Offroad Unchained

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 02:50 pm

Offroad Unchained

Offroad Unchained

Offroad Unchained is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Red Bull Media House GmbH, Offroad Unchained is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th June 2022 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Offroad Unchained ?

1,275 people have rated 2.0.1000

What is the price of the Offroad Unchained ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Offroad Unchained released ?

Offroad Unchained was released on 14th June 2022.

When was the Offroad Unchained updated ?

The latest updated date of Offroad Unchained on 31st May 2023.

Where can Offroad Unchained be downloaded ?

You can download the game Offroad Unchained from Apple Official App Store.



Real-time multiplayer PvP races off the road.

Drive with speed, drift in the mud and jump with your car to cross the finish line first. Unchain the potential of your offroad cars by customizing and upgrading. Join teams, make friends and start your offroad legacy. That’s Offroad Unchained. Grab the wheel and compete in PvP races against players around the globe drifting on the rough and dusty gravel roads, snow terrains or in forests. Keep racing to propel through the leagues, unlock new offroad cars, and get to know Red Bull athletes in amazing off-road tracks.


Blazing graphics for four-wheel racing games. Feel the dust fly off the tires and enjoy dramatic landscapes & epic sunsets.


Compete against other players worldwide in real-time multiplayer races. Join the fun in competitive season challenges, create a team with your friends, get promoted through the ranks of the PvP leagues.


Get under the hood to upgrade or tune your engine, traction, suspension, or nitro with quality parts. Customize each vehicle in your garage and make it truly yours by choosing the paint and decal.


Prove yourself worthy and learn offroad racing skills and tricks from real-world Red Bull offroad superstars such as Nasser Al-Attiyah, Stéphane Peterhansel, Francisco “Chaleco” López, Catie Munnings, Sebastien Loeb, Timmy Hansen, Kevin Hansen, Carlos Sainz, Andy Mc Millen and Cristina Gutierrez.

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Updated on 31st May 2023

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
    Thank you for playing Offroad Unchained!

Offroad Unchained Review

The racing is this game is very good. Its all controlled with one finger. The problem is the game rewards the player for grinding, not for racing well. League winners are determined by whoever grinds the most, not win %. The team system is similar, rewarding players for grinding all the time instead of winning races. The team system is amazingly dull and grindy. All sorts of boring objectives like racing slow cars that dont give a lot of points to getting nitros and taking turns. Heres a simple alternative to all of this: reward the player for racing well. Give us regular events like weekly and daily PVP tournaments and mini-cups against people at a similar reputation level. Give us time trials against similar opponents. This game is technically F2P but the drops are so sparse that it will take you at least 6 months of incessant grinding to unlock good cars. The game will drop 1/40th of a car maybe 10% of the time after you win 6 or 7 races. So getting new cars will take months. The daily missions are sparse and also not intelligently designed. Raw race you compete against people who have cars and upgrades so far ahead you that you have no realistic chance of winning. Daily car hunt is the only reliable way to get blueprints of cars but its super slow and takes months of grinding to get anything. Gold drops in this game are pitiful. You might get 1 gold after winning 7 races and to get 1/40 of a car blueprint would cost you 100 gold. Magic the gathering arena has a much more interesting model that keeps players engaged. Give us daily and weekly events that we can buy or earn entry tickets into. Reward people for winning, not paying you money or grinding. This game is very P2W.

Offline play and cool customization. Well built game!

It makes empty time fly by its great.

Love the Dirt Bike Unchained game and this game as well. Our only real complaint is we cant figure out how to buy more fuel, is runs out very fast. We know you could buy more fuel with gold coins in Dirt Bike Unchained, but in this game we cant see a way to do that. Developer, can you answer our question please?

Game is currently non operational and has been for a long period of time. When working its fun but has many bugs.

We played this game for a while. It started failing. Wont load teams screen. Wont load races now. So we just deleted it. Fix the game devs.

There are loading glitches, but more important is the track cheating thats really starting to pick up, there spots on the track that you can get out of bounds or going to one side of a ramp which both help with time and speed. Whats the point of buying parts and things when people can just cheat. We like the game but fix the boundaries or add 10 seconds to their time.

After earning a new helmet we went to try it on changed shirt etc and took our jacket off to see how it looked and decided we liked the look with the jacket we had on so we went back to put that jacket back on and suddenly the game is saying we havent unlocked that item yet which we had and had been using the short jacket for months now. Why is the game relocking gear items that are all ready extremely tough to earn. Please we would like this issue resolved. Then we can resubmit a new review but In game we find it hard to contact devs which you all should also make much easier for players of the game. We shouldnt need to join an entirely different website to contact the game developers.

Would be a great game if the ads didnt freeze the game Started new account because our year old account frozen.

You cant race following todays update. It immediately kicks out following the loading screen.

To whom it may concern, Hello. We love this game except for people racing cars they havent even unlocked yet. Doesnt seem fair. Still racing their bots. And ever since the update it has been hanging after all our races. This has got to stop! We hope this helps. Oh and our chats are still disappearing.

This game pits you against players that are not even online. Lets you win a few races, then matches up with racers with far superior cars. The only way to really advance is by spending real cash. The ingame cash payouts are a joke. 20 to 30 races for a single upgrade. Was fun for about a week. Now its so frustrating.

Its everything you want. Multiplayer, career, controls, landscape view, music, updates, its all here. They really put a lot of thought into this game and it deserves to be played. All the bad reviews are trash and wrong at this point. Its beautiful.

We have played one game and its awesome.

Tiene buenos grficos y est muy divertido, lo puedes jugar horizontal y vertical as que est genial para cuando quieres jugar rpidamente con una sola Mano!

What happened to the Raw Race on weekends ??? Hope it comes back. Other than that its a great game.

So we cant download it now and we dont know what to do.

The ads promoting this game were clearly cut scenes or gameplay from a console. We hate those fake ads.

ExciteTruck is one of the greatest games we have ever played. This game is really similar and exhibits the same sort of physics from Excite truck. We really appreciate this one. Great job. /UPDATE/ After spending more time with the game we wanted to add that we really appreciate the quickness of the race experience. We have noticed one can pick this up and get a quick race in just about anytime/anywhere. A lot of other racing games require too much of a learning curve or too much time just to get to the point youre racing. While others are messing with having way too many settings we are slamming down 3 star landings and drifting past our opponents while grabbing a bottle of juice. Still loving it!!!

Been playing 4 days now love it good job developers.

We love what red bull has done with is game, a fast paced mobile game thats addicting and fun. Keep up the good work Red Bull.

We downloaded this one a little while ago. Right away youre greeted to a nice rocking soundtrack laying out some nice riffs. Nice UI too! The racing itself is smooth and surprisingly easy to control; its clearly adapted to touchscreen. We happened to play a race where another players car started right on top of ours (weird) and we’ve seem some other strange collision glitches but nothing truly bothersome, mostly just hilarious. You can tell it was made with love and it has its charm. Worth a download if you ask us!

Im getting stuck at the loading screen anyway to resolve this issue?

Decent game. Quick rounds with ALOT of upgrades. And you win more upgrades and parts for vehicles you dont even own yet. Can only race 4 races with a vehicle before your gas runs out. Yes you can watch ads but this game is a pay to win or a straight grind. The #1 thing that upset us is, in a race you can be first place up 2 seconds on 2nd place and then lag and theyre passing you in a corner drifter going faster. We have led sooo many races and at 95% with the course. They come around last corner with lightning speeds and pass us and being a newb. You get no points for 2nd and loose trophies for placing 3rd. This is a cash cow game. Not hella ads but a huge grind.

Hows that going for you RedBull? Tracks are difficult to navigate. No Throttle control. Jump or drift, designed for minimal or limited interaction. No skill required, Just money to upgrade.

Im stuck at the point where all our cars arent good enough to win any race and we dont know how upgrade our garage. There is absolutely no information about the progress. The game id waste of time.

We dont know what the algorithm is, but the better you do the more weird boosts the other racers get. We’ve been leading a race and get the final boost of nitro or other, only to have another racer coming storming past us. Obviously another hook you in, then pay to play.

We have always been semi-interested in Dirtbike Unchained, but as a rally racer fan when we saw Offroad Unchained in the App Store, we had to immediately try it! It plays very well in vertical mode on the iPhone, but we really wish there was a horizontal option for playing dirt bike unchained and offroad unchained on devices as well. Vertical play works well on a phone, but most everyone we know prefers horizontal play on a tablet or iPad. Mobile games like sonic racing have options to set the menus and gameplay in horizontal mode, and even Mario kart tour lets you race in horizontal mode by marking a setting in your menu and then tilting the screen horizontal once the race begins. This is the reason we never played dirt bike unchained on our iPad, and may have to pass on Offroad (for iPad, at least). Offroad Unchained has gorgeous graphics and a nice variety of offroad tracks, and the simple one finger controls work very well. The simplistic driving of dirt bike unchained is here, but we feel like you get a little more control to steer left and right and dodge objects on the track or pick up nitro fuel, which is a welcome addition. We do fear that the upgrade system and limited racing fuel will prioritize spending in the game, but we havent gotten that far to find out yet. For now its a fun pocket rally racer thats not bloated and complicated like other simulator rally games, but far more pick up and play fun like Mario Kart, and thats not a bad thing for a mobile game. ***For what its worth, we have edited this review twice in the App Store, and both times have gotten a timely response back from the developers saying they will look into the suggestions we made. That right there is worth something. Thanks!

This a really good game we were looking for a driving game and found this one you can make groups and chat long story short its awesome you should get we would give 5 stars but we feel like it needs more we didnt write a long story cuz we need to hurry!

This is the only game that heats up our phone. Your developers might want to fix this and update the app.

Surprisingly solid racer. Reminds us a bit of Motorstorm or Asphalt Xtreme. Well worth a download.

Ignore the idiot comments especially the baby complaining about the agreeing to being 16 years old to continue playing. First off all kids will ignore it either way just like the websites that ask if youre 18+ to enter. None the less the fact that kids are playing games like Fortnite and Rocket League with extremely toxic players as is. Ultimately the people who make games bad for kids is other kids considering theyre usually the ones who are toxic. That was one of dumbest comments we’ve ever seen because the game is pretty good and definitely takes a couple matches to get used too. The biggest plus is there isnt ads we’ve seen but Im still fairly new but we doubt Ill come across them if we havent yet. Even if there is, at least they dont force ads on you like others after every race.

Immediately demands players be 16 and enter into a legal agreement. Apple clearly doesnt care about kids if they continue to allow these kinds of apps.

Wackadoodle, and quite possibly obstinoferous. We rest our case.

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