Bonus Stage (TD Mode)

Bonus Stage (TD Mode)

In Campaign, the regular stages and bonus stages are divided into two modes, a head-to-head mode and a Tower Defense mode respectively. (The current version only has 9 Chapters of bonus stages at the moment, but don’t worry! We will release much more in the future! Please be patient!)

On either side of the main road are Bonus stages, and you can unlock one after passing several regular stages.

Bonus stages don_t consume stamina to play. In Normal mode for every challenge you have 10 lives, and in Elite mode just 1. Every time you pass a new Bonus stage, you get a one-time reward of exp elixir, and Elite stages will also reward diamonds. The more Bonus stages you pass, the more exp elixir you accumulate per hour as well in the Exp Pool. (For more specifics, please tap on the _ ?_ in the lower left corner and see Rules)

Item drops: Exp Elixirs, Diamonds.

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