My Singing Monsters Composer

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 07:00 am

My Singing Monsters Composer


My Singing Monsters Composer is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Big Blue Bubble, My Singing Monsters Composer is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th April 2018 with the latest update 25th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,176 people have rated 1.3.0

You can download the game My Singing Monsters Composer from APP STORE.


Become a Monster Maestro in My Singing Monsters Composer!

Conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters! Each Monster is packed with personality and its own unique vocal, percussive, and instrumental sound. Compose your own original song using a powerful and easy-to-use music editor, or recreate your favorites! Plus enjoy Monster parts not found on My Singing Monsters’ Composer Island, like dynamic Dipsters, mysterious Ethereals and lovable Seasonals.

My Singing Monsters Composer is a great tool for learning musical notation in a fun and memorable way. People of all skill levels will love practicing songwriting with this simple music editor!

Download My Singing Monsters Composer today – Happy Monstering!


  • 60+ charming Monsters with unique sounds
  • Exclusive Monsters: Ethereals, Seasonals and Dipsters
  • New sounds for Rare Monsters
  • Write original music
  • Learn musical notation
  • Record and share songs with friends
  • Built-in keyboard
  • Play offline when you’re on the go
  • No ads or in-app purchases


HELP & SUPPORT: Get in touch with the Monster-Handlers by visiting or contacting us in game by going to Options > Contact Support.

Updated on 25th April 2022

By popular demand, there’s now a ‘Mon’ for all seasons! Everyone’s favorite Core Seasonals from My Singing Monsters – Punkleton, Yool, Schmoochle, Blabbit and Hoola – have unlocked the hidden gateway to Composer Stage. This lovable group, packed with personality and musical potential, arrive bearing gifts: a brand new ‘Seasonals’ Lament’ sample song to enjoy and inspire. Seasonals’ Greetings!

My Singing Monsters Composer Reviews

It should have an update with sublime and fire monsters because we think it would be cooler also make it have it so that the monsters can be placed anywhere without just having 5 to have it and we know it will take a long time and so much work but we would still play it but we would wait for the update if you announce it so please make it an update.

We love this game but we really think you guys should add the fire elements we feel like we as players would really enjoy that, btw like the seasonals.

We are impressed that you made composer island into a game and we love it a lot but we have a great idea to improve it you should add the fire elements cause they would sound cool too but we do love the game keep up the good work.

When we first got the game we loved it so much and then it started to crash on us and kicking us out of the game and we got really mad and sad so that is why Im writing this plz fix it we love this game so much and Im so addicted to it anyway happy monstering.

This is so fun !! We finally bought this (Ive wanted it for a year or two) and its AMAZING! Its so fun to make songs and remake songs but with the monsters!!!! Way better than msm composer island (more features and capabilities) EXCEPT we wish we could see other peoples songs!! Anyways we cant recommend this enough if you like making music :)!!! Update: we’ve made a song and its really cool to see the capabilities of this app!!! It would be cool if it keeps getting updates though, because as it is it would be nice to have more instruments (better piano options mainly) really cool app and we’ve wasted too much time on it lol.

Fire monsters, Rare fires, Magical monsters, Celestials, Rarethreals, Wublins, Wubbox, Rare Wubbox, Mysticals, Rares, Epics, Seasonals, Rare seasonals, Epic seasonals, Time machine, Recording studio, The ability to go to other players islands, Dof monsters (example: Flum ox, sooza, Incisaur) Werdos, Shugafam Bugs -I noticed one of the ghatzs orbs stretches when he plays too fast. If you let the blabbit play for the entire song, the next time he plays, he will make the sound but not the animation. If you lengthen the blabbit at the highest pitch, it sounds broken.

We love this game so much! It is so cool you can make music with monsters and it’s not already programmed. But just an idea we think the Wublins and Wubbox would be a perfect addition to the game! We love all of your games and keep updating them!

Needs fairy and psychic island too.

Rare ghast and bone island and light island monsters.

We love all your games but this one needs more monsters like the wubbox or the rare wubbox or the woblins. It is good but it just doesnt have our favorite like the celestials. Overall it is a great game keep up the good work.

We want our monsters like the wubboxs The Amber island characters like yellmut and Kana if thats her name and for limited time get the baby monsters even though theyre the same and finally after some new seasonals can you add the light Island monsters?:)

It has more monsters than regular composer in MSM and we love what you did with the rare monsters! We hope to see more in the future!

It has lots of variety of music and sounds good too!

Can we change our monsters improve in august it will be a great update so we can change.

The addition of the seasonals were a great touch. A couple days later, when we tried to get in, the game keeps crashing for some odd reason.

Love the game a lot, and have recreated a couple songs. Gotta say we love the mechanics but we really wished they added some more of their monstersI mean theres so many that arent here that would really add to songs !!! BIG THING: we wish there was a way to make one monster go faster while the rest stay at their own tempo! (Or maybe just half notes?) (would be really helpful with drums) also wish maybe it could scale a little further (not limited to the smaller keyboard scale) we know this is just a kids game but it would be soooo cool with just a few extra features !!!! Also the only real pianos are quibble and rare quibble, and they sound kinda off to meits not a big deal though, especially if they added some of their other monsters (like some in dawn of fire?!!) really great game though and worth the money if you really enjoy this type of thing :)

Id love to see it have monsters for example parslona and talker the wordos. Id also like to be able to compose monsters for example kayna and tring.

Our granny call she said Travy you work to hard Im worried you forget about me.

This game is a great game! We play the original game which is really cool, but you have to use coins to buy the monsters to compose which we couldnt afford. After buying this game it got alot easier and we could actually make some music. With this app we made a Pirates of the Carribean music. One thing that we have noticed and im sure other people have noticed to is you cant move or drag monsters, they just stay in the spot that it started. This would be a cool feature to add so you can make more organized songs with more symmetry. You can also only have one of each monster. We think it would be could to have more and we bet other people feel the same too. Lastly, we feel like it would be sooo cool and awesome to add a feature to visit other peoples islands like you could in the other game, so then you could take a look at what other people accomplished such as your friends. We put a lot of time into this writing and we would all appreciate it if you could take some time and add some features. Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up!

We love this game soooooooooooo much but we want some more updates here are our ideas. 1. Add magicals! We have really wanted the magicals we this game sense we first got the game, and we think a lot of people would agree. 2. Add epics! We love the consepted of the rares having different sounds so you could make epic do the same!, and you should not youse the same sounds from rare to epic. 3. Make it so you can change the beat! We have had a problem in the game where we try to make a song but no matter how fast or slow we make the song it still does not sound right! So those where our ideas we hope you read this big blue bubble.

Well this app was working a little bit until we got kicked out of the game for no reason we tried again and it still wont let us in so can you fix it for us. Plsssssss.

We need a fire element almost all our favorite monsters include the fire element if added we would give this 5 stars.

This game really is a great music app, with infinite possibilities of songs! We do recommend certain things though. 1. More seasonals! We mean, we already have the others but what if some from that seasonal island was there also? We would love that! It would also be fun to play with. 2. Fire monsters With there being toe jammer, ghazt, and that pumpkin one we would like to see Kayna or maybe Glowl! 3. Extras! We remember a seal from plant island and a bird from air island (the birds not tweetle). But maybe those ones can be a part of this app! Anyways, this game is amazing still and would be even more amazing with the recommendations!

Ok, hands down this is a great game. We can compose songs in MSM Composer freely without having to waste any diamonds like in the regular MSM. Theres more monsters to use than the regular MSM composer Island. The main drawback is the limitation of characters. In our opinion, we dont think theres enough monsters in MSM. Composer. The latest update added only the seasonal monsters. We believe there should be rare vocalized monsters, a sample song for gold Island, a Christmas, Halloween, and thanksgiving background theme when it hits, (Example: When its thanksgiving, the background gains a thanksgiving like theme to it, same with Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday) epic monsters, more rare monsters, and change of sound and background music in game. If all of these things were added, this game would be perfect.

But our game keeps starting over.

As soon as we found out that this was an app, we immediately downloaded it. As soon as we started playing, we couldnt stop. This game deserves more love and people playing this wonderful app. Here are some things we would like the be added in. 1) Natural Fire Monsters. 2) More notes to fit in. 3) More sound variety. 4) Ability to make echoing. Im really glad that this is a thing and we can actually play it offline! Happy Monstering!

Please make them Im trying to make a fire Island but theres your problem no fire monsters! So it would be nice if you make them maybe add the final quad to thanks.

We loved this game! Its great! But in 2022 every time it was at 100% loaded IT CRASHED!!!! Please fix this.

A lot of monsters are left out of this including the Wublinz and other legendary monsters! Id love if theyd be added and a dawn of fire version would be awesome as well!

We get it that it may be hard to add new monsters,but can you please add all the fire monsters? We really think it would be cool to be able to have sooza and all of the fire monsters too.

We thank it is good. But more monsters will make songs better.

This is a really good our singing monsters app its missing monsters but at least we dont have to wast diamonds or coins :)

This game is awesome! When we heard we could make composer songs without coins, and for a low price, we immediately got this game. Although it is fun, it has some issues. 1st of all, for a priced game, it could use more monsters, possibly from dof. 2nd of all, there are 2 different monsters for single and extended notes which gets annoying. Lastly, you should be able to move monsters. Other wise this game is great and we would totally recommend it for msm fans!

We love this game, with the fact that you can make songs with the monsters for basically a better composer island. The only thing we would say is please add more monsters. We think it would be a lot funner if there was magicals and fire monsters. Its an amazing game, dont get us wrong, but we just think it could be better if you added more monsters.

Now that Im thinking about it it would be really cool to have the fire element monsters in this game (I really like the sound of flowah stogg thrumble and Yelmut)

1 – More monsters. Add epics. Maybe some more rares. Add combat skins that dont affect the sounds, just for aesthetic purposes. Add Wubblins. Wubboxes. Celestials. 2 – make it so you can move monsters to different spots on the island. 3 – Add more than one scale. If you use C Scale, allow more notes. It caps out at a note that we want to go above. Fix this. 4 – Quandale Dingle. 5 – Dawn of Fire monsters. 6 – Island skins! 7 – we forgor 8 – Add Rush E as a template. This one is not a joke. We would unironically love this.

When we played the game it wouldnt let us in it just took us back to our Home Screen so please fix it! -creator.

So the games broken now and its fine.

We were writing a song but didn’t have enough space to write it. Please add infinite lines/notes.

This game is really good because of all of its perks but we would really enjoy it better if you could see other peoples creations too.

Literally every review is people saying this is grate witch dont get us wrong, it is, but we dont even have half the monsters in the norm our singing monsters, and thats not counting fares epics or the weirdos sooooo, we need a series of up dates like, light update, psychic update, fire update, ALL SESONALs update, magical update etc. Soooo this game needs an island size upgrade and more monsters.

Spent about an hour making a song, saved it as its own song but when we went back to load it almost all of it was deleted and the little bits that were left were all Mammott instead of who we chose.

Put all the monsters +wubblins+wubbox +celestials+galvana.

Its not working im pressing continue and it kicks us Out the gam.

This is by far our favorite game. However please add more length we can use (more measures) and please add triplets in all forms (quarter, eighth, sixteenth, ect.) we hope this makes it to the developers!

Plz Do Holidays And The Fire Monsters.

One time we downloaded this game but now after this we cant hear anything we make when we re-downloaded it, its weird we even checked our volume and we turned it all the way up but still, nothing! Pls work on this.