Alliance Tech Information

Alliance Tech Information

Added an all-new Alliance Tech System:Spend Alliance Construction points to upgrade Alliance Tech and boost the stats of reinforcement troops and get more resources from Mega Mines. Members can spend resources to speed up the upgrade process

When an alliance reaches Lv 3, Alliance Tech will be unlocked.

The initial level for each type of tech is Lv 0, and after upgrading it, alliances can enjoy huge tech buffs.

Alliance Leaders and Elders can select one type of tech to research. Research requires a certain amount of time, after which time that tech will go up one level.

The higher your Alliance Tech level is, the higher its attribute buff will be, but it will also require a longer research time..

Alliances can research two different types of tech at once. All alliance members can choose to speed up one of the techs being researched. Each speed up takes 20 minutes off its research time.

Speed ups cost medicine, and members will get a corresponding amount of Alliance contribution points.

The effects of each Alliance Tech are as follows:

Iron Spirit: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a physical attack and armor buff.

Magic Aura: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a magic attack and magic resist buff.

Tree of Life: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a health buff.

High Octane: When reinforcing allies, troops get a marching speed buff.

teel Pickaxe: When garrisoning a Mega Mine, allies will get a higher resource yield.

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