Drive Thru 3D

Drive Thru 3D

Drive Thru 3D

Drive Thru 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Drive Thru 3D is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th June 2020 with the latest update 5th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Drive Thru 3D ?

18,160 people have rated 3.0

What is the price of the Drive Thru 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Drive Thru 3D released ?

Drive Thru 3D was released on 16th June 2020.

When was the Drive Thru 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Drive Thru 3D on 5th April 2022.

Where can Drive Thru 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Drive Thru 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Craving for fast food? We’re open!

Take the order, prepare the most delicious fast food in town and serve it to the customer.

Updated on 5th April 2022

Performance updates, bug fixes

Drive Thru 3D Review

OK maybe some people do not like this game but we absolutely love this game its so fun 1: is you can prank peopleBy just putting buns on the cheeseburger and still get paid its awesome and you can upgrade the store thats also really cool 2:You can get to higher levels and its just really fun and then the people that we look weird but we like it we definitely recommend this game and its really fun and we never get bored with it we always play it if Im going on vacation and we’ve had it for two years we love this game its the best game get this and download it now youll see what Im talking about.

We love this game so much. Its Avery great game and we recommend everyone to play it. Our son really loved it and we all enjoyed it.

Not gonna lie remember playin this beginning of 2022 and it only gets better !

We need to give this more than 5 stars this is the best game we have thanks for making this game we love it no we fond love it we love we love it we want to say love 18 times on a scale out 1 to 200 we will say 198.

This is one of our favorite games to do when Im bored, its really fun but theres a problem Im not sure whats happening and it may be a glitch but whenever we tap on the vip customer it doesnt work it just has us looking around so we haft to push skip and its really annoying so could u maybe fix that please? But this game is really fun we would recommend it. And sorry if this review is really long. But anyways we would definitely recommend it. Bye!

Over $200 on fast food?! Definitely downloading.

Wonderful game so fun and different things to try we wish that it had less adds.

This game is the best we dont care about the ads theres not alot of ads Like this game is amazing the first thing we play on our phone is this game.

We like the game the only problem there is is that when we play the vip level it glitches and it doesnt let us do anything. How do we fix it?

There is a celebrity glitch you cant even play it when you play a. Add also when we were making a Big Mac or something it was glitch like there was two cheese and two buns like two of everything and idk if it was the game like a guessing game but you gotta fix that also we recommend that you put new maps and new burger places that would be great overall,this game is so fun we recommend.

Jesus loves you! John 3:16 God bless!

So we love this game its really fun and all but it gets kinda boring after a couple hours. And 1 thing we like about it is that there isnt a lot of adds! Put we wish they could make a Christmas update or at least add another food like chicken nuggets. We hope the people who made this Recommend this. Thank you!

Every time the celebrity comes to town l cant even hit the button to play . We know its not our iPad cause the rest of the game works just fine. And l really wanna play celebrity. Besides this we think the game is awesome . A lot of adds but any free game has a lot of adds. The animation of the characters could be a little better. We gave it four stars and it wouldve been five but l cant play celebrity . Over all its a pretty good game.

This is a great game but there are too many ads!!!! There are ads for almost EVERYTHING. Every time we finish a level or finish making something, an ad pops up. It is SO ANNOYING!! Most games have a no ads fee, but this one doesnt! Why not? When you add a no ads fee, please make it cost the dollars players get by completing orders. Make it cost 300 of it. When you do, Ill give this game 5 stars. This game is still fun, even though every time we dont give the customers something they want, we cant go to the next level.(I only do that when we have to make the double cheeseburger because we cant complete it and we have to give the customer an incomplete double cheeseburger)Also, every time we finish making the burger on the second level, it freezes. Why is this happening? Please fix these problems.

This game is really fun and entertaining. But there is a problem. For the first few rounds you are working at a drive thru. But after that, you are just working at the cash register! That didnt happen before we deleted the game. But when we got it again, it was different. Also, we dont like how the customers are paying hundreds of dollars for just a SODA AND FRIES. We feel like that isnt setting a good example for younger kids, because overpaying for something is not a good thing. Overall, the game is a really fun game. Just a few problems, not a big deal. We hope you enjoy the game and your day.

So, this game is awesome. We have always wanted to own our own restaurant or bakery. This is a good simulator for that. But, when we try to do V.I.P, the game glitches and the screen randomly moves to the side. We would like you to fix that so we can challenge myself against a Karen. We would rate this game a 3.5 or 4. Please fix it or the next thing youll be fixing is our delete app button. Please and thank you.

So Im trying to do the cleberty round and when we try to do it it moves in circles and we cant play the celebrity round so we watch an add for nothing over all we love this game so can you tell us how to work it .o and ya WHY call it drive thu 3D if you work at the cash register so over all we like it.

Turn off the wondering eyes on the celebrity featureYou cant do anything if you cant see anything. Tons of ads, but its free and expected in our opinion.

Hi we love this game but first off people in the game are getting scamed like this person ordered a latte and it was 509 Dollars! Second in the Burger making sometimes like there is a picture of lettuce but it was a tomato! Not that we are being mean but please look into it ps we are not yelling.

Your game although entertaining, stinks the screen keeps rotating while your trying to do celebratory bonus round.. And keeps glitching when making food. We started at cash register, never even worked drivthru yet and game is called driv-thru ummm hello needs immediate improvement.

We think you should add more stuff like when the costamers ask to get there food there should be more food like salads . So there .

Ok, so we downloaded this game and started playing, right? WELL, it was fun, UNTIL we saw all the cool stuff we can add to the drive thru. And we had to watch an ad. We dont really care about the ads, but MAYBE, MAYBE, just add some new updates for once. But other than that, AWESOME GAME! We mean, Im 10 years old, so we dont know. But its just our advice.

We really enjoy this game but it crashes everytime someone goes to pay and its very laggy. Please fix. Other than that great game.

Every time we try to cook or flip the burger it wont do it like it tells us to swipe up to flip the burger but it literally does nothing.

It has way too many ads. We were getting a burger and put the bun on AN AD, then we put the lettuce on, ANOTHER AD, then gave it to them, ANOTHER AD, then gave them change, ANOTHER AD!!!! Way too many ads!!!

We play the game for 1 round and when we are giving change we get kicked off it is annoying when you get a game and it doesnt work like it is supposed to but the game is funny but that tweak is not worth downloading.

We liked this game at first. We played two levels and whenever we try to flip the burger on the grill and it does nothing at all. We dont want to skip either. We want to play the game.

This game is kinda boring . There is also a lotta ads. We mean a lot!!!! Also the timed special costumer thing??? Yea that doesnt work for us, we watch the ad for it and then it glitches a bunch and doesnt let you do it. Yea so thats basically why u give it 3 1/2 stars.

We feel like the game is the kind of game you would play if you were extremely bored and have no internet. Other than that, it isnt a game Id click on and be excited about playing. We recommend maybe you turned it into like a tycoon kind of game. Like, there should be a few stations to choose: making orders, asking people what they want through the drive thru mic thing, giving the orders, and collecting the money for orders. That would make it more fun. Also, maybe once in a while you could get rare customers such as karens, millionaires, celebs, etc. Please take our idea to consideration. Thanks.

So the reason why we put three stars is because the concept of the game is fun in all but there is way to mamy ads and we mean as soon as you finish one order you get an ad and it makes the game boring. If you like ads though get the game.

At first we really loved this game it made the time pass by when we were bored but it freezes a lot when Im playing and its really annoying we hope they fix this.

When we placed it it was fun but when you get the celebrity it is hard.

Maybe its just our wife, but every time we try to do the celeb challenge, we just get the screen going back and forth and its really annoying.

It had a bunch of glitches its not our phone because it always has full bars.

Fun concept and the general idea of the game is great. However, its unbearable to play due to the ads. We cant even complete one order without having to watch an ad in the middle of it.

This is a great game, especially for kids. However, Im giving this app only a 2 star rating because there are too many adds and we cant purchase a subscription to remove them.

The game had way to many adds also a a little boring.

Fun game too much ads. Literally a ad after everything you do which makes it unplayable for us ..

So we got this app and we love it but there is a lot of adds and it is very annoying and one add was merge machon and the gramma turned out to be a killer and we were creeped out so if thats not creepy to you and you dont ours the adds this is a good game for you.

If only the graphics were better.

3/20/22 we just downloaded this game today and it glitches too much the food does not assemble correctly and when you get to the part to cash out the customer it blacks out and closes the game out completely.

Every time we finish a "day" or a level it will close the game completely and force us to reopen it to keep playing. Its fun but we dont want to keep opening the game every time we finish..

So when we played this game every time u finished a level it would kick us out of the game we have been through more glitches but if we listed them it would take two days to read.

Im playing the game called DRIVE THRU 3d. After a couple orders, it switched us to register. We thought cool. But it stated that way. Am we playing drive thru 3d or fast food 3d. It sounds like a small problem, but playing it gets o annoying that we deleted it.

Okay so we just got this game like yesterday and we started right? Then we got to the cash register level and we dont know what to do so please tell us how to use the cash register Im literally stuck on level 4 :note: if you tell us how to do the cash register then Ill probably give a 5 star rating next time by the way we THIS GAME!!!

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