Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 11:45 am

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by IGG SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 31st March 2016 with the latest update 1st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ?

127,085 people have rated 2.104

What is the price of the Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars released ?

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars was released on 31st March 2016.

When was the Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars updated ?

The latest updated date of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars on 1st May 2023.

Where can Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars be downloaded ?

You can download the game Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready for a REAL fight?

The true Emperor has fallen. We need a real hero, a true Lord who can unite the Kingdoms. Recruit heroes from various backgrounds, from dwarves and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and assemble your army in this magical world! Fight and conquer to establish your empire in one of the strategy games!

[Game Features]:

▶ ▶ Collect Artifacts! ◀◀
Discover ancient Artifacts in the Artifact Hall. Upgrade and enhance them to unlock their true power!

▶ ▶ Enter the Vergeway! ◀◀
Like tower defense? Then you’ll love the Vergeway! Collect and upgrade cards, mix and match them to deal with different stages, and put your brain to the test to defeat the evil enemies lurking inside the Verge!

▶ ▶ Build Your Own Kingdom ◀◀
Upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, level your Heroes and lead your Kingdom well to prosper in this strategy game!

▶ ▶ Utilize Troop Formations ◀◀
4 different troop types, and 6 different troop formations for you to choose from! Plan your lineups, take advantage of the counter system, and pair your troops with the right Heroes! Perfect your strategy to defeat your enemies!

▶ ▶ Powerful Heroes Await ◀◀
Create a strong team of 5 Heroes to fight through an RPG-style campaign! Let them lead your kingdom to glory as war generals!

▶ ▶ Forge Alliances ◀◀
Join a guild to fight alongside your allies! Ride into war together to conquer various exhilarating events: Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom battles, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars, Darknest Invasions, and much more!

▶ ▶ Clash Online with Global Players ◀◀
Brawl with millions of players from all over the world, and defeat those who stand in your way! Seize the throne and rule over all in this amazing strategy game!

▶ ▶ Animated Battles ◀◀
Experience the thrill of war as your armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics! Watch as your Heroes unleash their skills and harness their mystical power!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lordsmobile/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/LordsMobile/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/lordsmobile/

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.

Customer Service: [email protected]

Subscription Details:

● Monthly subscription period

  • Familiar Support (US$9.99/month): Subscribe to get Familiar-related benefits.
  • Turf Club (US$9.99/month): Subscribe to get: Research Speed/Construction Speed/Player EXP Boost +25%, Auto-completes Admin Quests and Guild Quests and allows one-tap collection of rewards

● Weekly subscription period

  • 7-Day Dash Bundle (US$1.99/week): Subscribe to claim the items: Artifact Coins, Speed Up, Speed Up Training, and Resources.
  • 7-Day Familiar Bundle (US$2.99/week): Subscribe to claim the items: EXP Elixirs, EXP Potions, Speed Up Merging, Anima, and Fragments.

Please note:
● Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
● Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
● Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
● Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase

Terms of Service: https://www.igg.com/member/agreement.php

Updated on 1st May 2023

Lords Mobile is teaming up with DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon! Join forces and soar through the skies with the heroes of Berk!
Take part in this special event to unlock exclusive collaboration items, including a Castle Skin, emotes, avatars, and more!

The collab event starts on 05/01/2023! (Check in-game for event duration and rules)

  • Viking Treasure Hunt: Collect puzzle pieces to get exclusive collab rewards!
  • Berk Festival: Enjoy fantastic Turf Decorations that can be upgraded!
  • Berk Emporium: Collect Berk Coins during the event and exchange them in the Berk Emporium for exclusive collab emotes, avatars, Equipment, new Artifacts, and more!

Battle Royal Adjustments:

.Battle Royal winners in the Permanent Dominion will be promoted from Emperor to [Supreme Emperor] (title effects will remain unchanged)
.Added new permanent and time-limited [Exalted Equipment] as prizes
.Adjusted and optimized Rank 2~10 prizes for the Permanent Dominion
(Please check Battle Royal event previews for more details)

We’re holding the Kingdom Labor Day event to thank you for your hard work! (Check in-game for event duration and rules)

Various UI adjustments

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Review

We’ve been playing and we think its really good!

We really like this game and we think everyone should get it.

This game is fast paced so fun and best part is no ads!

We have done a lot of games like this and this is one of our most liked.

5 stars Im playing ganster simulator Vegas theres to many ads of this Im only getting gems and the same ads.

Its a great game we been playing for a long time. You can find a lot of people your age and have fun.

We must admit this game is so addictive fun and awesome we love the way the game does it just the tiny detail.

Game is entertaining. Gets better as it gets harder.

This game has everything for every player. CD.

Great game but to be competitive early on you will need to spend several thousand dollars and to stay competitive you will need to keep spending. This game isnt for the causal player.

We love this game and would give it five stars but when we dont play for 3 months we have to restart the whole game and its a really annoying process to restart and again we would give it five stars so can you please fix this problem..?

It can be slow at times but it not bad.

The games premise and play-style is amazing and creative, but the graphics and models are what really drags it down. If they got better developers and renderers, this could become a very popular game!

We feel like on the harder stages you should have like 30 seconds or a minute more.

Thats very addictive and you have to pay money to enjoy it theres no way to argue that you have to pay money. But once you do you get some really good friends really good people from all over the world which we really enjoy. Just be prepared to spend money.

Levels quickly but peters out fast.

Game started off fun. Plenty to do from building up base to challenge stages and collecting/upgrading heroes. Unfortunately all smaller bases and guilds are at complete mercy of the top tier guilds. Low levels get hit every couple days and then spend a couple days repairing to get hit again to spend another couple days to repair to get hit again. Some war games make it so there is a level cap up or down that can be hit. Not in this one. Everyone is free game. You can get big and powerful by spending a ton of cash. But playing it normal like is almost impossible. It may just of been the server we were on but we hear this same crap from others. We will continue to do the challenges because it doesnt matter if our base is in rubble but we wont spend any more on this game. Yes admins we know it is a war game and we know we can spend hundreds of dollars so we can compete so you dont have to tell us that in a reply. No you cant gather resources to get stronger if your resources are stripped daily. You cant do events when you got nothing because you are hit daily. Shielding doesnt matter if you got nothing after being hit daily. We dont believe for a second free to play players have become powerful enough to become contenders against pay to play players.

We have spent thousands of dollars on this game and simply cant keep up. We dont mind spending a little but when a new kingdom opens and a player gets to 1 billion might before the kingdom opens…… THeRe iS A PROBLeM. Kingdoms have turned into the very large and the small players. There is no way to compete in that environment. There needs to be some free play kingdoms or something to limit this madness. Maybe there should be might limits on kingdoms,0-100million ,101 million to 500 million etc. IGG is wrong when they say free to play can enjoy. Not anymore. They get beat up by the giants. Very little castle on castle fighting, its a rally game now. Too bad , we enjoyed this for about a year.

Well we picked up this game up during covid. Been at it for 2 years+. You need to spend money to be solid and strong. Otherwise you get attacked daily and youll need to try to keep shields up all the time. This game FORCES you to build up a castle wall which ALWAYS needs to be repaired. ALWAYS. You cant participate in certain events because of this. It cost a LOT of gems to repair it, so basically it cant be done once you get to level 24 and above. Very annoying, and all you end up doing is daily chores here about 50-60 a day just stay sort of relevant and THEN you get attacked when you dont have the game open and it sets you back a week of your life. Totally ridiculous.

We like the game but it needs to be better. The cost of the packs for what is offered isnt even worth it anymore.

This game is ok but the things us and our friends dislike is the fact that you have multiple barracks but can only train one type of troops at a time also you have to have 11 people in a guild or it gets shut down those are the main two we dislike we think it should change its ridiculous.

This game is honestly very fun and all, but when we downloaded this we expected it to be like the adds. When we finally got the game we did two things, first we played it for around 5 minutes, then we deleted the game. We think this game has potential, but the fact that the adds are fact is the thing that lost us.

We spent 8 years enjoying this game and building our kingdom. The only issue was what others have mentioned, the game is rampant with super giant accounts that obliterate anyone. We heard other players refer to them as bot accounts but had no idea what they meant. Until our account was hacked and turned into a bot account. IT accused us of selling our account and refused to help us regain control. Update: your response shows you dont understand the complaint. The complaint is that your game if full of hackers, snd we completely lost control of our account to one. That has nothing to do with shielding. Our account was hacked and stolen and you refused to help us recover it.

Its Nothing like the adds! Its so boring! Adds are supposed to show you what the game is like! But the adds are so much more Fun looking! We dont like the game period! If you are going to go through all the work to make the ad, why not make the game like that??

The ads make this game look MUCH better than this trash game for instance yall are making it look like you can tame dragons and you can do a mode where you can spawn troops and survive for waves technically you can but the ad makes it look MUCH funner also this STUPID matience DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

A player will need to spend around 14 grand to to reach level 5 troops. If you spend zero, it will take around 4 years to get to level 5. Games like this should be outlawed.

We’ve loved playing the game for the past 4years.

We like the game play and interacting with the other players who can be very helpful.

We love this game we play it in all of our down time.

We would appreciate if there were some way for us to log in back to our account we have our name of our account but not the id im so frustrated we love your game.

Been looking for a new game and havent been able to find a great one until now thanks to the gamers who created this game!

We love this game so much we play it every day its so addicting.

Every one of you should get this hame.

Best game ever besides Roblox!

Greatest game ever we love it it amazing.

All we wanna say is its the bEst game ever lol.

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