F1 Mobile Racing

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F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by EA Swiss Sarl, F1 Mobile Racing is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th October 2018 with the latest update 4th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of F1 Mobile Racing ?

58,862 people have rated 4.7.4

What is the price of the F1 Mobile Racing ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the F1 Mobile Racing released ?

F1 Mobile Racing was released on 16th October 2018.

When was the F1 Mobile Racing updated ?

The latest updated date of F1 Mobile Racing on 4th April 2023.

Where can F1 Mobile Racing be downloaded ?

You can download the game F1 Mobile Racing from Apple Official App Store.



Develop and customise your own F1® car from the ground up, race for one of the 10 official F1® teams, and challenge opponents from around the world to thrilling multiplayer Duels.

Featuring all the official teams and drivers of the 2022 Formula 1 season, F1® Mobile Racing lets you compete on stunning circuits from this season against the greatest drivers on the planet, such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso.

It’s you against your rivals in intense, high-stakes F1® action!

  • OFFICIAL GAME OF FORMULA 1®: F1® Mobile Racing is an official mobile game of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship™, featuring this season’s teams and drivers.

  • REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Duel against players from around the world in real-time 1v1 races to earn prizes and rise up the Leagues.

  • CAREER MODE: Start your very own career and sign up to represent an official F1® team for a season! Upgrade your car and race for the championship.

  • HIGH-STAKES EVENTS: Race in time-limited Grand Prix™ Events for big rewards, and combine your scores over each event to rank on global leaderboards.

  • DEVELOP AND UPGRADE YOUR OWN F1® CAR: Collect the most powerful parts to upgrade your car’s performance and find the best configuration for each event!

  • STUNNING GRAPHICS: Enhanced for 2022, enjoy a console-quality racing experience on mobile with incredible car models and environments.

  • THRILLING RACES: Take part in the greatest racing spectacle on the planet, with intense racing action against live opponents or intelligent AI.

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Updated on 4th April 2023

More tweaks and improvements behind the scenes to optimise your gameplay experience

F1 Mobile Racing Review

Please make practice mode available. So that we can practice on different tracks to improve our skills.

Im enjoying it fantastic good challenge.

Following the acquisition of this title by EA Sports, the game has been colossally unplayable. There has been zero communication from the developers on when the issues will be resolved, or whats being done to resolve them. Constant connectivity issues, endless races where the finish line sequence just goes on for hours (if youd let it). Youll have to restart the game constantly due to a myriad of error messages. Additionally, the game is overrun with cheaters and hackers. A tragic end to, what was once, a great game. Just dont waste your time on this one. Its trash. Thanks EA SPORTS.

We love f1 even how fast it goes we think its the best game ever.

It is fun but sometimes it crash.

As a formula 1 fan, awesome game.

We love this sport and also love the way this game was made, we just need more updates : Tracks updates, 2023 drivers, 2023 cars.. Pleasee ! Is May already :/

Our son and we are learning and playing together! Love it!!!!

It has good graphics but we feel like you could make it closer to the game on PlayStation Xbox like being able to do longer carrer mode.

The cars are really fast for us we can finish top 3.

Its really nice game it has nice graphics so thanks for advertising it.

The graphics are amazing and you can cousomize your own car. 100 percent recommended.

We would suggest adding pit stops, it will be more enjoyable! Thanks!

Reglenme boletos para la f1 en Las Vegas ac vivo tengo una paguina sgueme naej facebook.

Im sick of cheaters, we wont play any more! Spent money on upgrades just to lose race after race to cheaters whats the point. Dont waste your time or money on this game,remove this app asap!

While we were playing, we went to the upgrading room but when we tried to upgrade the wheel and handling, it wouldnt work. What happened. Also ,I cant get off the upgrading room. So aggravating!

Lately during one on one racing our car steers itself into the wall. We cannot adjust course. What is going on? Love this game.

For one sometimes we get matched up with someone with a better car and its impossible to win. Also harsher penalties for leaving the track but overall great. We cant wait for f123 mobile.

Online is not very good because we watch drivers fly off the track onto the gravel but can keep the same speed but we touch the grass a little and all our speed is gone other than that its good just fix that problem.

The graphics are great and gameplay is also great, but one thing. Online players keep crashing us and we hate to see us loosing league points for things the opponent did to keep us from enjoying the game to the fullest. This is annoying and makes us bad. But that is the only problem in our opinion and the game is smooth and is great.

Great game! Big fan of F1. We just have one request. The online mode PvP should have at least 2 laps in case of Grid Start and Sprint Racing. 1 lap is too less. A lot can change in 2 laps, every corner has to be made precisely 2 times, and this gives lot of opportunity for real racing. Also, this will keep the gamers engaged for a longer duration with the game rather than just doing 1 lap, losing out and exiting the game in sadness or frustration. Not sure how big of an update this will need, but make it at least 2 laps in online PvP mode and this game will be awesome forever!

Like the real game make the normal f1 cars mode the primary and the carrer mode the second.

We have enjoyed playing this game quite a lot. However, the career mode needs work. How is it that when we cross the track limits by a minimum we get slowed down significantly, yet our opponents can go far beyond the limits and overtake us with being slowed down. This issue needs to get fixed.

Perfect starts arent even perfect in career mode, we could get the best start you can possibly get and still get beat out by everyone on the first straight, its just not realistic. You might ask if the other cars are faster in which it is but then we get beat out by cars that should be slower than us, even our teammate flies by like Im in a f2 car. Also , the objectives should match the level of the car for example if we drive for Aston Martin, an objective shouldnt be to win 3 races in a row because that makes no sense, also contracts exist and you cannot go back to previous levels to get the quicker cars so you are stuck with slower cars and they are close to impossible to upgrade since the objectives are outrageous. Finally we know the Ferraris and Red Bulls in the 2022 spec are way better compared to the rest of the field, but when Im in the 4th best car, we shouldnt lose 12 seconds to them on one straight, that is impossible to beat.

We’ve had this now for a month and we play this every day. As of yet, we still cannot figure out why the sound is not coming through. It makes no sense to waste anymore time on this. Great Graphics. Decent simulation. Impressive control set up. However, with no sound it is creating a less than of desired effect.

We couldve won a duel but a glitch at the start where our opponent was starting 6th and he just randomly teleported on our car and sent us into the air and which ruined the duel It just isnt fun anymore.

The game is good. It really is. But only for 5 minutes at a time. When we try to do 2 races without quitting the app, the freaking steering reverses. Mind you Im using the tilt to steer controls. Then we have to quit the game and pay the gold coins to restart just to fix the controls. Another glitch is that it switches to portrait mode even tho the game is in landscape. Our orientation lock is on. These two glitches really make the experience frustrating and expensive in terms of in game currency.

  1. The screen is switched to vertical screen rather than horizontal screen sometimes. 2. We steer in Tilt Device Mode, but that’s reverse which means that we tilt the device to the right but the car turns to the left. 3. Sometimes when we finished a League PLAY, we could quick the race so that we have to exit the APP and restart, but the result is lost. 4. When lost connection in a League PLAY and the APP automatically restarts, we were determined to be lost and the League Score is deducted. 5. Whatever we set the Music Volume to ‘Off, 1, 2, 3’, every time when finished a Race or after clicking the Quick Repaire button in the Career mode, the music is on and the Actual Volume is back to its initialized ‘4’. 6. These days sometimes when we finished a Play that match the Ongoing Challenges’ demands, that will not be count to the challenge. 7. The League Score’s rule is something ridiculous for the deduct part, and we suggest you to make something new. 8. The Quick Repaire is not available these days so that we can just wait the Car wear to more than 40% then use the Full Repaire. 9. The rival in the League PLAY should be match as the PI of the car rather than the League Score right? 10. After watching some of the Advertisements, there’s no reward given. And there’s always no advertisements at all when Click the watching ad button. 11. We think there should be a ‘Single Mode’ that allow we practice, and the League PLAY is just combine the Challenge is enough. 12. We suggest that you allow us save many kinds of Car Setups to choose in the League PLAY because one setup does not fit all tracks.

Yall need to fix some stuff. First off matchmaking is scuffed. We get put with people 2-3 leagues above us with way better cars. And if we do get someone similar with us it fair until they full send it into an AI. Somehow they dont get slowed or anything as a matter of fact they speed up! And we have to deal with slamming into the car and im the one that deals with the consequences. Or the opponent will go way off track with no consequences and if we barely go off track we get a corner cut. Please fix ur game.

Hands down a good game but matchups are still horrible we shouldnt be facing people every other race that are 3-4 leagues Higher than us yes they are beatable sometimes but most of the time good luck and challenges are horrible how do you expect people to reach certain gear scores if we cant add on our best components on bc of D&R and you only go up 2 every time you level up but leveling up takes so long after lvl 5 we’ve been playing for a couple of days now and we just reached lvl 10 last night were most games within the first 3-4 days depending on how much you play you should be hitting lvl 15-20 and Im not talking car lvl Im talking about player lvl.

Falta carreras mas largas falta los pits y q cuando excedes los limites de pista no te frenen el monoplaza.

Decently Fun game. However there are tons of bugs that need to be addressed. For instance there are weird moments where the steering becomes inverted and there is nothing you can do but to close the app and reopen it, losing all your progress.

When the game can maintain a connection to the server and show a race conclusion screen it is awesome. Sadly, this is only about 60% of the time. This is the only game that has these network issues. Real Racing 3, also an EA title, has rock-solid real time racing. This game has been terrible since they did their server migration.

Coming from F1 2016 Mobile this feels more like a game then a sim. There is no way to practice a track and micro- transactions are a daily thing. And like everything EA touches it becomes an absurdly priced pay to play title. While the driving and damage physics are good, it takes too much time to unlock tracks in the game. Id rather buy once and play forever. Im disappointed.

Please fix the reverse steering issue. The game obviously cant tell how Im holding our phone. We steer right, car goes left into the barrier. Frustration.

Title says it all. Generally Im not an avid gamer, but an overwhelming majority of the games that we have played are racing-type games. We thought the dueling piece of the game is the standout feature with quick loading times considering you have to get matched up with another player and wait for them to load in as well. That feature apart, the game feels clunky with below-average graphics. Perhaps this has something to do with the online nature of the game, but this genuinely feels like an off-brand racing game. The dated UI does not help either. However, ultimately why we uninstalled the game were the controls. The tilt steering, our preferred method of control in all racing games, is not calibrated well at all. It almost feels parabolic, in the sense that for minor turns it is very lethargic, then as you tilt more it becomes increasingly sensitive to the point that it is almost uncontrollable. Perhaps with more games a player can become accustomed to this, but this is ultimately why we uninstalled the game after a day. All these cons combine to feel like this is a beta at best, let alone a game from a major studio.

Up until recently this was our go-to game. Super fun to play, competitive and FAIR however recently (feb/ mar 2023) someth8ng has changed where the game continuously glitches – 1) we will win a race and it will freeze after crossing the finish line and no credit is given for the win, 2) race match-ups have become un-winnable because all opponents cars/ levels are multiple levels higher, 3) performing repairs in GP mode is unreliable. Cant use the free repair but can only use coins repair. Again, we love the game but theres some real issues with it. (Maybe its because we have only played to higher levels not paid to higher levels!)

We cant open any crates, recieve any parts, and it feels like im racing bots. Only 2 loses we recieved was because the game froze. The game is really buggy and needs an update.

So we were so excited for this app! The perfect racing game! Man we were so disappointed after a couple rounds of the game. Like what happened?? First thing first WHY DO THE BOXES AND THE UPGRADES TAKE SO LONG?!? We know for the boxes that you can skip, but it still somehow manages to take forever. And for the upgrades its not like you can tap to skip the whole animation. We have to wait the whole time!!! Now this may sound like Im just overreacting but imagine wanting to race your f1 car and play the game. Then you want to upgrade your car parts but it takes literally forever to upgrade one! Also imagine wanting to upgrade multiple parts AHH it will take like 5 min to all of that and Im not exaggerating.. Next is the controls. The buttons one isnt bad but its the brakes on that. The brakes are supposed to be in the middle of the screen, but when you try to turn and your finger accidentally presses a little off from the button, it registers the brake. We hate this thing so much. Then theres the steering wheel. We tried this with high hopes that the ability to hit the brakes and steer would be easier since you can adjust where the brakes are. The brakes (or/and acceleration) are on one side of the screen and the steering wheel is on the other. This was great except for the steering wheel.. We tried dragging our finger to steer, as you would do for every digital steering wheel. It doesnt seem to turn very often. This always messes us up on the corners since it doesnt even work well. The last option was to rotate your phone. At least that one worked fine, but it was very difficult. Sometimes we just dont understand if the devs truely did not realize these problems, or if they just didnt care . This game has SO MUCH potential in being a fun and enjoyable experience. Yet the devs still found a way to ruin it.

The games takes forever to find opponents some times timing out or causing us to have to close the app. It has even disconnected from the server mid race. We check our internet and there is nothing wrong. What we have done is fun just not worth it if we can never get a race and just spend our time in the garage.

The self-modified car can run very fast, but the car at the bottom of the career mode runs very slowly, which is very unfair. In addition, we hope that the official can come up with a fast competition mode, so that novices can adapt to it first. We hope the official can improve it.

The game is good but it has a lot of problems that annoy the player. Sometimes the screen is turned vertically, the controls are turned (if we turn left in the vehicle it goes to the right and vice versa), when we finish a race it does not allow us to continue and if we stay for more than P10 it does not pick up the points because the game does not let us advance since it does not give us an option, only the game is paralyzed It is a game with potential but for these reasons it makes you want to delete it since due to these problems it is not easy to play it. -Diego Landaez.

Its fun but when you lose races because the screen keeps turning, or the steering isnt working and its sooooo buggy. It doesnt even make it worth playing.

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