really fun and good but theres one problem,the new global chat has people in it saying bad words and Im not allowed to see or hear that kind of stuff, so can you please remove it.

We love the idea but the developers spam you with special offers and other crazy in app purchases. Its almost impossible to enjoy the game when they beg you to buy the next pack! Even if you are high level they still spam you with in app purchases. Gameplay is rather bland, and the sound effects are terrible.

Always outmatched and out gunned? Level 13 playing against level 60 70 80. REALLY the game is good but the pairing algorithms are total garbage. 100% truth.

Maybe you could add like a rocket launcher or mini Gun or more extreme guns to make the game more challenging and you should add skins like Fortnite or call of duty buy overall great game 10/10.

We honestly love this game. It’s the best mobile shooter we’ve played. It is just as good as the actual game. It is one of the only games we’ve ever spent money on (specifically for no ads, but there aren’t many anyway).

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Awesome game. We cant stop playing this game.

We love this game we have been trying to play counter strike but our computer cant handle it but we found this game and it is so unique because you can now upgrade weapons and you dont have to pay money to buy cases and get knives and weapons you get free cases and you can buy them with coins which you earn by playing matches and overall it is a really great game.

This game is very well made, it runs perfectly and looks great. This is based off of CSGO and is a very good alternative for mobile, we really love the game and we think you should try it out if you havent already!

Its gameplay is really good and smooth we highly recommend this app for you it you like action shooter and fps.

We need more stages for defuse bomb, we really like this game but we’re already bored that it’s the same 3 stages as always.

This game is probably the best mobile game ever in our opinion if youre in to shooting and doing missions then this is the game for YOU!

Keep it up your doing great with the game and we are good at it.