Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World

Last updated on May 13th, 2023 at 09:35 am

Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World

Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World

Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by POXEL STUDIOS Private Limited, Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 25th July 2022 with the latest update 18th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World ?

1,126 people have rated

What is the price of the Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World released ?

Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World was released on 25th July 2022.

When was the Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World updated ?

The latest updated date of Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World on 18th April 2023.

Where can Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World be downloaded ?

You can download the game Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World from Apple Official App Store.



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Updated on 18th April 2023

Save Game and other Bugs Fixed
New Car Auto service Shop
You can now Repair car
Change the size and rotation of wheels
Change the colour
And add nitrous to any vehicle

New anti Hack system added in Multiplayer

Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World Review

This game is honestly the best but it needs a money cheat so you can buy guns and infinite ammo and invincibility.

Great game! But when will the new character be out?

This game is fun you get to kill npcs and online players and a get car it a fun game.

This game is a lot like gta v but kind of low budget. When are you going to make the third character.

Its okay. But can you make racking? And can you make new guns it would be cool! And new secrets and new cars plz polxol.

This is a very goofy game its something casual you can play with your friends and play random with random people plz reply we love this game.

This looks great and when you play it you will get a car for a add just 1 you can play mini games like basketball just get it you will see.

A lot of adventure, and once you complete the story mode then its free play you can discover new things. We recommend playing it. Play it for sure!!

It personally think the should get chad in the game (Chad is third character btw) if he is added, the game will have a whole new perspective. For now we give 4 stars.

We tried to get our friend to join us on a server it kept on saying that it wont let him join.

We got a ad for 200 dude bucks and it was laggy. Then all of the sudden our game crashed, we had almost 3,000 bucks and we didnt save it.

We were rating games a while ago and we found this game. This is amazing. We remembered we were playing this game a year or two ago. This game changed a lot. It was little to boring cuz you had to walk kill and escape police or get busted, and now you have multiplayer and other stuff. But ther IS A PROBLEM! It crashes all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. First of all we love playing but can the developers please add more life like features. And let us give you a list of things to maybe add. More guns, being in the jail cell for one minute if arrested,more cars, jobs,bank robberys,Easter eggs,kid mode, girl mode, girlfriend mode, school mode, army and finally disasters.

You should add a fn scar,awp,spas12,and a mp5k. And can you add an aiming mechanic and can you add a sport car,van,truck,hummer,and a race car. And please add a building mechanic for sandbox mode to plz developer plz add these stuff it would make our day or night.

Its a fun game to play when your bored but for some reason we have iPhone orientation issue we cant turn the screen the other way, but all bugs aside its a good gta type game.

Since when we were a kid we really love this game but can you please change the house into like its normal thing but can you make the mission of the police chase another that. How about you make all the characters free but we love you bye-bye.

Add mansions and add a Ferrari and ad disasters and on your iPhone put new apps like YouTube and arcade and we wish your character could eat and drink and add a mall if you see a empty space add a mall pls add those and we will be happy.

The cars were good but we want more updates.

We like the game its fun we got Richie but one character is missing is chad please add him and also add where if you steal a moving car the driver gets out also make a animation when you get inside a vehicle.

Mus man mui mus man mui armen dee this game reminds us of another game a few years back about some taking out the trash game maybe garbage day but we forgor.

This game is so good even though its a copy of GTA five but this game is like amazing even know we do have a GTA but this game is the good game.

Every time we start the game it automatically flips the screen and its kinda annoying pls fix this.

The game is a lot of fun but in multiplayer they should add more skin, hats,glasses,and masks to the game , and new gunsoverall the game is a lot of fun but we wish they would add new items.

We see that on your discord you have posted some car customization and idk if yall got that idea on your own but doing know if you saw our other post and in there we said we would like to get car customization so if yall got that idea from us well we would like yall to put that on the discord thx for your time.

So theres a bug that happens when we play single player mode and the game is not playable because the game flips to portrait and we cant play the game. (This bug only happens when we play single player mode) Please fix this bug.

We need help with updating to version 9 because we want to do multiplayer.

So, Im stuck in the room and cannot leave out.

Ever since we got this game we couldnt watch adds.

When we try playing multiplayer it says that we have to update and when we go to the Apple Store it doesnt show up.

So we were just getting the game again and we didnt think it will lag again until we were lagging.

You might wanna add a pet store and homeless people with more cheat codes.

But we love your game everyone we dare you to put cheat code Popoplz.

Dude this game is FIREplease add the 3rd character in the next update PLEASE! We’ve been waiting.

Funni memes in game. We like Uganda knuckles meme.

We love this game so flipping much but we think U should make it so you can get haircuts, clothing, and tattoos in single player because it would be awesome to get some more character customization. U should also make it so u can turn in the thief behind Glorias burgers for the 3k but this game is one of the best mobile games ever.

Ever since we discovered that it was available in ios we downloaded it immediately and we love the game especially multiplayer although please add a friends feature so we can play with each other.

This game is really fun yet we cant unlock the Ducci box or get new guns.

When we Play This It Was But One Thing we Want To Know Is When Is The 3rd Character Going To Come Out?

The game keeps making our screen upside down and its annoying.


Latest update broke it! Game is upside down when playing game and gameplay. Game wont turn with device. Please fix!


Could you try to add a co-op for single player? And a friend system so you can co-op with friends.

Can you make a DudeTheftWars to where we can become the guy that says coming soon.

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