Dream Wedding!

Dream Wedding!

Dream Wedding!

Dream Wedding! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MAGLAB OYUN TEKNOLOJILERI BILISIM YAZILIM TASARIM YAYINCILIK TICARET A S, Dream Wedding! is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd February 2022 with the latest update 17th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dream Wedding! ?

32,654 people have rated 9.8

What is the price of the Dream Wedding! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dream Wedding! released ?

Dream Wedding! was released on 22nd February 2022.

When was the Dream Wedding! updated ?

The latest updated date of Dream Wedding! on 17th April 2023.

Where can Dream Wedding! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dream Wedding! from Apple Official App Store.



Enjoy your wedding taking shape as you walk down the aisle! Choose how your wedding will be. Style everything from the glamorous outfit of the bride and groom to the theme of the wedding. Band or DJ? seafood or white meat? Many more questions are waiting for you on this pleasant runner journey. All you have to do is plan the most beautiful wedding by making the right choices!

Updated on 17th April 2023

  • Visual improvements
  • Performance improvements

Dream Wedding! Review

This is a really great game! We’ve seen the other a reviews, and dont listen to them, this game is soooo fun! However, there are way to many ads, and a lot of them are inappropriate to kids. We have two kids and we have to shield their eyes from those. But, other that, this game is super fun!

So the ads and the pictures above are not the same. The app is just you collecting money, not choosing all of those games. So yeah:/

This game is quite good and all but the ads take away from the fun which makes it boring and annoying.

They won’t let us get any more houses an we have so much money DO NOT DOWNLOAD FOR YOU KIDS!!!!!!

No cuz you play it over and over like and the four year olds gonna be like hi we can have a dirty or cleen wearing like no.

Ok, we love this game, but the ads. Even us, as a kid, the ads can get annoyed to us, but if you removed some of the ads, this would be WAY better. But this game is really nice and it’s a great game. It’s entertaining and fun. We love this a lot and we almost play it every day. And we downloaded this app like six months ago and the games that we don’t like we uninstall it really quickly. And we’ve kept this game and we want t keep it.

Its the same thing over and over again for us and but the game is amazing.

Overall we dont think this is a bad game. This game has all the steps and everything you could think of. But our issues with this are the choices for the groom. They are so ugly we cant even enjoy the wedding. Its really hard for us. And the other thing is that all it does is repeat, we think they should throw some twists in there! Please fix! Otherwise, not a bad game. It would only take a couple updates and it will be our dream game. Thank you!

We like this game a lot it . If kids want to learn more about weddings that can play this.

This game is such a fun game and theirs no adds.

Hello. This is our grandpas phone and Im 10 playing this game. You may be wondering why are you playing this well first we knew The Se word when we were 9! And there is adult ads on this so thats why its 12 and up. It could be younger but not 4 + younger. They just use 4 + To use the moms and dads credit cards and ruin there lives then they live on the streets and then die of starvation_ sorry we have axienty. Ok gtg bye.

This game is horrible it has so much adds and every kid wants to play a game where you could plan a wedding but they dont realize it is not good those of you guys reading this then you probably have played it we unlocked the bar and we hate this game.

But theres way too many ads. Add a NO ADS button and Ill give you 5 stars.

Try this game out it,s SOOO much fun!!!!!!

U can do a outfit a cake and car and lots more.

Its soooooo entertaining we really love it we love how you can choose what your husband looks like did you spend a lot of time on this game bc it is amazing.

Hi if u r reading this that means u might have problems with the game we just want to say IT IS NOT THE CREATORS FAULT! And u might say YES IT IS but trust us its not we mean have u tried resetting your device or un downloading it and Re downloading it instead of writing rude reviews in not trying to be rude Im saying is just try it next time it happens thank you.

We loveeee this game but every time you do a level theres a add.

We love the game its like our favorite but it has some bad parts like it glitches our phone.

We have been playing for a little bit and we compiled the giant house. We thought we would start another house but noooo we have a four feet long stash of money. Tip: maybe instead of watching an add use the money to buy pets and the pool and bar and disco floor?

We really love this game but theres one problem. The ads! They are so annoying and pop up every second! Please make less ads because it really drives us cuckoo. Thank you.

Its a good game but when you finish the wedding part the guy cheats and then you have to redo all the levels over again with a different guy. And its a good game but there should be different levels.

So we gave it a one star review because everytime we kept on making it to another stage it kept sending us back to the make it shine part and we want to continue this but we can’t do anything all we can do is just the make it shine part please fix that bug and add sound effects because we are tired of hearing just dead silence.


OMG When we saw this game on a add we LOVED it If we could we would rate it 100 stars! When we have a wedding we are going to play this games a lot, Thank you! We do not like how it gives you so many adds. We are 5 years old and we do not get this game. We like it because our sister helps us with it so we can under stand.

Because of a YouTube shorts ad it looked cool and fun so its like the more we play it the more we are better Love it thanks for making this game and BEST PART IS BARELY ADS but we do understand if u adopt ur pet in this game for an ad which Im ok with because we’ve got games with ads ads ads but this game doesnt have ads ads well it does but a little bit thats okay we wel be downloading again if we get a new iPhone we love it already lolso ya bye thats our long review lol BYE.

We just got this game and our in love.

Best game we ever played on our iPad!

You cant have a relationship with anothor woman.

We think its a awesome game but after you play it awhile it is the same experience every time!

Hello, we adopted a dog ,and it never showed up! Please make it show up please and thank you.

Hi! So this game is good and all BUT maybe you should let us choose if we can have 2 wives, or 2 husbands. So basically let us choose if we want to have a gay/lesbian marriage (unless your homophobic) or if we just want a regular marriage. That would be very nice, thanks!

This game is fun, but its very repetitive. Once you complete the things for the wedding, it just repeats. And once you complete the house, you cant use money for anything anymore. And theres no way to upgrade anything but dont get us wrong, this game is still fun.

This game is really cool but you only get three houses to make and after you do that you just have a stack of money floating on your back and you also are just playing the game over and over again the levels are the same and it starts to get boring over time.

Liked the game but it was very glitchy it would been better if it was not so glitchy but accept that it was fun!

The game was okay but it’s really boring cuz it just repeated repeated repeated repeated with Pete and we get our hopes up a lot of time’s so we don’t recommend.

Id say.. Its a really fun game and all, BUT THE ADS. We get an ad after every single level we just downloaded it today and today will probably be the last. Please fix this so everyone else can enjoy it.

Good game buts gets boring after doing the same thing over and over.

The ads say that you can pick and stuff but when we downloaded it it makes us do everything individually.

Inappropriate adds do not download ever.

We love it a lot but we cant get to the second level. We wish that we would be able to go to the second level we tap where it says tap we tried going through the exit. Nothing worked, it never worked we got it yesterday and it didnt work then. Im happy other people are enjoying it still.

Its such a good game but it lags so much our phone heated up and suddenly closed our phone but the music was still on.

Ok, first thing first we dont hate this game but after the first five plays. Its just repeating, repeating, repeating, which gets SO BORING so its a 2 star for me.

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