Geometry Dash Update 2.0 Editor Preview

Geometry Dash Update 2.0 Editor Preview

Official Trailer : Geometry Dash Update 2.0 Editor Preview

Geometry Dash Update 2.0 Editor Preview.

Watch the official trailer Geometry Dash Update 2.0 Editor Preview for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Some of the new editor features coming in the 2.0 update of Geometry Dash. Song: Stereo Madness 2 by ForeverBound. Get Geometry Dash here. Windows Phone. Follow for more info…

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Remember when the editor was this empty?

"Remember when the editor was this empty?", SirHadoken commented.

"Now we know that Blast Processing has 11552 objects"

"Did anyone notice that the level at 0:26 was blast processing?"

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

SirHadoken: Remember when the editor was this empty?

HR: Now we know that Blast Processing has 11552 objects

Joshua Yue: Did anyone notice that the level at 0:26 was blast processing?

Kocur [zamknięty kanał]: Anyone noticed that in 1:06 is bug? Icon from 30 demons in a robot level-end trail? Cube-Bot confirmed

Minesap: Amazing! FInally custom objects are implemented and I will be making levels so much faster with that :P , also that scale thing :OOOO Can all objects be scaled, thats what im wondering.

Insendium: Amazing! All of these features look very useful! I’m so pumped for 2.0!!!! :D

NothingLikeASir: Level editing is going to be so much easier I can tell you that, especially with the new custom items option!

Jotama Tabaka: Is this gonna be a new map? because I love all the theme songs you got💜🙌

Hansel eduardo De león castillo: One idea is to customize objects from the files, for that you need the permission to the storage and put Sprites of custom objects👍

Solus: The preview mode is something I’ve always wanted! So happy for 2.0

Ksyryan: When is the update?? Please release it soon. I love the game and I’m gonna be so happy to make levels with those cool new features. good job Robtop and again Please Release it!!!

iIMR_ 230Ii: Damn, I didn’t realise the editor was that simple

YoIronFistBro: I think you should be able to allow more skilled players to verify your level. That way, less skilled players can make demon levels for others to verify

RalphCraft Loquendo: me parece bien lo de los colores infinitos y los objetos perzonalizados.
Ahorrara mucho tiempo

over_loadcode: Now that 2.0’s out, dragons are my least favorite addition. They can only be used in a couple ways.
3D blocks could be used for advanced decor and LOTS of detail. Neon could be used for lasers. Blending could be used to make more than 4 colors in 1.9. Even clouds and spikes could be used in combination with one-another to make nice-looking objects. What can dragons do? Placed in spikes. That’s it. Think about how many ways creators could use Move and Infinite Colors (!!!!) and then think about how little ways we can use dragons. They’re not even going to be used after the 2.0 hype calms down. Not to say 2.0’s a bad update, quite the opposite, actually. So many new things were added that could be used in interesting ways! Scale, Alpha, Move, Toggle, and Individually Colored lines! I just think that dragons were kind of a letdown. I was thinking "Maybe we’ll be able to pick how fast their animations move! Maybe we’ll be able to pick when their mouth closes and opens!" I just think that dragons were one of the things RubRub spent the least amount of time on, because it got so much hype because "ZOMG NEW OBJECTS!!1".

Zedix: The thing what was missing from my life, is a game where not the creators of the game are creating all of the challanges for us. In this game, people only need updates and the professional creators like Viprin, ZenthicAlpha, Gboy (and so many more) creates awesome levels for players like me. Thank you RobTop for sharing it. This is the game in my life where the community is fine! This game is awesome!

What in this game:

  • Awesome normal levels
  • Awesome achivements
  • Awesome rewards
  • Awesome community
  • Awesome creators
  • Loads of levels by other players
  • Creativitation
  • Ragequit (not for me :D)
  • Tries
  • Loses
  • Wins
  • and crack your phone when you die at 99% in Windy Landscape…

This can’t get bored! :)

boyfriend chiquito (muy beep 😎): cant wait for the 2.0! looks so cool!

Andro3d: Rob a pretty irrelevant question for such a great video like this, but what did you use to record this incredible footage of this incredible game?

Nedum: Damn I remember this editor, it was almost the best thing ever

XxZealot2003xX: The purple level at the end might be a hint of a new level in a future update! That’s my prediction.


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