Endless Cards

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Endless Cards


Endless Cards is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Christophe Coyard, Endless Cards is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th April 2020 with the latest update 6th June 2020

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


66 people have rated 1.0.9

You can download the game Endless Cards from APP STORE.


You’ll play as an adventurer, and have to use all the means at your disposal to survive as long as possible and, more importantly, gather as much gold coins as possible.

In order to do so, you can use all the weapons, protection, potions and various objects you will find along the way.

But be aware of the creatures you might also cross paths with, they won’t always have your best interest in mind…

You’ll have to be strategic to plan the best path and try to survive for as long as possible.

With the gold coins you’ll gather along the way, you will be able to unlock over 30 new cards with spectacular effects, as well as characters with unique abilities.

Reach for your weapon, and give it your best shot to make the adventure last for as long as possible and reach the best score of the world ranking !

Updated on 6th June 2020

Fixed a bug that prevented gold from being added to the player’s total at the end of the game, especially when the "new game" button was pressed too soon.

Endless Cards Reviews

Amazing game. Simple to play, but very interesting and totally not boring! You can play it for hours and still want to keep playing it. If youve played splendor, it is like a splendor 10.0 Anyway, pay the $1. You wont regret. This is literally our first game review ever! We really liked this game and decided to give it our first game review haha.

Just love it so much! Very creative and interesting game!! The little bug cannot take its fun away! Like the settings of the characters and item cards!!

We would love to see more updates with this game. We’ve spent a lot of time on it and have almost completed the decks. We hope to see new updates in the future!

We got all of the cards fairly quickly so we have no use for money anymore so we wish there was more to do with money in the game but other than that we love it.

Simple yet addictive little game. We’ve enjoyed the free games from this developer and this really shows an evolution of his designs. Well worth the money, perfect for quick plays on phone.

This game is easy to pick up, and perfect for playing quick rounds of. The mechanics are simple, and as you earn more cards, the strategic aspect picks up. We like that you pick and choose which cards to expand the gameplay with. Theres a few characters with unique abilities, and unlocking the 4th/5th ones made us write this review. Those characters tweak gameplay in a way that we suddenly find myself playing for longer stretches with them. Absolutely worth the $1 pricetag, and hope more characters are to come!

This is exactly what we’ve been looking for in a mobile game for a while now. No adds. Simple but interesting puzzle. And the complexity opens up slowly as you get used to cards and how they work. Well done!

This game is an extremely easy and fun game. It can be challenging at times (which is how its supposed to be) and reminds us of D&D a lot. It gives of massive rpg vibes and we really enjoy that. If youre a fan of rpg games and youre looking for a game to get in to then this is the game for you.

Love the controls and feel. Strategy is very similar to Card of Darkness but has some fun twists. Cant stop playing!

We adore games like these where you can put on a good podcast or audio book and play while it runs in the background and get lost in the game and the book… Except… Whenever audio plays in the game it kills any audio playing on your phone. Is there a way to make it so you can play the game and have a podcast or audiobook running at the same time? Im on iPhone 8+ with the latest update if that helps.

We love this app! Based on the amount of time we’ve spent on it, we normally would give a 5 star rating, but its such a limited game that Im giving it a 4. Its great for mindless fun, but it would be awesome to have more items/levels/whatever available. We have a huge pile of gold and nothing to use it on! Thanks so much for the lovely game.

Takes a few days to unlock all cards and work through all achievements, but everything is attainable (except for Dentist / Minster Tooth achievement, which is broken) and enjoyable to figure out a strategy and earn.

We dont understand how to get the dodge on purpose. Is it totally random??

This is such an amazing game!! The graphics are cute and the puzzles are endless amounts of fun. The only reason Im giving it 4 stars is because its only been a day and we’ve collected about half the cards and all of the players, we would LOVE it if you added a some more things to collect or new players!

The game called dungeon cards on Nintendo switch plays exactly like this. We thought it was going to have a little more rpg depth based on the quality of reviews. We mean … Its good for a buck. Definite time waster game thats easy to pick up and hard to put down. GUYS, double tap HOME button and click your YouTube or whatever, then CLICK the ICON for ENDLESS CARDS. DO NOT CLICK MAXIMIZE ON THE WINDOW!!! You have to click the actual icon.

This game is a lot of fun, though there seems to be a bug with getting the achievement for using the monster tooth and the ring glitches. We would love to see more characters and an item that allows you undo a move. Overall, the game is easy to learn and the challenge comes with beating yourself. We cant wait to see whats next!

The game is really fun to play and pass the time with although some achievements seem unobtainable like the dentist achievement which we believe is bugged. The game could have some enhancements though such as specific character upgrades towards health, armor, luck, and evasion.

Seems to freeze up when Im on a call. Shame because its a very well put together game that would be perfect when on a call. Good replayability.

Id love to leave an honest review but we cant even play the game lol. The options to select English and French are there but we cant pick one. Please fix this, thank you.

We really wish the items werent so buggy, like the Ring or the monster tooth. Also, it would be cool if we could choose which items could be available during a playthrough. Not all the items make sense for all the characters.

This was an OK game until we unlocked the Lea character. The special rules for that character turned this game into one of the most interesting ones we’ve played in our entire life. Five stars is not enough. Because of the fog of war rule with the Lea character, youve got to carefully think out your next move. Its almost like chess. And the book rule gives you an out should you get a bad random deal. Well done, developer! P.S. Developer, a landscape mode would be most appreciated. On edit: As well done as this game is, the ending has put us off. You always lose in a bloody death. Thats not very appealing. This would be much better: You are out of health points, and so must retreat. Game over.

Interesting name for a game that felt like it had a significant end to its entertainment supply.

Too often one is given a screen that is impossible to win.

Its okay only. Designed for iPhone and poorly ported to iPad. We regret buying this game.

Played for a few hours. When we came back the next day, most of our purchased cards and unlocked characters had disappeared. Very frustrating.

We just downloaded this game for $1 and Im really glad that we did. Its fun but challenging. Youll definitely plan out your move before making it. Calculating which path will have the best outcome. Power ups are available too. This helps you progress farther and father for better scores. There are new characters to unlock too.

So glad we found this! We like the art design better than other RPG card battle games we’ve played (its more fun and humorous than dark). The UI is super smooth, everything works really well. The tutorial is excellent. Its super easy to pick up and play but it becomes more and more strategic as you go (without being too deep or frustrating though). And, the app size is small and it uses almost no battery. The developer did an excellent job here, it strikes the perfect balance in every way. We will be keeping this one on our phone and playing it a lot. We like games that are quick play because we dont have time for long sessions, but we still like something interesting and engaging. This is it! No ads or IAP either. Merci beaucoup, developer! We need more developers like you!

Im really enjoying this game so far, but one tiny bug has been bothering us a bit. When you finish a run and click new run too quickly, the coins you earned on the last run dont get added to your total, which is frustrating. We’ve only played for an hour or so, but all the cards and characters we unlocked all seem very different and useful, this game is definitely worth your dollar.

This is a great game although when we open the app it starts making these weird noises then one we press onto our character the noises stops. It almost sounds like the speaker is acting up and it happens every time we open the app. Thats the only thing thats wrong other than that the game is great.

We love the concept of the game as well as the progression aspect. A couple bugs that we realized fairly quickly is an audio bug when reopening the game and tapping off the main menu screen to the next menu screen. Another bug we encountered was when playing the character Louis. At the end of the run, all gold earned would not be added to our account. Currently, we can only gain gold by playing Sam.

If you have your phone on silent the game will still play music/sfx until you disable in game. Moreover, if you do disable in game you cannot listen to your own music (e.g. Spotify).

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