Holy Flame Altar

Holy Flame Altar


  1. At Alliance Citadel Lv 7, the first alliance holy flame altar will be unlocked. At Citadel Lv 8, the second altar is unlocked. At Citadel Lv 9, the third altar is unlocked. Flame altars can be placed within Alliance Turf surrounding citadels or fortresses.

  2. There are 36 unique holy flames total for the whole server: 4 purple flames corresponding to 4 Lv 3 Mega Mines, 8 yellow flames corresponding to 8 Lv 2 Mega Mines, and 24 blue flames corresponding to 24 Lv 1 Mega Mines.

  3. The alliance that occupies a corresponding Mega Mine and has a flame altar placed nearby the Mega Mine can start building the corresponding holy flame. Once the holy flame reaches Lv 1, it will take effect.

  4. Once each flame is built, the other alliances on the servers will be unable to build that flame until the flame is destroyed.

  5. After a holy flame reaches Lv 1, the flame does not have to be nearby a certain Mega Mine in order to be built anymore; rather, it only needs to be nearby any Mega Mine of a corresponding level occupied by the alliance within the same region in order to be able to take effect. Corresponding levels are Lv 3 Mega Mines for purple flames, Lv 2 Mega Mines for yellow flames, and Lv 1 Mega Mines for blue flames. The regions refer to the four kingdoms and the neutral zone.

  6. Each Mega Mine can only support one corresponding holy flame. If two flames are placed on the same Mega Mine, only one will be activated.

  7. Completed flames will be put out (lose effectiveness) when they are not nearby a corresponding Mega Mine that is occupied by the alliance, or when their build points fall below the Lv 1 threshold after being attacked.

  8. Once flames have been put out, after a protection period expires, they will continuously lose build points. Protection periods are 20 hours for purple flames, 16 hours for yellow flames, and 12 hours for blue flames.

  9. When an alliance has a flame leveled up to max level and full build points, the alliance leader or an elder can choose to donate the flame, permanently unlocking a part of the flame’s capability for the alliance.

  10. Each flame can be donated one time, and after donation, the alliance can rebuild another of the same flame, but the effect of the new flame and the donated flame of the same type will not stack.

  11. The donation effects of different flames can stack, and an alliance can have up to 36 flame donation effects.

  12. Alliances that get the last hit on a flame tree already built in the same kingdom or in the neutral zone will win a certain percentage of that flame’s build points.

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