Magic Squares

Magic Squares

Magic Squares Overview:

1. After a server has been open for a certain amount of time, alliances that have unlocked Alliance Turf will be able to take part in Magic Squares.

2. Magic Squares is divided into 3 phases: Sign Up, Match Up, and Competition.

3. When Magic Squares starts, from Monday 05:00 to Tuesday 04:00 is the Sign Up phase. Only Alliance Leaders and Elders can sign up to play Magic Squares on behalf of their alliances.

4. On Tuesday from 04:00-05:00 is the Match Up phase. Matching up is done automatically, and if a match is not found for an alliance, they will receive a compensation gift.

5. From Tuesday 05:00 to Friday 05:00 is the Competition phase.

Competition Phase Rules:

1. The board has a total of 60 squares, 36 of which have special functions which players can use to get higher scores.

2. Players move around the board by rolling dice. Two dice are rolled, and players can choose either one and move that number of squares. At the start of the event, every player has 36 chances to roll the dice, after which they regen 6 points every 8 hours, for up to a maximum of 12. The final regen time is Sunday at 21:00.

3. When the event starts, players must set 3 lineups and choose a game piece before they can start moving. Lineup and game piece settings will be saved for the next round of the event.

4. All alliances will be ranked at the end of the event according to the total point scored by their members. Members of these alliances will receive different rewards according to their alliance ranking. Players who are near the top of the individual rankings will also receive a bonus reward.

5. At the end of each round of the event, players will receive a reward of coins according to points scored, alliance rank, and individual rank. These coins can be redeemed for various items.

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