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Step into the gaming world with Florence, one of the top $2.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Annapurna Games, LLC, this captivating Adventure game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 4+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 13th February 2018, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 6th February 2019.

Whether you have a liking for Adventure, Books, or Family games, Florence is sure to keep you hooked!

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Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman’s very first love.

Florence Yeoh feels a little… stuck. Her life is an endless routine of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media. Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish who changes everything about how she sees the world and herself.

Experience every beat of Florence and Krish’s relationship through a series of mini-game vignettes – from flirting to fighting, from helping each other grow… to growing apart. Drawing inspiration from ‘slice of life’ graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story.

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We couldnt have found this at a more perfect time.

Man, we were not expecting such an emotional and human trip. Beyond amazing. The artwork and music are stunning, and the way the gameplay is brilliant. We cant wait to see what other games they create. Hope to work on something this brilliant someday. Bravo you guys!

What a way to feel immersed in the characters feelings through metaphoric actions. Seriously so impressed.

This game is amazing. Go play it.

We want you to make more this was a Great game.

We love the way the story is told. The use of gameplay to push the narrative, along with clever uses of music and color, really bring the game together into something great. We love it!

Florence was probably the cutest, fuzziest game we’ve ever played. Well worth your time.

We enjoyed this interactive piece. The music is beautiful and soothing and matches the different emotions through the play of this. We liked figuring out the different actions needed to be able to move on. Love the artwork also, this game made us content and happy, would like another book in her life.

This was a lovely little game. Our one criticism is that we wish it was longer! And that we had it during our last break up. :)

If any of you are heartbroken or struggling to accept something in your life… If youre an empathetic person like us… GET THIS GAME we seriously cried. Wished it was longer.

Im still going through the leftovers of a break up. Everything is still fresh. We cried a lot when the music perfectly aligned with how we felt during the drifting act. Its a game that evokes a lot of sad emotions, but a lot of hope too. The illustrations are simple yet inviting, and so nice to look at, and the interaction from this app is a nice distraction. Ill play the story again, when our heart feels a little empty. Its a realistic reminder that the world goes on.

Very relaxing experience. Remind myself to reflect on our own relationship as well.

Theres not much that needs to be said. Just a wonderful little game about loving others and learning to love yourself. Magnificent.

Lovely soundtrack, and the gaming experience is intuitive and simple. Its really focused on the story, which is quite beautiful.

We love this game its shows emotion and how she found herself throughout another person.

This was a beautifully rendered interactive story, endearing, heartbreaking, and hopeful. We loved the way the creators portrayed this love story from beginning to end and beyond in a way that truly revealed the characters as rich, fully realized people that were easy to connect with. Its a short play, but one that we can wait to share with others. Its refreshing to find creators finding new mediums of storytelling like this and Old Mans Journey. Highly recommend!

We loved this game. Every minute. If you think you might like it, you will love it too.

Beautiful, heartfelt, and well thought out.

Loved the story! Will plat again.

We really didnt know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. Just a lovely story told in such a beautiful way. We found myself smiling mostly and a little sad for a moment but overall it was a wonderful sense of calm that we got from it. Doesnt really seem possible but we were like meditation in a game. It only lasted a few minutes though and that was a huge disappointment. A price of $.99 would really have been more appropriate although we do t regret buying the game ……

Soooooooooooooooooo short its a great game but its too short.

We loved the interactive story. The music was wonderful. We dont want to spoil the end… But we wish it had ended differently.

Its a really nice lesson that man of us forget, sometimes the ppl we love arent meant to stay in our lives forever, but what they introduced to us is what matters.

This game was amazing. Really wish it was long and included more acts but hey! It was better than we thought ! 10/10 definitely recommend.

So we got this game a while back during college because we liked the art style and it seemed like a fun little adventure to pass time during class. Like many other things we drop due to being busy but we always had our saved game there, recently we went through a break up and replayed the game and got a fuller experience. We feel like anybody who has been in a relationship with ups and downs can relate to this game, story, adventure.

This was a beautiful, gentle game. Gameplay at times feels irrelevant to the narrative, but there are also unique and clever moment in which how you are meant to interact with the game indicates the characters emotional resonances. At one point, we thought the game had a glitch. It turns out, it just had a fussy requirement (use all the options available before you can proceed) that seemed unnecessary. A small complaint in an otherwise delightful experience.

Best game we ever played Not only has you thinking, but also being lulled by beautiful music.

Omg this game is so perfect and beautiful its short but sweet the only bad thing is a wish it was longer.

We wish it was longer because we finished it within a short period of time, but we could relate so much to this game! Its super realistic, beings hope, tears, and is very inspirational.

A game that is far from traditional, Florence is a little bite of a story that floats you through the life of love and all its crucial moments. Despite being the namesake, the protagonist in this story is not Florence. The protagonist is love, and the antagonist is time. Florence is a game that is best played in one sitting. The brilliance of the gameplay means that, while you may experience the story in a little under an hour, the lessons you learn and feelings you gain stay with you forever.

We found a tiktok about this game while we’ve been contemplating breaking up with our girlfriend. This game reminded us that life goes on. We think its time to rekindle some old passions of ours <3.

This was a refreshing and beautiful game to play. We enjoyed every minute of it.

We really love this. It reminded us of some of the stories created back in the HyperCard era. Emotional and compelling. We loved it.

Its an amazing display of living,loving,losing, and looking forward Its beautiful has relaxing music and easy puzzles for its price we rate it 10/10 its so cheap for a beautiful game you can play again and again would recommend to friends and family!

From the music to the unique game design to the calm pace of things, and yet its dynamic. A beautiful game that is fun, therapeutic and the colors and illustrations are so gorgeous. Thank you, we love this!

Adorable low key game if youre a romance, creativity and cuteness fan!

Wonderful, beautiful, healing healing.

This game was a masterpiece. With several different processes to get through the game, it feels your playing mini games that all connect. The music is very nice. Concept is nice. This is a must buy for us! 5/5 Stars!

Im sitting in the back of our a minivan on the way to the beach right now. We just finished the game, start to finish in about an hour. Im balling our eyes out, its embarrassing. This game is so good and so sad, but also so happy. Oh, Im a 38 year old man by the way.

This game was so endearing and wonderful to play! We loved it so much!!!

So eloquently written. Its amazing, its realistic, its captures the ups and downs of life. We cried at the end. Its a GAME. But what we loved about it, is that it showed beautifully that people that come into your life, sometimes are not destined to stay, but to teach you something. Once youve learned it, they leave and thats ok. Thats what we love. Florence didnt break down and because Krish left. She hurt, and she grieved, but she moved on and was able to find her footing and become the woman she was always meant to become. Please make more and please, make them longer.

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