How to SWEEP?

How to SWEEP?


In Adventure mode, after completing each stage, you will get a star rating according to the number of heroes that died in that stage. If even 1 hero dies, you won’t get a full 3 stars for the stage.

If you successfully complete a stage with 3 stars, then on the next time you enter that stage, you can use the _Sweep_ function. Each sweep consumes a corresponding amount of stamina for that stage (Normal stages: 6 stamina; Elite: 12). As long as you have enough stamina, there’s no limit to the number of sweep chances on normal stages, but for elite stages you only get 3 chances per day. If you want to sweep more, you must spend diamonds to reset sweep chances, and the more you do it, the more diamonds it costs.

Crystal Dungeon

In Crystal Dungeon, as long as you’ve passed the layer, then tapping the _Sweep_ button will sweep all the layers you_ve cleared up to that point and adds a corresponding amount of Hero Exp for all the heroes in your lineup. Sweeping doesn’t cost any stamina, and players get 2 free chances per day. Players can also use a torch item, etc. or diamonds to purchase additional sweep chances. The number of purchase chances available per day is related to VIP level!

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