Leveling up to Troop Lv 10 will unlock the Arena! Players from all over the world come here to display their most powerful hero teams!

(When new players first enter the Arena, the opponents are all NPCs. Their displayed battle power doesn’t always match up with their actual power, so don’t feel too overwhelmed.)

In the Arena, players have an offensive lineup and a defensive lineup, both of which can be changed anytime.


Each battle lasts 1 min 30 sec. If the attacking team cannot kill off all the opponent’s heroes within this time, then the defense wins. Otherwise, the attacking team wins.

After each challenge, there is a 5 mins cooldown period. Players can use an item or diamonds to reset the cooldown clock (unlocks at VIP3) and challenge again immediately. Every day there are 5 free challenge chances, and an item or diamonds can be used to buy extra chances. Tapping the “Refresh” button will display a new set of opponents, and you can choose which one you want to challenge.


Tap the “Adjust” button in the top right corner to set your defense lineup. Your current lineup’s battle power is displayed to the side of it.

Every time you set a new personal best rank, you will get a diamond reward sent via in-game mail. Every day at server time 21:00, ranking rewards will be sent via in-game mail according to your current rank, so make sure you do your best before 21:00. The higher your rank, the more generous the rewards! For more details, read the “Rules” page. Under “Record” you can check out replays of battles with your opponents.

Arena Shop

You can exchange Arena Coins from the daily ranking reward for items in the Arena Shop. Spartacus and Jacob soulstones can only be obtained here !

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