Alliance Mega Mine

Alliance Mega Mine

Mega Mines are resource points on the World Map that alliances fight over for sole control. They give a mining buff and a tech buff to all members of the controlling alliance, as well as a Mega Mine reward will accumulate in the Alliance Mega Mine page and can be collected there. (the higher the mine, the better the rewards).

Just by defeating the monsters or other players guarding the mine, an alliance can receive that Mega Mine’s privileges. Lv 1/2/3 Mega Mines will have 12/16/20 hours of protection respectively.

Players can access specific Mega Mines via the alliance’s Mega Mine Relocation page.

Mega Mine Unlock Rules:

1.Lv1/ 2/3 Mega Mines unlock at Alliance Lv 3/4/5. (Note: Neutral Zone Lv 1 Mega Mines unlock at Alliance Lv 4.)

2. After opening, alliance members can use a Mega Mine Relocation card to relocate for free to a green construction point nearby a Mega Mine and occupy those Mega Mines. Mega Mine Relocation cards can be bought in the alliance shop.

3. Mega Mines are divided into Kingdom Mines and Neutral Zone Mines. They unlock according to alliance level.

4. In the Mega Mine page, you can look up the alliance_s Mega Mine info and each mine_s corresponding Mega Mine battle info.

Mega Mine Tech Buff Details:

1. Occupy a Lv 1 Mega Mine and get a 2-level buff for low-level tech.

2. Occupy a Lv 2 Mega Mine and get a 3-level buff for low-level tech.

3. Occupy a Lv 3 Mega Mine and get a 5-level buff for low-level tech.

4. At most players can get 3 of the highest level Mega Mine buffs.

5. These buffs go away as the alliance loses control of Mega Mines.

Mega Mine Mining Bonus Percentages:

1. Lv 1 Mega Mine Mining Bonus: 3%

2. Lv 2 Mega Mine Mining Bonus: 4%

3. Lv 3 Mega Mine Mining Bonus: 6%

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